Yaya DaCosta Cast As Whitney Houston In New Lifetime Biopic

Published: Saturday 7th Jun 2014 by Sam

Yaya DaCosta continues her foray into the world of acting by stepping into the stiletto’s of the late, great Whitney Houston.

The former America’s Top Model star, whose acting credits include Lee Daniels’ ‘The Butler’, has been announced as the lead in Lifetime‘s new Houston biopic.

Details after the jump…

As earlier reported, the legendary Angela Bassett (who was Whitney’s ‘Waiting To Exhale’ c0-star) will direct the movie – which is earmarked for a 2015 debut.

According to TV Line, film will chronicle Houston’s volatile relationship with singer-songwriter Bobby Brown during her meteoric rise to musical superstardom.


Yaya serves as an interesting choice, one we’re sure some may side-eye. Still, we’re optimistic about both her casting and the movie more broadly and hope Angela does a stellar a job.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Teacher June 7, 2014

    Cool. Get it YaYa! You were great in The Butler!

    • anningvuxcbxb June 7, 2014

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  2. FutureCIARA June 7, 2014

    Yes I rmember her on Top Model… She def has Whitneys younger looks

  3. RoyalKev June 7, 2014

    Hmmm, interesting choice! It’s not perfect, but I can see the vision somewhat if I use my imagination. Yaya would need a serious Whitney makeover though!

  4. sleazy June 7, 2014

    im okay with this yaya servn some whitney I liked her more than eva

  5. coolness June 7, 2014

    I still think Whitney deserves more than just a TV movie. Not only did she reach the highest apex of acclaim and celebrity during her prime but her life had enough triumphs and tribulations to make for a compelling box office film. I love Angela Bassett so I wanna hope she’ll do this film justice. As for this Yaya girl, I’m not so familiar with her. I’ve read that she was on ANTM (I don’t watch it) and I’ve seen her in a few movies. She seems like a pretty good actress and shares a lotta physical similarities to Whitney. Tall, slim, dark skinned and almond eyes. She’s very beautiful! Personally, I don’t think physical appearance should be THAT important im biopics. I personally think Joy Bryant is the closest thing to looking like Whitney. Sure, you wannabe sure the person looks believable but the talent is more important. Angela didn’t look like Tina but she did that in What’s Love Got To With It (should’ve won an Oscar tbh). Wishing her well though.

  6. Let’s Be Real June 7, 2014

    Whitney will always be my FAVORITE VOICE in the industry. It’s strange how while she’s not my favorite entertainer, her voice is second to none in my opinion.

    No..lets be real. Whitneys story deserves a top of the line, High budget studio production set for theater release. Not what could end up being a very corny lifetime movie. Its my understanding that the movie is focused around Whitney and Bobby relationship. I want a full biopic! Coming up in the church, modeling and sky rocketing to at the tine the most famous singer on earth while facing great personal demons.

    I love Angela Bassett and I believe she’ll work hard to make it enjoyable. I just still would love a motion picture theater release one day of Whitneys great story

    • RoyalKev June 7, 2014

      ^ You said it all in a nutshell. Whitney deserves more! I’m just hoping this project turns out for the best!

    • Anne June 7, 2014

      I agree that the movie should not begin with the Bobby relationship. It should touch on Whitney’s start with singing in the church and how her career began. Her rise to fame with her debut album is a very relevant, pre-Bobby time period that should be included. If they leave out such history, many viewers like me will feel slighted.

  7. JFB June 7, 2014

    Grapejuice is SO FAKE. Its clear yall are bias. Monica is currently working on new music and giving us new snippets on a daily and i have yet to see you guys discuss any of it.

    • I’m Booked June 7, 2014

      If You Already Know About It, Why Are You Pressed For Them
      Too Post It!?

  8. You Stupid June 7, 2014

    Definitely here for YaYa playing Whitney… Idk why, but I kept wondering “Who will they find to remotely compare to THE Voice” but obviously vocals will be lipped. YaYa never crossed my mind, but I can see it now and I know she knows this is an amazing opportunity so she will work EXTREMELY hard. Like those have said before though, Whitney deserves a BIG budget motion picture film. Her life has ALL the makings of a box office hit. If Lifetime MUCKS THIS UP ANYTHING COMPARABLE TO THAT TRASH ANNA NICOLE SMITH MOVIE… I am going to be LIVID and they are gonna here about it… Letters… Emails… All the shyt they prob won’t even pay attention to lol… Do it RIGHT or don’t do it AT ALL. RESPECT THE VOICE DARLINS!!!

  9. Fine Ass Lou June 7, 2014


  10. Anne June 7, 2014

    I think she may be a good choice, I’m optimistic at this point. We’ll see.

  11. Anne June 7, 2014

    I would prefer a big budget big screen movie also. But hopefully Lifetime will do the story justice. The thing is, everyone keeps saying Whitney deserves more but who else besides Lifetime is jumping up and down to try to tell Whitney’s story? It’s better that it be told on the small screen then not be told at all. Who knows, maybe there will still be a big screen movie in the future. The bigger question is though, where is the Michael Jackson movie?

  12. 2bad2bme June 7, 2014

    this shall be interesting seeing as tho i can’t picture it but ok

  13. Yasssssssssssssss June 7, 2014

    They got it right I got goosebumps when i first read the title.Yaya is going to do a great job !

  14. Xes June 7, 2014


  15. Naomi June 7, 2014

    Yeah she has the same pretty bone structure Whitney had.

  16. r&b fan June 7, 2014

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful black woman right here

  17. Yay Yay June 7, 2014

    Wasn’t Rihanna supposed to play that part?

    • Yeah I Said It June 7, 2014

      No thank the Lord Jesus.

  18. eric June 7, 2014

    She’s not the typical or most obvious pick and that’s what I love about their choice. Yaya was great in Take the Lead.

  19. Yeah I Said It June 7, 2014

    Well she certainly does Whitneys beauty justice. Lets just hope the acting is on point.

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