Missy Elliott Talks ‘Nicki Minaj / Lil Kim’ Beef With MTV *Updated With Video*

Published: Thursday 20th Sep 2012 by Rashad


Much to fan delight, ‘Work It’ rapstress Missy Elliott is definitely back hard at work promoting her latest gems ‘9th Inning’ and ‘Triple Threat’.

Already guesting BET’s ‘106 & Park’, the Virginian femcee made her way over to MTV to visit ‘RapFix’ to share the good news of her return.

As ever, despite being plagued with questions on the Drake/Aaliyah debacle, Elliott was also greeted with her thoughts on the ever-hyped beef between fellow femcees Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim.  While one who has career-long evaded beef, the ‘Hot Boys’ hitmaker has always been one to speak her mind.

Read her thoughts below:

Via HipHopWired:
“I felt like that situation divided us,” says Elliott speaking on the Minaj/Kim beef.

“Lil Kim is my sister. I’ve known her for years, and I’d never turn my back on her.”

“There’s enough room for everybody,” she added. “I wanna see everybody get it. I love to see women just have their own. You watch the guys do it all the time, they go out on the road with each other. Go on and get that money.”

“You don’t have to like somebody—just respect,” she added. “Once we get that, everybody I think will be great. I wish I could wave some kind of wand and make it happen, but I also am not in that situation to make it happen, to say do this and do that. I haven’t been in that situation to know what that is.”

 “I try to support everybody—past, present, and future. I love my peers. Lil’ Kim is my sister, Eve is my sister, Trina, Roxanne Shanté, Salt-N-Pepa, Queen Latifah, Monie Love…Anybody that know me, know that I show love. We just gotta respect each other.”

***Video may not be viewable in all countries***

Elliott’s thoughts come shortly after news that Lil’ Kim is set to feature on her new album.

Your thoughts?

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  1. RomanNavi September 19, 2012

    Ok but her comeback singles are borderline falling out of the itunes chart. Cool

    • Monstarebel September 19, 2012

      Gur u ain’t Neva lied that s*** is wack cake like GaGa is better lmao

      • FAF September 21, 2012

        F****** DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. TEALILKIM September 19, 2012


    • ENOUGH ONIKA September 19, 2012

      Yet you rep Kim??? #Dead

      • ImMadAsHell September 19, 2012

        But Kim loves Missy, I don’t think this person is a true Kim fan.

        Anyway as long as I know what up with Kim being blackballed in the industry right now.

        I just hope she doesn’t end up dead for specking her mind about the industry & YM because they are paying people to distance themselves from Kim.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA September 19, 2012

        Kim picked a lot of fights though due to her insecurities with other female rappers. If she learned to just focus on HERSELF and stop trying to respond to everyone who says her name, she’d be in a better position today. The rap game is dirty, full of sh*t talking and fake gangsters, so why let it bother you if you making money?? If YM did’t work out, okay move on! Your FANS are whats important, not going on every interview to address in 30 year old mentally unstable glorified freak show Onika, she won’t last long anyway.

    • Monstarebel September 19, 2012


      • ImMadAsHell September 19, 2012

        I know you aint laughing somebody that is a fan od unoriginal & a clown like Nicki.

    • MaZ September 20, 2012

      And F*** your big trash Mouth B****!

  3. Jayla September 19, 2012

    Who gives a s***, Just make your music, let them h*** beef it out if that’s their prerogative.

  4. Dane September 19, 2012

    These comments from the two loser are dumb….and it shows their age….

  5. ENOUGH ONIKA September 19, 2012

    Menstralrebel better not bring his fairy tale dust, tinker bell, queen ass on this Missy post..

    • Monstarebel September 19, 2012

      Lol pressed? why am I even on your mind baby?

