Prince Harry & US Actress Meghan Markle Announce Engagement

Published: Monday 27th Nov 2017 by Sam

It’s official! US actress Meghan Markle is engaged to British royal Prince Harry.

Full story below…

The wedding announcement was made by representatives for Harry’s father, Prince Charles, moments ago. It was confirmed within the nuptials will take place in “Spring 2018.”

A statement from Markle’s family followed shortly after…


The news is naturally receiving ample media coverage thanks to Harry’s royal status, but perhaps more so because of the vastly different background Meghan comes from.

Indeed, unlike most who’ve married into the British royal family, she’s from the US, is an actress (famed for her role in ‘Suits’) is a divorcee, and at 36 is three years older than her husband to be.

What’s more, she’s of mixed race heritage by way of her Afro-American mother (photographed above). A fact that’s drawn interesting responses in itself.

Needless to say, millions around the world will no doubt be enamoured with the news. It’ll also be interesting to see how the the meshing of two very different worlds plays out in the press.

In the here and now though, congratulations are most certainly in order!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anika Kelly November 27, 2017

    And all the YT UK girl wept…

  2. NOBITCHASSNESS November 27, 2017

    Amazing news!!

    Harry loves him some chocolate!

  3. Suicide Blonde November 27, 2017

    Seems like the much pushed and advertised “diversity/multiculturalism” has arrived at Buckingham Palace.

    • I ❤️ 5Am November 27, 2017

      Seems like two human beings fell in love. Then again what would a PIG like you know about that. #TrueLove #TheyCrossTheRoadWhenTheySeeUsButReallyWannaBeUs

      • Suicide Blonde November 27, 2017

        I love you too.

      • truthteller November 27, 2017

        Just Google “Racism in Sweden” and you will get an idea why this garbage is the way he is

    • No November 27, 2017

      ‘pushed’ multiculturalism loool …..white people man.

      • Mark111 November 27, 2017

        They try to make common sense into a bad thing. Listen to them try to make diversity and equality sound bad. Social Justice Warrior, OK?

  4. China November 27, 2017

    YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS for the Royal Kingdom bring some “black” into the house

    • Suicide Blonde November 27, 2017

      Lol, why so happy, I don’t care for the Royalty but I’m curious as to why every comment by black people I have read on the internet about this seemed like they considered this, a great accomplishment. Do you think every white family in the world should mix with non white people in order to be seen as non racist or there is another reason for the joy?…..And do you think we should add diversity at every thing in this world, like there should be diversity in every culture? Blacks in east Asian culture, whites in African cultures and blacks in European cultures, it just a question, so hopefully you won’t take it the wrong way, I’m just curious about people’s opinion about subjects like these.

      • Drinkmybussyjuice November 27, 2017

        Your cynicism is so unbecoming. You must live a horribly mundane life to be so negative. I would hate to be around you with the vibes you emit. They cant be any better than what you put on here. Everytime i see u comment its nothing but negativity.

      • SAUCONY November 27, 2017

        OMG STFU! You are such a miserable dirty ass meth head troglodyte f.a.g.

      • No November 27, 2017

        Because one of the biggest things in royal families when it comes to marrying is sticking to a certain status quo. Meghan is definitely not ‘blue blooded’ for people who aren’t royalists – IT’S HILARIOUS.

  5. Rosy November 27, 2017

    Happy for her she got her a real prince that’s how you do it

  6. #BlackLoveMatters November 27, 2017

    I’m sick of all this interracial sh>it

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