Monica Lewinsky To Join ‘The View’?

Published: Wednesday 1st Apr 2015 by David


After learning Rosie O’Donnell was to leave the series for the second time, fans of ‘The View‘ now face reports that suggest she is to be replaced by the controversial Monica Lewinsky.

Surprising news below…

Deadline details:

ABC News has invited Monica Lewinsky to The View as a guest, to talk about her “anti-bullying campaign,” naturally leading to speculation she might replace Rosie O’Donnell as one of the show panelists, or at least that show creator Barbara Waltersis trying to talk ABC News brass into the merits of the hire.

Lewinsky would pose certain challenges, given that The View these days is produced by ABC News which presumably would want access to expected Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the next election cycle. Lewinsky on staff might make that tougher.

At the very least, assume ABC News will look closely at thestats when Lewinsky pays a call to The View.Timing is uncertain; original hopes of having her stop by to coincide with her last month’s TED talk did not pan out and no new date has been set, insiders say.

Lewinsky rose to fame when it emerged that she had been engaged in an affair with then President of the United States Bill Clinton, pulling in 49 million viewers when she discussed the affair in an interview with Walters’ ’20/20.’

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  1. (Rihyonce) April 1, 2015

    hopefully she don’t have oral s** with none of them!!

  2. musicMatters101 April 1, 2015

    Show is dying they need someone controversial and the panel is terrible with Rosie Perez. All she does since her return is TRY to sound smart rattling off random facts and stats. #StopThat! Sadly The Talk is much better than the show it completely copied.

  3. FutureCIARA April 1, 2015

    Chawl, GoodNIGHT!

  4. Edna April 1, 2015

    ABC is obviously backing the Republican Party. How nasty of them to bring her back in the spotlight knowing damn well Hilary’s planning to take the White House. Hopefully the ladies of the View are noble enough to request that shes not apart of the show. How low can you go to hire the chick that blew off the President?

    • musicMatters101 April 1, 2015

      Im guessing she isn’t the only person in the world given the chance to do that to the president, any of them…. She is a human and deserves to live her life. On a show like ABC daytime.

  5. Tyler Makaveli April 1, 2015


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