Rodney Jerkins Plots Ciara’s Comeback

Published: Thursday 19th May 2011 by David

It seems that everyone and their psychic has thoughts on the current state of Ciara‘s career.

Now hitmaker Rodney Jerkins has added his thoughts to the mix. The Grammy Award winner, who is most commonly known under his alias Darkchild, is responsible for such hits as ‘Telephone’ by Lady GaGa and ‘Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone’ by Ciara herself.

Find out what he had to say about the ‘Ride’ singer below…

Speaking, the 33 year old producer explained, “She had a lane that was specifically hers—that ghetto urban lane with the 808s. No female was doing that and she had it. I think if she just gets back to that, goes back to the blueprint”.

Whilst many fans and critics would agree with Jerkins’ comments, it’s worth noting her last outing ‘Basic Instinct’ was marketed as being a return to what many cite as being Ciara’s most organic Urban state. Yet even that suffered a commercially disappointing fate; one even worse than 2009’s Pop flavoured ‘Fantasy Ride’.

One thing is for sure, though; with her superstar potential, Ms. Harris is but one hit away from reclaiming past glory. Let’s hope she strikes it lucky. In the meanwhile we want to know: do you agree with Rodney?

Your thoughts?

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  1. ABC May 19, 2011

    Ummm no Rodney…Ciara does not need to be in the “ghetto urban lane”

  2. Kelly May 19, 2011

    Imma wish him luck with that!! Its like reaching hell and high water! But what record company would waste anymore money on her is the real ?

  3. I see May 19, 2011


    STFU….She needs to bow out gracefully….before she flops even harder than she has already….

  4. FOX May 19, 2011

    “PAST GLORY” ….UMMMM….Ciara had 1 or 2 hits YEARS AGO but never was she ever one of the worlds biggest stars.


  5. Slay For Cisus May 19, 2011

    NOOOOOO! I love urban Cisus, but NOOOOO! She’s 25 now & soon to be 26. There is NO need for her to dumb herself, craft/artistry & fanbase down to sell. What Mother NEEDS are songs w/deeper more meaningful lyrics, mind blowing production to accommodated, and a new look to grab attention. Either way i’ll remain a fan but it gets frustrating to see her contemporaries so UNDESERVING surpass her. But im not pressed. All will be as it should soon enough.

  6. Pliss May 19, 2011



  7. danz May 19, 2011

    @ I SEE

    you dont know s***….

    cici all the way

  8. JJFAN1814 May 19, 2011

    Ciara isn’t one hit away …. J.Lo got her “one hit” and still sold how much first week??? Ciara needs reinnovate herself. If Darkchild can create her something hard and edgy like he did for Janet “Feedback”, I’m sure he can give good music to Ciara. She should’ve never left Jazze Pha, that is all.

  9. royalkev May 19, 2011

    Nice! I’m glad he’s there for her. Cici is still amazing on stage! It’s just funny how Darkchild always seems so dedicated to helping everyone else but Brandy. #just saying! …but I hope Cici win!

  10. MISHKA May 19, 2011


    You got it all wrong… Ciara lost it when she tried – or her label forced her- to take the Beyoncé Classic Diva road.

    Ciara is a s*** girl, she doesn’t need to add more. Her best efforts to this date are her urban records: Goodies, 1,2 steps , Like a boy, Get up…

    I’m the ultimate fan of Ci-Ci ‘s in-your-face attitude and when she tries to polish it , it doesn’t work anymore.

    Ci-Ci has her own lane, that sets her apart from the other young ladies who are still looking for their own. I hope she’ll come back. And strong.

  11. K May 19, 2011

    LOL @ “ghetto urban lane” no one is here for that! Wasn’t Basic Instinct, ghetto and urban? And we all know what happened to that. Fact is no one is really checking for her any more, she’s just not interesting. Especially amongst the current leading ladies in the industry right now she pales in comparison. We’ll see how this pans out, but I won’t be surprised if it flops….again.

  12. KENKEN May 19, 2011

    Ciara’s problem is she doesn’t have the right people behind her and she is struggling to establish a musical identity that will allow her to crossover and maintain a solid fan base. Ciara was on the right track after she released the Evolution with the hit single Promise, but afterwards lost her mainstream appeal, partly because of the lack of promotion amongst other things.