      • ENOUGH ONIKA September 19, 2012

        I just got out the gym and saw your comment and don’t you ever call me baby you gay queen. I just know your “pressed” ass is always on a Missy post YET you don’t like her. I don’t even check on a post if it’s solely about Nicki, why? Because I DON”T LIKE HER so I don’t comment. Why do you come here if your not going to support her or give constructive criticism and just call her out her name?? Get a life or end it, no one cares either way.

  6. Hmm September 19, 2012

    Y’all need to chill.

    Missy isn’t speaking solely about Kim and Nicki, but using them as examples. Women in general get at each other’s throats for NOTHING! In a world where female rappers don’t get much respect, support and attention, the LAST thing we need is for two of our female artists in the game to be battling it out. Missy speaks the #TRUTH.

    • I AM NOXEEMA JACKSON September 20, 2012

      Since Nicki clearly ain’t about that unity life..I say Missy, Latifah, Kim, Monie, Trina and all the other female rap vets do a song together, and leave Nicki’s ass out of it. Boom.

      • FAF September 21, 2012

        Nicki BEEEEN united w/ foxy where have u been, ugly?

  7. MC September 19, 2012

    Wise words! The media LOVES to create drama and these women just fall right into the trap. Why can’t they all succeed and all be hot at the same time? MC, Madonna, Whitney, Celine, Janet, etc all were successful in the 90s at the same time. MJ and Prince co-existed and both managed to be successful without hating/feuding. I don’t know why they just can’t all be successful at the same time without unnecessary drama.

    • TROR September 19, 2012

      MJ and Prince never liked each other and while they may not have made music dissing each other, they did from time to time throw jabs at each other behind the scenes.

      • MC September 19, 2012

        Regardless, what I mean is that they all gave quality music and focused on their products/music rather than some silly quarrel. And what is amazing is that they were both really successful at the same time period and both managed to be hot at the same time. Nowadays, its a few “hot” people not a vast array of people from different genres, if you get my drift.

      • Umm September 20, 2012

        They didn’t dislike each other. In fact Prince was supposed to be on “bad” but he said he wouldn’t want to go up against Michael in a song…

      • FAF September 21, 2012

        because Kim is an insecure FLOP!!! Next>>>

  8. MsThing485 September 19, 2012

    I would prefer Missy to not bother commenting on that nonsense. Not only is it beneath her, it’s beneath me.

    • I AM NOXEEMA JACKSON September 20, 2012

      Lmfao then why did you bring your ass on this post, gal?

      • FAF September 21, 2012


  9. BENNIT September 19, 2012


  10. bibi93 September 19, 2012

    Missy is a true artist!!

  11. Monstarebel September 19, 2012

    Missy gur ima need you to worry about ya self and get that music together sweetie…

  12. Trace September 19, 2012

    I don’t like or respect Nicki, but I never bother to spend too much time pondering her because I can see that she’s simply a cartoonish flavor of the month/of-the-moment pop act. By this time next year, we won’t even still be talking about her.

    • Rugby Jay September 19, 2012

      ^ the haters said this last year. guess what? she is still here.

      • ImMadAsHell September 19, 2012

        Yeah, but why is her 2nd cd struggling to move units like platinum. After 5 months and she still not platinum. & Nicki suppose to be in her prime.

    • opd2 September 20, 2012

      did,t you and others say that 3 years ago,and she still here,if you naysayers had anything to do with her she would be out of the game along time ago,so stay there with you negative sh-t year in year out,nicki will still be here and go out when she feels like on her own terms.

      • FAF September 21, 2012

        It doesnt matter what her 2nd cd is struggling to do f**, its certified PLATINUM! The RE-Up is coming! Hold ur wig, F*****

  13. Oh? September 19, 2012

    Why are people still asking celebs about the Lil’ Kim & Nicki beef? It’s BEEN over with and the whole situation has gotten ANNOYING! I see neither ladies at each other’s throat at the moment so… and why would anyone ask Missy? Everyone knows her & Kim have been loyal to each other for many years and have each other’s backs. I’m hear for that party record that Missy, Kim, and Eve have coming though.

