The official video for X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke’s debut single ‘Hallelujah’ made its debut today. Put simply, it’s pretty much standard-fare in terms X-Factor winner’s first single video – i.e. interwoven clips from the show and a simple concept. Alex does look great though.

Update: Alex’s version of ‘Hallelujah’ has become the fasting selling European single of all-time – in just 3 days. Congrats!

What do you think of the video?

A brand new cut, said to be from Ciara’s ‘Fantasy Ride’ LP (due early 2009), surfaced today – a collaboration with singer/song-writer The Dream titled ‘Keep Dancing’.

The airy, laidback feel of the song is a real juxtaposition to the song’s title- which suggests something more uptempo and hard-hitting. For what it is – a decent R&B slower paced effort – it’s works. Though, I sure hope Ms. Harris is cooking up something of a higher caliber than this, as much of the material I’ve heard thus far sounds very hit or miss.

Hit or Miss?

Madonna took a tumble during her recent concert in Brazil’s Rio De Janeiro. Peep the clip above

By all means funny stuff, but the Pop superstar is likely to be the last one laughing; her Sticky & Sweet tour continues to break records across the globe, already amassing a whopping $213 Million for the singer already.

Randomness: I really wish Michael and Janet would take note. Record sales may not be what they once were (even for ol’ Madge), but hitting the road is increasingly becoming ‘the’ way to go. One can only hope…

Your thoughts?

Will Smith Lines Up 'Hancock' & 'I Am Legend' Sequels

Hollywood’s top earning star Will Smith is set to star in sequels to two of his more recent box office smashes – ‘Hancock’ & ‘I Am Legend’:

WILL Smith has sequel fever. The box-office magnet is in talks to finalize follow-ups to both “Hancock” and “I Am Legend.” A Hollywood insider said, “He is ready to do both. Producers are just trying to get Charlize Theron to sign on for the ‘Hancock’ sequel.” As for “I Am Legend,” it will be more of a prequel as Smith’s character died at the end of the zombies-take-Manhattan movie. “It will be about how the disease spreads and the fall of the last great American city. It will also develop the relationship between Will’s character and his wife.” A rep for Smith said, “There have been talks about both of these projects.” {Source}

Having really enjoyed the originals of both films, I’d definitely be checking for the sequels.

Will you be checking for the new ‘Hancock’ and / or ‘I Am Legend’?

Peep Christina Milian on the set of her brand new video ‘Us Against The World’, the first single from her as yet untitled MySpace Records debut. Both Christina and the video are looking great.

Your thoughts?

Alexandra Burke - 'Hallelujah' Following her triumphant victory on last night’s nail-biting X-Factor finale, Alexandra Burke’s debut single ‘Hallelujah’ hit the net (legally of course). You can listen to the 20 year old’s emotive version of the Leonard Cohen classic, which is tipped to hit #1 next week (and possibly sell a million copies first week), below:

Flawless vocal. A winner if there ever was one.

You can check out new promo pics of Alex below, as well as above:

Alexandra Burke - 'Hallelujah' Alexandra Burke - 'Hallelujah'
There’s more LOL. Check out Alex’s press session following her victory, with show judge and mentor Cheryl Cole. She talks about her reaction to winning, the Leona comparisons, dueting with Beyonce and a whole lot more:

Your thoughts?

That Grape Juice: End Of Year Awards 2008

Just a quick reminder to let you all know that you can still give your 2 cents/ as to who should be nominated in the That Grape Juice: End Of Year Awards 2008 by clicking here.

X Factor 2008: Live Shows - Week 9The final of X Factor 2008 live shows aired tonight here in the UK. Check out my 2 Pence on the show below:

{For those unfamiliar with the show; The X Factor is the UK’s version of American Idol – with a twist in that groups and over 25’s are eligible to enter. The show also birthed the career of a certain Leona Lewis}
I must begin by congratulating my girl Alexandra for winning tonight! It definitely makes me proud to live in a country that has been able to produce such a talent. A talent I believe is very much a world class act. Week in and week out, Alexandra has delivered the goods and then some. Very proud of her. Very.
My phone has been going off non-stop about Alex’s show stopping performance of ‘Listen’ with none other than Beyonce (special ‘hey’ to Sean, Kwame, Jonelle, Sandra, Nathan, Jamell ‘Mr Damaje’, Leon and co!). You can also check out Alex’s performances of ‘Silent Night’ below (the other performances will be added as they become available):

