Watch: Madonna To Lady Gaga: ‘Imitation Is the Highest Form of Flattery’

Published: Sunday 16th Sep 2012 by Rashad


While still at war with fellow diva Elton John, Queen of Pop Madonna is still finding time to make digs at pop princess Lady Gaga.

As fans long know, the ‘Vogue’ hitmaker notoriously referenced Gaga as being ‘reductive’ in her ‘Born This Way’ spin on Madge’s 1989 hit ‘Express Yourself’ – later claiming its the 2011 track was inspired by Whitney Houston.

A statement which led the pop icon to include a thinly veiled attack to her young counterpart by performing a ‘She’s Not Me/Express Yourself/Born This Way’ mash-up in her own show.

Last night, at a stop in Atlantic City on her highly successful ‘MDNA World Tour’, Madge dedicated a performance of the Golden Globe-winning song ‘Masterpiece’ (from ‘W.E.’) and sent the crowd into a frenzy when she made this announcement:


Start at 5:58-6:45:

If Madonna was being serious about a pending collabo with Gaga has obviously yet to be seen, however, given Madge’s incessant references of the ‘Poker Face’ performer, we are sure it’s sarcasm.  Gaga, if at fault or not, has continuously been mum about the situation, while her older counterpart has only made herself seem that much more pressed at the occasion.

Yes, we get it…but after 3000th mention, it just makes Madonna look desperate for attention.  A trait some will argue has been the case her entire career (see: slams of Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Cher, etc), but ironically has never been a necessity.  Both stars are on sold-out world tours with Madge’s being forecast to be the best-selling of any solo act in history.

Aren’t the days for intentional courting of catty attention done?  Either way, tell us:

Would you like to see a Madonna/Lady Gaga collaboration?

Your thoughts?

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    • MC September 16, 2012

      Sam, baiting the stans?

      • Lax September 16, 2012

        Yep we know and are Hipped to the going Ons.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 17, 2012

        OMG! You’re eithiopian?????????????????????????

        I am toooooooooooooooo!

        (but from my dad, my moms Jamacian)

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 16, 2012

      AW , you love bob ?!!!!!!!

      me too 😀

      • MC September 16, 2012

        Of course! Who doesn’t? 😀

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 16, 2012

        I don’t know anyone who’s not a big fan of his , I’m one of them myself !

      • MC September 16, 2012

        Well, we Ethiopians love Bob Marley like he loved us. He thought that the Emperor of Ethiopia Halie Selassie I as Christ….

    • AmbeRussell September 16, 2012

      anyone can tell she is mainly doing this for her fans, duh! her wants want her to to hate gaga, they “live” for that, so she feeds into that and shades gaga bc her fans want to hear that. you hear how her fans SCREAMED when she said immitation, it maybe “bitter” or whatever, but as gaga keeps pushing the question away, madonna will keep putting the obvious out there.
      Amberussell on youtube

      • mobwife: 2Wicky September 17, 2012

        No, I could careless if she likes Gaga or not. I simply don’t like the way the world – aka the media – has tried to replace Madonna with Gaga. Madonna has a 20 some odd long career, Gaga is an infant in comparison. Gaga needs to be more orginal and stop the Madonna copy especially when she clams to be inspired by Whitnay Houston…LOL 🙂

  1. Lax September 16, 2012

    Madonna is the is the Legend and GaGa will keep right
    on Striving to be just as Big and it would be so Nice if we
    all could learn to just get along! No Man or Woman is a
    Island and it still takes a Village to raise a child, Therefore
    let There Be Peace In The Valley For Them all, …

    • kingbey/rihanna September 16, 2012


    • Lax September 16, 2012

      Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Some have certain One’s they want to Achieve and Others they wish would fall by the
      way side. But REMEMBER People what God has for all of Us not only the Artist/Entertainers is for Us, and the Devil In Hell
      can not and will not Be able to Beat us Out Of It, you can take that to the Bank, Real Talk! You can talk all the Trask Talk yo
      b*** can Muster and those who have got the Lord’s Blessings will still Achieve and do Well, Hide and Watch!
      Maddon and Gaga Have Both Achieved many Accolades and will Achieve more Accolades as Time goes on so hey let them make that $$$$$$$ Ain’t nobody mad at either of them, Let them both/all keep right on making that $$$$$$$$$$$$…

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 16, 2012

      where have you Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen ?!!!

