‘The View’ Renewed For 20th Season

Published: Wednesday 24th Feb 2016 by David

The groundbreaking talkshow ‘The View’ has been renewed by ABC!

Good news for Raven-Symone, Joy Behar and company below….

Variety reports:


The network made the announcement Tuesday and  named Candi Carter as the show’s first African American executive producer effective immediately. Carter has served as the interim showrunner on “The View” since September, working with consultant Hilary Estey McLoughlin (a veteran executive from CBS and TelePictures Productions) and co-executive producer Brian Teta (“The Late Show With David Letterman”), to help reboot the talk show, which has struggled since creator Barbara Walters retired in May 2013.

This is awesome news.

Those who have followed the show’s ups and down will agree that its renewal sends a very clear message to those who had hoped it wouldn’t….’The View‘ is here to stay.

We’re glad it is.

For, as a number of its imitators make it their mission to appeal to “simpler” audiences, Whoopi and the gang offer conversations that are just as entertaining as they are thought-provoking and educational.

Our only wish moving forward?

A stronger and bolder Republican voice to restore the balance that existed during Elisabeth Hasslebeck‘s time on the platform.

Catch its new season when it premieres in the Fall of 2016.

Your thoughts?

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  1. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy February 24, 2016

    Please fire that “ignant”, illiterate, sasquatch troll, Raven Symone. Bill Cosby could drug two more women, and she still does more damage to the Cosby Show legacy.

    • Iggy The Bush Kangaroo February 24, 2016

      She’s going nowhere. Her stupidity is now part of its fabric. I wonder if Ann Coulter would join? That would be fire.

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy February 24, 2016

        YEESSS! Anne Coulter would be fire! I love that white woman. She is the OG Bill O’Reilly.

  2. What now February 24, 2016

    Oh God more chances for Raven to c*** her way into relevancy.

  3. MusicLife February 24, 2016

    They honestly need to get rid of Michelle Collins because she adds absolutely nothing to the show. So glad since Candance Cameron is on more she no longer is much. I think they will add Sunny Hostin or Sarah Haines to the panel. I hope they keep Paula, she is a great anchor in news, and Whoopi is just down right ride to here. Perhaps Whoopi will leave since her contract ends this season. She is so rude and a drag to most panel a lot of the time.

    • MusicLife February 24, 2016

      Oh and when Sunny Hostin stood up to Whoopi and called her something like miss Whoopi, yes I loved it. Sunny has a backbone for her. Such a smart lady!

  4. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 25, 2016

    People still watch the show and raven s need to go

  5. Joeyr March 7, 2016

    Cannot stand Michelle Williams. She thinks she is so funny. Raven is just plain annoying and a little miss know it all. Love Paula Farris, but she is too boring. Love, love Sara Haines.
    Sunny Hostin is the most arrogant knows everything person on the show. I very rarely watch the show but if Sunny is on I definitely don’t watch.

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