‘Basketball Wives’: Evelyn Lozada Launches New Show After Shaunie O’Neal Demotion Leak

Published: Sunday 15th Dec 2019 by David

Evelyn Lozada wants to start over.

Full story below…

The ‘Basketball Wives’ star’s has been sinking a social quicksand following her feud with beloved co-star OG Chijindu.

Lozada, who identifies as an Afro-Latina woman, horrified viewers when she attacked the Nigerian athlete all season long with insults, slights veiled as jokes and racially charged jabs.

Last week, her brand took another hit when a ‘Basketball’ insider fed damning news to the reputable website ‘Crazy Days & Nights.’

News, which claimed Shaunie O’Neal‘s reluctance to acknowledge that Lozada’s remarks may have been racist is to blame for VH1’s plans to obliterate the power she holds as one of its executive-producers.

Their fear, according to the source, was that O’Neal was driving advertisers and viewers away from the series.


Unfortunately for the ladies, VH1 is yet to deny the story which has given many reason to believe that it holds serious weight.

Fortunately for Evelyn’s fans, she is determined to rise above the chaos with help from a series she shot to give them insight into her world.


‘Living Lozada Uncut’ will air online and explore the public figure’s ascent to wealth and notoriety following her humble beginnings as a young girl living in the Bronx, New York.

Unfortunately, its teaser (and the tweets she published to thank her supporters for her birthday wishes) garnered these responses on social media.


Others were hopeful..

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tori December 15, 2019

    Ain’t nobody watching this tired s***, bye Lasagna!

  2. ChocolateBeauty December 15, 2019

    Oh please, enough with these PR STUNTS already VH1 and Evelyn and SIT ALL THE WAY DOWN SOMEWHERE!!?????

  3. D December 15, 2019

    That was hilarious ? ‘Walk in my shoes’ *features slow motion shoe-cam* with the background song going hard for the Bronx and she’s traipsing around Manhattan ???
    That was like watching an SNL / Mad TV skit.

  4. Nickey December 15, 2019

    I been watching bbwla and will continue to do so. Let’s be honest all the ladies on the show has alot of bs with them and OG is no exception as well as cece’ s ass too.

    • Cynthia December 16, 2019

      I agree

    • Glenny Ayala December 16, 2019

      Dito ??‍♀️??‍♀️

    • Keke December 17, 2019

      They not racist

  5. Sharon Johnson December 15, 2019

    Evelyn is a joke.
    Shaunie let her get away with everything. Pure trash

  6. Keeping It Real December 15, 2019

    People.arr so cruel and are always judging people. Knowing damn well if you were on Evelyn or Shaunie position, ya’ll would’ve done the same. No one is perfect, we all have faults but boycotting the show is dumb trying to stop their coins.. they will still be doing better than yall who all have nothing good to say but continue to hate. I haven’t always like the things Evelyn has done either but I’m not going to judge her because we all have faults. OG is just trying save her job that’s why she pulled the racist card and light skin dark skin bull crap. Everyone one knows Evelyn isn’t racist. That’d the most stupidest accusation you could say about her.

    • Tonē Trijiste December 15, 2019

      Hey Evelyn is this you or you publicist?

    • Raymeshia December 16, 2019

      Thank you

  7. CFG December 15, 2019

    The energy being put into destroying Evelyn Lozado amazes me and says something about Black people in America. Here we have a White supremacist literally running our democracy and wiping his b*** crack with the Constitution, almost to the point where he’s created a virtual Authoritarian dictatorship. Yet, dizzy a** negroes are sitting around putting energy into one individual who made some extremely unwise comments, but is not even close to an actual “racist”, which is someone that seems themselves superior to others. A racist is EXACTLY what your president Donald J Trump is and he’s using his actual racism to cage children, rewrite immigration laws with a White Supremacist in Stephen Miller, giving police infinite powers to execute Black people with leisure, empowering a corrupted ICE to hunt down undocumented immigrants in the work place, appointing hundreds of appellate judges to permanent seats who have racist views, he’s appointed the most despicable AG in recent history who believes police should ignore “neighborhoods that have no respect for police” (which is straight from an authoritarian handbook), degrades four sitting Congresswomen by telling them “Go back where you came from” (which is true racism), has reversed every iota of Obama’s Police Reform platform by distracting Black people with a altered down prison Reform, has demonized Mexican immigrants as “drug dealers, r***** and killers” and who is trying to turn the country as white as possible via immigration.