      *gives u a hug*

      • Lax September 16, 2012

        Out of the country, i am Baaaaaaaaaack, so let the
        Parties began. Where is the RIHANNNNNNNNNN
        Post, dammmmmmmm “That Grape” Can’t yall
        find something SALACIOUS AND SCANDLOUSSS
        To Post On Rih Rih< Hopefully By This Time Tomorrow we
        will have a New SCANDAL or Something Rih did and had her top Button up to her Chin that the HATERS can throw Rocks, and claw and paw RIHANNA to their Hearts content.
        The also You all do REALIZE that Many of us have Jobs/School to take care off, Right!

      • Lax September 16, 2012

        And these Words APPLY to all of Us…
        Young, Old, Blind Cripple and Crazy….
        Everything must change
        Nothing stays the same
        Everyone will change
        No one stays the same

        The young become the old
        And mysteries unfold
        ‘Cause that’s the way of time
        Nothing and no one goes unchanged

        There are not many things in this life
        That you can be sure of
        Except the rain comes from the clouds
        The sun lights up the sky
        And hummingbirds do fly

        Winter turns to spring
        A wounded heart will heal
        But never much too soon
        Yes, everything will change.
        Real Talk…

      • Lax September 16, 2012


        Cause there are not many things in this life
        That you can be sure of
        Except the rain comes from the clouds
        The sun lights up the sky
        And hummingbirds do fly

        Winter turns to spring
        A wounded heart will heal
        But never much too soon
        Yes, everything must change

        There are not many things in this life
        That you can be sure of
        Except the rain comes from the clouds
        The sun lights up the sky

        The rain comes from the clouds
        The sun lights up the sky
        The rain comes from the clouds
        The sun lights up the sky
        And music, sweet music, makes me cry

        Everything will change
        As RIHANNA Sing’s “Watch N Learn”!

    • AmbeRussell September 16, 2012

      11:56:51 PM:

      anyone can tell she is mainly doing this for her fans, duh! her wants want her to to hate gaga, they “live” for that, so she feeds into that and shades gaga bc her fans want to hear that. you hear how her fans SCREAMED when she said immitation, it maybe “bitter” or whatever, but as gaga keeps pushing the question away, madonna will keep putting the obvious out there.
      Amberussell on youtube

  2. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 16, 2012



    • Lax September 16, 2012

      But we already know that there’s no party like a
      RIHANNA Party RIH’S parties has the right drinks, music
      and a CLASSY Guess List that goes from the higher Ups
      to the Hood & Getto Crowd,,,Welfare Queens,,lmao

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 16, 2012

        Looolz , You are so missed , do not leave us again 😉

      • Lax September 16, 2012

        @POP ROYALTY Okay and i am as busy as all get out training new Officers but i am going to Take me two sets of My Handcuff’s and Handcuff That Blue,,,,Clown to that Short Bus ASAP….
        I am going to Handcuff Blue’s…Hands and Legs TO that Short Bus,, Blue is always trying to Let The World Know how dang Smart He/She is. Blue is trying to be like the NAVY because we TAPPPPPPPPPS ASSSES and take names Usually on all of the Rih Post, if we are able to.

  3. christinastherealtalent September 16, 2012

    There would be no Gaga if there was no Madonna.

    • Lax September 16, 2012

      Yea i heard that and RIHANNA put the R in ROCK!

  4. kingbey/rihanna September 16, 2012

    I dont actually understand maddona probs with gaga wen gaga 1st came out she was praising her i dont think gaga ever denied madge is her biggest influence madge already cemented her legacy no need for her to shade lady gaga all the time

    • ADC143 September 16, 2012

      Everyone has influences. But no one should try to BE who they were inspired by. Britney, Christina (although Christina went through her wanting to be Mariah phase), Pink, Gwen and Fergie also cited Madonna as their influences/role models…and yet when I look at them, I (usually) don’t see them trying so hard to BE her the way Gaga does.