  13. MARIAH LAMB 4LIFE May 19, 2011

    0:25 – 0:29

    if, if , if, if, if if


  14. Slay For Cisus May 19, 2011

    DEAD @ the haters CLAIMING Ciara isn’t a superstar. Lets think….my fave had 2 multiplatinum albums Goodies (2004) & The Evolution (2006). took 3…YASSSS THREE years off then FLOPPED in back to back albums. Yet she is STILL signed. Yet STILL has a VERY present fanbase. Yet STILL has VP’s & Executives of different labels on twitter tweeting about wanting to sign her. Yet STILL has this generations TOP producers GAGGING @ the opportunity to serve her. But we’re supposed to listen to the no lifes, bitter lonely & pressed opinions of you? I would LOOOOOOOOOOVE to see Keri, Katy, Rihanna, hell even BEY (which i love) take 3 years off & FLOP in consecutive albums. LMFAOOOO if she ain’t done by now when will you lessors learn SHE AIN’T GOING NOWHERE?!?!? {sips}

  15. LISA May 19, 2011


  16. kevin May 19, 2011


    What about Brandy? You know…the one that put you on the map?

    C’mon, Rodney!

  17. Tami May 19, 2011

    At this point and all Urban record is not going to work to get CiCi headlining stadiums worldwide. She needs urban crossover records and some pop records that make people wanan get up and dance. Why do we hold Ciara to being “urban only” when we don’t do it with Beyonce, Chris Brown, Rihanna or anybody else. This ghetto 808 is so 200 and late and there’s nothing wrong with some of it but she will never get the worldwide recognition she deserves by doing that.

  18. Part Of The Blanco Family May 19, 2011

    Rodney Jerkins repeated ” IFs” 0:25 was total SHADE.
    its all about promotion.. thats all if ciara was would be cool. but ciara went from ONE CHICK. TO A NEW ONE. whereas if u watch Aaliyah, she grew infront of us, she didnt just CHANGE into a prissy,red-carpet fashion diva overnight.. she slowly transitioned.. and so did her music.. Fantasy Ride was released at the wrong time. it shudda been dropped in 2010.. Basic Instinct wudda been a nice folow up to Evolution

  19. YOOSONDALOOSE May 19, 2011


  20. Part Of The Blanco Family May 19, 2011

    just to add. when ciara came out Evolution and Goodies era. SHE WAS HUGE. she was HUGE AS F***. she was head to head with Beyonce it was always Beyonce vs Ciara.. Rihanna wasnt checked on NO SHADE.
    but the tables have turned..
    Its Beyonce VS Gaga VS Rihanna.
    Ciara just needs , new dance moves, new concept,her own style,and quit the hollywood accent and s***. and be herself.
    we loved ciara because she didnt try to be a diva ..she was just that chick we could call up if we wanted to..the chick we could hang with

  21. MadonnaLover May 19, 2011

    Ciara gets too much hate. Thats all I will say.

  22. Mm Hm May 19, 2011

    Nothing about Ciara says superstar potential to me. I think she lacks charisma and that “IT factor” that separates the stars from the basic squirrels tryna get a nut. *shrug* Besides, isn’t her “career” now following behind the Kardashians and trying to get wifed by a basketball player?

  23. Tami May 19, 2011

    Its hard to say she doesnt have superstar potential when she has been there and done that so clearly she does. It’s about putting the material and team behind getting that superstar potential noticed.

  24. LISA May 19, 2011


  25. TresChic May 19, 2011

    Think Ciara has what it takes, but dumbing herself down to be a ghetto chick isn’t going to work, think she was actually going in the right direction with Fantasy Ride, despite the sales being poorer than past albums. Change is everything. She needs to stick to classy/seductive Janet Jackson styles rather than ghetto, street kid.

  26. sluck88 May 19, 2011

    she Def needs something to happen to her music because I heard both fantasy ride and basic instinct.. both albums being 90% garbage at best

  27. Lewis92 May 19, 2011

    CICI ROCKS!!!!