Alexandra & Beyonce – Listen

Alexandra – Silent Night

Alexandra – Hallelujah (Winner’s Song – 1st Performance)

Winning Moment

Winner’s Performance

Beyonce – If I Were Boy

That Beyonce and Alexandra performance was TV gold. Amazing stuff. So so glad Alex won – I even did a victory lap in my street (don’t watch that LOL). I really think there is something in the stars this year – Obama, Vogue’s Black Issue, Lewis Hamilton and now Alexandra. So proud right now. Here’s to a great career.

Randomness: I must say it’s somewhat satisfying to note that we here at That Grape Juice have been rooting for Alex since day 1. Day 1. LOL.

Your thoughts?

The 'RandomNess' PostIt’s Friday, it’s been a slow news day thus far, so I’ll throw it back to you guys to express yourselves as you wish. Always an entertaining read, I must say…

As per the title of this post, feel free to drop anything and ‘errrrrthing’ in the comments section.
So, anything from your thoughts on the site, to random ramblings, particular views on any story (music, politcs, sports etc), share a story/new song, shameless promotion of your own site/material lol…not to be limited to music alone…a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g!
It’s your shout….
Estelle Preps New Album; Eyes Adele Collabo

After the worldwide success of Estelle’s ‘American Boy’ and the critical acclaim her ‘Shine’ LP received, it has been revealed that the Londoner is readying her third studio album. Speaking on the record, which has a tentative 2009 release date, she expressed her desire to work with fellow Brit Adele:

Grammy-nominated Brit female stars ADELE and ESTELLE look set to collaborate on a track.

Both have expressed an interest in working together — and now Estelle has told how a duet with Chasing Pavements star Adele would be “dope”.

The pair are now settling down to finalise their new albums with each other’s names at the top of their collaborations wish lists — so expect a tune from the talented pair next year.

Estelle started work on her new collection this month.

She said: “I’m really excited to start working on my next album.

“I’m going to go totally left field and surprise a lot of people.

“I’m going to hit it out the ball park with this one. I’m thinking a mix of COLDPLAY and MARVIN GAYE.” {Source}

Considering Estelle turned in such a stellar effort with ‘Shine’, I’m really anticipating what her next release will be serving up. The Adele collabo seems like a good look too.

Your thoughts?

Usher & Tameka Welcome 2nd Child According to, Usher’s wife of a year Tameka Foster gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last night:

Sources confirm to PEOPLE that Usher and his wife Tameka have a new addition to the family: a baby boy born on Wednesday.

The new Raymond (whose name has not yet been released) joins older brother Usher Raymond V, who turned 1 on Nov. 26. The couple married in 2007. Tameka, 37, also has three sons from a previous relationship.

A source says Usher was at his wife’s side during the delivery.

Last month, he told Access Hollywood that his soon-to-arrive baby was “one of the best Christmas gifts there is to have.”

“I’m so proud to be a father by the time I’m 30,” Usher (who hit the big 3-0 in October) told PEOPLE back in August. “I’d hate to be 80 years old and not be able to run with my kids. I need to still be able to do flips when they’re in high school!”

Major congratulations to the Raymond’s!

I must say I’ve warmed to the Usher/Tameka union a lot more since they decided to stop being so ‘in-your-face’ with it all.

Your thoughts?

For the last year, Lady GaGa, who is signed to Akon’s Kon Live/Interscope imprint, has been creating quite a buzz within the industry. Indeed, her first single ‘Just Dance’, which made its debut back in May, has been making a steady ascent up the Billboard Hot 100 and currently sits at #3. Her debut album ‘The Fame’ was released in October.

With a sound that is an eklectic fusion of Electronica, Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop/R&B, this New York native is definitely a breath of fresh air in an increasingly ‘samey’ industry; you’ll be seeing alot more of her here on That Grape Juice. Check out the video for her current smash ‘Just Dance’ above, as well as a live rendition of the track below:

Are you checking for Lady GaGa?