Retro Rewind: MTV Presents Janet Jackson’s ‘Janet’

Published: Saturday 10th Nov 2018 by David

Welcome to today’s edition of Retro Rewind, the TGJ original feature carved out to celebrate TV and Film’s epic past!

Today, after celebrating the glories of world cinema, we make our way to the world of music television by revisiting Janet Jackson’s fruitful relationship with MTV which bore the ‘Janet World Tour‘ TV special.

Built to push her ‘Janet’ album, the dramatic live show was supported by Tevin Campbell, Mint Condition and others and honoured the performer’s affinity with musical theatre and Baroque-style fashion.

Ready to revisit the show with help from ‘MTV’?

Watch below…

One review of the show read…

To criticize Janet Jackson for cranking out a pre-programmed block of hits is like criticizing a cat for sleeping all day. It is simply what she does, and with the exception of Madonna, Jackson does this high-concept schtick better than anybody. She is a sharp dancer, an appealing performer, and as “That’s the Way Love Goes” proves—an ace pop-song writer.

Do you agree?


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  1. Jasmine Da Bi Asian iSlay TROLLmine Rasputia (hermaphrodite) on the daily November 10, 2018

    Janet’s movement is like no other. The dance, the groove, the feel, the style l- the everything. Scroll down any IG or FB timeline and you will see Janet’s fashion influence. Look at your fav pop star (if they are gifted with live performing ability) and you will see Janet’s influence. Janet is the greatest female stage entertainer ever. She needs very minimal to put on a gargantuanly, slayrific show. Give her a ponytail, a band, head mic and 2-6 dancers and IT’s LIT, Janet era slays errrrrrrbody

    • Rasputia Latimore Is ANNOYED by GUTTER TRASH F.AGGOT ‘JasMAN Da Bi Asian’ Talking to her every day! November 10, 2018

      Good job on the article David. I see your taking my journalism tips and writing skills are getting much better.

      • Rasputia Latimore Is ANNOYED by GUTTER TRASH F.AGGOT ‘JasMAN Da Bi Asian’ Talking to her every day! November 10, 2018

        you’re not your

      • Jasmine Da Bi Asian iSlay TROLLmine Rasputia (hermaphrodite) on the daily November 10, 2018

        TROLLmine just because it’s cold and windy today doesn’t mean you get to spend your Saturday in the library using their internet! GET BACK ON YOUR CORNER, pop out your saggy brèast and feed your baby doll.

    • Brandon Lloyd November 10, 2018

      I never looked at this that way…in regards to Janet era slays any other artist era. I agree! I have not watched janet. Era video or live performances in at least a decade until this article. Janet is my fav artist all time, but i have been engulfed in the other female and male artists to come after her. Why? Because there are so many now. No one did it like Jan visually and choreographically though, not even madonna. Looking back at this era… i will put it up against any Beyonce, britney, ciara, pink, chris brown, j lo tours ever. Janet birthed these artists. Her choreography was so crisp and effortless looking. Its ridiculous she is still performing at this level today! Im glad i was alive to witness and appreciate the greats from the 80’s on. Janet and Madonna are 2 of that elite era artists alive now. Prince, MJ, Whitney, George Michael, and others all have passed! Appreciate greatness and remind or enlighten others history! This was a quick rant but i hope folks understand me.

      • RoyalKev November 11, 2018

        The Janet era is simply unbelievable! It’s truly one of the most stunning ever!!!!

  2. Jasmine Da Bi Asian iSlay TROLLmine Rasputia (hermaphrodite) on the daily November 10, 2018

    Oh TROLLmine I meant to ask if you hit up the Spice Girls, Team. “TROLLmine Spice would be a hit amongst all the fat disgusting u desirable(both girl and boy since you’re hermaphrodite) out there 💁🏿‍♀️

  3. Tracey November 10, 2018

    Janet and her team are AWSOME!!!

  4. G7Pat November 10, 2018

    Her athleticism on this particular tour is second to none

  5. Fast_Persuader November 10, 2018

    The Blueprint.

  6. RoyalKev November 11, 2018

    I wish I was able to see this tour ! Every time I see clips from it, I feel like I missed out! Janet was obviously a beast! Janet’s dominance on stage, precision and agility is like no other!

    • Keith McNeill November 12, 2018

      I did get to see this concert tour in ‘92 and it was absolutely PHENOMENAL!!! Took my breath away just seeing the larger than life sets,fabulous costumes, over the top theatrics and whimsical feel of it all—not to mention Janet’s performance overall which was second to none!!! No other concert I’ve seen to date has even come close to this concert tour production!!!

  7. Kimberly November 11, 2018

    Janet should not be criticized for anything. She is entertainment perfection!

  8. Cruz November 12, 2018

    New Agenda is a beautiful banger – loved that song since I was 10

  9. AMD November 12, 2018

    Yes, I agree. However, I was tired of Janet being compared to Moldonna even back then!

    • Brandon November 12, 2018

      EXACTLY!!! That and the MJ’s lil sister comments are unnecessary.

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