Recap: ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Episode 1

Published: Monday 10th Jan 2022 by Ryan

‘Euphoria’ is officially back.

With the start of Season 2 came many twists and turns, as the characters are forced to face the consequences of their actions. With relationships and even lives on the line join us below to recap ‘Euphoria’ season 2 episode 1….

The show opens with a woman carrying a gun and a jacket that reads: “Gods Word, God’s Will” on the back. She makes her way into a strip club, where she shoots a man in the leg. As the boy grows and Rue’s VoiceOver kicks in, it is revealed that little boy is Fez and how he grew up to become a drug-dealer, who partnered with his grandmother. Later, a woman buying his grandmother’s product  leaves her son as collateral. This boy would grow up to be known as Ashtray, the young man who hangs around Fez. The show then tells the story of the grandmother’s condition and how she collapsed one night after dinner, causing Fez to drive her to the hospital, which only worsens her condition. This causes him to be in charge of not only the business, but Ashtray as well.

The next scene focuses on New Year’s Eve, where Rue is in Fez’s car. Fez goes to do business as one of the customers (Fay) shoots up heroin in the backseat. All of a sudden, Rue and Fay are pulled from the backseat and brought into the apartment, where Fay’s boyfriend is doing business with Fez. They are then stripped and searched for a wire. A woman named Lori then question where Mouse is. While she is unsure about Rue, Fez assures her it is fine and the two finish their business.

As for Cassie, Lexi can’t seem to find her despite the two of them going to a party together. She is then found at a store, tipsy, and where Nate so happens to be buying more alcohol. They talk about their ended relationships and drive, where Nate then proceeds to super speeds, which causes the beer to spill when they hit a bump. As a result, she strips to her underwear as Nate watches.

The next time she and Nate are seen is when they are having an intimate moment against the bathroom door at a party. However, they are interrupted as Maddy yells that she has to use the bathroom and Nate responds, only to be recognized by his ex. So, they do the only thing that’s natural: Nate casually exits and Cassie hides in the tub. Cassie eventually exits to go smoke, while another man comes in to drop his kids off at the swimming pool, where Cassie finally comes out of hiding to get out of there.

The next part focuses on Junes and Kat, who end up going to the party together with Ethan. She admits that her goal is not not remember the coming year.

Fez finds himself at the party and flirts with Lexi, where the two do exchange numbers. McKay and Cassie have a heartfelt talk, only for Nate to assume that they slept together and he won’t stop accusing them of sleeping together.

Rue is now at the party as well and shoots up with Fay’s heroin. However, she finds a guy doing drugs in the laundry room (Dominic Fike), where they break the ice by sharing what drugs each of them are doing. Rue’s heart then begins to act up and she realizes she could be going into cardiac arrest, only to snort adderall to fix the problem. She then laughs it off as if nothing happened.

The camera then goes back to Jules and Kat, where Jules tells her friend that being with Rue never felt good. Still, the pair is drawn to each other. Rue reveals that she relapsed the night that Jules left and Jules apologizes for being mean. At midnight the pair share a kiss.

Nate gets his comeuppance when Fez finds him at the bar and smashes a bottle of liquor over his head. He doesn’t stop there and continues to lambast his face. Eventually he is pulled off, where Maddy, McKay, Cassie, and others carry the unconscious Nate out of the party, which is where the episode ends.

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  1. Killiam January 11, 2022

    please tell me the name of the actress playing Lori

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