Though Amerie’s third album, ‘Because I Love It’ has been a moderate success over here in Europe – spawning two UK top 10 singles, the CD’s US release seems to be in jeopardy. Following a number of push-backs, the CD was re-scheduled for Stateside release in ‘Summer 2007 ‘, yet it’s status now reads ‘TBD’ (to be decided). Sources are claiming that the ‘One Thing’ singer will soon be (or may have already been) dropped by her US label.
I felt the album was very solid and it’s a shame that her US label don’t know what to with it. Label aside, the American market doesn’t seem to warm to Amerie (just like Kelis). Still, things continue to be on the up for her across the pond in Europe; both ‘Take Control’ and ‘Gotta Work’ did well on the charts and she is prepping the release of her third single ‘Crush’ (the album’s best track IMO).

Why can’t Amerie crack the US market?
Singer Keyshia Cole graces the cover of Sister 2 Sister magazine’s October issue. Though I’d say she’s looking good, something feels a little off with the shot – can’t think what it is though…

What do you think of the cover?
Upon hearing the snippet of Alicia Keys’ new single ‘No One’ last week, I was kinda sceptical about the track as well as the direction of her forthcoming album ‘As I Am’. However, having listened to the track in it’s entirety, I’m definitely liking it more. This soulful mid-tempo isn’t far removed from the sound she has channeled on her past efforts and is sure to please fans and critics alike. Alicia’s third studio album ‘As I Am’ hits stores November 13th.


Hit or Miss?

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Don’t usually do this, but I thought to take a minute to wish Michael Jackson a Happy Birthday. The undisputed King of Pop turned 49 today. I’m just hoping he hurries up and drops that new album of his to remind the imitators, and the world at large, of who really sits at the top.
R&B star Chris Brown features in the October issue of VIBE magazine. In the interview, Brown (attempts) to explain his way with the ladies:

“I’ve had girlfriends, but it’s different. Not jump-offs! Like, you don’t be like, ‘That’s my girl,’ but you know when you hang with her, it’s like … friends with benefits. If I’m singling out one girl, think about all the other girls who are falling in love with me in that club. What they gon’ think? So it’s like, I have a relationship with every girl. It’s like every girl is my girlfriend.”

Having tried to make sense of what he said, the only thing I did understand was that it sounded like nonsense. I’m not too sure Chris knew what he meant either lol. With all this talk of ‘friends with benefits’, it’s hard to think that the boy only just turned 18. SMH…

In other Chris Brown news, a video for the remix of his current single ‘Wall to Wall’ featuring Jadakiss premiered last night:

Though the song has grown on me a little, it’s still sub-par as – is this video. I don’t know why his label are beating a dead horse; the song is bonafide flop – peaking at #79 on the Billboard Hot 100.

What do you think of his comments / video?

It turns out Akon’s ‘apology’ in his current single ‘Sorry, Blame It Me’ isn’t as personal as he would have us believe. Check out the report via TMZ:

Akon, hip-hop singer and amateur concertgoer tosser, is singing a new tune — “Sorry, Blame It On Me” — where he offers apologies for his recent troublesome events — including lewd dancing at a club in Trinidad with a 14-year-old pastor’s daughter, and causing Verizon to dump their sponsorship of Gwen Stefani’s tour, reportedly because of Akon’s shenanigans. Someone’s had a busy summer!

TMZ inside sources reveal that Akon did not pen the song. Say what?! It seems DJ and producer Clinton Sparks actually wrote the entire ballad — even though his credit is listed as co-writer and producer. Sparks will fly!

This leaves many wondering if Akon’s apology is more of a publicity stunt to capitalize on his bad decisions. An insincere apology? From a man who allegedly practices polygamy? Say it ain’t so!

I can’t say I’m surprised by this…

Your thoughts?