  28. Jinkins May 19, 2011

    Im soo Happyy! Its Great to see that Someone Is Giving her the RIGHT Advice , Cant Wait For Her to Dragg Some Wigs , No shade Thrown 🙂

  29. lala May 19, 2011

    You people are beyond stupid. The only reasons Ciara hasn’t done well is because of bad single choices, little promotion, and label holding her back(if you read her letter). Ciara has the potiental to be bigger than a lot of artist but she has so many setbacks. Nobody is trying to be beyonce she is old as hell which is why her new single is not doing so well so don’t compare them. Ciara just needs ppl who care about her in that industry for real and not just trying to make money fast. She will get it together one day and then everybody will hop back on her bandwagon like a lot of you fake ppl will do.

  30. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie) May 19, 2011

    Ciara lost it because her foray into a more pop sound didn’t work out, opening the door for her contemporaries (Ri, Bey) to pass her by. I don’t know if trying to get that old thing back is going to work for Ci Ci because BI was her attempt to do just that, and most of the fans that bought the first two and even the third album weren’t checking for throwback Ciara on BI.

  31. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie) May 19, 2011


    I understand how her limited promo would be in an issue, in terms of exposure to new fans and markets, but most of the fans that have been riding with her for her past 3 albums didn’t buy BI, and it’s not because they don’t know that BI is on sale.

  32. NICK May 19, 2011

    I agree with him, BUT it is too late-her time is done/2 failed albums? NO MAM let it be!…

  33. JER May 19, 2011

    Her last hit was in 2007! SRS now is not the time to be talking about saving her career. The time was back in 2008. Why did they wait til after the fact to try and save face. SRS. late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ciara’s second album was barely a hit. They ruined her career with those lame ass songs

  34. J May 19, 2011

    Wake up idiots he’s not talking about any random ghetto urban lane, he saying she was one of the firsts to do the CRUNK & B genre. It’s not rocket science my children lol she was the “Princess/1st Lady of Crunk & B” but when she let that vibe go she pretty much fell off.

    Sure, Crunk eventually died out, but she could’ve found a way to incorporate that into her music and then make a transition, and instead she came out with random POP garbage like “Love S** & Magic” that was way out of her league.

    All her major hits were mostly HEAVILY-BASSED infused dance tracks like “Goodies”, “1,2 Step”, “Oh”, “Like A Boy”, “Get Up”, “Lose Control”, etc. She was that chick, and everyone was loving her! She should go back to that type of element not making fast-paced homo songs like “Work” or “Gimme Dat”… js.

  35. Dave May 19, 2011

    May 19, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    Think Ciara has what it takes, but dumbing herself down to be a ghetto chick isn’t going to work, think she was actually going in the right direction with Fantasy Ride, despite the sales being poorer than past albums. Change is everything. She needs to stick to classy/seductive Janet Jackson styles rather than ghetto, street kid.

    May 19, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    You people are beyond stupid. The only reasons Ciara hasn’t done well is because of bad single choices, little promotion, and label holding her back(if you read her letter). Ciara has the potiental to be bigger than a lot of artist but she has so many setbacks. Nobody is trying to be beyonce she is old as hell which is why her new single is not doing so well so don’t compare them. Ciara just needs ppl who care about her in that industry for real and not just trying to make money fast. She will get it together one day and then everybody will hop back on her bandwagon like a lot of you fake ppl will do.

    The end.

    As for Rodney, you sound stupid. Please don’t touch anything on Ciara’s upcoming album. Thanks.

    All Ciara needs to do is make great music, no matter the genre, or demographic, & have a great team/label backing her. The end. She’s what 26? She’s not doing ghetto, hood-chick no more. Get Over it. She had “The Evolution” for a reason. & mind you that wasn’t a ghetto look back then, & it did very well.

  36. Steffon May 19, 2011

    Yeah ok!!!!

  37. Shante go May 19, 2011

    yeah we’ll see about s*** my girl going on vacation…air line gave away $1000 Gift card for anywhere in world..just for giving them our puttin the fam on it..

  38. KAT DELUNA FAN May 19, 2011


  39. JJFAN1814 May 19, 2011

    @KAt Deluna Fan

    No you can’t just do “Pop Music”…

    You have to have a team behind you, you have to have a fanbase….

    Look at J.Lo, “On The Floor” did well and she still sucks a selling albums.

    Ciara needs Rihanna’s producers and management, then she will be back on top.

  40. nikki May 19, 2011

    Ciara and superstar don’t even go together…the problem with Ciara was she steered to far away from what got her here…that Love s** and Magic ( whatever it is) was garbage..she isn’t best singer so she should stick to what she knows ….dancing

  41. Humberto Beltrao May 19, 2011

    I really respect Ciara.

