Retro Rewind: Honouring T-Boz

Published: Saturday 27th Jul 2019 by David

Welcome to a special edition of Retro Rewind, the TGJ original feature carved out to celebrate TV and Film’s brilliant past

Here at TGJ HQ, we’ve been looking for an excuse to shine a light on the  impactful sights and sounds of T-Boz and how her art (and art inspired by her ) played an influential role in the careers of artists who now deemed to be more influential than her.

Much like Prince and Janet Jackson, the magic in T-Boz‘ voice lay in its uniquely powerful and poignant tone and her ability to carry stories without the sprawling ranges some of her peers were blessed with.


Criminally underrated, T’s influence can heard found of Britney Spears’ debut single ‘Baby One More Time’, Toni Braxton‘s ‘Breathe Again’ and Madonna‘s ‘Human Nature’…the first two being tracks originally penned with her in mind.

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  1. SMH July 27, 2019

    T-Boz’ voice is CRIMINALLY underrated.

    • Fancy BISH July 27, 2019

      I think T-Boz, Chilli and Left Eye are ALL underrated individually, but are of course legends in TLC! They all could’ve had solo albums just like New Edition did, and Left Eye, the visionary of the group, started voicing that early on…T-Boz’s health issues were concerning and of course her health came first! ❤️ I don’t think she wanted to push herself more than she already did with the demands of TLC…Chilli is a sweetheart and team player, so she would’ve had to be pushed in a solo direction…but yes, T-Slay is very underrated ?

    • Jasmine July 27, 2019

      Not really. Her voice needs to be complimented by someone like Chili and Chilli’s Voice needs to be complimented by T-Boz and a female rapper to give it spice. As a group they worked. As solo artists they tried but were not successful. Left Eye’s voice as a rapper was showcased on an all I’m and Lil Kim’s Ladies Night. She needed T-Boz and Chili too because I found her voice solo a bit irritating as a solo rapper.

      • Fancy BISH July 27, 2019

        Jasmine, I luh ya, but no ? T-Boz would’ve went deep funk/Prince and it would’ve been successful, Chilli would’ve went Karyn White/ many Babyface songs and it would’ve been successful and Left Eye would’ve went full hip-hop with everyone from JD to Tupac’s producers! Remember, Bobby and Janet put albums out before they hit it big! And that album Left Eye put out/didn’t put out (lol) was not indicative of her skill set ?

    • Frank July 27, 2019

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  2. LBoog July 27, 2019

    Mannnnnn those TLC girls will always have a space in my music library. I don’t care what anyone says. Call them flops nowadays or what not, but they are a legendary group in my opinion. Even though I know everything happens for a reason, if Left-Eye lived to see 3D released, they definitely would’ve sustained their popularity and I think they would’ve exceeded Fanmail’s sales! Those girls deserve to be in the history books. Their drama was real drama and they didn’t let it tear them apart! They handled their business like pros/sisters. TLC is 4EVA!!!

    • SMH July 27, 2019

      All facts. TLC are the GOATs of female girl groups, and that’s not even up for debate. And yes, I think they deserve to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

      • Fancy BISH July 27, 2019

        They WILL be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, speak it into existence! ???

    • Jasmine July 27, 2019

      They are not flops. They went out in style. Unlike a lot of artists they knew when it was time to hang it up. I don’t count this last album. It was a gift to fans who supported their gofundme project but was missing Left Eye and the key people who work with them in the studio usually.

  3. Johny5 July 27, 2019

    TLC’s sound is like no other and that authentic and original swag has not been matched! The numbers don’t lie CrazySexyCool and Fanmail both did 10 million that’s crazy!

    • Jasmine July 27, 2019

      It never will be matched. They had the natural IT factor as a group where they needed each other to create a spark that sold millions! Other groups followed a different formula where either a lead singer carried most of the weight (DC, SWV, Punnycat Cat Dolls, Supremes, Boyz II Men, Jagged Edge, Next, NSync, the Labelles, the Jacksons, etc) or you have a group of solo singers just doing there group thing to gain confidence and exposure for their solo careers (5th Harmony, En Vogue, Xscape, etc).

  4. Jasmine The Real Princess July 27, 2019

    Did TGJ post about Beyoncé only selling 949 copies in the UK yet?

    • 2bad2bme July 27, 2019

      No because the UK doesn’t matter when it comes to chart positions so shut up now.

      • ??? July 27, 2019

        lmaooooo how about her flopping in the US at #4 with only 11k, does that count? lmfaooooooo #949yonce #11kyonce #BishhABiggerFlopThanXtina #fadyonceisover

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 27, 2019

        How does it not matter when it’s the second biggest music market? Lmao! #Flop

      • truthteller July 27, 2019

        The UK is not the world’s second biggest music market. Japan is second followed by Germany. France will overtake the UK after Brexit as it will become an insignificant country economically

      • Dee Snyd July 27, 2019

        It doesn’t matter?
        I’ve seen several times tgj post abt uk sale numbers. Don’t be a bitter fan and say it doesn’t matter cause she’s doing bad numbers now.
        949 copies are a shame for her.

    • Tyty July 27, 2019

      You ain’t got nothing to say? Uk is not the second biggest world music chart too busy hating. Can’t even do research on what music markets matter what a loser….

