‘Basketball Wives’: Malaysia Pargo Claims Viewers Are Too Invested In TV Series

Published: Saturday 2nd Nov 2019 by David

Malaysia Pargo rose to fame when she became one of the ladies enlisted to lead the ‘Basketball Wives’ spinoff ‘Basketball Wives LA’ for VH1 in 2011.

During her time on the show, the entrepreneurial Wife‘ became a revered and respected Reality TV staple after her series eclipsed its Shaunie O’Neal and Evelyn Lozada-fronted predecessor with help from Draya Michele and Jackie Christie.

Unfortunately, when O’Neal’s version of the show was cancelled because of ratings fears, a number of its Wives emigrated to Malaysia’s territory and colonised ‘LA’ by forcing Brandi Maxielle, a bold and beloved fan favourite, out of the series to make way for themselves.

The final result? A crossover series led by members of the ‘Miami’ franchise and the ‘LA’ wives who fell in line with O’Neal’s vision for the platform.

This week Pargo has responded to the criticism she is facing for the part she played in the show’s bullying and colorism horror.

More below…

Pargo has been on the receiving end of criticism from viewers since Maxielle’s departure as many of them believe she betrayed her friend’s trust by befriending the women who pushed her out of the show she helped to build.

Watch the moment Maxielle  turned up to work on the series after its widely panned  ‘Miami’ takeover.

Malaysia now hopes to remind those who feel she has changed for the worst not to take the show too seriously.

Watch and read some of the criticism she has been receiving below…



Some fans now fear that if the once fun-filled ‘Basketball Wives LA’ is cancelled it will be because Pargo and Jackie Christie failed to protect it.

Your thoughts?


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  1. D November 2, 2019

    Not only does Malaysia not have any substance, she’s a hypocrite and an instigator. It’s easy to tell people to ‘get a grip’ but when you’re popping up on peoples’ televisions, tablets, laptops and cellphone screens ACROSS THE PLANET spewing nonsense of course they’re going to feel some type of way about it. They don’t need to meet you in person—your public persona and vile actions spoke for themselves, LaQuinta Indonesia Parmesan. Ugh.

  2. 🙋🏿‍♀️Jazzy Da Bi Asian 💁🏿‍♀️Not 👹 TROLLmine 💁🏿‍♀️Nor 🗑 TRASHmine November 2, 2019

    Malaysia is right. Anyone that invested in a th show is living in delusion

    • Renee Sanderson November 3, 2019

      I love the show. It’s a show. It’s not for people to talk crap about the ladies on line. You are doing to them what you claim they are doing to each other. If u want to kill someone everytime you see them you don’t need to be on any show. Waiting to watch next season.

  3. BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN November 2, 2019

    So having an opinion and calling people out I. The b******* means you’re “too invested.” I wonder would her and Shaunie being saying this if people were on their side. I loved Malaysia, but she was wrong this season. Just wait she won’t be apart of the “Collective” long. She’ll again be on the outside and experience a fraction of what OG did. I will no longer “invest” my time into the show anymore.

    • High Price November 2, 2019

      Lol! You notice that was the stand out word or quote this season? “The collective” lmao! 😆

    • Linda November 2, 2019

      I guess someone gave Shaunie a thesaurus for Christmas.

  4. High Price November 2, 2019

    Well I would think to be invested in the show would mean to actually “watch it” and of course take it to “social media” lol. It’s kind of the thing to do in this time we’re living in. Who doesn’t?!?! 😆 Malaysia just can’t handle the criticism right now hence why she walked of the reunion stage when Jen spoke. But when she was going through that turmoil on the show, she used social media to VENT and even get a sigh of relief because everyone was on her side just about. So now she back peddles because she’s IN with Ev and Shaunie?! Cut it Laquisha!

  5. Tyty November 2, 2019

    So why on a reality tv show selling your “real life” to millions of people you will never meet? You see what happens when you stupid and lack substance. Your family kristian is on national television calling your kids dirty worry about that Pargo!!

  6. Anon Hilda November 2, 2019

    Ok let’s not be invested in your bosses you directs not only a colorist and racist show. In fact I’m so invested it’s not good for me as you and Shannis2face have said, therefore I release everything that’s not good energy for me and I’m not watching anymore. When the show is cancelled because everyone feels they are too invested in your messy show and posts and street information says you are a broke Mama, think about the stupid posts you are putting out. Instead of standing up for what looks and is racism and colorism you are siding with the very people who basically treated you the same as you are treating OG. You and Jackie have learned to do what is called tap dancing for the man I think you are lower than Shannir2face and Evilyn or you are dumb and unread. Look back on the history of the show, you, Bambi, Jackie and now OG and Jennifer (because she finally got a backbone, right or wrong, but I tend to believe some of the things she said are true and Shannis2face and Evilyn know and need to shut her down, she knows too much). So thanks Malaysia for the heads up and giving me the heads up. It bad enough I know from experience to be in a racist job but even worst when your own people condone it. I will no longer watch bbw in fact I didn’t watch the reunion after 5 minute. I taped and watch Shannir2face try to explain her tolerance of colorism in support of her Non Afro ace and it was sad. Because she is her friend. Last reply on this Shannir2face if it walks like a duck quack like a duck, it’s a duck. Your friend will show herself on you and you are going to regret you ever took up for her, it didn’t start with OG and won’t stop with her because she is a racist that thinks she better thsn

  7. Mother November 2, 2019

    Malaysia is sad! I never had her down as a follower and a Brandy. She was so embarrassing this season.