    Her discography is gorgeous and I loved Basic Instinct. The Evolution is the greatest, anyway. xD

    I’m excited for this new project! ♥

  42. Solete May 19, 2011

    I def agree…stay in your lane..her label pushed her too many ways… Goodies and The Evolution were amazing albums and they were her lane…Fantasy Ride was too much…Basic Instinct lacked promotion and she left all the hits off it Shut Em Up Get It Girl…etc those song were Ciara lane but 2k11 version…i hope she gets it together soon…everyone seems to have faith in here industry wise.

  43. SHESDUMB May 19, 2011

    The main “artist” that are scoring hits and popularity are those who have hit songs, and strong voices Such as Rihanna,Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, even kesha has a strong voice even tho she uses auto tune.

    Ciara doesnt have a strong voice, neither is it consistent.She needs a vocal coach, and she needs better writers and better arranged songs that will bring out her vocal abilities better because as of right now in my opinion she cant SING.
    Ciara was only popular during the 2004-2006 era because crunk music was alive, since it has basically died, so has her career.She isnt keeping up with the modern day artist neither is she able to keep up with the later day artist.She isnt competition therefore people arent interested in her=flop album sales and flop singles.

  44. wait…..what? May 19, 2011

    @ YOU’RE DUMB. ^^^^^^^^^^^

    You call what Kesha does singing??? The b**** screams and yodels…WHEN SHE’S NOT RAPPING, WHICH SHE DOES 85% OF THE TIME ANYWAY…BOY BYE.




  45. truciebedford May 19, 2011

    how sad that she has to designated to just “ghetto urban”. There are not enough black ppls buying records or supporting any artists that aren’t rappers. Maybe they should focus more on getting her in more mainstream. That’s where success really is. Not urban. Sorry to say!

  46. Buzz Star May 19, 2011


  47. BLAUW ME BABY May 19, 2011

    She should get teedra moses to write for her. ci can get, ci can get, ci can get it!!!!

  48. Notafanjustsayin May 19, 2011

    I like Ciara. I respect her artistry.

    I think its her label, her team, or whoever is doing the behind the scenes stuff. I live in Atlanta and Ive barely heard her on the radio within the last 4 years. She gets bad promo. People don’t even know she is out. It doesn’t matter whether her last albums were good or bad, they would have sold better if she had better promo. Its not like the artist that are selling have these great masterpieces for albums. They have great promo and great teams behind them.

  49. BIANCADARLING May 19, 2011

    You guys are so wrong …Ciara was popular during a time when hip hop was huge ..Crunk has died and all of the artist who were around at the time such as Lil Jon, Ying Yang twins are gone the only guy who is still making money is Pitbull because he was smart enough to change his sound……..Ciara has to move on the mainstream music and she needs a f****** image….. plain and simple all of these girl who are hot today have hella image ….Ciara has to come out of the past and get with the times if not she will be left back in 2004 with crunk. ……….Rihanna came out as the island girl singing reagge but she changed her image and style of music several times and now she is up there and her appeal is worldwide……Maybe Ciara just isn’t a international superstar……Ciara and Rihanna came out around the same time yet Rihanna has moved past her and she is a lesser dancer why ?????? Because she refused to be locked into anything …Ciara needs to do the same

  50. JER May 19, 2011

    The problem is the label tried to market her as pop after she already had a huge urban fan base then she went running back to them. CIARA CANNOT DO BOTH POP AND R&B. Few artists can do it. BeYAWNce is starting to flop as well because she’s spread herself too thin across audiences. Ciara better from with fire on her next album, it’s her last chance. You can’t have 3 flopped albums in a row or you’ll never be back.. Mariah Carey had Glitter and Charmbracelet….then The Emancipation of Mimi. If it wasn’t a hit, it would have been the end of her!

  51. Notafanjustsayin May 19, 2011

    BIANCADARLING is right

    Her image isn’t strong enough. Its really gray. Not clear, Not distinct enough. And yes the others that are out now all have a very solid image.

    But isn’t that the label and her team’s fault?

  52. therealest May 19, 2011

    ghetto urban 808s???