    All of these above is happening in real time as you stupid people sit around and debate whether or not Evelyn Lozado is a “racist” for calling someone “Lee Lee” or refer to a very petty and evil O.G. as a monkey, which is horribly bigoted, but racist? Not even close. A racist uses their stance of superiority to dismantle your life and oppress entire groups of people according to their race and ethnicity. Evelyn was stupid as hell for walking that line, but she’s no racist. She doesn’t have the power to be one. She’s a bigot and that is a nasty, but redeemable quality.

    You stupid MF’s please learn to distinguish the difference between a racist and a bigot because rampant misuse of the word is normalizing the very dangerous effects of the former. People, we are at war and it’s not with Evelyn Lozado. This devil in the White House doesn’t even see you as a human being.

    Wake the hell UP and focus, people!

    • Sam Sams December 15, 2019

      I agree – Evelyn was stupid to make those remarks – but she to, is Afro – I would watch her any day instead of OG – There is something way too aggressively ambitious and unreal about OG

    • Renee Eugenia Marshall December 15, 2019

      Sound dumb …

    • Queenss December 16, 2019

      Say that s***!!!

    • Sharon Morgan December 16, 2019

      Your comments on racism are right on point. Racism concerns power and more specifically the ability to control a group’s economic destiny. That doesn’t sound like Evelyn.
      Thank you so much for educating/enlightening the followers of bbw.

    • Rashe December 16, 2019

      I totally agree with you! Black people especially women get on my nerves trying to destroy another black woman just because she did something you didn’t like. Yeah Ev have did things in the past but to go to these lengths is just sickening! I don’t like OG I will never like her because to get all this bs started just because you wanted secure your job was just classless.

    • Y’all are dumb as hell December 16, 2019

      Well the whole point was that she’s •colorist• and not actually Afro-Latina.. But work sis

    • Andrea December 16, 2019

      I agree with everything you posted except for the part about Evelyn not being a racist. Evelyn has used her power to keep Og off the original set and to also make Og lose her spot on bbw. These women get a paycheck from appearing on the show, and she has used her power to take money from Og because of her race/ethnicity that’s a form of racism. Yes I agree that we have many important issues to tackle, however no form of racism should not ever be tolerated starting from minor to major. I’m sure you know about the broken window in law enforcement this is how we must treat racism with same intolerance.

    • Erica December 16, 2019

      Wow! I love, love, LOVE what you said! Every. Single. Part of it!!All this stupid reality show BS is just distracting people of what is REALLY going on, and sadly your comment is going to go right over their heads. All we can do is try to get people listening and truly understanding what is going on right under our noses. If not, we will be stuck with the white supremacist for another four years. We can’t let that happen. Poor Ruth Bader Ginsburg is just hanging on by a darn thread. If she gets too sick to be a Supreme Court judge, this madman will be able to appoint another r***** to our highest court in the land! It’s truly a frightening thought. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

  8. Sam Sams December 15, 2019

    Can’t wait to watch Evelyn Lozada!
    Always thought OG was too stardom seeking.
    Evelyn has always been straight up & has grown emotionally a lot!!!