  14. ImMadAsHell September 19, 2012

    I just want to say I’m hope Missy comeack is successful because there’s alot of fuckery going on right now in the industry.

  15. truth(i DRAAAAGGS nicki stans to liberate them from her poison u FUNKY b****) September 19, 2012

    WHAT THE F*** IS THAT SUPPOSE TO MEAN SAM???!!! HUH?! U put that last sentence there to daaaamn imply the Missy takn Kim side because she puttin out new Music u sissy!! THAT FUNKY B**** u stan for need to so sum mutha fuckn R.E.S.P.E.C.T. chile.

  16. Personna G September 19, 2012

    For that person that said missy elliot is fat…she is not, and even if she was who cares. she do have Graves disease so he weight always fluctuates, you need to research a person before you open your mouth to say negative things.

    To the person that said she need to work on her music, she is working on her music and she is also still song writhing for other artist. She can take how ever long of a brake she want’s, just know that when she come back out her s*** wont sound like anything on the radio.

  17. Jayde September 19, 2012

    I wish all of you who leave these negative comments could learn how to spell at least one word in your lifetime. No one will ever take your serious. Talk all the s*** you want, just remember. Thats all it is, s*** talking. Grow up and get a real Hobby. This is a music blog for comments, not stupidity and ignorance. Keep the dumb s*** to yourself, or continue to sound like an Idiot. Your choice!!

  18. the real xoxo September 20, 2012

    are people still talking about this? let me explain the beef in short –
    nicki dissed kim from 2003-now.
    nicki slowly turned into a lil kim clone from around 2008 – now.
    Kim lyrically slaughtered Nicki on “Black Friday”, harder than every diss track nicki has put out.
    Nicki comes back with trash,
    kim wins.
    the end.

    • Umm September 20, 2012

      Really, it’s ppl like you who keep the beef going. you’re a Kim fan you dislike that Nicki has easily rose to fame and you don’t feel as though she deserves her success. I like both but this isn’t Kim’s first time having beef with another female rapper so who’s to say she didn’t start this and all the other ones she’s been in before?

      • msteefromdc September 20, 2012


  19. Ain’t Playing Witchu September 20, 2012

    That’s why I love Missy. Females can be catty all on their own, they don’t like someone they feel like its their mission to tear them down. Add fame/money/and power to it and its no wonder you see some of the goofy s*** you do.

    I’m amazed by all these new female rappers that come out that IMMEDIATELY take shots. Like Azealia Banks…why not just come out, make your music and if someone does something DIRECTLY to you take it up with them.

    Instead its “I don’t like your style.” “You looked at me funny” “I think you just threw shade” And we wonder why there’s ONLY ever like 5 female rappers at a time compared to hundreds and hundreds of male rappers.

    F*** that. Women need to work together and conquer. We may not all like eachother…like Missy said….but respect. Because any s*** you can say about ONE of these chicks you can say about the OTHER.

  20. BLACK MADONNA September 20, 2012


  21. ., September 20, 2012

    No wonder Kim will always be Kim and never takes responsibility for her actions,look at almost all the comments on here,nicki this nicki that she did this she did that,because of her in kims lane the reason this happens to kim,i bet if kim breaks a nail and her fans and media hears about it nicki would get the blame for that too,nicki isn,t in kims lane it,s just and excuse to fuel the hate some people have for her….look missy is being so positive up there and even so this post just got so negative all the kim fans is just flinging blame some is even going in on here,like she should have disrespect nicki,like you either against nicki are f-ck off no neutral,w-tf,this is so crazy i am a Nicki fan and i would love to see kim and nicki work on another track even though i am no fan of kim i have no prob with her,why all this hate coming from her fans…i know nicki fans talk cr-p sometimes usual in the defense of nicki…but kim fans expecially the hard core stans,they just randomly go to a nicki post and attack all her fans with the must disgusting curse word in the book you can tell from the comments it,s straight up hate-despise,and the thing is most of kim fans are grown @ss people and most of nicki fans is from the youngest-20,s and early 30, you all got to do better,this beef bin dead for a mine but mean and people is keeping it alive,it,s like no one wants to see kim and nicki cool and that is so f-cking sad we all know that both of them have a huge f-cking Ego thats why people is playing on that,both fan base needs to just chill and let it rest.