      The problem today is that too many pop stars are OVERWHELMED by their idols and want so bad to BE today’s version of what they were yesterday. Trey wants to be R. Kelly…Keyshia wants to be Mary…Nicki wants to be Kim…Chris wants to be Michael…Gaga wants to be Madonna. It’s lame. There’s a difference between being “influenced by” and swagger jacking.

      • Lax September 16, 2012

        @ADC143 Cosign!

      • AmbeRussell September 16, 2012

        well i wouldnt say christina tried to be mariah at all. never saw that. yes there were some songs that were mariah style, BUT as we all know, chris had very little control over her career when she 1st came out. her label wanted a britney/madonna performer/image but with mariah/whitney vocals. and that is what she gave us.
        AmbeRussell on YouTube

    • AmbeRussell September 16, 2012

      11:56:51 PM:

      anyone can tell she is mainly doing this for her fans, duh! her wants want her to to hate gaga, they “live” for that, so she feeds into that and shades gaga bc her fans want to hear that. you hear how her fans SCREAMED when she said immitation, it maybe “bitter” or whatever, but as gaga keeps pushing the question away, madonna will keep putting the obvious out there.

      Amberussell on youtube

  5. White girl mob September 16, 2012

    Hey TGJ post on kreayshawn being on jimmy Kimble tomorrow night and her album drops this Tuesday! C’mon TGJ this is gonna be the biggest album that drop this year plus kreayshawn is paying me on tha side for free promo OK.

    C’mon TGJ kreayshawn needs this promo on this site I won’t get my half if you don’t post on kreayshawn

  6. Monstarebel September 16, 2012

    Lol Madonna is a messy b**** & I love it!! Btw she sounded pretty good singing masterpiece!! >>>

  7. I’m A KING September 16, 2012

    Beyonce’s hubby Jay-Z told us to the Watch The Throne, but instead of referring to his rap career with Kanye West, Jay should have been referring to his wife Beyonce!

    Beyonce is the king of music entertainment. Yes, we said king.

    No, she’s not a queen, because the term queen is limited to only female competition and if you’ve ever been to a Beyonce show, you know that she out performs male and females alike in the music game.

    Reigning as one of the best and most entertaining, Beyonce works harder than any other male or female artist, period.

    Referring to Beyonce as a king may raise a few eyebrows, but no worries, the reigning diva has been referring to herself as “King Bey” for the past couple of weeks and she has good reason.

    Last week, Beyonce sold out four shows in a quick mind-boggling 22 seconds, leaving many other artists scratching their heads as to how she did it.

    Well, it’s called the Beyonce effect.

    Beyonce is known to put on a show-stopping performance, where she makes her audience members feel as if they’re on another planet with her.

    Whether it’s her aerial acts, stellar dance sequences, or riveting ballad numbers, Beyonce puts on for her city, her country and most importantly, herself.

    Besides her husband, no one else is giving Beyonce a run for her money. No one.

    Yes, Lady Gaga comes in as second runner up, but without her head-scratching antics, or crazy gimmicks, she’d be just another artist.

    Beyonce doesn’t need a gimmick, she doesn’t need a meat dress, or a gigantic egg. Beyonce needs a stage and a mic to leave her fans wanting more.

    After last night’s Roseland Ballroom concert, Beyonce has many music critics in awe, wondering how she does it all.

    The way Beyonce packages herself and her brand is unlike any other artist out there and with that said, she can no longer be just the queen of music, she must be the king.

    So scoot over Jay and ‘Ye, Beyonce needs some space, because she’s in the running to take that throne right out from under you.

  8. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 16, 2012

    Lol. Sam is really trying for those hits today.

    Flopga is very unoriginal, she copies from everyone. The man suit had arleady been done and she copied it to the T, same with the meat dress. She strives for attention and is nothing but a wannabe and a fad. FartFlop will flop.

