Preview: Porsha & Kandi Break Down At Explosive Climax Of ‘Real Housewives’ Reunion

Published: Friday 5th May 2017 by Sam

This Sunday brings with it the dramatic finale of the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ season 9 – and it appears Bravo have saved the full-on fireworks ’til last.

Viewers have watched on as private talk about lady ponds and dungeons has descended into public chaos.

The rumor mill has put Phaedra Parks in the middle of the madness, with suggestion that she is the puppet-master. Allegedly.

And while the answer will arrive in a mere matter of days, a newly released preview shows Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss cry tears (both of the angry and sad variety) in the aftermath of the “reveal.”

See what we mean below…

Looks like must-see TV. We’ll be tuning in this Sunday. Will you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Navy Captain May 5, 2017

    So can phony Phaedra be fired yet? I’m so tired of watching her make up storylines to stay relevant while jeopardizing the other women. She has always been a fraud and her time is up!

  2. IRick May 5, 2017

    What I don’t get is that why kamdi is making this bigger than what it was. No one ever said she rapped them. I also don’t get how Kamdibanf Todd been digging Phaedra since Apollo first left… now she feels it’s gone to far. But it wasn’t to far when her mom went to a lawyer office to embarrass Phaedra.

    • #ispeakfacts May 5, 2017


      What u don’t understand is Kandi is a walking brand!!! She has several businesses, so when someone makes statements about r*** regarding her, it can affect her brand! That means her fukn money!!!! So, she is not over exaggerating anything! She should be mad when someone is making false claims about her! As for Porsha, she is such a bad friend! She has not been a good friend to Shamea at all!!!

      • Tokyo Vanity fan (formerly new) May 5, 2017

        And Kandi and her family can say Phaedra is a criminal and that she knew everything about Apollo’s crimes and was involved in them, even though the FBI cleared Phaedra of any wrong doing? How does that not effect Phaedra’s career or future aspirations. Most of the times Kandi was bursting out laughing at her husband/family accusing Phaedra of being a criminal. She even insinuated that Phaedra is hiding things from the cops.

        Todd even said it during this reunion that she is hiding stuff from the cops. They even accused her of calling the feds on them for hiding Apollo’s belongings, even though they were caught after their dumbasses broadcasted it on TV.

        That’s why I have zero sympathy for Kandi. Her and her fans are quick to forget all the bull that she and her family did to Phaedra but then cry like little kids when Phaedra claps back.

      • Rosy May 5, 2017

        If she is worried about her brand why have threesomes and hook up with a married man have a baby with kandi brand is about s** her brand is not miss Pollyanna oh please kandi and her plantation with her mama the head master came for Phaedra first I do not feel sorry for kandi her mama call Todd mom a prostitute girl bye

      • Jasmine May 6, 2017

        @#ispeakfacts Everyone on the show has a brand. Kandi is not exempt and Kandi should stop starting drama with other women if she does not want retaliation. If Kandi was just producing music for artists and promoting her businesses that would be far more entertaining than her hating on Phaedra and Porshia all season long and using Joyce, Todd, and Miss Don Juan to come for Phaedra and Porshia too all season.

    • Rosy May 5, 2017

      Dumpling mouth kandi deserves what she gets you come for Phaedra you get what you get kandi and her whole family is nasty and pathetic toward porsha and Phaedra they fought back now she mad

      • The King Of Shade ? May 7, 2017

        Kandi is not sweet. Trust her branding is fine. If anything her mama makes her look bad.

  3. QueenShade May 5, 2017

    I’m sick of Phaedra and her lies it’s not even funny it’s annoying and porsha is stupid for being friends with her

  4. Dev May 5, 2017

    I bet when you watch the whole thing Porsha isn’t upset about the incident with Phaedra and more that Kandi wanted to bust her head.
    They will still be friends.

  5. MCole May 5, 2017

    Kandi, Todd, and Joyce started all of this nonsense. If they would have left Phaedra alone to deal with her divorce instead of coming for Phaedra repeatedly then Phaedra would not have come for Kandi.

  6. QueenShade May 6, 2017

    Idk how her sister is unaware of anything that’s going on there’s tvs back there to watch in the room while it’s being filmed smh

  7. travesty May 6, 2017

    kandi, you always wanna play the fucken victim when you and you ugly mama have taken many digs at ms parks! if u cant handle the stab wounds in your back then dont throw knives at ppl cos theyll come right back to stab u in the back!!! take some advice : Phaedra dont play!!!

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