  22. Dave September 20, 2012

    I think the Issue is Sam is pressed & delusional. He wants to keep hitting us over the head that it’s all Kim’s fault, & completely ignore what Nicki actually did to get Kim to the point that she “was” at. I don’t blame Kim. If Kim wants to not like Nicki for the rest of her career, so be it. The Chick threw blatant shade @ Kim since 03. Before she was even known, she made a diss at Kim where she specifically said “KIM.” If you wanna throw shade at somebody, do it with facts. Don’t try to shift people’s mind’s by twisting Missy word’s against Kim. Just stop. It’s sad Kim isn’t doing anything musically & never released that EP (ploy or not). It’s sad Kim never released “Looks Like Money” & hasn’t mentioned anything of it, but she will not take all the blame for the Nicki beef. Actually she takes none of it. She reacted, not triggered or started it. Any person being disrespected on that level would, put yourself in her shoes as a human being. & at that being a legend/icon. That’s the issue now, the Legends/Icons are cosigning these newbee’s & the newbee’s get all reckless & think they can just talk to anybody just anyhow.

  23. Keepwinning September 21, 2012

    Thank u missy!! Instead of complaining bout being hot @ moment u make an album & put ur skills where ur mouth is. Finally another smart money go getter female!!!! Ameeenn!!!!!!!

  24. B**** September 21, 2012

    Random: have yall noticed (not the delusional ones) but when ever a Female rapper is planning a comeback they talk bout Nicki? O_o

  25. B**** September 21, 2012

    Missy is queen!!! Lil kim fans make me laugh tho cus They come up with fake album sales Missy is the most successful female rapper!! Nicki is doing pretty good (4mil albums sold with just 2 and she is the time albums aint selling) stop hating and get a life

  26. Arie September 21, 2012

    Missy and Kim are the most successful because they came out at the time when being a female MC meant your music was really played in the US. Nicki came out in the internet age so she is obviously gonna sell more records because she is the only female MC that is currently being promoted by the Media. Nicki is also using the same marketing strategy that was used to promote Beyonce where everybody else was ask about her and knowing that nobody will say anything bad because they are afraid to be labelled as haters.

    • Lightning September 22, 2012

      Your are extremely dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over the years music has declined Big stars are selling less!! Albums aren’t selling as much as it use to anymore what are you talking bout? When kim and missy came out albums Peaked at #96 but still went plat today you sell 34k then you in the top 10… Nicki is in the tough era and for her to sell 4mil albums so far is amazing Stop being delusional get your s*** together People talk s*** bout nicki all the time what you talking bout the girl broke records give it to her

  27. fan September 21, 2012

    Missy never mentioned foxy brown?

  28. Shaquille September 24, 2012

    to all yo nicki minaj or lil kim fans out their everybody has their own opinion but it dont mean that yor right its just what you think they both had good careers nicki minaj career is jst a lil bit btter because theres new technology and all that but dont be mad biggie was tryna tell lil kim to do the things that nicki minaj is doin today but she was stuck up and didnt care what nobody said so now shes mad that nicki minaj is doing it but akk u got to say is guess who won the grammy for best female rapper of the year it was Nicki minaj and lil kim didnt even get nominated so there you have it

  29. b**** shut up October 19, 2013

    when Chris brown came out reminding people of Michael Jackson it was cool but… it would have been a problem if he was dissing Michael while copying his style and rocked the glove and silver socks lol nicky rocked that s*** like she was the first pitch who did it and all at the same time of dissing Kim u got barber gear on looking like Kim in the 90’s coming at Kim neck that’s where the problem started

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