‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Becomes Highest Rated ‘Housewives’ Franchise Of All Time

Published: Thursday 17th Apr 2014 by David

Days before their explosive season 6 reunion kicks off on ‘Bravo‘, ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ have learned that they now stand as the most successful ‘Housewives’ of all time, pulling in more viewers than each and every one of their competitors.

Details below…

By way of story lines fronted by all seven of its cast members, season 6 of ‘Atlanta’ became their highest rated season to date, with an average weekly viewing figure of 3.8 million, marking a 25% increase made since its fifth serving.

With these figures, the show now stands as the highest rated ‘Housewives’ series in ‘Bravo’ history, outperforming the Lisa Vanderpump-led ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ and the franchises’ very first series, ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County.’


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  1. Tommy April 17, 2014

    All thanks to Kenya tbh.

    • BeySting April 17, 2014

      Let’s see how interesting Kenya is when none of the girls film with her. Homegirl is only fun to watch when she’s messing with OTHER people.

      • Tommy April 17, 2014

        True i don’t like her but she did make this one of the best and memorable seasons of the RHOA, lmao maybe she’ll keep tryna kiss Nenes ass so she can like her again.

      • ShawnCurtisLacey April 18, 2014

        You have to be kidding? Kenya (for better or worse) has brought up the ratings not Ghetto Country Time Lemonade. Nene is outdated, and everyone knows it. If Kenya leaves the show for another offer, nobody would watch it. Even Nene stated that Kenya is good for ratings. Kenya is a woman of destiny; the others will fall by the wayside. After this reality show is over, no body will request Nene!

    • Imthabestnowduh April 17, 2014

      Damn right Kenya is entertaining regardless of what these team porch money h*** think

    • Richard Stapleton April 18, 2014

      Kenya and mama Joyce gave this show the boost it needs.

    • EloiseM April 18, 2014

      It’s no accounting for people’s taste. Kandi said it best when she said; “I guess it’s more people out there that like RACHET than we thought”. THIS ISA SHAME. Never mind giving Kenya W**** credit for this big bump, it was all of them. Mama Joyce’s craziness, Charles (Nene’s friend who lied on Kandi and Phaedra),Apollo’s indictment, Porsha’s big Black History blunder and implying that her ex was gay (shady on her part, Nene trying to get the women together with trips and parties, Kandi going off the chain in the PJ party,Ayden’s cute sayings and actions,Kandi’s play and then KENYA’s gutter behavior. Just a whole lot of gutter actions going on. One should NOT have been tolerated though…..KENYA MOORE W****. That type of gutter behavior needs to go.

    • Debater April 18, 2014

      I am done with this franchise BECAUSE of Kenya and Nene. I really can’t stand either one. Boring! I also read that they count the RHOA ratings differently than they do the other shows, instead of +7, they go +30 and that gives the franchise a lot more viewers than the+7. Not sure why that would be, but given the numbers, I believe it because this show sure isn’t any better or more interesting than say Beverly Hills or NY where almost all the housewives actually have money and lead interesting lives. I also can’t stand Peter and Cynthia is too dim for words.

  2. Dance4Dawn April 17, 2014

    Kiii Kenya better hope they cast one of her friends because the other chicks won’t be messing with her at all next year.

  3. ASipofBrandy April 17, 2014

    I can’t stand Kenya’s lying ass but she does make the show interesting.

  4. HighwayUnicorn April 17, 2014

    Queen Nene bringing in those numbers of course.

  5. Digger bey April 17, 2014

    Porsha is dumber then Molly tbh

    • Molly April 17, 2014

      Lol f**** you!

    • Luda April 18, 2014

      …learn the difference between “then” and “than” before you come for someone.. smh..

  6. BodyParty89 April 17, 2014

    Y’all DO know that Kenya is royally f***** if they don’t sign a new girl for her to be friends with right?

    • Molly April 17, 2014

      Id die if they brought Marlo in as the new cast member but Nene wouldn’t go for it she’d probably quit the show if that happened.

    • KissesForKelly April 17, 2014

      The best thing for them to do is write her out of the storylines by not inviting her to any of them.

      That’s what did they did to the short girl on Basketball Wives so the producers had to fire her.

    • Bird April 18, 2014

      Kenya became friends with Cynthia on the finale and she is cordial with Kandi and Nene. It also appears there will be a new Housewife possibly replacing Porsha. I don’t see a problem for Kenya next season!!