    Fun fact: Lady Gaga was supposed to be a backup singer for another woman (in a sort of duo) but she mysteriously fell off a buliding and it got no media coverage. Lady gaga the nstole her style and stole her career.

  9. Monstarebel September 16, 2012

    Lady GaGa is a copy catter as h** tho and she GOT to GO!!!!

    • MACHIAVEL September 16, 2012

      How Hypocrit, You Stan For A Goat Copycat Too, So Your Point??? Goat Was Beyonce Mini-Me Until RR Era, Stop The BS!

      • Monstarebel September 16, 2012


      • MACHIAVEL September 16, 2012

        Petasse You Are The One Who Need To STFU And Find Some Big Freakin D*** And Suck It Very Hard! Yeaaaaah Petasse Suck Very Hard Since You Are Nothing But A Mother F****** Fat C*** Nolife Bitter Petty H** Who’S Hate On Every Singer Who Are Not Rihanna! Merci Beaucoup!:-)))

      • Lax September 16, 2012

        @Monstrabel Keep Schooling the Lessors and don’t
        even try to count them Lawsuits Beyonce got more Lawsuits then she have Grammy’s.

      • Benron (King Of The Navy) September 16, 2012

        Woah. Rihanna was nothinglike Beyonce during GGGB or Music of the sun either.

        Beyonce has carribean influences all over her music? Beyonce is a rocker chick? Nope, so Rihanna was not copying her then!

      • Lax September 16, 2012

        Hmmmmmm I Dreamed about Bey when i was out of the Country, in the dream she came in and look like she and “DC” was singing again and in the Dream i saw Mischelle, Kelly, Farah, Latoya and Beyonce and they all came to a construction Site and i was working there and Bey’s Dad was a Boss at the Site and he asked me to come up to the top floor to look at the View and i asked Beyonce if she wanted to go up with me and i told her her DAD was the Boss and she said of course i will go up there with you and in the Dream Beyonce and i was running for the Elevator together, Only Bey and i was running for that Elevator in the Dream, i wonder what it mean.

      • LTM September 16, 2012

        Um RiRi was nothing like Beyonce during the GGGB era.

  10. Beyonce’s Weave (I COPY real hair) September 16, 2012

    Lady Fatga is a cheap tart, a nonsensical chav to ever grace the music scene. Lady Fatga can go to hell on her “EAT THIS WAY BALL” tour and shut the f*** up. This gimmick w**** Caca is a huge copycat and like her friend BeyFlop refused to credit the owners for their work. I hate people who go into the music business to reap people off.

    Lady Caca is the cheapest, dumbest, overly-exposed ugly gimmick who has unleashed a monstrosity of crap on the music scene. I am glad people are catching up to that b****’s attention seeking. That chav can go to hell.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 16, 2012

      Lol , You are Evil 😆 😆 , i love it 😈

      • Beyonce’s Weave (I COPY real hair) September 16, 2012


    • Blue The Real Hive September 16, 2012

      Like ur mother

    • Slayty Perry September 16, 2012

      Spill the tea!

    • LTM September 16, 2012

      Lol @ Fatga

    • Lady Fame Retarrd September 17, 2012

      Lady Shiatga is the biggest pice of bullshiat I’ve ever seen.

      She’s so foking useless!!!

      Talking about the Fame this and the fame that, 24/7.

      Lady Caca can STFU, she is so foking nuts. She talks like a foking crazy wacko idiot.

  11. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 16, 2012

    OMG , i wonder how ugly this post can get more than that , i didn’t even said anything … yet and it is messy already !!!!!

    @sam :

    I know you are happy I’m here , are u chasing me ?! 😆

  12. Teacher September 16, 2012

    “Yes, we get it…but after 3000th mention, it just makes Madonna look desperate for attention”

    This sounds like you SAM…U F**!!!! 😀 Take your own advice! ‘We get it’ you’re obsessed w/ Rihanna you’re ‘desperate for attention(hits)’

    • MACHIAVEL September 16, 2012

      Lol B**** You’re Back, I Missed Your Shady Ass!!!!