  9. TheBeautifulOne December 15, 2019

    First of all, she(I won’t mention her name) will not wear shoes from ShoeDazzle, outside of promoting them. Those shoes are cheap and hurt your feet. Goes to show that she’s still a liar and will do most ANYTHING for a buck! #ImNotBuying

  10. Carla Chouteau December 15, 2019

    Evelyn should not be allowed to be on any show, let a lone have a show of her on, she is very racist, she try’s to smooth it over by saying she is Afro latina, b*******..She always said that she is Puerto Rican. She does not set a good example for anyone, she is not worth the time or effort. VH1 is promoting this type of behavior by keeping her b******* on the air, Ms. Oneal was doing the same racist thing. VH1 your at fault for all this colorist type of racist behavior.

  11. Renee Eugenia Marshall December 15, 2019

    Evelyn is an evil minded woman what she said and did to OG and Jen was uncalled for her choice of words and actions was warranted for an b*** whooping and had the nerve to act like she was scared all of a sudden I wouldn’t watch anything she’s in. .i wont even associate myself to shoe dazzle ever

  12. SAC December 15, 2019

    I don’t give two f**** about this woman, she is a non f****** factor. Who cares about her boogie down Bronx, insulting a young black queen from Nigeria. Black is what she which that she was and of course she would love to go back to her youth again…whole bottom line is this w**** is to fake for Coco Puff..lol.

  13. Sindy December 15, 2019

    Girl please. Don’t want to see you on anything. Can’t stand when I check on anything and your face shows up.

  14. Angela Smith December 15, 2019

    I think the sow has really changed at first I thought thay was just putting on for TV to make it more interesting but now it’s out off hand i see wat shawnie really about

  15. Suga December 16, 2019

    In the actual situation why talk about someone and down someone you don’t even know. grown women are fighting and putting each other down why not be friends give advice help each other and stop taking word from other people about another person if you know you didn’t have beef with a girl when someone comes and tell you something leave it there cause any real woman will come and tell you if they have a problem with you and og seems pretty raw and if it ain’t true there will be no reaction cause I feel like this I don’t have to prove a damn thing to anyone cause what I do is what “I” do.

  16. Dawn Wright-Peavy December 16, 2019

    I will not be watching either show.

  17. Fleshia Alexander December 16, 2019

    i think shes jealous of black womem and scared of og she

  18. Lala J December 16, 2019

    If Eve and Shaunie wanted to lift black women up then they did a poor job. I will not be watching anything either of them are in.

  19. Judy December 16, 2019

    What makes it worst is that fact Evelyn did it said it and Shaunie condoned and enabled it . She really insulted the intelligence of all of us saying it didnt happened. Are we in the twilight zone? This show BBW really needs to go !

  20. Sunshine December 16, 2019

    They have become too messy so sad to see grown wen behave that way! Shaunie what a huge let down. Cry shame on you ladies.

  21. Freckles December 16, 2019

    I still love basketball wives!!!

  22. Heather Stotts December 16, 2019

    I believe that the colorism accusation was a stretch to say the least! It’s unfortunate that some folks of African American bloodline can be so judgemental and critical of each other! Our culture have a way to “clown” which in slot of ways is misunderstood to folks who have not been raised in our culture! I believe and have been treated unfairly by folks who are from Africa! They have an entitlement just as some Caucasians! The point I am making is that we all at some point have said mean comments to or about someone! I would appreciate it if folks would stand accountable and to me Shaunie O’Neal stood up and spoke her truth! For the record Shaunie O’Neal is not responsible for any of the women speaking anything from their own mouth! ? It’s sad to see how some viewers can turn something around and try to make something out of nothing! Where are the folks who have comments on this matter who supports the show? Why hasn’t that been posted yet? Let’s stop this and keep each other lifted up ?

    • Sharon December 16, 2019


  23. Sharon December 16, 2019

    OG is a big ass drama Queen. Go Eve??