  7. Molly April 17, 2014

    I loved this season it gave me everything i needed even tho the last couple episodes were dryer then Rosie pusssy anyways we can all dislike Ms.Messy Kenya but she made this season what it is along with Mama Joyce to be all the way 100, & i think they need to get rid of Cynthia & maybe Phadrea but keep the rest i would love to see how season 7 plays out for Porsha Nene & Kenya.

    • FutureCIARA April 17, 2014

      Nene, Phaedra and Cynthis ALL need to get booted off the show TBH….

      Sis I cant wait for the reunion, Even though they not going to show the fight until like part 3, 2weeks from now

      • I do mind April 18, 2014

        I love Phaedra she is my favorite! Pull Cynthia and Phaedra out and it might as well be Jerry Springer. I like Peter too. Why doesn’t he have his own show?

  8. Patrice April 17, 2014

    Why would they get rid of Kenya? She brings drama and entertainment. Porsha brings nothing but cuteness and mental retardation. They have nothing to lose by axing her.

    • AlexisAlsina April 17, 2014

      The producers won’t fire her but the viewers will get bored of her if the girls don’t film her which won’t be hard to do.

      • Patrice April 17, 2014

        At the end of the day all of these women are in it for a check. Kim rarely shot with the girls on her last season and she ended up quitting. Trust me, they’ll give Brandon a peach before they fire Kenya!

    • Molly April 17, 2014

      Porsha imo brings more to the show then Cynthia & Phadrea

      • Patrice April 17, 2014

        Porsha doesn’t bring anything, that’s why Nene wanted to get rid of her last season. I find it funny how her and Kordell divorced after Nene said she didn’t bring enough. She wanted Porsha out or her role lessened. That’s why they brought Mynique around. She was being tested to replace Porsha. She’s been on thin ice for quit some time. Phaedra brings humor, shade and Apollo.

      • Molly April 17, 2014

        Porsha brings beauty style and class.

  9. SoGone4Monica April 17, 2014

    They won’t cast Marlo because of her criminal record. If you don’t know, she slashed a woman’s face over a man and the woman committed suicide by jumping off a bridge after. Phaedra tried to get her a role on the show so she would fight with Nene over Charles Grant but it didn’t work.

    • Molly April 17, 2014

      Omg wtf really? didn’t know let me go do a little research thats crazy as hell

      • FutureCIARA April 17, 2014

        Sis I cant believe you didnt know that!!!!!

        Yas hunny, ALL these women have a PAST…

        But Marlo’s is by far, one of the worst I heard from the cast

    • Patrice April 17, 2014

      Lies they won’t cast her because she’s difficult to work with per Nene’s own words.

      • BrunoMartian April 17, 2014

        No it’s true, the producers found out about what she did and refused to cast her.

      • Patrice April 17, 2014

        Yet she still gets to film with the ladies? That info leaked after her first season (when Sheree was still a cast member) and Marlo was apart of Nene’s show and this season of RHOA. They won’t cast her because she’s too difficult and demands a lot! She makes good tv, so she’ll have her own show one day.

  10. Kim Kardashian Stan April 17, 2014

    Nene will leave the show if they hire Marlo.

    • FutureCIARA April 17, 2014

      Not if she is under a contract she wont!!!!

      If she tries they will get her for ALL her coins

  11. anonymous April 17, 2014

    wasn’t it already?

  12. NANCY SLAY’S April 17, 2014

    shyyyyt, it better be…these black heffahs have really taken it to another level!

  13. I do mind April 18, 2014

    People have been fighting on television reality since Jerry Springer.

    • EloiseM April 18, 2014

      And JERRY SPRINGER ‘s show was trifling and ridiculous.

  14. Rose April 18, 2014

    The Real Scoop of RHOA

    Ok, Marlo ask Nene to help her to get more viewing time. Asking NeNe
    to spend time in more episode’s with her. NeNe said no.”I don’ have to
    help a friend move up” So Marlo ask Kenya, who said ok. This is why they
    started to come off as best friends. Nene gets word that Marlo and Kenya
    have been filming together and say’s. It you film with Kenya then you won’t be filming with me. This is why NeNe ran away when approach by
    Marlo. This is why I now dislike NeNe the Rich Monster,and have added
    love for Kenya

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