      • Teacher September 16, 2012

        😀 *Kisses*

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) September 16, 2012

      aaahhhhhh , i knew this post will get dirrrty and exciting 🙂

      i felt it is sam too 🙂

    • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2012


      • MACHIAVEL September 16, 2012

        Mother Freaking Messy B****** They Are’ Yeah @Teacher, POP R And Suicide!!!!!

  13. joey1 September 16, 2012


    • MACHIAVEL September 16, 2012

      Why Do It While Both Of Them Sold Out Word Tours??? Pause! You Need To Take Your Own Advice!

  14. White girl mob September 16, 2012

    All I need TGJ to do is post on kreayshawn being on jimmy Kimble tomorrow night & her album dropping then I will get my half of the check that she is giving me.

    So TGJ post on kreayshawn being on jimmy Kimble & album dropping so I can get my check from her

  15. MACHIAVEL September 16, 2012

    I Love Them Both And I Want A Collaboration!

  16. Monstarebel September 16, 2012


  17. Suicide Blonde September 16, 2012

    Madonna has never shade Michael, she has always been nice with him, he was the one who diss her and MJ fans are always disrespecting Madonna, don’t know why since she defent him about the whole child thing when ven his sisters where against him, anyway i was expecting for this post, all i have to say is that i’m ok with Gaga, my problem, she keeps copyng Madonna and don’t tell me that Madonna wasn’t original blah, blah, blah,,,if you look at all Madonna’s Marilyn looks, all were made it for Magazines and they portrayed her AS Marilyn, that’s right they said it, just google Vanity Fair of the 90’s, she even posed as James Dean and the videos for “The Material Girl” and “Give Me All Your Luvin’ were homage, a copy but at least she say is a homage to her, unlike Gaga that comes and say, THIS IS ME, I CREATE THIS STYLE, anyway good luck Little Monsters, have fun. in this post.

    Madonna is unique and anyone who tries to imitate her, will end up being a parody of itself.

    • Suicide Blonde September 16, 2012

      Best speech ever…..

    • Trace September 16, 2012

      God. Shut up. I knew this post would attract you like a wedge of cheese would a rat. Go away.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 17, 2012

      Are u sure??? Didn´t Madonna shaded big way michael´s kiss with Elvis Presley´s daughter at teh VMA´s? And that´s just one thing I remember. Probably there are more
      Madonna is a b**** and shades everybody. We know it, you know it, it´s all good. I don´t care and you don´t care. But don´t come here telling us “Madonna didn´t shade whoever” or “has always been nice to…” cos NO
      Only one among the huge ones she never shade was Whitney Houston. And it was probably cos they exploded and became huge around the same time in the 80´s. And she knew she couldn´t do it with Whitney at that time cos the entire USA would have come for her neck. Whitney was America´s sweetheart, America´s voice, America´s beauty, America´s best seller per album (and being black), etc… she was perfection. And she was talented in the eyes of every single person in teh planet (unlike Madonna, she always had problems with a part of the population doubting about her being talented, just like what happens with Gaga). So she knew she couldn´t do it with Whitney
      Probably she would have done it if Nippy would have debuted later, in the 90´s like Mariah for example. Whitney would have been a new threat to her. But she coulnd´t do it in the 80´s, she needed to still cement her career for a few more years, and shading Whitney was a big risk

      A Gaga collabo would be nice. And I don´t think it is impossible. In fact Madonna said it on this video. I can see it in the future. Despite having massive tours Madonna doesn´t slay the charts anymore. And she also likes the charts and the attention. She´ll take any opportunity. In fact I´m starting to think this constant talk about Gaga (when she didn´t do it for months last year) is just kind of a building up. She is searching for it, for the controversy to shock everybody when they unite. Kind of teh big surprise when Mariah and Whitney collaborated knowing the media built a total war betwwen them prior that collabo. This would be shocking for people too. I can´t imagine a bigger way for Madonna to all radio stations in the planet talking about her. She´s smart and she´ll do it. maybe it will still take a while. But it will come

      • Suicide Blonde September 17, 2012

        No honey, she doesn’t diss Mike, the video i posted speak for itself, she has always say she was a big MJ fan, he was bitchy too, so don’t act like he was an angel and you are crazy if you think Madonna needs Gaga to be successful in the charts, i do agree about the whole collaboration publicity but i don’t think yoy make it seem as if she needs Gaga, about Whitney, she didn’t diss her because Whitney was always nice to her + Madge always like her too, you always act like Madonna has shade everyone when Mariah is the Queen of Shades, that’s the real b****.