    CiCi COULD pull it outta the bag but she needs to live and keep up her profile….over the next 2 years. Try different pies…

    She needs to get SOME HOTTTTT as hell tracks out…drop like 1 or 2 mixtapes…..then once she has gained RELEVANT attention she can drop an album….

    Shes a talented girl. I could see her doing something like this;

    Its a shame cos she coulda hit on the ‘barbie’ thing before Nicki MInaj monopolised it……

    This cover was how she should have followed up;****/ciara-r*****-magazine-cover-02.jpg

  53. BrandyNMonicaStan May 19, 2011

    all i have to say is what about Brandy? Rodney you remember Brandy right? The person that gave you your whole career! Damn how soon do we forget smh! And then on top of that you gon sit up here and take a sound that you and she created and give it away?! Where they do at?

  54. GangsterA May 19, 2011

    ummm no she need something new something hot something will make her stand out and i know some ciara stan didn’t say bey have flop albums like are u 4 real a ciara stan 0_o

  55. BIANCADARLING May 19, 2011

    We are living in hard times now we are paying high gas prices, people have lost their homes , unemployment etc …..The reason hip hop is not popular anymore is because people are tired of hearing people f****** brag about what they have bla bla bla ….in 2008 a low point in the economy Lady Gaga changed the direction of music she made light music about dancing having a great time …plus she had this outragous image like a f****** cartoon ….people had a temporary escape from their propblems atleast this is what we want from our superstars these days …..The Gaga effect has carried over in hip hop, pop .etc now Katy Perry ,Rihanna ,Kesha ,Usher and Chris Brown etc rode this larger then life wave much is more about image and inspiring people ……..In order for Ciara to turn her career around she needs to understand the state of the industry and the world . The world is looking for super heros in music to escape their problems , we want to watch kick ass videos on youtube , we want to debate about does Rihanna look good with red hair, we want to talk about why Gaga is wearing a dress out of meat…we want to talk about does Nicki Minaj have a fake booty .. these girls have a image and have a larger then life persona ……. regardless if we like these girls or not they get people talking. ……..Ciara never changed with the times and this is why she was left behind ….she needs to change if she wants to among the Gaga’s and the Riahnna’s again.

  56. Yellow Gorillah May 19, 2011

    *Sighs* Ciara Ciara

    Ok I know people have so much hate for her but I always support the black sister’s. ALL she needs to do is get herself a NEW WIG a new Image and a new SOUND! I’m sorry to say this she needs to go MAINSTREAM! I do not agree she should go FULL rnb if you have not already realised black people Don’t Buy S***! I dooo agree she needs more Urban songs like in her Goodies era I’m sorry her goodies era was the BEST! Evolution was cute but I only liked 3 tracks! She needs urban song’s like Goodies and 1,2 step that can be crossover hit’s and she also need some generic type music I don’t care if you want to be irrelevant you need to have atleast one generic song! she needs to follow the crowd BUT yet add her own lil twist to it.

    BIG example rihanna she came as that island girl but with each album she changed little by little yeees she does pop buts he still has some island sounds in all her albums! that is what ciara needs some HOT music that appeals to all but also some CRUNK songs.. She should have NEVER EVER left jazze Pha people jus don’t listen to me she needs to sort out their problem between them and get him to do some tracks get missy get nicki get chris BOOM! This next album will SAVE or be the Tomb stone of her career you can’t have 3 flopped album!

    I think Ciara has what it takes to join the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna but she needs to sort herself out get a GREAT team you need a team that you can trust and that they back you in your projects because marketing is important,

    And YHHHH What about Brandy SMH How he gone leave brandy like that after all they been through he needs to get his mind right and go make some tracks with brandy they are perfect for each other!!

  57. VA STAND UP!! May 19, 2011

    Well, I think it’s great that she is not giving up and having producers speak out for her but I feel like we have heard this before. They fed us this same story last album and we know how that did. Working with producers that she has worked with before may be a good start. But honestly, that is no guarantee for succeess either. Having good material is only a portion of what makes an album sell. Promo is a majority of it and her promo from ‘Basic Instinct’ era was wack! She herself also looked like she could give a damn the entire time when she should have been promoting her ish.

