Our good friend B. Scott recently caught up with R&B singer Teairra Marí. The 20 year old former protegee of Jay-Z discussed her severing ties with Def Jam/ Roc-A-Fella, Rihanna and, of course, her Interscope debut. Check it out:

Great interview. I’m personally rooting for Teairra because, IMO, she definitely was the more talented out of her and Rihanna. Here’s hoping labels and the industry at large start pumping funds and huge marketing campaigns into the genuinely talented as opposed to those who ‘learn on the job’. SMH…

Your thoughts?

Fader Honors The Legacy Of AaliyahFader magazine pays tribute to the late Aaliyah in its annual Icon edition. The issue features contributions from both professional and personal friends.

“It only took Aaliyah a few albums to make an indelible mark on the world of pop music, but today her influence can be felt across numerous genres,” said Chris Richards, Executive Editor of The Fader. “This issue not only tracks that influence, but also offers a more personal glimpse into the life of a true pop visionary.”

Missy Elliott

“We was gonna save the world. We was gonna change music every chance we got. We was gonna always be family. Forever.”

Mark Ronson

“If it wasn’t for Aaliyah being the face and voice of [Missy Elliott and Timbaland’s] sound they might have never got to where they did. They were presenting their sort of brilliant but challenging breakthrough music through this beautiful young girl who could sing it perfectly.”

Kidada Jones

“I think about her all the time…Anytime she’s brought up or her music comes on the radio, it’s sweet, but it definitely sounds like she found a niche before it was here. If you listen to her music it’s so relevant today, but we had it so long ago.”

Damon Dash

“She was already a fashion icon, she was getting into movies, she had already planted that seed. If she was alive today she would be so relevant. I see little bits of her everywhere I look, in a lot of artists

It’s coming up to 7 years since she passed, which is a hard pill to swallow. I think things like this are great, as it ensures that her legacy continues to be immortalized.

Your thoughts?

Whitney Wows At London Show According to reports, singing legend Whitney Houston gave a show-stopping performance at a concert in London this week for the Caudwwell”s Children Charity {Thanks Terrence & Kevin}:

Whitney Houston stunned her critics last night by delivering a spectacular performance in aid of the Caudwell Children charity.

Dressed to kill, Whitney wore Chopard diamond earrings and a diamond ring from the luxury jewellers AND was paid £100,000.

But the real surprise came when the diva brought daughter, Bobbi Kristina, 15, on stage to join her for a rendition of My Love is Your Love.

But Whitney told the crowd, which included Joan Collins and Buzz Aldrin: “This is the love of my life.”

Despite attempts to keep media out, theBuzz sneaked a peek at Whitney’s one hour set at Battersea Evolution.

Donning a tight dress by British designers Bodyamr, Whitney, 44, performed several hits including I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Saving All My Love and, of course, I Will Always Love You.

Whitney, whose career was halted by drug abuse and who in 2006 ended a turbulent relationship with Bobby Brown, told the audience: “I’m back in the studio and working on new tracks.

“It’s an honour to be here. I’ve had ups and downs, but it’s all good.”Sandi Thom, an opening act for the American star, confided in theBuzz: “This is probably the most nerve-racking moment of my life.”

The event raised £1.5m and a dinner date with Joan Collins was auctioned off for £200,000. {Source}

It’s great to see Whitney making progress on the comeback trail. Here’s hoping she delivers with the new album.

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Pop superstar Janet Jackson gave her first performance since falling ill back in March yesterday at the United America Concert at Del Mar Beach. Ne-Yo, Snoop Dogg, Jordin Sparks and others, also performed at the show which was held in support of the US troops. NBC will air the full show on June 1st. In the meanwhile, check out Janet’s performance of LUV from her set below:

A better view:

Not the best video quality, but still a good indicator as to what to expect from her upcoming live performances. She was nailing that choreography. This needs to be a single at some point.

What do you think of the performance?

Usher - 'Trading Places' As the release of Usher’s much anticipated LP ‘Here I Stand’ draws ever-nearer, new material seems to be ‘surfacing left, right and center – one the more recent being ‘Trading Places’. After being, somewhat, underwhelmed with the cuts that I’ve heard thus far (aside from ‘Love In The Club – Pt. II), I’m really liking this. Though lyrically the song is kinda lacking (it’s an engaging concept though), Usher’s flow and the production (which ironically sounds a lit like Chris Brown’s ‘You’) make for a really great track. ‘Here I Stand’ hits stores May 27th.

Hit or Miss?

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R&B star Mary J. Blige performed a string of her hits on the Today Show yesterday to promote her ‘Growing Pains album. See the performance of current single ‘Stay Down’ above as well as ‘Just Fine’ and ‘Real Love’. Great performances.

Just Fine

Real Love

What do you think of the performances?

Nelly - 'Stepped On My J's' (ft. JD & Ciara) With the release of Nelly’s ‘Brass Knuckles’ fast approaching, a new cut from the set has surfaced. ‘Stepped On My J’s’, which features Jermaine Dupri and R&B star Ciara, sees the St. Louis native re-embrace the gritty, yet radio friendly sound that made his debut so great. I must say, I’m really liking this one. ‘Brass Knuckles’ hits stores June 24th.


Hit or Miss?

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Why LaToya, Why? LaToya Jackson was snapped at the Arcandor Medientriff in Germany recently. Needless to say, the 51 year old looked like a trainwreck. I will never understand why beautiful people insist on messing with their God-given looks. SMH…
Why LaToya, Why? Why LaToya, Why? Why LaToya, Why?

What do you think of the pics?
Mariah & Nick Cannon Make First AppearanceNewlyweds Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon (cannot believe I just typed that), made their first public appearance as a married couple in New York yesterday at in the Waverly Inn. Wonders never cease…

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Tiffany Evans' Debut Sells 4,700 Copies Lack of promotion? A changing industry? Bad material? All of those questions sprung to mind upon being informed that Tiffany Evans shifted an embarrassing 4, 700 copies of her debut album last week. The 15 year old’s first week showing landed her at #134 on the Billboard 200.

Though I admittedly have yet to hear the record, it’s still a shame to see such a talent – one, I consider to be a potential big star of tomorrow – fare so badly. This really goes to show that the industry is on unstable ground at the moment. That Grape Juice wants to know your take on this all and what you think it signifies in its wider context…

Any thoughts?
Rihanna & Chris Brown Kissing At KFCR&B stars Rihanna and Chris Brown were snapped smooching at a KFC in Miami yesterday. The not-so-surprising, yet surprising public display of affection comes on the heels the pair both denying they are an item. I guess, the hush-hush of it all was to keep Chris’ largely young female audience appeased. No so luck after this.
Rihanna & Chris Brown Kissing At KFC Rihanna & Chris Brown Kissing At KFC

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Still in Europe promoting her ‘Ms. Kelly’ project, Kelly Rowland checked in with fans today in a new video blog. Among other things, the 27 year old confirmed that she will continue recording her new record in London upon her return here. Check it out:

I’m definitely ready to see what the next chapter holds for Kelly’s solo career. Here’s hoping her new album rights the wrongs of the ‘Ms. Kelly’ on numerous fronts. Granted it’s best for her to take her time with the record, her recent success and the example of Rihanna an album a year, seemingly so), shows that it’s worthwhile striking while the iron is hot.

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