      • Suicide Blonde September 17, 2012

        You try thou.

      • JOHNVIDAL September 17, 2012

        you know I´m right! Am I denying mariah likes to shade? No And I like it. Did I say Michael wasn´t a little bit shady too? No. Noone like Madonna though and u know it.
        I didn´t mean that madonna can´t get success in charts anymore if she doesn´t collaborate with gaga. But you know that would be crazy gossip in the whole planet. And she likes that. I think she is searching for it now. Maybe not at first, but now I can clearly see it, even if it doesn´t happen in 5 years

    • Beyonce’s Weave (I COPY real hair) September 16, 2012

      YASSSS, School this Zombies (monsters), they have to DEAL

  18. Slayty Perry September 16, 2012

    She should collaborate with Katy instead.

    • LTM September 16, 2012

      I cant see that happen

  19. LTM September 16, 2012

    Sam is annoyed with someone mentioning another person too much. The irony.

  20. Hates the navy September 16, 2012

    Not here for it. Madonna needs to just shut it.
    Madonna isn’t the most original person her own self. I respect her but a spade a spade and get over it already.

    Stupid navy….thus had nothing to do with Beyonce.
    Lets talk about your basic flop Rihanna who worships Beyonce. You all say the same s*** and ill keep saying it she has no talent and is barely pretty without her make up. Next.. Anyway Madge you’re the best selling female artist of all time. Just get over it

  21. theman September 16, 2012

    Sam u are pressed over Mariah, so shut up. You are a hypocrite. She does this for attention. You complain about things, then post them anyway. You just want hits….. The baiting is stupid and tired….

  22. dang September 16, 2012

    take a seat b**** and promote your own album instead of bagging someone else’s hit incessantly

    • Lady Caca September 17, 2012

      STFU you clueless dumb monstrosity.

      Why are all of Lady Caca’s fans so stupid and ignorant and ugly and deformed???????

      My gosh!!!!!!!!!

  23. Honey CHILD please September 16, 2012

    I can understand where some of these old school artist ( MADANNA, LIl KIM, beyonce )are coming from. It’s one thing to feel inspired, but it’s another thing to take someone’s on stage identity. B**** i thought you were an artist not a thief h**..

    • Honey CHILD please September 16, 2012

      *NOT BEYONCE* correction that b**** is a thief!

  24. My hip, my back September 17, 2012

    Madonna, you are too OLD to be this MESSY!! Get your life

    • Lady Caca September 17, 2012

      Madonna can do whatever the fok she wants at any age!!!!!

      We live in a free country for all people of all ages, you foking idiot.

      Lady Caca fans are so foking stupid. A foking joke.

  25. BILL September 17, 2012


  26. Daniele September 17, 2012

    Gaga is blody overated, incredibly overated.

    • Lady Caca September 17, 2012

      Lady Caca is a foking bootleg!!!!!!!!

      Foking fake and useless!!!!!!

      Only huge imbeciles are a fan of that horse sh*t.
      Lady Caca’s fans are nothing but a bunch of clueless clowns.

  27. Taj Al-Taji September 17, 2012

    Being a long time Madonna fan, I have to say that I don’t think she was being sarcastic when she said this which is kind of shocking. But think about it, she said they will be sharing a stage very soon! She’s currently on the US leg of her Tour and last time she was on tour in the US, she had on stage cameo’s by Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Pharrell in different cities. She’s doing Gaga’s “Born This Way” on tour right now so I wouldn’t be surprised if she reached out to Gaga and asked her to perform it with her on Stage in either LA or NY to barry the hatchet once and for all about all this!

