Def Jam recording artist Rihanna is gearing up for the release of her third album. The first single from the currently untitled project is set to be sent to radio on March 28th. It is reportedly to be a track called ‘Umbrella’ featuring Jay Z (hmm…); the song was produced by Terius “The Dream” Nash (Nivea’s husband). I personally think Rihanna as an artist is just one big rush-job. The girl only hit the scene in summer 05 with ‘Pon De Replay’, they rushed out another album a few months later and now shes about to drop her 3rd album already. Guess they’re trying to milk her for all the money they can.
Speaking of Rihanna, a video of the Bajan beauty singing at aged 16 has surfaced. The performance, at a local talent show, is of Mariah’s ‘Hero’. Why why why do so many girls convince themselves that they can carry a Mariah track? This is terrible…really. She apparently won as well! LOL. The judges must have been tone-deaf….

A new track from Ne-Yo’s upcoming sophomore album ‘Know Me’ (due April 24th) has leaked. The song, called ‘Call Me Crazy’, is scheduled to be the 2nd single from the project. Ne-Yo’s label boss Jay-Z features on the track too. I’m kinda on the fence about this one, it doesn’t really do anything for me. It could be a grower though, as I wasn’t liking ‘Because of You’ (his current single) initially, but love it now. Anyway check it out for yourself….

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Brandy’s useless little brother, Ray J, has reportedly been offered a four-video deal by the adult entertaninment company that are distributing his x-rated sex tape with Kim Kardashian. The deal wouldn’t mean that Whitney’s new play thing has to star in the films; instead he would direct them. The ‘One Wish’ singer is apparently considering the offer.

A Mess.

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This is one of the new promo shots for Kelly Rowland’s ‘Ms Kelly’ album (due June 26th). I am really liking the style; she looks stunning and its cool to see her stepping out of her conventional look.
In other Kelly news, her first single from the new album ‘Like This’ is climbing the charts at a rate no one expected. The Polow Da Don (Promise, Glamourous etc) produced track is currently sitting at #63 on Billboards Hot R&B/Hip Hop tracks without having officially gone for adds on radio. Entertainment Weekly has the track listed at #2 on their ‘MUST List’.
With this project being so hotly anticipated, maybe Kelly will finally have some major success.
Hit-maker Dallas Austin has called out Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone, labelling them ‘chicks who f*ck for tracks’. This has been all over the press today and is not a good look for either artist. Joss Stone, 19, has been getting a lot of negative publicity here in her native country for her erratic behaviour and more recently her alleged relationship with singer/producer Raphael Saddiq. Austin – who produced TLC’s hit ‘No Scrubs’- goes into alot of detail about Christina; and her husband is somehow connected in all this too. All of his comments come across as genuine; plus if he is lying then he has more to lose.


Dallas On Christina Aguilera:

Dallas On Joss Stone:

Dallas Austin Talking About Joss Stone
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As R&B star Mario preps the release of his third album titled ‘Go’ (due July 31st), a new song from the set has leaked called ‘Kryptonite’. The track was produced by Bryan-Michael Cox (We Belong Together, Ride 4 U etc) and it is a great song. It’s cool to see Mario trying something different instead of trying to re-create his biggest hit ‘Let Me Love You’ as he tried with ‘How Do I Breathe’ (also from ‘Go’). I also like the fact that B.Cox switched up his style from the ‘crunk ballads’ he tends to produce to something more upbeat.

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Ne-Yo – Because of You

This premiered last night on BET. There is nothing innovative or non-standard about the video; however it works. As with most of Ne-Yo’s videos the choreography is on point. I’m feeling the song much more now too; he seems to have carved out his own sound that lets you know its a ‘Ne-Yo’ song. This one should do well.
Oscar Winner Jennifer Hudson has discussed some of the negative rumours that have surfaced since she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. The post, which is featured on her MySpace page, seems real sincere and makes you wonder if people only build you up to bring you down:

hey guys. once again i think its time to address these rumors thats been going on about me. there are 3 main ones that has been floating around and i want to address them personally so you guys can know the truth

1.) i turned down a movie role for 3 million dollars because of a nude scene and i wasnt the person getting nude. nothing about that is true. i want to do my album. and my fans have waited so patiently for me to put out an album and i appreciate everyone of you and thats why im focused on putting out my first project. and yes i will continue to still do movies.

