Hilarious: Mariah Carey Joins Nick Cannon On ‘Wild’N’Out’

Published: Wednesday 21st Aug 2013 by David


Let’s face it, Mariah Carey‘s run on American Idol’s twelfth season was unfortunate to say the least.

Billed bitchy by some and boring by most, her time on the hit series went a long way to prove that Mariah‘s at best on stage, performing the classics that place her head and shoulders above Pop’s more personable purveyors.

So, as she prepares to take on Lady GaGa, Britney Spears and Katy Perry with her brand new album in the fourth quarter, she made a hilarious appearance on MTV2’s ‘Wild’N’Out‘, joining its star and her husband Nick Cannon.

Press play for an upbeat Mimi below!


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  1. Stan to the queen August 21, 2013

    She’s sooo funny I love this x ha

  2. Reallllllly! August 21, 2013


  3. Molly August 21, 2013

    F*** this manly whatever happen to her album? guess it never coming out

    • Molly August 21, 2013


  4. Ccfan007 August 21, 2013


  5. Sterling Infinity Fan August 21, 2013


  6. S*** girl August 21, 2013

    She is gross

    • Kim Kardashian stan August 21, 2013


      • Queen Erin OF YA LIIIIIIFE August 22, 2013

        girl bye, you stan for that walrus.

        nobody takes what you say seriously.

  7. Starships August 21, 2013

    Linebacker b****

    • Kim Kardashian stan August 21, 2013


  8. MARINA DIAMONDS August 21, 2013

    Lmfao where is her upcoming flop album

    • HUR August 21, 2013

      Who is Marina and Diamonds?

      • #hive August 21, 2013

        Right! Lol

      • FAF August 21, 2013


  9. SLAYDELE & XTINA August 21, 2013


    This B**** better do everything she can to delay forthcoming album “The Art of Letting My Material Flop” – and run errands doing anything that cements her irrelevance.

    Why is MOOriah COWrey anymore?

    The B**** hasn’t been able to duplicate a full chest belt since 1996 and has just whispered her way through every damn song since 2000.

    Is Beautiful even platinum yet?

    THE STRUGGLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kim Kardashian stan August 21, 2013

      Read that boxed shaped B****!!

    • just sayin’ August 21, 2013

      Answer. Yes #beautiful has been platinum. Do your research before opening ur f****** mouth. I swear the hate is real

    • FUB3D August 21, 2013

      did “your body” even sold 500k ww?????
      Beautiful sold more than 1.5 milion ww and went platinum in the us in les than 2 months

    • mc is the s*** deal August 22, 2013

      u stan for triple xtina says it all when was her last hit she screamed? oh that’s right the feature on pitbull the s*** generic dance thingy ha ha
      xtina thought she was too good for the voice left ate more burgers went back ha

  10. Kim Kardashian stan August 21, 2013

    Lmao insecure B****!

    • just sayin’ August 21, 2013

      It a skit dumb ass. And you stan for the most insecure chick on tv. Fall back

      • Kim Kardashian stan August 21, 2013

        B**** please Kim is never insecure! Now gtfoh f**

    • DISMISS THESE H*** August 21, 2013

      KIM K STAN needs to sit her fat tranny ass down with the failed attempt of Mariah bashing….get your face and body fixed up before you step to A REAL BAD B**** LIKE MARIAH CAREY!! Shes a LEGEND in this world h**….so clean out your cumucket p**** and zip the f*** up

    • just sayin’ August 21, 2013

      B**** please I watch the show. She is insecure tired and only famous for a s** tape. No talent…didnt she try to sing? Oh how was that working? Mc money greater than Kim K

      • Ciara is everything August 21, 2013

        Kim k >>> Cowriah

    • Queen Erin OF YA LIIIIIIFE August 22, 2013

      can smell the thrist for hate on your s*** breath, why else would you reply to every comment praising Mariah DA GOD.

  11. DISMISS THESE H*** August 21, 2013

    Emmm Sam….Your the bitchy one…not Mariah! And there scumbucket h*** that be filling up the comments dissing Mariah need to sit they’re ugly asses down now…where their 200 millions albums sold?? Wheres their endless beauty?? Where their 500 Million net worth….Mimi will shut ALL YOU B****** DOWN!!! #MIMISTAYSWINNINGALWAYS

    • iconic cici August 21, 2013

      Lmao b**** you mad!

      • FAF August 21, 2013

        endless beauty? 😆

      • Queen Erin OF YA LIIIIIIFE August 22, 2013

        Lmao b**** you a man!

    • FUB3D August 21, 2013

      510 Milion net worth

  12. Tisha August 21, 2013

    That was great, but Mariah IS boring.

