Peep this picture of Rihanna during her show in Lativa this week. No comment.

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Kelly Rowland - 'Broken' & 'Unity'R&B singer Kelly Rowland’s revamped version of her sophomore effort ‘Ms. Kelly: Diva Deluxe’ is out now on iTunes. ‘Broken’ and ‘Unity’ are two of the new tracks that feature on the album.

Produced by Stargate (Rihanna, Ne-Yo etc), ‘Broken’ is a piano-driven mid-tempo cut. The track’s laid back vibe is both its strength and weakness; solid overall, I was kinda left feeling as if the song would have benefited from Kelly vocally exerting herself more – especially on the adlibs.

‘Unity’ sees the former Destiny’s Child star embrace a more Pop/Alternative sound. With its rousing chorus, the song takes on a anthem-like form. I’m liking this one quite a lot.

Hit(s) or Miss(es)?

LISTEN: Broken // Unity {Links Removed As Requested}

Danity Kane 'Dollhouse' Release PartyTo celebrate the release of their awesome new LP ‘Welcome To Dollhouse’, Danity Kane hosted an album release party Tuesday night at Tenjune in New York. Ne-Yo, Patti LaBelle and Fabolous were among the evening’s guests.

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Like many of you, I follow popular TV show ‘The Boondocks’. Controversially, one the episodes of the show’s current season ‘The Huey Freeman Hunger Strike’ was banned, however it has recently hit the net. The episode takes aim at BET. Check it out below:

{Video Removed As Requested}

I like me some ‘Boondocks’ and can see where some of their points came from, but I’m not sure I wholly agree with what this episode conveys. I know, I’m not the only one with an opinion on this…

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That Grape Juice has, once again, teamed up with EA Games (UK) for an Easter games give-away. Up for grabs are a range of top titles from EA’s stellar catalogue, including ‘The Sims 2 Deluxe’ + ‘The Sims 2: Free Time (Expansion Pack)’, ‘Burnout Paradise’, ‘The Simpsons Game’ and many more. There will be no need to worry about whether or not you’re eligible to enter, as we have all formats covered courtesy of EA – Wii, Xbox360, Playstation 2 & 3, DS, PSP and PC. To be in with a chance of winning, provide the correct answer the to question below:

Who, out of the following, was NOT a member of Destiny’s Child?
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b) Farrah
c) Bo’ Quesha
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Just some of the titles up for grabs
…and many more!
Check out this Behind The Scenes look at Ashanti’s new video ‘The Way That I Love You’:

The video definitely turned out to be one of the year’s best and a career best for Ashanti too IMO.

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Ciara UpdateAccording to Billboard, Ciara is currently in the studio recording her third as-yet-untitled album, which is tentatively slated for either August or early September release. Danja, The Clutch, Polow Da Don and T-Pain are just some of the names who have submitted tracks for the project.
The ‘Promise’ singer is also still filming her role as the lead in the film adaptation of the stage play ‘Mama, I Want to Sing.’ Co-starring legend Patti LaBelle, the movie is expected to hit theaters across the US later this year. {Source}

I’m amped to see what Ciara will be serving up on her next project. Despite her sophomore effort ‘The Evolution’ not really showing much evolution in terms of her sound (See: ‘That’s Right), her artistic growth on all other fronts (i.e. vocally, choreography, video etc) is hard to deny IMO.

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Nelly - 'Party People' (ft. Fergie)After Nelly’s most recent effort ‘ Wadsyaname’ pretty much tanked last summer, the rapper is back with ‘Party People’ . The song, which features Fergie, is the ‘official’ first single to be lifted from the St. Louis star’s new LP ‘Brass Knuckles’ (due June 24th). I’m kinda surprised, I wasn’t expecting to like the Polow Da Don produced track as much as I do. The beat goes hard and serves as the grittiest Nelly has come on record for a while now. The Fergie feature surprisingly works pretty well, with the Black Eyed Peas front-woman holding her own on the hook, as well as her own rap verse (you read right). IMO the song has a lot of hit potential. Nelly will be shooting the song’s video in Los Angeles this week.
Hit or Miss?

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Ne-Yo Preps 'Year Of The Gentleman'R&B star Ne-Yo recently spoke with MTV about his forthcoming new album, his third, which he revealed is called ‘Year of The Gentleman’:

“I’m trying to take it back to where you couldn’t walk out of the house unless you looked your best,” he explained of the album title. “Back in the day of, say, the Rat Pack and Nat King Cole … any picture you ever see, they’re suited and everything is right from top to bottom. Not saying it has to be a suit, ’cause clothes don’t make the man — it’s the attitude and person. The music needs to personify that. A lot of this music [on the album], some of it is gonna be urban, some of it is gonna be pop. Some is gonna ride that middle.

“The third [LP] is more of the good [music],” he added. “The second album proved I’m here to stay. I won a Grammy for that one. So, I’m here to win more Grammys. At the same time, I love what it is I do, so [this is] another excuse for me to pen more facets of my personality.”

I’m hoping he redeems himself from his so-so 2nd album, as, Grammy or not, it wasn’t up-to-par with his stellar debut. ‘Closer’ is growing on me, though, so things are looking good at the moment IMO.

Your thoughts?

The video for Day26’s debut single ‘Got Me Going’ premiered on MTV today. Directed by Syndrome, who also directed Danity Kane’s ‘Damaged’ clip, the video is pretty good. I’m liking the concept and the special effects actually work here (not so sure about that ‘Damaged’ vid just yet); the guys also did their thing on the choreography front. Day 26’s self-titled album will hit stores on March 25th.

What do you think of the video?

Mariah Carey - 'E=MC²' Cover Here is the official cover for Mariah Carey’s forthcoming new album ‘E=MC²’, which hits stores April 15th. I’m not liking it. The cover is actually a mess IMO; she looks like an ostrich with that dress or whatever she’s holding. The font doesn’t really mix with the background either. Just, no. Granted it’s just a cover, Mariah has kinda disappointed me on all fronts this time around (so far) – songs, performance-wise and now this. I’m really hoping her album will be serving up more than what I’ve heard already, as it would be a shame to go from the brilliance that was ‘The Emancipation’ to…well…this.

What do you think of the cover?

R&B singer Mario made his debut on the latest season of Dancing With The Stars yesteday night. See his performance below:

He did good I guess, but something about him even being on the show in the first place doesn’t quite sit right with me.
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