2.) all of the american idol stuff and burger king comments. i never said anything about if i was better at burger king i would not be there either. and yes i did say american idol was a stepping stone. which it is! i didnt mean it in a bad way. and as i said in my previous interviews american idol is a stepping stone because had it not been for them no one would of knew of a jennifer hudson to call to audition for dreamgirls! its like everything i say referring to the show gets twisted around and makes me look like im being arrogant and a “diva” since alot of people seems to have that opinion about me and that is not me at all. im not bothered by these rumors because im use to it but i do read the boards and i see my fans are upset by some of the negative rumors concerning me and that is what hurts me the most is to see people who care about me being impacted by all of this.

3.) the soul train awards show and me trying to sabotoge it by not showing up. only thing i can say to this is that i was there! and i appreciate being honored there just as much as i appreciated being honored at the all the award shows i attended. but once again im just writing this for my fans, supporters, and friends who want to know the truth. i am a person with feelings and although i have been warned that things like this would happen to me, and since i am new to this let me be the first to tell you that i have sat back not to long ago just like you guys and read things about my favorite artist and let me tell you since im experiencing this first hand you guys cant believe everything you read because its not true. o one more thing. im grateful for all my blessings and i thank God for it everyday and no amount of fame will ever go to my head and make me think that im better than anyone because we are all equal. and as quickly as God gave everything he has given me he can take it away!

Fox News is reporting that music superstar Whitney Houston is to start the recording of her new album today.
Houston is booked for sessions with renown writer/producer/artist Johnta Austin . Austin won a Grammy for co-writing Mariah Carey’s mega hit “We Belong Together.” His other credits include work for Mary J Blige and Janet Jackson. Hopefully he can work his magic on Whitney’s project too.
Clive Davis – Whitney’s longtime mentor/label boss- has already decided on about seven songs for Houston, including those by R. Kelly, Diane Warren and other big-name producers.

Her comeback is shaping up to be BIG.

Norbit co-stars Eddie Murphy and Katt Williams will work together once again in the upcoming DreamWorks comedy “Marshals,” which follows the first black marshals of the Old West.

Williams will also write the script, while Murphy has signed on as a producer for the project.

Meanwhile, Williams – a regular on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out – has just finished the Chicago-filming of “The Pimp Chronicles Part 2,” a follow-up to his successful HBO special “The Pimp Chronicles.”

LeToya – Nothing For Me

This unreleased Toya track was produced by Mike City (Brandy, Jamie Foxx). I can see why this was left off her album; the beat is crazy but the track just isn’t anything special. Still worth a download though.{Link Removed As Requested}


Brandy – Just Like Tommy

With all that is going on with Brandy, I wasn’t expecting any new material from her for a while. Nonetheless, Just Like Tommy is a great track…not album material but still good. It has a neo-soul vibe to it, something she hasn’t done in the past.

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Omarion – Icebox (ft. Usher)

This remix of Icebox premiered on Hot 97 a few days ago and features none other than Usher. I was kinda surprised by the Usher feature as many see Omarion as one of many Usher imitators. Like the original, this version is HOT.

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Paris Bennet – I Will

Former American Idol contestant Paris Bennet is to release her debut album ‘Princess P’ in April and this track will be featured on the set. The inspirational song includes a mass choir and Paris really delivers on the vocals.

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Jennifer Hudson – And I Am Telling You (ONLY Live Performance) (AUDIO)

I know I posted the link to the video a last week, but here is the audio of this one-off live performance of the track. Jennifer nailed it.

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This one has been doing the rounds on the net for the last few days and has caused a small controversy. So many different opinions…I’m still kinda speechless. What do you think?!

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