  28. Chester September 17, 2012

    Beyonce Fans got nerves…..
    The B**** steals …. BLOOP

  29. El Santo September 17, 2012

    Madonna makes the SAME thing… she stole everything from Marilyn Monroe and a lot of other artists…

  30. B Lamont September 17, 2012

    A: Madonna sounds like CRAP
    B: Madonna should get royalty checks for all the “imitation/inspiration” Lady Gaga has done.

    I’m so sick of all these uninspiring new artists. At least back in the day the divas weren’t knock-offs of their predecessors, well except Madonna who was a Marilyn Monroe/Cyndi Lauper mash-up…so I guess she’s as reductive as Lady Gaga

  31. FAF September 17, 2012


    • Lady Caca September 17, 2012

      I hope Madonna continues to diss Lady Caca.

      Lady Caca deserves it!!!!!!!!

      Stay mad and stressed forever Lady Caca and all you stupid dumb monsters!!!!!!!

      STAY FOKING MAD!!!!!!!!!

      Lady Caca is nothing but a piece of sh*t.
      Shamelessly steals from others 24/7 and doesn’t give proper credit!!!!!!! Lady Lunatic’s delusional @ss thinks she is inspired by nobody!!!!! Lady Lunatic is a foking pyscho and [email protected]!!!!!!!

      Lady Caca is a useless fake BOOTLEG “artist”.

      BOTTOM LINE!!!!

  32. mobwife: 2Wicky September 17, 2012

    “Would you like to see a Madonna/Lady Gaga collaboration?”

    HELL NO! 🙁

    “Man Caca” can HOLD Madonna’s Cape, Hat & Gucci Luggage while Madonna performs solo!

  33. Lady Mierda September 17, 2012

    Lady Caca gets what she deserves.

    B*tch and her people tried to accuse Christina of being the copycat when all along it was Lady caca herself that was copying Xtina and Madonna and Roisin Murphy.

    Lady Caca is nothing but sh*t. A blatant idiot!!!!!!!!!

  34. Crazy Candice September 17, 2012

    ok madonna, you’ve said this same shady sh*t A BILLION TIMES !!!
    Sooo.. ima say this again…

    Either shut up, and focus on YOU & your career

    Or Sit The F*ck Down !!

    #Next !

  35. Suicide Blonde September 30, 2012

    I wish for an article on Gaga that do not mentions Madonna, it’s been like this from the beginning wether it’s in the article or the comments (pros or cons) Madonna is systematically brought and that’s gaga’s own fault. Until she emancipates herself from her obvious model she’ll never be her own artist, only a con artist. Dying her hair brown, putting long fingernails on, a white flower in her hair and botox in her lips is not being her own artist, it’s just going from trying to be one artist to being another, this time Lana Del Rey (Gaga’s latest incarnation).
    Since she became famous i’ve always been waiting to see what Gaga was about, what was hers, what she brought new to the table which has not been already brought by Freddy Mercury, Grace Jones, Madonna, Bowie (for Christ’s sake even her delusional producer Dj White Shadow said that before Gaga nobody had a flash painted on their faces. EXCUSE ME ? That’s coming from the guy whom produced “Born to express yourself” by the way), she took from Christina Aguilera, Todd Rundgren, Marilyn Manson, Ace of Base, Depeche Mode, Blondie, Bette Midler…every single thing she has done or does is reminiscent of somebody else’s work and not in an hommage way but a total shameless rip off. In her whole body of work there’s not ONE thing that one can say that’s 100% Gaga. And to defend this CPW spoiled lying brat manufactured by Universal records is like pissing of 60 years of Pop culture. she’s not the new this or that, she’s not the new Warhol because there’s no such thing as the new something in art because no matter how good it is it’s always gonna be second best. She has yet to come out with something she created and not recreated (sometimes from someone whom recreated it herself first).

  36. November 23, 2012

    Is a superb and type option for any occasion. Styled by the geometric forms involving Art Deco design, the particular Deco view indicates fresh, sophisticated fashion.

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