  24. Demitra December 16, 2019

    You can’t say racist things then need us to support you in your endeavors… we want give you money for product or will we support any TV show you are on …

  25. Linda Kerr December 16, 2019

    I will not be watching anything with Evelyn or Shaunie in it. Evelyn is evil, racist, selfish, vile, and a big bully. She can dish it out but gets viscious, threatening and always trying to beat someone up. This b**tch has no class, she can’t even have a civilized sit down with anyone. Out of all of the women on the show she is the least ladylike. To sum it up, Evil-lyn is a bully, a racist and a vile disgusting person who embarrasses herself and the real women of the world. Shaunie, well she thought all of Evil-lyn’s behavior was funny and acceptable. Not once did she try to curb that dog. Not in any way which makes her look like a bigger ass because she knows better. I say fire both their bullying a**!!!

  26. Terre December 16, 2019

    I know everyone is entitled to their opinions. As a choice, we choose to step into their lives and watch their shows. I’ve watched Basketball Wives since it’s origin. OG has made some damaging remarks about Evelyn and she gets a high five. We took what she said at face value. Evelyn has made some remarks as well. I think it’s unfair to view her a racist when she’s dated African Americans, hanged out with African Americans and has an African American child. That’s just wrong! We’ve all made comments about other people of color. Hell, we’ve done it to our own race. Wouldn’t we considered a racist as well? We’re pointing the finger at the wrong person. Either choose to watch the show or not. Let the viewing record for itself. Removing execs and petitioning removals it a bit extreme. Let us not forget that it was Shaunie O’Neal who started this show.

  27. Char Smith December 16, 2019

    Why is either of them still relevant??? They are both non-mfn factors! No one wants the mean girls back on tv… or online!!! Byeeeee!!!?

  28. Raymeshia December 16, 2019

    Y’all shut the hell up Evelyn lozada is not racist she dates black men’s and have black kids y’all need to go to hell with all of the bs at least you got baptized to change herself and start all over she is a change women I think basketball wives should still go on because Shaunie O’Neal didn’t have anything to do with that just because her and Evelyn lozada are friends does mean anything y’all don’t have to watch the show I will and maybe other people will

  29. Darbo December 16, 2019

    I hate the show “BBW” all because of the nasty women on there, especially Evelyn, Shaunie and Malaysia (they are repugnant and bullies) I will never watch anything with Evelyn (who is a racist MF)

  30. Sula December 16, 2019

    So is it true or not that Shaunie lost her position as HBIC

  31. Lee December 16, 2019

    I won’t watch or support a damn thing Evilyn is in or will host, endore, or produce alongside. She is a vile creature who isn’t humble and can play the victim card at a drop of a dime. Not to mention a bully herself with many violent tendencies. FOH flush the ???️‍♂️?????

  32. Adweena Price December 16, 2019

    I have already started my petition to get as many ppl as possible to Target shodazzle and anything Evilyn gets involve with YouTube better not sponsor Evilyn I will make this evil person accountable for her action

  33. Pudding December 16, 2019

    Some of yall leaving these comments might just be racist yourself.if you are you will never tell it life is th too short to be judging people. Do you think that they show everything on tv no do we really know the truth no tell what footage that they are holding back. So don’t try to mess up someone’s else livelihood until they show the never before seen footage because that name Karma is a maker or breaker. So you can either watch or don’t watch that’s a simple solution.

  34. Leslie December 16, 2019

    Evelyn is a disgrace and the fact that she has been allowed to bully insult and disgrace OG and so many others before her is unacceptable. I

  35. Herhyhness December 16, 2019

    Let’s be honest no one cares to watch Evelyn or Shaunie outside of BBW which is why their shows flopped. This is all either of them have. They are both miserable and most popular for being disliked and that tears them up inside. Yea they may have money, but we all know money cant and wont make you happy…atleast in the long term. These two women caused the cancellation of BBW Miami, then moved to LA and have single handedly ruin this show for the second time. Hopefully Vh1 sees these 2 women are the problem and dismiss them both from the show.