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 27, 2019

        My post did enough to get a reaction from u EBThives lmao. Thanks for the laughs boo. 949. ?

    • Jasmine July 27, 2019

      U are so annoying. Get a job. Bey gets paid 25 million for Lion King making her one of the highest paid actresses in Hollyweird. That is a win not a flop. Stop hating on that black woman. Admire her hustle. Learn how to hustle. You won’t get anywhere in life spending your days pretending to be me on a little blog site like this. I am the ONLY Jasmine on this site who was born a woman. You are just a man with no ambitions. GROW UP and start LIVING!

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 27, 2019

        949 says hello Transmine

      • Jasmine July 27, 2019

        Get a life ? TRASHmine

  5. Pat July 27, 2019

    Good post.

  6. ??? July 27, 2019

    lmfaoooo and still nothing about that massive ww lion king FLOP, and i dont mean the movie or the standard soundtrack lmfaooooooo #949yonce #BishhFloppedHarderThanCiara #3FLOPSinarow

    • Jasmine The Real Princess July 27, 2019


    • Caleb July 27, 2019

      She did not flop harder than Ciara. That’s such a lie. A #4 debut Vs a #87 debut. There’s no comparison.

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 27, 2019

        Because 13k is so much better lmao

      • ??? July 27, 2019

        lmaoooo ciara never bricked an album with only 949 copies bishh, that makes roach an even bigger flop than ciara lmaoooooo

  7. Interac July 27, 2019

    Is this post in response to the comments made in that Mel b post a few days ago????

    • Fancy BISH July 27, 2019

      Well, I sure hope that hater shows up lol…chile, LaFace Records signs TALENT, not non singers! That hater needs to be dealt with and I got TIME TODAY ?

      • BYISI July 27, 2019

        How is this dealing with me when my opinion still stands? If TGJ has so much time on their hands that they had to make a post trying to school little old me, I think they have bigger problems. Like the noticable drop in traffic. Laface signed artist that were different from the others during that era.People they thought they could market. Had nothing to do with vocals or Left Eye wouldn’t have been signed and Debra Killings wouldn’t have to be called in to do all of the background vocals. My statement still stands. TBoz vocals were terrible and Chilli’s weren’t that much better. I’m a fan! I still play 3D and CSC. I’ve seen them in concert twice. Same can be said about a lot of artist of the 90’s that are legends today. They are lucky the music was amazing and the time period they came out in.

      • Fancy BISH July 27, 2019

        I KNEW you were a fan when you didn’t answer my question about if you enjoy TLC! ? I’m DONE DONE ? Breathe Again was written with T-Boz in mind so if you think Babyface plays around with NOCALS then you need to read up about how he will make an artist cry in the studio! L.A. Reid, Babyface and Pebbles send their thanks for your coins! ? And that is Oooooh on the TLC tip! ?

      • Fancy BISH July 27, 2019

        You got me typing my email wrong cause I’m typing too fast, I can’t witchu ?

      • Fancy BISH July 27, 2019

        You talk about Debra like she had to be summoned ? Chile, she was an integral part of the group’s recordings and her vocals MATCH TLC’s vocals, not dominate their voices…then you came for Left Eye? I got Vaseline on my face ready to lay hands ?

  8. NickiBarbz July 27, 2019

    Retro Present:
    Beyonce debuted at #4 in top album chart and #3 on all platform chart

    1. Ed Sheeran
    2. Billie Ellish
    3. beyonce
    4. Lil Nas
    5. Sabaton

    In UK beyonce debuted at number 77 with 900 copies

  9. NickiBarbz July 27, 2019

    Beyonce curated and produced an album to go alongside the new Disney film but it has flopped — being downloaded just 949 times in the UK in the first five days.

    Beyonce’s new Lion King album, The Gift, has reportedly suffered ‘disappointing’ sales in its first week of release, despite boasting a star-studded tracklist.

    The 37-year-old curated The Lion King: The Gift featuring collaborations with the likes of Jay Z and Childish Gambino, and released the record on Friday to coincide with the arrival of The Lion King live-action reboot in cinemas.

    But The Gift reportedly hasn’t made as big an impact as Disney would have hoped, with claims that the album had been downloaded just 949 times by Tuesday.`

    According to The Sun, Beyonce’s new collection is being outsold by British newcomer Freya Ridings, whose self-titled debut album is soaring towards the number one spot.

  10. Fancy BISH July 27, 2019

    TGJ, ya’ll need to pay ya’ll bills cause this site be crashing every 30 seconds ?

  11. NickiBarbz July 27, 2019

    TLC are ❤️

    I still love their single “No Scrubs” , “Waterfalls” and “Unpretty”

  12. Gee July 27, 2019

    T-Boz definitely has a voice that stands out because it is different from the standard powerful voice. Also her voice suits her and TLC tracks well. TLC is definitely legendary.

  13. stan July 27, 2019

    oh wow, i can actually hear t-boz singing “breathe again” or “baby one more time”… so fascinating

  14. Ropeburn July 27, 2019

    Now I love me some TLC but no shade, I just can’t see T-Boz singing “Breathe Again.” No way, no how. Her voice is too gravelly for that.

  15. Marla Bronstein July 28, 2019

    I admire her as a role model for all of us diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma who have a career to get back to. You rock!!

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