Donnie McClurkin Responds To ‘Empire’ Jab : “What The Devil Uses For Evil God Uses For Good”

Published: Thursday 24th Sep 2015 by David


16 million viewers tuned in to catch the first episode of ‘Empire‘s second season yesterday evening.

Good news for its co-creator Lee Daniels…bad news for the Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin who found himself on the receiving end of a subtle joke delivered by the show’s latest guest star Miss Lawrence of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’

Spoilers and Donnie’s response below…

Last night’s season two premiere saw Lawrence make his first appearance on the series as himself. His role in this season’s storyline? To impress the character Jamal Lyon in a bid to score a duet with him and his support of the LGBT community.

Unfortunately, Lawrence’s role also saw him used to take aim at McClurkin by saying the Gospel figure was to attend a fictional event launched to celebrate the achievements of gay men.

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Of course, this wasn’t the case as the show and the event within are fictional, but those familiar with McClurkin‘s story will know that he has been followed by talk surrounding his sexuality for decades….hence the joke.

Donnie discovered what had been done shortly after the joke aired and responded with:


Your thoughts?

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  1. COLE September 24, 2015

    Oh… STFU, Donnie and come out the damn closet already!

    I refuse to belive that this Man was “cured” from being a homosexual… He’s a straight up F***** who happens to belive in and Love God but, of course, the ignorant Christians will never, ever accept such.

    Poor him!

    50+ years old, isn’t dating, isn’t married, pics of him on the net blatantly staring out guys and he’s “straight”… LMFAOOOOOO

    • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 24, 2015

      Wait…..he’s not married? Seriously? I would’ve never guessed. At that age with no wife, I’m sure he’d be the main topic of several people. Poor him!

    • When RIHsus Says Yes, Beysus Says Hell Naw September 24, 2015

      Isn’t Donnie already bald? If not, you definitely have him a good scalping.

    • Bam Bam September 24, 2015

      And you know what there is nowhere in the bible that it says a gay person can’t be saved. You you just have to believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that you believe in Jesus… Hypocrates people drive people away.

    • #justsayn September 24, 2015

      Lmmfgdao!!!! I can”t!!!!

    • Lotus September 24, 2015

      You f*** are so annoying and disrespectful. That joke was out of order and totally unnecessary. G@y ass Empire show. H** proned b******

      • Bruh September 24, 2015

        Yet you WATCHED, didn’t you….just like you will be watching e-v-e-r-y episode. Ain’t it cramped in that closet you stay cooped up in? STFU, you and Donnie are probably 2 peas in a pod.

    • Lh September 24, 2015

      So im guessing you lost Sundays Best. Be a good sport. 🙂

  2. chesterhe September 24, 2015

    since when is hinting someone being gay, considered a diss?

  3. When RIHsus Says Yes, Beysus Says Hell Naw September 24, 2015

    Ms. Donita McClurkin wouldn’t be so pressed about the shade and just live in her truth as a loose power bottom.

    • Hmm September 25, 2015

      Maybe his truth is that he no longer identifies as a gay man. Why is it so easy to accept a man having 100 cosmetic surgeries to become a woman but not a person who says they no longer sleep with men.

  4. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 24, 2015

    I’m not gonna lie, though. His “We Fall Down” song is iconic not only in the gospel/Christian community, but pretty much Urban America.

  5. Tina September 24, 2015

    Donnie is full of deception. Every mannerism, every side-eye, every long hair in the wind turn. Donnie McClurkin is a religious gay man. But trust me when the lights are dark, and he starts to do what single men do— he most def thinks of men.

    Donnie McClurkin – Gay
    Lee Daniels – Gay
    Shemar Moore – Gay
    Johnny Gill – Gay
    Eddie Murphy – BI
    Miguel – BI
    B2K – Omarion, Marques Houston, Fizz – molested – may be gay also

    • Carey Like Mariah September 24, 2015

      Lmaoooo you had me until you listed Shemar. & being moleested doesn’t make you gay, it makes you a victim of molestation.

      • FAF September 30, 2015

        Lee is out of the closet, so there’s no tea there
        I agree w this entire list, though

  6. marco September 24, 2015

    life is short if he likes men find yourself one and enjoy your life

    donnie been running from being gay for 50 years

    that must be a heavy burdeon like luther vandross.

    let him be happy

  7. #JACKIE September 24, 2015

    Donna McClurkin been a f**. It’s no surprise honey.

  8. Jamie September 24, 2015

    Y’all wrong. That’s a man of God. Watch what Y’all say. Y’all don’t know his relationship with God; therefore, you can’t call it.

    • Bam Bam September 24, 2015


    • Bruh September 24, 2015

      Watch what we say???? GTFOH!! Dionne may be a man of God…but he is still just a man, NOT God!!! He can be discussed and examined just like any of the rest of us. You sound like the kind of fool who worships preachers and such, and give them all your money, like they can get you to heaven if you pay enough.

