Retro Rewind: Beyonce Clashes With Wendy Williams…Live

Published: Saturday 8th Jul 2017 by David

Welcome to another edition of Retro Rewind, the TGJ original feature carved out to take you on a journey into entertainment’s past.

Today, seventeen years after it went down live, we revisit the moment in which a then 19-year-old Beyonce clashes with the then radio host Wendy Williams during an unforgettable interview.

Facing daggers, knives and drama following LeToya and LaTavia and Farrah’s involuntary departure from Destiny‘s Child, Beyonce and her group members made their way to radio with hopes of pushing their latest material and putting their fans’ minds at ease.

What happened next will shock you.

Listen below…


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  1. Fashion Icon July 8, 2017

    Some good s***

  2. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler July 8, 2017

    Back when Beyonce was shady lol

    • Meme July 8, 2017

      She still is very much. Only difference is she has a team that works overtime to make sure only good things stay in the press about her and she acts like a god sent angel and perfect every chance she gets

  3. Jamon July 8, 2017

    I wouldn’t call that a clash, at all. I guess you need a reason to bring up her name. Wendy is very messy, but she didn’t say anything that wasn’t already perceived or said by the previous members.

  4. Erica July 8, 2017

    Beyoncé been a b**** & when ask why she haven’t went solo she kinda let you know it was coming

  5. Cortez July 8, 2017

    Why do we need to keep rehashing this negative clash tho. – beyonce really is that b****. This is old

    • Sam July 9, 2017

      We have to, because when we listen to The Writings in The Wall (the best Destiny’s Child album in my opinion) we remember the original members and how they were ousted.

  6. Casual-T July 8, 2017

    I don’t think I’ve heard this interview before, but I love it. Beyonce is never this candid anymore.

  7. truthteller July 8, 2017

    I did love the part where Beyonce said we all sing lead now because everyone can sing lead. So shady

  8. Meme July 8, 2017

    I held my breathe the entire time. Beyoncé use to be so so hostile in her interviews back then. She really does a great job in hiding the b%#CH in her because we all know he caty and bit%*y Beyoncé is in real life.

    • Caleb July 8, 2017

      Actually she comes off very likable in this interview. Dunno what you seem to have against her. Everyone knows who Wendy Williams is and how she gets down. You have to go into an interview with her on the offense.

    • Bam July 9, 2017

      Yeah Beyoncé had an axe to grind and you also have to remember she’s spoiled as hell growing up with a daddy who made upper six figures. I loved how she was in this interview though so bitter and so salty which are real emotions when personal s*** is going on between you and your friends. Funny how five-six years later Latoya shut down that “can’t sing” mess Beyoncé was trying to start. Also yes it really was Beyoncé and the girls but they did try to change that with Survivor a little.

  9. Mike July 8, 2017

    Who wrote this dump article? Yes Wendy was being Wendy. And the cameras was and has always on Beyoncé.

  10. Sam July 9, 2017

    Beyonce saying that “we can all sing” be Latoya stayed doing well and Michelle’s vocals were never really appreciated on Destiny’s Child records

  11. Teflon Boy July 9, 2017

    In fairness to Beyoncé, the only way she could have achieved all that she has is by believing she was the best. There’s no room for self doubt when aiming for the top, if she’d had even an ounce of it she’d never have made it. As for the ‘equal split DC earnings’ answer, the reality is Beyonce’s while family were involved so the whole family got rich. So while she was able to spend her money on cars, the other girls likely had to look after their families. That’s how Matthew was slick getting the lion’s share for himself cos he could give Beyoncé money via the back door lol #Smart. Same time her bank statements and wage slips would still only equal what the other girls received. Therefore she was naive to think she wasn’t in receipt of more benefits than the other girls financially speaking.

  12. Britt July 9, 2017

    Shoutout to 19 yo Beyoncé…people use to drag her through the mud and look at her now. Regardless of everything whether she had top pop off she did it graciously!

  13. Jeremy July 9, 2017

    I love the way she handled that interview with grace.. she did not let Wendy win! Wendy is messy and been messy.

  14. Team Kimye July 9, 2017

    Yeah bey was shady af in that interview… Kelly knew it but she still needed to be fed!!!

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