    This was funny because someone wrote a script to make her funny, now if she was supposed to do this on the fly without any prep she’d be stiff and sucking in her breath to look as thin as possible.

    • DISMISS THESE H*** August 21, 2013

      Who the f*** asked you s*** – No good things to say?? Then shut the f*** up….MC is a comedic queen….you would know that if you had a single ounce of brain between those gigantic ears….dumb c***

      • Tisha August 21, 2013

        LMAO, well damn pull yourself out of the fat folds on Mariah’s hips and get some fresh air.

        How you going to call anyone a s*** when your fave was sucking Eminem’s d*** guzzling c** and wine before she left for a ‘rest’.

        The funniest s*** I ever saw was your size 14 face squished into a size 4 dress. Lord knows that’s why the b****’s arm got dislocated from that fall, can’t put 200 lbs of weight on one arm without it breaking under pressure.

        In other words read to death and your fave is STILL boring!

  13. iconic cici August 21, 2013

    I don’t like this ugly b****, she trying to stall time on that wack ass album..

    • DISMISS THESE H*** August 21, 2013

      Shut the f*** up loser….you aint got no reason to talk on MARIAH…you should be telling the police on how your daddy f***** and molested your ass…reason why your trolling the blogs looking for a come up

      • Queen Erin OF YA LIIIIIIFE August 22, 2013


  14. #hive August 21, 2013

    I forgot all about her ! Is beautiful even on the charts still? Lol

    • Todd August 22, 2013

      It is

    • mc is the s*** deal August 22, 2013

      has beyawnce charted in 4 years oh s*** no ha ha glass houses stones much

  15. to post or not to post? August 21, 2013

    This way adorable! She had me convinced she was about to whip some ass! Go mimi

  16. SLAYDELE & XTINA August 21, 2013

    DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEATH @ these MOOriah stans holding into her DISCREDITED ‘200M Records’ Sold plaque.

    B****,,, aint nobody got time 4 that b*******.

    Where is THE ART OF LETTING MY MUSIC FLOP? I wouldn’t be surprised if the album was scrapped? Beautiful didn’t exactly generate interest? looooooooooool.

    THE STRUUGLE AND THE THIRST OF THIS BOX SHAPED S*** – who f***** tommy mottolla for fame and number ones. KIIIIIIII.

    • just sayin’ August 21, 2013

      Meanwhile #beautiful graced the top 20 and went platinum #next to ur hateful comment. Yoy sound foolish

    • FUB3D August 21, 2013

      Floptinas Biflop sold 300k WW and Floptus sold 250k WW

      Mariah’s latest albums sold 2 milions ww each


    • mc is the s*** deal August 22, 2013

      where xtinas album? since she copies Mariah we can call her album the art of eating children

  17. just sayin’ August 21, 2013

    The fact that haters post comments only show mariah is winning. No matter how much yall say she a flop…ya ll still talking about her. Keeping her relevant

    • #hive August 21, 2013

      No gurl we don’t like the b**** so were expressing are opinion mk h**?

      • FAF August 21, 2013


      • just sayin’ August 21, 2013

        You are so silly you miss my point. I know if I do not like someone I dont speak on it. Why? It makes you look bitter and hateful. Jealousy is a very real illness and speaking ill of a person shows signs of jealousy. If you dont like her, dont post. Why waste energy on saying hateful words?

  18. FAF August 21, 2013

    I just don’t think she needs to still be wearing her stomach out at 44. Janet doesn’t even do that to public events, anymore. She wears a catsuit….S/N I wish Shaneka Adams would stop wearing those mom jeans

    • Ciara is everything August 21, 2013

      Shes trashy idk why she thinks shes young& s*** still.

      • Queen Erin OF YA LIIIIIIFE August 22, 2013


  19. Ciara is everything August 21, 2013

    She looks like a ugly milf .. No one wants to see you stomach you THIRSTY linebacker built b****.

    • FUB3D August 21, 2013

      CiFlop 59k

  20. DISMISS THESE H*** August 21, 2013

    To all the mimi hating s**** out there…how does it feel to know that Mimi was the person to inspire Bey, Xtina, Britney and all them other flop h*** to start singin in the 1st place???? SIT IT ALL THE WAY DOWN….MIMI IS NUMBER 1 FOREVER AN ALWAYS…NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!

    • Ciara is everything August 21, 2013

      She didn’t inspire my fav h** so your comment is invalid lol

      • DISMISS THESE H*** August 21, 2013

        I believe she did actually – You deluded m**********…turn your ass around and jump off my comment

      • faf August 21, 2013

        Janet is Ciaras inspiration not Mooriah dont think to highly of that pig.

