Halle Berry To Star In Jagged Edge Movie

Published: Friday 6th Apr 2018 by David

Halle Berry is to star a reboot of one of the wildest thrillers to impact the world of cinema.

Full story below..

The 1985 movie ‘Jagged Edge’ tells the tale of a lawyer who finds herself caught in a web of lies, lust, danger and deceit when she investigates the murder of a woman.

The prime suspect? Her husband.

In 2018, Berry has put plans in place to remake the movie and is on the lookout for a writer to pen its script after calling on the producers Doug Belgrad and Matti Leshem to bring her version of the story to fruition.

Its release will follow Berry’s success with the thrillers ‘The Rich Man’s Wife’, ‘Gothika’, ‘Kidnap’ and ‘A Perfect Stranger.’


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  1. LB April 6, 2018

    Why is Halle always in these cheap ass movies

    • SMH April 6, 2018

      Lol true. I love em though lol.

    • Jasmine April 6, 2018

      She is somewhat crazy. She reads lots of scripts but gets excited about ones that are not good. Her best movie as a producer was Dorothy Dandridge. I think she would do better if she took some risks with more challenging roles. I thought Frank ie and Alice was a good movie but was produced by the wrong movie company. These shady movie companies somehow get deals to hire her. I wish she would get more work and good movie roles with the better known movie companies.

    • Retribution April 7, 2018

      Jagged Edge is one of the best thrillers ever and is not a cheap movie. Glenn Close and Jeff Bridges did the damn thing on that. I don’t know about a remake though because the original was off the chain.

  2. Tori April 6, 2018

    I see she revamped her “thriller wig” to a slight curl at the end so it might not be ass good as her full curly “the thriller”

  3. Suicide Blonde April 6, 2018

    My man just busted a fat nut up in me while we were halle’s monster ball. He flooded my whole yall. It felt real good.

  4. Achooo! April 6, 2018

    Dead on Arrival

  5. SdotB April 7, 2018

    At first I thought it meant that she was in a movie with the R&B group, Jagged Edge lol.

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