DJ Envy Laughs Off Snapchat Scandal: ‘I Don’t Know Where That Stuff Came From’

Published: Thursday 26th Oct 2017 by Rashad

As Twitter is still set alight from a series of racy Snapchat screenshots allegedly featuring a highly sexual conversation between  DJ Envy and some unnamed woman, the famed Breakfast Club host is clapping back to shut down all the rumors:

Taking to the airwaves, Envy stated:

“I don’t know where [the messages] came from,” he said. “Whoever it was has been chasing all the reputable blogs, [and] nobody posted it. And I guess they found one that has.”

That didn’t stop Twitter users from going in on him though.  See the fiery action, as we reported earlier, by clicking here.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme October 26, 2017

    Yeah none of the reputable blogs posted this. Lol. Y’all need to take a hint TGJ. The tack is at an all time high around here. Y’all need to stop posting these fake Twitter news.

    • king z October 26, 2017

      Your shade would be funny if it was factual. They never posted the story, they posted Twitter’s REACTION to it.

      The same way VIBE, HotNewHipHop, HipHopWired, B*****, and more did. no one ever claimed it was true, but that didn’t mean Twitter didn’t go in on it. lol.

      • king z October 26, 2017

        damn you can’t even say B-OS-SIP?! lol fix it sam. your hate is showing

      • Meme October 26, 2017

        Girl entirely hop off my c***. You must be bored today.

  2. Meme October 26, 2017

    If y’all need quality original content I can pitch y’all a couple of articles a week. Topics that would actually engage your remaining few readers.

    • king z October 26, 2017

      remaining few readers like…you?

      • TGJ’sTrash October 26, 2017

        @king z


      • ??? October 26, 2017

        lmao drag ha!

      • Meme October 26, 2017

        Yes h**, remaining few like myself. Why your h** asz on my c*** bish?

    • Lana’s New music Sucks October 26, 2017

      No what they need to do is get disqus so everyone can engage in real comments between each other

  3. Ughhhh October 26, 2017

    I don’t understand this blog. Regardless if these allegations are true or false, how does reporting on a black man that may potential like non- straight conformative sexual stimulation in the bedroom help accept black men to live in their truth. You highlight this makes you part of the problem. You’re disgusting just like the ignorant people whom happen to be black that shun black gay men for being everything and anything than straight, emotionless and insecure.

    • king z October 26, 2017

      make sure you say that same thing to VIBE, BET, Bos.sip, and all the other sites who did the same thing.

      i dont understand girls like you who get mad at wendy williams and MEDIA-TAKE-O.U.T. for reporting FACTS. the fact is PEOPLE REACTED. what they reacted to may have not been true, but the reactions were factual.

      • Ughhhh October 26, 2017

        My comment applies to all. This comment section is clearly for this blog, i.e. -reason you are reading it on this blog. Regardless of someone’s reactions to be factual, does not give reason to always highlight their ignorance. For instance Trump. So instead of trying to argue on the matter on whether this is okay because they are “just” posting people’s reaction, the intent is still there. And they still had to explain the story in order for you to know why people are reacting, sooo

      • Meme October 26, 2017

        They must be paying you respond to every comment on this post.

      • erica October 26, 2017

        I agree with @ughhh yall keep saying what other blogs do, but yall should stop posting stuff that puts homophobia or issue to where its makes fun of sexual preference etc…. it makes you apart of the problem especially with most of the writing here are gay

    • AdrianL October 26, 2017

      Take that tired, wannabe high-horse SJW spiel elsewhere.

      • Caleb October 27, 2017

        You say the same b******* in every comment

  4. Yes October 26, 2017

    He’s on a “Shaderoom” post making jokes lol. Side note, he definitely likes to get pegged lol.

  5. Fancy BISH October 26, 2017

    DJ Envy ride it with his surfboard, surfboard, surfboard
    Grainin’ on that wood
    Grainin’-grainin’ on that wood
    He swervin’ on that, swervin’-swervin’ on that
    Big body been servin’ all this
    Swerve, surfin’ all in this good-good

    • Keri is Kween October 26, 2017


      you aint lying. dude danced around the issue the same way he danced on that strap!

      he never flat out said “no that’s not me in the text messages.” he made jokes around it

      • TGJ’sTrash October 26, 2017


        your user name is laughable but i agree. he never straight up denied anything. i just think envy is a random person to lie on? if this was a troll, why not go for someone with real money not some random dj

  6. Keri is Kween October 26, 2017

    @king z – feel free to get off your soapbox. it’s too early sis

    #1 – i heard him address it and dj envy never blatantly denied anything. it’s all implied

    #2 – he never addressed who the person is and how he knows her or got tangled in the mess anyway. how does he know the person has been trying to post it for a long time but couldn’t get a site to bite?

    #3 – people who come to TGJ for smart informed news are dumb themselves. at best this site is a poor man’s M** with a few decent articles here or there mixed in between mess. just click on any rihanna or mariah carey post for evidence

  7. Cough Cough October 26, 2017

    Only weak minded idiots believe things based off of a screenshot from a gossip blog. They literally have sos for faking convos and these idiots on twitter are goinrg ham like they caught him on video. It’s actually pretty sad to see how many pathetic folks we have in our society

  8. DTG October 26, 2017

    Eh. I didn’t see any denials. Something don’t smell right. Ooops. I guess it’s true; Envy likes d*ck…err…I mean d*ck-shaped objects.

  9. ??? October 26, 2017

    lol jokes, but no denials. hmmm, if the strap on fits, lmao.

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