Omarosa Shocks The World With New Donald Trump Recording…On Live Television

Published: Wednesday 22nd Aug 2018 by David

Donald Trump‘s supporters were left shaken (and stirred) yesterday when his lawyer Michael Cohen plead guilty to multiple counts of campaign finance violations, tax fraud, and bank fraud.

Worrying for Trump, as Cohen claims his campaign finance violations took place because the President asked him to carry them out. Worrying, because using campaign finances for anything other than its intended purpose is a serious crime.

Keen to shed some light on the matter? Omarosa…Trump’s most lethal nemesis. How she did so? By shocking viewers of MSNBC by releasing a video she secretly recorded on the-then candidate’s plane!

Watch the startling footage below…

Inspector Gadget Omarosa has warned the administration to think carefully about the way it responds as she has many more secret recordings!

Even more troubling for Camp Trump? Her decision to work alongside Robert Mueller who is overseeing the investigation into the President’s alleged ties to Russia.

She is yet to reveal how she made the recordings.


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  1. The Wig Snatcher August 22, 2018

    Omarosa proved to be the secret Olivia Pope within the White House against the White House. It took a Black woman to take Trump all the way down, the very Black woman who he created as TV’s most notorious villain.

    • BootzShza August 22, 2018

      Puh-lease. The only reason why she’s coming out with a vengeance is purely for revenge. If she didn’t get fired do you think she would be all up on her soap box? If she had gathered all of that info and secret t

      • BootzShza August 22, 2018

        …secret tapes THEN quit, it would be a better look and we’d be telling a different story. But it just goes to show she secretly taped everything so she could use it against him as leverage should anything happen to her, and something did. She got fired! Now she wants to wear the white hat? Hmmm. No.

      • The Wig Snatcher August 22, 2018

        She gathered all her info for a reason. She knew that her time there would not be a cake walk. She knew that Trump would turn on her. I am glad that she is turning on him now.

      • SMH August 22, 2018

        And so what if its revenge. She clearly knows who and what he is & had her agenda planned from the very beginning. Say what you want about her, but she’s doing what the republicans are scared of doing-making that piece of sh*t pay for his crimes. He deserves everything thats coming to him, and Omarosa is giving it to him full force. Like they say, if you’re gonna fight dirt, you gotta get even dirtier.

      • Rasputia Lattimore August 22, 2018

        Bootz us black people work twice as hard to get jobs like she had. A smart person is not going to quit their job because they would be derailing their own career. What do you do for a living that you are willing to run away and quit your career from a racist boss. Do you have a job or career?

      • Buzz Off August 22, 2018

        Then how was she suppose to get all these evidence if she didn’t accept the job in the first place ? Hmm?
        You’re not making any sense.. Damn! If I got fired and if I had proof about Illegal behaviour of my Boss. He Can Come See About Me.. Cuz I was gon Tell.. cuz it has to stop .. if it’s not by me “, it’ll be by You..
        It’s not about her getting fired or not.. She has proof cuz she knows it wasn’t promising in the beggining .. Especially working for Trump..

  2. BootzShza August 22, 2018

    Shut your f****** mouth old man and let the lady speak! Omarosa, in my opinion you do too many Gotdamn interviews with the left-leaning networks. And you wonder why the black community looks at your crusty Uncle Tom ass with the side eye? If you want to compensate for your past betrayals you treacherous jezebel maybe it would help if you reached out to do more interviews with black groups and organizations. Or is money always your incentive? Because I’m sure as hell these Gotdamn interviews is gonna help bolster your book sales. I’m surprised yo ass didn’t win the Celebrity Big Brother because the premise of that show is who could be the most manipulative, lying, deceitful trick! You should’ve won! I don’t care what they say, I’mma crown you #1 in 86 countries, h**! *Nicki Minaj voice*

    • SMH August 22, 2018

      Oh shut the hell up already. Omarosa is bringing that racist turd down and that’s all that matters. Your b*** hurt essay means nothing.