    Like several people have pointed out, that ‘hood urban crunk style’ she had when she first started isn’t hot anymore. It was just a phase, just like all this dance pop music is now. I can’t see her having much success if she goes back to that. When she tried those styles with her last two albums she had a lil success but the albums still flopped. ‘Never Ever’ did a lil something on the urban charts but ‘Fantasy Ride’ still flopped. ‘Ride’ was a hit on the urban charts & then ‘Basic Instinct’ still flopped. That style of music only appealyed to her urban audience and that audience clearly didn’t support her at all. She even did a mixtape to help push it but that didn’t get any buzz either.

    Two flops albums back to back is hard to come back from! Music & promo is a good start, but she is gonna need a lot more than that. I’m rooting for her cause everyone likes a good come back story, I mean look at Breezy (but then again CB only had 1 flop album that was based off a personal scandal & he came HARD with his material) . Ciara can possibly pull it off but she is really gonna have to bring it! Good luck…but I feel like she are running out of luck.

  58. loumorgan May 19, 2011

    All i have to say about this is..
    when someone’s career is starting to fade at 24
    one needs to take other directions try other things
    i don’t know maybe she could have a different carrer as an actress
    for a while and then come back to music if she want to
    or try to GRADUATE for once!!! if she can…

    I thing thge industry needs more diversity..
    Ciara is the perfect example of the artist
    who is always the same… the music is the same the look is the same
    and you wonder why people wo’t buy the album?? i’m not gonna buy two same
    albums in a row just because she dances better in the other video;;;; pfffffff boring

    that’s my opinion … excuse my english.. i’m french.. LMAO

    follow me on twitter #loumorgan1

  59. Qiana May 19, 2011

    It’s funny because I was on YouT. watching Ciara music videos right before I came over to this site. Ciara is the best female performer from this generation & everybody in that industry knows it. She can sing dance and create great memorable music videos, everybody knows that aswell. People hate on her because in their hearts they know that she is better than the jacker they stan for. She dont have to sing like Mariah, all she gotta do is keep doing Ciara because that is what she does WELL. And I agree, with the proper team & promo this woman can soar to amazing heights & live out her dreams. I like Ci because she is original & at the same time she pays homage to her inspirers. Theres no reason for her not to be successful because she oozes talent & if folks would stop ACTING like she doesnt and stop shading her then the right energy can start to build instead of the negative energy which is created by the ones who dont wanna give her the respect she has earned & deserves. She is the ultimate performer & there is not another arstist from this generation who is betta, and thats a fact. The hate needs to stop so that TRUE talent can reign and not popularity & nekkidness…

  60. mobwife May 19, 2011

    Like it or not what he said was absolutely correct! There are only a handful of artists who can vacillate between genres (see Chris Brown, Beyonce, Justine Timberlake etc)! Others gain great success by STAYING IN THEIR LANE!! Build a movement from within. Ciara has the ability to be quite successful. No one can really do what she can do (dance wise). Combine that with solid vocals and she will rise again IMO!!

  61. Ciana May 19, 2011

    get back with Jazze Pha and Missy Elliot Ciara or your career will be dead forever!!!!! shes not a pop artist CLEARLY so stop trynna cross over.her best albums are Goodie and the Evolution stick with it or get lost!

  62. mobwife May 19, 2011

    @VA STAND UP!!

    I agree with almost everything you said but the Breezy reference. Graffiti was EPIC it was just blacklisted. I technically don’t call a CD that was purposefully banned a flop! The “powers that be” went out of their collective way to stop the sell of that CD! A flop CD is one that had a fair chance of succeeding but based on its own merit did not (see Bionic, DeAndre’s Way, Basic Instinct)! I do however understand your overall point! Her problem is pretty much what you stated. The quality of her music is not what it was. Label issues aside, I was not feeling her new vibe!! I look forward to seeing what she does with Darkchild!!

  63. mobwife May 19, 2011

    May 19, 2011 at 7:40 pm
    …..The Gaga effect has carried over in hip hop, pop .etc now Katy Perry ,Rihanna ,Kesha ,Usher and Chris Brown etc rode this larger then life wave *****************************

    REALLY? “The Gaga Effect”???… O_0…..

  64. X,Y,”and Z” May 20, 2011

    What happened to HER FANS..?!

    THAT’S the pertinent question..!! Y’all (Ciara fans) should have been requesting her music – ’24/7/365′, if y’all didn’t have the wherewithal to buy her CD.