  9. tish September 24, 2015

    Ugh this country love them a homo! Why would you want to be gay?

    • Hush September 24, 2015

      Why would you want to be anything but who you are? You act like people choose that stuff.

  10. Barb-wire September 24, 2015

    Could careless tbh, who he chooses to fu¢k is his problem and his God.

  11. DIABETES UNBOTHERED September 24, 2015

    Not all homosexuals are gay, about 10-20% are str8 ( identity wise) anyway but mcclurk is homosexual and gay as he surfers from acondition a like to call ” gayface” prince and neyo also suffers from
    gayface lol but are heterosexuals… gay heterosexuals but heteros nontheless.

  12. My opinion September 24, 2015

    Gay people can insult Christians and it’s ok BUT if a Christian speaks on what they believe and chooses not to support gay ppl it’s wrong?! Who are the true hippocrates?

    • OMG Logic!!! September 24, 2015

      Intolerance of intolerance is not intolerance. Educate yourself.

    • Your opinion is BS September 24, 2015

      Hippocrates tho?

      • BELLRINGER September 24, 2015


      • OMG Logic!!! September 24, 2015

        The word you were looking for is “hypocrites,” and if you had taken a basic lesson into logic you would understand that NO not tolerating intolerance is not hypocritical because tolerating intolerance leads to discrimination and lack of rights for minorities and the oppressed.

        It is equivalent to saying “I’m a Muslim and you should tolerate my stoning to death of this woman because she embarrassed me. If you can’t tolerate my actions, YOU are intolerant.” See how that works?

      • Caleb September 28, 2015

        Wtf is a “hippocrite”? Lmao

  13. DIABETES UNBOTHERED September 24, 2015

    Homosexual/heterosexual = ORENTATIONs

    Gay/d***/phaGGay/d***/p***/q****= IDENTITIES

    It annoys me that so many ppl confuse the two. Homosexual guys dont evern look in gay guys direction.

    • OMG Logic!!! September 24, 2015

      Girl, you are just dumb. Stop posting bull5h1t.

  14. PeaceMaker September 24, 2015

    Be careful what you say “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”.
    He has opened up in the past that he was molested at age 8 and 13 by his uncle. He got saved and delivered and now He ain’t about that life anymore. So let Him be!

    • OMG Logic!!! September 24, 2015

      You cannot just “pray the gay away.” It doesn’t work that way. Just like you can’t pray for you skin to magically turn White, innate traits can never be changed. If he CHOOSES to live a live of misery and lies to please Christians, that’s his prerogative. He’s still committing a deadly sin by lying to his God. He knows he is and always will be gay yet professes not to be.

      • #justsayn September 24, 2015

        Woooww… Never thought of it like that way.

      • marco September 24, 2015


      • Tunisha February 15, 2016

        Homosexuality is a spirit…a demon. God has to be the one to deliver you from it.

  15. #TeamTinashe Stan September 24, 2015

    I do think that the gay community has a way of hazing other men by claiming that their gay. And sorry but that is just wrong to out somebody like that. And y’all do it a lot. He needs an apology, it doesn’t matter what you feel it is still completely wrong!

    • OMG Logic!!! September 24, 2015

      Certain people deserve it. Politicians who actively campaign against gay rights, religious figures who demonize gays, and opportunistic liars like Donnie McClurkin all deserve to be outed.

    • marco September 24, 2015



      HE’S A FRAUD

  16. Mccray88 September 24, 2015

    Donnie McClurkin response was in LOVE and in no ways disrespectful,why can’t some of you accept that and move on? Are you upset at the fact that he didn’t throw “shade” back and started more confusion or uproar? He has integrity,no matter how many times he fell,he got up,who doesn’t have a issues or struggles,I mean geesh..I assume you rather him be like most trash some listen too who continues to cause drama….

    • OMG Logic!!! September 24, 2015

      He deserves to be trashed for claiming “he was cured from the curse of homosexuality.” That kind of statement is what the gay version of an Uncle Tom would say. Giving religious zealots ammunition to attack the gay community for not “converting” when anyone with a brain knows damn well that’s impossible.

      • Hmm September 25, 2015

        Let’s not compare sexuality to race, it’s not and has never been the same thing.