    Also, for the dummies who claim Evelyn is Black or Afro, she is NOT. I’m more inclined to believe she is of Taino ancestry but definitely nothing of African ancestry within the last dozen generations of her family or so. Just having 1 African person in your family line from over 2 centuries ago does not make you a member of that group today. She does not know the Black experience, shes black adjacent. So yall gotta stop with giving people the green light to perpetuat ignorance because of their proximity to you. Evelyn is a colorist, a bigot which are both children of racism. She has absolute power to effect another financially which she attempted to do. Shaunie has also displayed self hatred in how shes allowed her bulldog face “friend” to attack the new girl. They never wanted to give OG a chance because she was aesthetically pleasing to their eyes. They could not beat her down with words because OG is a wordsmith, they couldn’t attack her style because she is also confident in choice of attire so they resorted in attacking her appearance. But that ended up backfiring. Evelyn is trash and OG cut down that bully with her words. And they hate it. Did I mention Evelyn is trash, Shaunie is trash and the other women are docile followers for a check and popularity.

  36. Jackie Couch December 16, 2019

    I’m so sick of this s***. You are hating on you. OG says she a “Christian” but look how she acts. She’s a one trick pony and she has nothing left. Why do you think she’s still talking? I normally don’t comment because because its Reality TV but these ladies are flat out hating. She has biracial children. She dates black men but she’s a racist.

  37. Jackie Couch December 16, 2019

    This is played. Stop hating and saying this lady is racist.

  38. Tracyc December 16, 2019

    Evelyn and shaunie make that show. Togie ..no thanks

  39. June Howard December 16, 2019

    Evelyn is washed up she’s not African American she has went through all of the club’s now she’s finally found Jesus which is a good thing but through her journey with the ball clubs she messed up Ochocinco football career she went on tool baseball she got a security blanket out of that one she is a piece of trash. No matter all the surgeries all the working out all the makeup she still is trash. The only thing left is Jesus all the balls are gone they see right throughher.

  40. Tamra lewis December 16, 2019

    Evelyn they’ll always be haters. I love you and Shawnie! You both are beautiful and funny as hell. I am a African American women and can’t stand O gs ugly, Chad stalking, horrible make up wearing,corny clothes wearing,, giant big toe having mess. The ugly comments your getting are from straight up haters. They could never get 1 man with money. You can. Ugly girls bye!!!) Xd

  41. Vitani December 16, 2019

    I don’t care for her at all!!!!!! No matter what she is doing I don’t support her period!!!!!!!!!

  42. Gene December 16, 2019

    I’m not convinced that Evelyn is humble nor becoming decent. The vulgar pats on the box and all the fights over and over, I AM DONE.

  43. Andria December 16, 2019

    I didn’t start watching it until Tammy left. I like them all. Its scripted Reality TV so I’m not mad. I wanted OG and Cece to leave anyway.

  44. Kim Payne December 16, 2019

    Anything Evelyn Lozada has her name on or collaborates with I’m not buying nor will I buy when she off, cause I feel if you can collaborate with a colorist that says a lot about YOU! I will be another customer that will stop buying your products.

  45. Rochelle Carter December 16, 2019

    Evelyn Lozada is a joke and anything she and Shaunie does should be boycotted because Shaunie allows it!

  46. Tarshea Butler December 16, 2019

    First of all it’s a damn TV show it’s real racism going on n higher places that affects millons of people lives y’all should be protesting them she is so small we call that trash talking what Rosa parks went through is racism y’all people need a history lesson fast that’s what they want y’all to do destroy each other stop the madness

  47. Tracey H. December 16, 2019

    Evelyn claim to fame is laying on her back to the highest bidder. Shaunie is a sellout. Get rid of all those tired old b******!

  48. Tiffany December 16, 2019

    Yo shoes walking you straight to hell soooooooo I’ll pass, but thanks any way! Walk in My Shoes- I think not!

  49. Constance Hampton December 16, 2019

    Everyone really needs to mind their own business because I don’t think Evelyn is a racist. I think OG was very rude and abusive in her language and in her ways I don’t see where anything Evelyn has done that is racist drama drama seem to me everybody is just jealous OG really is jealous Tammy jealous a bunch of jealous people.