*I’ll be leaving later LA today 🙁 so updates may be a bit slower than usual. Be sure to keep it locked on That Grape Juice though, as there are some great things in the works upon my return to the UK. The interviews with Jagged Edge and Johnta Austin will DEFINITELY be up before the week is out*

After establishing herself as a successful song-writer, Solange Knowles has signed a worldwide co-publishing deal with EMI Records. Having already co-penned hits for her sister Beyonce (‘Get Me Bodied’, ‘Upgrade U’ etc), the deal will see Solange earn a nice percentage of rights to any song she (co)writes. She will also receive more writing opportunties for other artists. The youngest of the Knowles clan is currently in the studio recording her sophomore album ‘Solange & The Hadley Street Dreams’. {Source}
Though Solange has mainly written in-house for Music World artists i.e. Beyonce, Kelly Rowland etc, this is definitely a good look for her. Hate on them all you want, but you can’t deny the Knowles’ work ethic – everyone’s doing their thing. I know Matthew ain’t standing for no freeloading LeToya Jackson’s in his family lol.

Your thoughts?

The video for Common’s latest single ‘Drivin’ Me Wild’ premiered today on MTV’s TRL. I’ve been feeling this track for a while now and I’m glad it got the single treatment. It definitely serves as one of the Chi-Town rapper’s best video’s yet. The UK’s own Lily Allen features in the song and video also. Damon Dash makes a brief cameo too.

What do you think of the video?

Hit-maker Polow Da Don sparked controversy with his comments about ‘white girls brain game’ several months back. The producer, whose hits include Ciara’s ‘Promise’, spoke more on his self-proclaimed status of ‘King of the White Girls’ in an interview with Check out what he had to say: Now, you call yourself the “King of All White Girls.” Elaborate on that for me.

Polow Da Don: Just the “King of the White Girls.” I ain’t self proclaimed but I run with it. [Laughs] There was a stage in my life where I went crazy with dating white women. I have nothing against black women, but they’re raised differently. White women are raised to respect and serve their men. Black women are taught to question [their men]. Black women look at submission as being weak. White women look at submission as being a woman. And anyone who has a problem with this statement is ignorant. Just look at the divine order; it goes man, woman, child.


Interesting lol. I’m sure many eyebrows will be raised with this one…

Your thoughts?
As Keyshia Cole’s current single ‘Let It Go’ continues to climb the charts, a new song from her forthcoming ‘Just Like You’ CD has surfaced. Produced by Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, ‘Shoulda Let You Go’ is a great mid-tempo track that I feel has a lot of hit potential if it were to be released as a single. Though a good thing, I must say that the track does resemble Mary J Blige’s ‘Enough Crying’ on a number of fronts – including production, vocal arrangements and subject matter. Anyway, this track has me even more hyped for Keyshia’s album (due September 25th).

Hit or Miss?

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard any new material from Capitol recording group Cherish. However, as the quartet continue to work on their currently untitled sophomore effort (due in 2008), a new track has surfaced called ‘Shoe Fanatic’. Though the song’s subject is kinda ‘blah’, I’m liking this. The production is on-point and the girls ride the beat nicely. I’m actually anticipating the group’s new CD; the first album was pretty good and it seems they’ve found their niche – the fun uptempo’s.


Hit or Miss?

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{Danity Kane and Diddy backstage at the finale}

All five members of Danity Kane made a surprise appearance at tonight’s’ grand finale of ‘Making The Band 4’. Sitting alongside Diddy, the ladies – as well as the Bad Boy head himself – reaffirmed that the group is still together despite the rumors and misunderstandings. Diddy went on to announce that the girls will be heading into the studio in the coming weeks to start recording the follow-up to their Platinum selling debut ‘Danity Kane’. The album is set to be released early next year and will be followed by a tour with the winners of the current season of the hit MTV show.
It was good to see ladies put on a united front after what has been a pretty messy few months. Considering it’s common knowledge that Diddy screwed them over, I’m glad he’s re-focusing on the group. A sidenote: It was great TV watching them fake-smile their way through the interview with Diddy; something made all the more evident by Dawn’s distant body language (I’m gonna try and have a video up soon). Still, it’s good that they’ve ironed out their differences.

Your thoughts?