      • Caleb September 28, 2015

        Half these people have no brains tho, which is why they think you will quit being gay if you just pray and love God enough lmfao

  17. Stephy. September 24, 2015

    They needs to leave these Religious people alone. It’s tacky & tasteless. Homosexuality is an abomination in their belief. And, if you’re a Religious person… It’s not except-able to live that lifestyle. Even, if you’re deep down inside GAY. You have to stay strong in your beliefs. It’s hard doing what Donnie McClurkin is doing. It’s a daily fight, but it’s his choice & belief. Making fun of people like this is just low down, period. But, I tell you one thing, I could NEVER live a lie. Even if “God” doesn’t like the “sin”. I guess, I’ma just be in Hell then… smh…

    • OMG Logic!!! September 24, 2015

      You are a fool and your arguments are nothing more than fluff. Religious people are not exempt from criticism. They like anyone else using foolish unfounded logic to hurt others should be scrutinized and called out for the ignorant haters that they are.

  18. lolhart September 24, 2015

    People shouldn’t generalise about Christians. There are plenty of us who aren’t homophobic and welcome members of the LGBT community in our congregations.

  19. OMG Logic!!! September 24, 2015

    To all you people defending this moron, I have ONE question: Would you defend an Uncle Tom making idiotic statements to look good with his White buddies? If not, then why do you defend this gay equivalent making stupid statements about “curing himself of the curse of homosexuality” when he’s just saying it to look good to his Christian community?

  20. M1ssie192 September 24, 2015

    Empire is a sellout a$$ show anyways. Glad I never was entertained

  21. Really123 September 24, 2015

    One can never limit the power of God. I don’t know what Mr. McClurkin does outside of the”church arena”, but how many of you are willing to stand by him and pray for him? There is nothing too hard for God, no matter what the sin is.

    • jlove September 24, 2015

      I so agree with you …and someone say I might as well go to hell ,your not there yet to know what it’s like …so don’t ask for it ,we can hardly handle pain and sorrow here so how can we face being in hell for eternity

    • OMG Logic!!! September 24, 2015

      If even the simplest thing, showing himself, is too difficult for God, why would one expect him to be capable of miracles? And don’t give me any of that “he requires your faith” bull5h1t.

      Here’s a quote for you to wrap your head around:

      “If I could stop a person from raping a child, I would. That is the difference between me and and your God.”

      • lolhart September 25, 2015

        Quote made by Atheist Experience host who routinely labels the religious as mentally ill and intellectually inferior. Same justification used in former Communist countries for persecuting Christians and other minority groups.

  22. jlove September 24, 2015

    With all that is happening right now HELL is real demons are real …just look around you ,read the Bible and you will see real times is passing…God loves all but if we choose to live disobedient to God how can he save us …when we don’t even want to save our selfs from hell

    • OMG Logic!!! September 24, 2015

      Harry Potter says Diagon Alley is real but try as I must, I can’t seem to find it. The same is true of your so called “demons.”

    • Caleb September 28, 2015

      You believe people should burn in eternity for not believing in God, and then have the nerve to claim he is a “loving God”?! What kind of b.s.?! You would literally burn someone for all eternity for not worshipping you all the time? That’s conceited af.

  23. jlove September 24, 2015

    Simple we all have temptation. .but that man has really hold onto God strong ,I pray for him Justus will see him true

    • OMG Logic!!! September 24, 2015

      There is nothing wrong with homosexuality. I find it more worrisome that you pray for him to continue lying to himself rather than for obsessing over a religion based on a genocidal, homicidal, infanticidal, r***-loving, incest-promoting, plague spreading, sexist, narcissistic, and petty God.

      • Hmm September 25, 2015

        Oh b****! Stop there! God isn’t any of those things but flawed human beings who claim to love him are. I’m fascinated by your attempts to equate race with orientation. I’ll explain why it’s not the same. A black person couldnt walk into a room full of violent racists and leave untouched, but a gay man can live with violent homophobes and walk in and out of that room unharmed. Why? You can hide the fact that you’re gay and that is a privilege gay men do not want to admit that they have. Donnie is a hypocrite because many people know he is still involved with men buf please don’t judge God based on the actions of people that do not truly represent him. Whether you like it or not the Bible says homosexuality is a sin and that is why Christians aren’t for it. That doesn’t mean we have the right to persecute you while turning a blind eye to every other sin just but it does mean that there is a standard Donnie is trying to uphold.

      • lolhart September 25, 2015

        Somebody clearly has issues and your description of God is taken almost word for word by man who was nominated for Islamophobe of the year and endorses eugenics

  24. Hmm September 25, 2015

    And another thing. Gay media claims it is so accepting but will blackball anyone who doesn’t do what they say. Look at the pressure Nick Jonas is under to play gay characters on tv just because gay men find him attractive. Believe it or not gay men can be just as predatory as straight men when it comes to attraction and I have seen it many times myself. You said men like Donnie should be outed but would you the say the same about a s*** homophobic trade you had your eye on if you thought there was a chance he’d sleep with you?

    • Caleb September 28, 2015

      Nick Jonas is milking the gay community for their money. Don’t even try to portray him as some kind of victim of gay lust. What a joke.

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