Soulja Boy Unveils New Face Tattoos

Published: Wednesday 9th Dec 2009 by Sam

For this I have no words.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Thatmangojuice December 9, 2009

    what the … what is that. i don’t even …

    is he supposed to be Wolverine or something?

  2. Danny December 9, 2009

    This is simply foolishness. I like tattoo’s but there is such a thing as going over the top. Seems like he’s trying to be like another rapper if you ask me.

  3. wtf December 9, 2009

    lol, i thought those were his eyebrows…he gets a ho sit down from me..

  4. Divorcing Soulja Boy December 9, 2009

    Soulja Boy used to be so s*** to me but all those tatts turning me off.

    Does his penis have a tattoo on it too?

  5. NiCe December 9, 2009

    he won’t ever need a real job but that is ridiculous. no commons sense, he and wayne, WHERE ARE THEY IMAGE CONSULTANTS!!

  6. parisian girl December 9, 2009

    what’s the point of posting this video?

  7. AWOLLUVA December 9, 2009

    What…in…the…f******…hell?? :O

    I have nothing else to say, lmao!

  8. Mr.727 December 9, 2009

    This is what happens when your parents let you shuck and jive to put food in their mouths, he basically has no class at all!!! Rappers are starting to fade away! They have destoroyed with their coonary and steppin flicit acts!!!!!

    He is a f****** dumbass!!!1


  9. Grape Juice Rayne December 9, 2009

    To all my black people…
    We gotta do better.

  10. Chris T. December 9, 2009

    I agree with you Mr. 727….This little boy is past ridiculous and has no sense of his future and how stupid he looks now and how much worse it’ll look at say 25, 40, 70.

    Soulja Boy is the poster child for “Dumbass people who get0 money and act like asses”

  11. Mr.727 December 10, 2009

    @ Chris T!! People need to wake up and see the demon that the industry really is!!! He is a one hit wonder!!!!! Black people are being exploited in every way to makes these labels money!!!!

  12. cliverozario December 10, 2009

    soulja boy is a JOKE. on the timeline of urban music he has gotta be the lowest point, no? even lower than Timabland’s relentless, boring collaborations…

  13. aiecia December 10, 2009

    For the love of God, the boy is already ugly. “What? He wanted to look like Lil Wayne” He’s ugly too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. JessicaRabbit December 10, 2009

    So….what job is he gonna get in corporate america with all those tatts? I mean….he can’t be Soulja Boy forever. Complete foolishness…did he ever pay his rent?

  15. catfish December 13, 2009

    yo this guys on blow

  16. J-BEEZY December 26, 2009

    Man S- BEEZY these these n***** be hatting on yr fame just like u said why the world so cold the n***** r being cold on u.Do wht u do best to make yr fans proud but dnt over tat yr-self it’s your life and your world do wht u will.Hommie halla at your boy if u can here’s my email [email protected]

  17. HOTTSHOTZ January 11, 2010

    Wow I see he has a whole lot of haters, did we all not learn as children say nothing at all if you can’t say anything positive. Tats look str8 S Beezy!

  18. malik fitzpatrick lol February 4, 2010

    he stil my nigghuh doe lol wish da best 2 u

  19. bre February 25, 2010

    it looks like dat nigha tryin to be like lil wayne

  20. navya March 29, 2010

    soulja boy is a joke……
    wtz the point of posting thiz video???????

  21. makoto April 4, 2010

    i like his songs and his style but i think his going over the top this tatoo is horrible and the cross is just as bad . I dont even want to start for hib body hie has ruined it. I know his a rapper but thats just rediculus

  22. kevon June 17, 2010

    dont hate on him wat job he need after all that song people s*** him up he make a lot off of it and relax and laugh at wat his song make monney of anyway gaza we say.str8

  23. YoGuRL22 October 15, 2010

    WHAT- is really hard for me to believe about all of this——>the biggest shock;
    NOT Soulja Boi’s Tat’s , but that; I bet JUST ABOUT EVERY one OF YOU* Talkin S***
    (About dis YOUNG MAN WHO HaS MADE A HUGE NAME FOR HIMSELF) * Is Black! WTF!???? Can’t you just show sum love-give him his props? S***! Or STFU! DAYUMMMM=* -HATERS.

  24. Jlynn November 18, 2010

    half of soulja boys sht is annoying. makes you wanna turn your volume down before it gives you a damn brain tumor. he needs to stop acting fake. wayne has the same damn cross tattoo on his face (lil wayne has his between his eye brows)plus he copied the same s*** with the words wrote across the top of his eye hes gonna try to pull off some 2 inch worm dreads… plz looks like worms pokin out a damn rotten apple. he needs to get his own damn style and makes some good music or gtfo cuz he aint even worth the fame.

  25. Kemar November 11, 2011

    At the end of the f****** day…this n**** rich, and your not….he has made what you will not be able to make in a lifetime…he has made a name for himself…be it gud or bad, but guess what, at the end of the day…you know him, and he doesnt even f****** know u. Its his life, let him live it…to suite him. I dont see how someone else living their life to please them should f****** concern you. He can get as many tatts he wants….its a personal preference. I’m black n I’m only 15…and i have enough common sense to know that ones artist doings can never f*** up hip hop…. Stop Talkin down on him..whats the point? …i know we all wish we had money and power, but thats life….sigh F*** ALL HATERS…..SODMG!!! SOULJA GOT THE MOTHERFUCKING JUICE!!! ahaha #justsaying 🙂

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