Major: A$AP Rocky’s ‘Long Live A$AP’ Heads To US #1

Published: Wednesday 16th Jan 2013 by David

It may have faced the drama of an unexpected leak, but A$AP Rocky‘s debut LP ‘Long Live A$AP’ is well on its way to beating the odds on the Billboard 200 next week.

For, by way of a fan base who decided to put their money where their mouths are, he is on course to nab the top spot on the chart- marking the first Hip Hop #1 album of the year.

Exciting details below…

Predicted to move units anywhere between the 130-140k figure, the ‘Problem‘ Rapper will top the competitive chart- exceeding expectations held by those who believed its leak would ruin its chances of selling.

Fortunately for him, that didn’t happen making him the latest Rap staple to dominate chart without a smash on the Billboard Hot 100- with fans opting to show their support buy purchasing his albums en masse while paying little to no attention to his featureless singles.

Here in the UK, the project sits atop iTunes Hip Hop albums chart while enjoying the #2 on the overall chart. This, likely to secure it a Top 5 when the market’s Official Charts roll through this Sunday.

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  1. IKNOWTHETRUTH January 16, 2013


  2. the real xoxo January 16, 2013

    One of the most overrated rappers recently – good beats but mediocre rhymes. Still not seeing Kendrick Lamar’s album!

  3. Suicide Blonde January 16, 2013


    • RICHANDBLACK11 January 16, 2013

      word on the streets is he’s one of the KIDZ hun.

  4. Nahjee January 16, 2013

    Everything is purple.. Everything is purple.. Everything is purple. Yo I f**** with his mix tape peso that s*** is some down south vibe s***. Congrats ASAP

    Yeah I like to f*** I gotta f****** problem (2chainz voice)

    If finding somebody real is you’re f****** bring you’re Girl to the crib, then maybe we can solve theme (drake voice )

    His album is trill as hell

  5. Nahjee January 16, 2013

    Man typing on a ipad 4 just messing everything up I hate when you type a word then it puts something else down and you don’t know it until you post it after. My last comment all f*** up lol

  6. HOTSTUFF January 16, 2013

    hip hop here in the US has a strong following ! im happy for him….

  7. TeamBreezy January 16, 2013

    Thats Lana dude right?

    • sallyone January 19, 2013

      No that Iggi Alzeala’s man

  8. CHUDDS January 16, 2013

    These mixtape rappers do the damn thing. Release 100000 mixtapes, build a cult like following, then release an album. Easiest shot at #1. Hopefully jhene will do the same for R&B. 🙂 congrats ASAP your cute ass!!

  9. RICHANDBLACK11 January 16, 2013

    Damn I wonder why all these new artists coming out the gate with an #1 album , but it took Rihanna 7 tries to get one. SHADE

    • CHUDDS January 16, 2013

      They don’t sell much in the end though. Most don’t even go gold…… with the exception of Kendrick Lamar, he’ll probably be the first rap artist to go platinum since Drake…

      • RICHANDBLACK11 January 16, 2013

        I like Kendrick Lamar his Album is the BOMB …

      • theman January 16, 2013

        2Chainz might as well.

      • CHUDDS January 16, 2013

        Yes Kendrick definitely has a knack for storytelling! His album is awesome and I aint a rap fan at all!

  10. Heavy Heavy January 16, 2013

    Congrats ASAP!!! Album is dope and he is sooo s***

  11. Cream January 16, 2013

    Ugly flop B**** he not safe from Beyonce his dam self no one is (: but on the Bright side one less dumb ass niga of the street (:

    • CHUDDS January 16, 2013

      Beyonce is not a rapper. What the f*** are you talking about, stupid queen?

  12. OnyxTheKid January 16, 2013

    Mmmm I love this n**** I swear nasty thought arise when I see this dude.

  13. The real xoxo January 17, 2013

    His song ‘F***** problems’ embodies everything wrong with modern hip hop.

  14. Cheerful Cynic XD January 17, 2013

    Got it on Tuesday i’m enjoying it

  15. Cheerful Cynic XD January 17, 2013

    my fav songs so far are Jodye and 1Train

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