      • BootzShza August 22, 2018

        Get an education sweetie. You know s*** about politics. You believe whatever is shown to you. She’s playing the game. She is a master at marketing and communication. She’s not dumb. But you are you sheep. I should slap your mom for giving birth to such a dumbass moron.

      • BootzShza August 22, 2018

        And do you know how I can tell that you are stupid as f***? Because you think Omarosa is going to bring down Trump ? Either you are still in high school, which explains you don’t know s***, or you dropped out of college, cause you don’t know s***. Cohen has a better chance at bringing down Trump, and if you can actually read, the news will tell you he just plead guilty.
        Tell your h** ass mom to stop spreading h*****! HPV can damage brain cells. Look at what happened to you! LOL

    • Rasputia Lattimore August 22, 2018

      Bootz you are taking this personal. If you dont like her stop watching her interviews and stop reading her posts. It really is just that easy.

      • BootzShza August 22, 2018

        Back in college I interned with a law firm in Kenya, mainly inspired by Obama when he was a community organizer in CHI. I took a 5 hr bus from Chinatown to DC when he got elected. In those 8 yrs I was very active and I gave a lot of my resources and put in a lot of time to our black communities. The White House represented something much more with the first ever black president in office. But when that Cheeto took over with this heffa, she did more damage than good to the black community, especially when the black lives matter movement was just gaining momentum. So to answer you, yeah I took it personal. I don’t hate her guts or anything, I just never forget ?

      • BootzShza August 22, 2018

        And you know what’s annoying? When a b**** got a strong opinion and same trick wanna tell others to shut the hell up @SMH h**.

      • Rasputia Lattimore August 22, 2018

        Thanks BootzShza I totally get it. Here is another way of looking at it…if she had quit her job she would not have any evidence or anything to write about in her book. Perhaps she was looking out for her own best interests as many entrepreneurs do. Omorosa with a 9-5 desk job is not a good fit so I believe she had a business plan all along. The job with Trump was only securing her bag. I also want to bring up another perspective……duty. White people do not have a duty to look after the white community so blacks should not have that type of duty imposed on them. We are Americans at the end of the day, regardless of race. I am black and I do not agree with a lot of things the Black Lives Matter movement or the WeToo movement does. I also do not have a duty or obligation to support organizations I don’t want to. Any support I give is by choice but certainly not by necessity or because I am obligated to because of my race.

  3. DC3 FOREVER August 22, 2018


  4. Madame Fancy Pants August 22, 2018

    Aunty is doing what she has to do. Would you take a knife to a gun fight? Would you have a fashion show without fashions? No. You come prepared and Aunty O is ready! You don’t have to like her but I won’t criticise a sister for protecting herself in the face of danger and deceit.

    • Casual August 22, 2018

      Protecting herself from what? She got fired for showing her behind in the White House and then got offered a job with the 2020 campaign making the same money. Yeah, it was hush money, but the president did let her trash him on Celebrity Apprentice. She got $1.3mil to appear on that show. He tried to let it all slide and move on.

      I can totally under her writing a tell-all to make even more money, but sitting down with Mueller to try to destroy his presidency gives me scorned woman stalker vibes.


  5. Casual August 22, 2018

    Nice plane.

  6. Greg Caporaletti August 22, 2018

    Absolutely 100%!!!

  7. Priscilla Doege August 22, 2018

    She is ridiculous and makes me sick how someone could be so 2 faced and constantly lie to the country maybe she is still on the Clinton/Obama payroll to make sure that Trump looks bad but we all know that he is GR8

  8. brenda tennant August 22, 2018

    Omarosa is a Judas to anyone she comes into contact with. She is pure evil and she will have her day of accounting. She’s a fake, phoney, and this will backfire on her. Trump helped her and she put a pitchfork in his back! Disgusting, slimey woman who gives no service to blacks. She cares nothing for her race…she cares only for herself!! Just a total b****!! Let her dance with the devil…she’ll see what happens!!

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