  50. Shorty December 16, 2019

    This boycott mess is a joke. Evelyn is not racist. Period. We have all said something similar to our friends when we are pissed. OG is the biggest s*** starter that I have ever scene, with her no dressing self.

  51. Angie December 16, 2019

    I don’t think she is racist, we all say things, though it my not be nice but it is what is. It is a show, for entertainment purposes only. That girl I can’t even remember her name was always talking about breaking someone’s jaw!! What about that?????? And Cee Cee is a lap dog sitting there like she is so innocent. MISS ME WITH THE B*******

  52. Cassandra Frazer-Watson December 17, 2019

    Basketball Wives is getting worser, Everytime I watch it..Evelyn is an awful mean spirited person, I am embarrassed for her, She is shameful.. And her side kick Shenice stands by and allows her disgusting behavior to continue..I hope they get rid of those two.. Look at how they have Black, and Latino woman behavioring so UNDIGNIFIED.. I WILL STOP WATCHING BBW AS OF NOW..UGGGH!!

  53. Sister December 17, 2019

    It’s sad that we have to be separated by ethnic looks, skin color, wealth etc. We as women always tear each other down. It’s sad and that’s why I dont want to watch. I wish them all well but it’s time we elevate each other instead of destroying each other.

  54. Ang December 17, 2019

    This is my thought so what she called her a monkey people have been called worst than that, this is all for publicity .they do what they do to get ratings. It it time for people to get out their feelings and grow up and stop getting invested in these reality shows. Deal with real life!!!!!

  55. Trav December 17, 2019

    Wether evelyn is racist or not she needs to be taken off of tv along with every other show that’s demeaning and negatively influences our younger daughters to be ratchet, ghetto and low class! Nicki Minaj, cardi b, Meghan the stallion, evelyn lozada, OG, instagram thots they are all the same filth!!! Poisioning our daughters into thinking acting like whores, divas, low class thots and ghetto ratchet women is cool and should be celebrated and followed! To all those women who will defend these trashy low class, despicable women ask yourself would you REALLY want your daughter acting like evelyn or have the mentality these dumpster broads have? Probably not so grow up be mature and stop supporting and defending this garbage!!!

  56. Shirley Brightman December 17, 2019

    I stop watching and deleted the remaining shows I had on my television after the racist comments and Evelyn patting her v***** and Shaunie always instigating that was it for me

  57. Keke December 17, 2019

    Evelyn and Shaunie could get away with everything they want too and no one says nothing I went to Evelyn’s tweets she put God watches over n****** but she not racist and Shaunie doesn’t say nothing to Evelyn on TV but every time someone else do something wrong she always got something to say if you my real friend let me know when I’m wrong don’t have me looking werid now they got all these fans that don’t like them and she feel like she didn’t do anything wrong to OG and that’s why I can’t watch the show and this is just my opinion

  58. Keke December 17, 2019

    For the people who haven’t been through a racist situation don’t see that the words she say hit home

  59. Shan December 17, 2019

    I stopped watching basketball wives when Shaunie refused to allow OG to sit with the other ladies during the reunion because she didnt want Evelyn to look like the racist ignorant liar that she was during the show. OG c as me prepared with receipts regarding Evelyn’s ex Ochocinco wanting to be with OG someone who Evelyn called ugly and monkey face.
    Og is a beautiful articulate strong and intelligent black woman and its shameful that Shaunie allowed Evelyn to use her platform to belittle and mock a darker skinned chocolate sister just because of the shade of her skin. Shame on you shaunie#colorism#blackisbeautiful.

  60. Dorothy Mattocks December 17, 2019

    Evelyn, we are done with you. You are thug, racist and played out. Shaunie looked the other way on most of your mess but we, the people, are tired. BBW is the worse reality show on tv. I refuse to continue to support this nonsense. We are better than this. Boycott any sponsors who support Evelyn.

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