  8. Barb November 2, 2019

    This show won’t be watched by me next season. I can’t take watching African American women making fools out of themselves and being mean girls. I’m out!!

  9. Miss Jones November 2, 2019

    Oh we’re too invested when we state our opinion. Can’t wait to see the ratings drop next season when the fans take key and uninvest themselves from by not watching anymore.

  10. Estelle Johnson November 2, 2019

    Malaysia said the viewers or to invested & we should get a grip. Ok, my grip means not to watch the show on June 18, 2020. Then let’s see if you need the invested fans.I will never as in ever watch this racist ass show.

  11. Stacey November 2, 2019

    Malaysia has the nerve to say not to be so invested in the show,boo if we weren’t their would be no show.you had the nerve to talk all this family but cut CeCe throat every chance you got. Evelyn thot pocket lozada dun bounced from basketball to football to baseball and still couldn’t keep a man she knew her time was running out so she hurried and got pregnant so she can get some of that man’s money which is not hers but her sons.shes just tasteless on national TV patting her p**** and wonders why she lost these supposed endorsements, Shaunie is the worst of them all cause she sits and watch Evelyn do all this crazy mess but calls og aggressive for holding her own and not taken their bull Christen doesn’t have a story line so she threw Byron under the bus and now that he cut her off they wanna bring his ex wife in so this lame can get 5more senseless minutes of Fame the show doesn’t uplift women and it’s just ratchet as hell

  12. Michelle November 2, 2019

    Pargo said we should get a life but if it wasn’t for Us taking a part of our life to watch this show you wouldn’t have a check, my kids started me watching this show and I always said Maylasia was my favorite but now she’s chosen not to stand against bullying but rubbing elbows with it you disappointed me greatly.

  13. Cher November 2, 2019

    Oh, so what she say, get a Grip, too invested, that’s bias-ass Shaunie word, so now you bold , backpeddling, believe me you’ll be getting a grip when those checks stop flowing, from this shiggady being cancelled, talk much s*** , all of them, but the show is about to change foot,….ohh have you heard OG , is starting to get endorsements and offers for shows, mini-series, and a movie, betcha those b******, didt know that…backstabbing Malaysia…now walkoff on that!!

    • lez February 12, 2020

      you must be ugly too!!! lmao

  14. Paula Blair November 2, 2019

    Uhmmm…..Malaysia is so right on point! People need to get some business and stop worrying about reality TV personalities. Its TV people, get a clue and a life.

  15. Jasmine November 3, 2019

    Brandi was always boring af and miami wasn’t cancelled in the way everyone saying it was. Shaunie couldnt get anyone else to join the cast of miami so they merged the franchises. Shaunie created both franchises so im not sure how or why everyone is making it seem like she had to do anything underhanded to come on the show or get rid of ppl. But nonetheless shaunie and evelyn ruined the franchise…tami initially was right along with shaunie until she brought evelyn on who she still had a beef with.

  16. Detruth November 3, 2019

    So do they want us to watch the show or not? Lol

  17. Lisette November 3, 2019

    Big disappointment this season definitely a lot of bullying and itbwas ok for evelyn to charge cee cee but everyone feared OG 🤔

  18. Janet Marquez November 4, 2019

    You can see right through a person when they now tell you to not be invested, oh … but want you to buy their merchandise. They have a high school mentality when dealing with one another and the public that comes for them. They can’t handle the heat they have been getting. But you wanted to be famous and get that check. Now handle it!

  19. Edna Atlanta November 4, 2019

    I have no idea what show these negative ladies are speaking about. Malaysia ONLY defended herself and a lot of other women on the show. I don’t see her the person you all are saying that she is on the show. You ladies who are leaving the negative comments. Grow up, life is too short.

  20. lez February 12, 2020

    Aside from all of the sellout stuff and how Evelyn and Shaunie ruined the show, I’m upset about OG using colorism as to why she is hated. She’s hated because of her attitude. I think she’s ugly. I wouldn’t give a damn if the b**** was pearl white! She is an instigator and she used a popular term to make herself a victim. Now journalists and everyone else are scared to say a negative word about her or they are colorist. GTFOH with that b*******. You are ugly and your attitude is even uglier. NEXT!!!

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