    And NOW?..
    Well, now “The Industry” is pushing, 30-something-year-old ‘photoshopped-to-no- end’ Kelly Rowland, to come for and TAKE Ciara’s place. Y’all have got to ask y’allselves – “what does a 30-something-year-old – WHO CAN’T SING, NOR DANCE – can NOW “bring to the game?”

    If y’all ‘Ciara fans’ can get rid of 30-something-year-old No-Talent Kelly Rowland, then, at the very least, y’all will force “The Industry” to turn again back to the only “cute” chocolate girl. Let’s be real: this is what/how they’re pushing her as, AND MORE IMPORTANT – that’s who they HOPE will buy her CD.

    Oh, and as I’ve said – Kelly Rowland does NOT like Black Men. She said “Orlando Bloom, and men who look like him, are T-H-E most attractive men on earth” <– 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland's exact very-own words..!!

    If Ciara's fans are serious, we can form an alliance (of sorts), y'all "help us with Drake," we'll help y'all get rid of Ciara's rival – 30-something-year-old ZERO-Talent X-Back-up singer Kelly Rowland!

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT..!

  65. credits May 20, 2011

    @kevin Your right!!!! What about Brandy? but apparently their relationship isn’t all that great now a days since human dropped. It was mentioned on her reality show.

    Alot of people keep bringing up ciara’s fan base. Where were the fans when the album came out?

  66. credits May 20, 2011

    @X,Y and z

    Kelly can sing.

  67. Hope it works May 20, 2011

    This chick is done, over, bye bye. She wouldn’t be like that if her so called fans supported her. She has to do something to generate FANS. No fans no career. No matter who she signs with or who produces for her if people are not feeling her she will flop again. Look at Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Rhi Rhi, they are on top because of their fans even if some of you claim they are no talented

  68. Dragon May 20, 2011

    Stick a fork in dis bish cuz she iz dun.

  69. Dragon May 20, 2011

    And LOL Rodney Jerkins of all producers is your ‘comeback’ guy?

  70. TheGoodies May 20, 2011

    damn, so much hate. as much as i love urban Ci-Ci, that ship has sailed. shes a grown ass woman. that ghetto sound is dead. she needs to get with it. if you want to make it big, you have t sel out. thats the truth. run this world is flopping because urban sound is dead. she needs o do more fantay ride and less basic instincts. she needs t rebuild her fanbase, do more than just BET.

  71. bey’knight brutal May 20, 2011

    b single isnt doin well cus she doin somn dif n experimental, i dnt think she expects it to go number 1. how’s she old at 29? she performs better now than 15 years ago

  72. B**** PLEASE May 20, 2011


  73. Amer May 20, 2011

    Ciara shuld change her team totally! love her but i got feelin that they just wanna shut her down,but no Ci is soo much bigger than that<3

  74. remmy May 20, 2011

    As someone said above me she should just bow out gracfully…she is gonna ruin eveything she built…years from now she will be the one that sold less than soulja boy…instead of that girl that danced her a** off (she won’t be a legend or icon but she can at least bow out gracefully)

  75. listen hear May 20, 2011

    you need to get a life i See before you get stab just because you Ar e not famous don’t talk about someone eles

  76. lola May 20, 2011

    I agree with another comment that said MOVE ON PEOPLE! Face it, CERROR’s manly ass is done and over with! She’s had 2 flopping albums that weren’t even close to going GOLD (Fantasy Ride and Basic Instinct) and 1 album that only went platinum (Evolution). She got lucky at a time when Crunk & B was in, especially with mainstream and then fell off from there. I’m sick and tired of her dumb ass, delusional stans thinking that she can make it. This b**** is 25 years old and still hasn’t accomplished half the things that females who came after her or started getting success after she came out, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kesha, and Lady Gaga have! Her music is so damn ghetto, shallow, and sexually explicit. She can’t do pop because it doesn’t fit her voice or style, and that ghetto R&B aint working. Only Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown can do REAL R&B and get success with it. She needs to get married to that rich basketball player she’s with a be a homemaker.

  77. irene46 May 20, 2011

    ciara is one of the best examples of how mediocrity can trump true talent.

    she’s one of the best on the dance floor. she’s not the best singer outside the studio but neither are rihanna, katy perry, ke$ha and certainly better than the no singing no dancing robotic britney spears! she’s as good as most of these and better than some!

    how she flops and others faaar less talented get over is beyond me. but if britney’s record company can keep investin’ dollars and hype in her talentless a$$, caira’s company can give ciara more than a chance!

