NBA Star Gilbert Arenas Apologizes For ‘Coon Behavior’ After Slamming Lupita Nyong’o’s Dark Skin

Published: Wednesday 17th Jun 2020 by Rashad

Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas certainly missed the mark when he took to social media to criticize the beauty of dark-skinned women, using Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o as an example to prove his point.

After staunch criticism for saying the 37-year-old beauty is ‘cute when the lights are off,’ the basketballer has now gone to social media to retract his statement and wield an apology.

Details inside:


In response to:

Arenas took to Instagram to say:


He even followed later to reiterate the stance.  See the pic below (provided by our friends at HollywoodUnlocked):


After a backlash from the three-year-old comments, he offered an apology stating:

[main photo source:  Getty Images/Shutterstock/John Nacion for StarTraksPhoto]

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  1. Chilepleaseeee June 17, 2020

    He can choke

    • Re June 17, 2020


    • Fancy BISH June 17, 2020

      lmao 🤣

  2. Perfection is so…mhph 💅🏾 June 17, 2020

    Chile…internalized hate of ones own skin color is a sad situation. Especially when you get to that age and still don’t find your skin color beautiful and worthy. I guess that’s why he NEEDED to have light skin kids. He’s hated the way he looked for so long.

  3. ERIC June 17, 2020

    “I’m sorry” is not enough for the immeasurable harm done by his hateful comments. If he’s learned anything, he should take this moment to educate people on why it’s wrong to have such a racist dialogue about black men and women.

  4. Adonis June 17, 2020

    Dummy is same skin tone as lupita

  5. PinotNoir June 17, 2020


  6. The Bag 💰 June 17, 2020

    This is self-hatred at its finest! You would have sworn that he was high yella or whatever!!…Negro please! I am sure Lupita is NOT checking for your forced farce of an apology! A day late and a dollar short! Bye!

  7. Tori June 17, 2020

    See…white are oozing at us laughing they asses off because we don’t like our damn selves for the cor of our skin but thats what we fighting against. Keep your dam opinions to yourself! He literally attacked someone he doesn’t know to prove how much of a dumb human being and worthless man he is. Theres a difference between having a preference and blatantly attacking someone.

  8. Clarks0o0ñ June 17, 2020

    Straight black men deserve to be killed by cops.

    • Dear Black People June 18, 2020

      Not this one Clarksoon.

  9. Clarks0o0ñ June 17, 2020

    When I said the black race had issues, u people called me all sorts of names.

    U see the problem.
    And little black boys look up to this idiot.

    This is the ideology of 99 percent of straight black men. From Michael b jordan to john boyega.

  10. Tae June 17, 2020

    All skin folk ain’t kinfolk……it took you THREE YEARS TO APOLOGIZE to that woman for your disgusting and self hating comments.
    #ByeGilbert ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

  11. Black Ja$mine, The REAL Princess Ja$mine Okurrr. June 18, 2020

    Gilbert Is a very handsome and clever man.

  12. Black Ja$mine, The REAL Princess Ja$mine Okurrr. June 18, 2020

    Gilbert Arenas Is a strong black man and so s***, he doesn’t have to apologise for having his own opinion.

  13. ME+YOU+US June 18, 2020

    Most bm are cloons esp in america and Britain

  14. Bettie Clayton June 18, 2020


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