  78. antonio May 21, 2011

    I wish people would really open their eyes and see the factors that led to her last 2 albums not selling well.
    Fantasy Ride was a very good album. There were several songs on that album that could’ve been huge hits like High Price, Echo, I’m On, Pucker Up, Turntables, When I, Like a Surgeon, Work, Tell Me What Your Name Is and Keep Dancin’ on Me, but these were the factors that led to it flopping:
    1. Go Girl was an okay song/single, really just an album cut, but the video was hot, and it was only released to urban radio stations.
    2. Never Ever should not have been a single at all
    3. Love S** Magic was a good song/single, the video was really hot, but we all know it was only released because JT was on it
    4. Nearly every song on FR leaked like 3 or 4 months before the album was released
    5. The Super C persona recieved too many comparisons to Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce, even though Ciara has been calling herself Super C since like 2006
    6. The promotion/marketing started in the end of April, like 3 weeks before the album was released, so it didn’t create a enough buzz to block the fact the entire album had already leaked
    Now on to Basic Instinct. It was also a very good album. Songs like Gimmie Dat, Ride, Yeah I Know, Turn It Up, Heavy Rotation and I Run It could’ve all been really big hits but
    1. Ride should not have been the first single, it should’ve been Gimmie Dat or Turn It Up
    2. The video to Ride was banned and it was only released to Urban radio stations
    3. Speechless was chosen over Gimmie Dat as the 2nd single
    4. Speechless, which should not have been a single, was only released a digital download
    5. The video to Gimmie Dat was released a month before it was released as a single
    6. Gimmie Dat was removed from all radio formats
    7. Promotion/marketing started the week before the album was released
    8. The Jive dropping Ciara scandal ruined any chances of Turn It Up and You Can Get It being the 4th and 5th singles
    Come on people please in 2011 #GETSMART

  79. An0thrDream May 21, 2011

    I think ciara is an extremely versatile artist. So many unreleased songs are SHOULD have been hits! Since Fantasy ride – High Price, Work, Like a Surgeon – to Basic Instinct – Gimmie Dat, You can Get it, Turn it up, I run it.

    She’s been under a crappy label that invests too much money in acts such as Britney + Usher . Her label pushed the wrong singles out for her.

    Ciara can pull off Ghetto Urban – Goodies, 1 2 step, Oh
    Ciara can pull of R&B – Promise, Like a Surgeon, You can get it, I run it
    Ciara can pull of Pop – Love S** Magic, Work, Turntables

    She has EVERYTHING IT TAKES to make it to SUPERstardom

    Ciara just needs a label that can provide+fully support her with everything she needs

    Promo + Exposure + Videos + Tour + Television + Creative freedom

    Something JIVE took away from her for the past 4 years!

  80. Jeremai June 8, 2011

    Let me address the haters real quick ok…number one… Ciara has the potential to be a Super star the only thing she needs to do is hook up with the right label and producers who are going to give her the VIP promotion she deserves she has some really good songs that weren’t released on her albums that should have been she can dance and she has her own vocal lane…and she didn’t sell her soul to the devil! she is s*** and talented…there u go… Ciara will return to her top spot..

  81. KO November 20, 2011

    So true, KO feels that Rodney Jerkin comment might be worth exploring. Ciara is the bomb artist- very well rounded and progressive. 2 me she is Janet all over again, but for the 21st century. If anybody can resurrect her career it’s the Dark Child.

  82. coolness December 5, 2012

    First off, I love me some CiCi. But where I have a problem is her lack of gowth as an artist and image. True she’s a better entertainer than some of her peers but they’ve been able to carve a niche for themselves and succeed. For this new album, she should opt for more meaningful songs with a bit of pop kinda R&B sound not the urban ghetto. Plz she’s a 27 year old WOMAN. She don’t need to do that. As for dancing. more variation. Why Promise is seen as her best song to date because everything about it showed artistic progression. From it’s Prince inspired sound to the dark and sensuous video that highlighted slow bump n’ grind moves (very different from her more aggressive predecessors). In general, I want to see Ciara actually Evolutionise on this album and not claim to do so like on her sophomore effort.

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