      • just sayin’ August 21, 2013

        Meanwhile ciara cant score a hit to save her life. Thats the real struggle. I can see why you mad at mariah

      • Ciara is everything August 21, 2013

        Last I checked body party was higher than beautiful on the hot 100 f**

      • FUB3D August 21, 2013


      • just sayin’ August 21, 2013

        Body part charted higher than #beautiful….so that makes how many number ones cici has? Ill wait

      • Ever.Green August 21, 2013

        Didn’t Body Talk peak at #22 on Billboard dude, and #Beautiful at #15 … and beautiful went platinum as well …. Why the hateful language (‘f**’) … You got sad anger.

  21. Daniel Teflon August 21, 2013


    • faf August 21, 2013

      Atleast Kim Kardashian is prettier & has a better body than Mooriah.

      • just sayin’ August 21, 2013

        If that is all you got is that her body and face arw better than enjoy that. Because mariahs talent shits on kim k. Mariah money shits on kim k. Mariah is legend for music. kim k? Well we all seen the tape

      • just sayin’ August 21, 2013

        *then enjoy that

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) August 21, 2013

        If you’re gonna Stan for looks, you shouldn’t be a Nicki fan nor a Ciara fan.

  22. Daniel Teflon August 21, 2013

    Lmao @ Mariah “The Diva” Carey haters y’all mad cuz she’s here & y’all trolling on a Site to get street cred & half y’all h*** DON’T WORK GO GET JOBS & WORRY BOUT YOUR FUNDZ B******!!!!

  23. Zave August 21, 2013

    Not that funny, she still has NO PERSONALITY! LMAO Christina Milian did a much better job and she’s a nobody to him now LOL

    • Queen Erin OF YA LIIIIIIFE August 22, 2013


  24. SLAYDELE & XTINA August 21, 2013

    And the worst part is: She’s 44 years old and is still dressing like a tart? B****… Don’t you have kids?

    Even I will admit that she was more classy when she was 24.

    DIRTY, STANK W**** with that NASTY, FLAT-ASS STOMACH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



    • Britney stan August 21, 2013

      She should be a ashamed

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) August 21, 2013

      She’s actually 43. JLo where’s the most slutty outfits and she is even a few months older than Mariah but no one attacks her for it. She has kids too. Mariah isn’t 70. Age is just a number. Let her live her life. No need for u to be so judgemental…

      • Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) August 21, 2013

        So when it comes to mariah we can’t judge? but you’re always judging bey? Girl BYE!!

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) August 21, 2013

        When did I judge Beyonce and what exactly did I judge her for?

  25. Britney stan August 21, 2013

    The worst acting that wasn’t believable…

  26. Toto August 21, 2013

    Love MC. Can’t wait for the album. She needs to hurry the f*** up with it. 🙂

  27. just sayin’ August 21, 2013

    If people really hate her then this comment section should be 0….instead it climbs to almost 100. Keep hating haters. Your job is never done hahahahahahahahhahaa.

  28. Realest August 21, 2013

    The struggle at all these ignorant nothing’s trying to down Mariah Carey.. Sorry baby.. Can’t. Because she’s been legendary and accomplished more than any top pop/r&b/rap performer out today, and did so and has confinued to do so since 13+ years ago.So really, u calling her irrelevant, old, fat, ugly- blah blah blah blah blah is irrelevant in itself cause she’s pretty much one the most accomplished artists in history and will continue to make music, 30,40 hell even fifty years from her debut.. And u will still be mad.. And irrelevant to the 5th power. Has your fav stood alone for even 10? Made any timeless, classic hits that will be played then, now and forever more? they rackin a half billion?? Oh ok. Still mad eh? Sounds personal *puts on MC greatest hits*.. U can’t knock a legend, not possible, u can tell most of the commenters on here are CHILDREN.. Smh y’all got the short end of the stick when it comes to music this time around. Sorry!

  29. Realest August 21, 2013

    Mariah has influenced and/or inspired: Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Pink, John legend, Karen Clark Sheard, Mary j, faith Evans, Kelly price, Tamar Braxton, Rihanna, Leona Lewis, fantasia, brandy, Kelly Rowland, nicki Minaj, Jojo, usher, gaga, Britney Spears, keke Wyatt, shania twain, Justin Beiber chante Moore, Kelly Clarkson, patti labelle, Aretha Franklin and the list goes on and on and on and on.. So on and so forth.. Your fav has inspired???? The ignorant commenters on this site? Yup.. Instagram users.. Prolly.. Anyone of musical relevance or quality? F*** no.. #YouTriedItTho

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) August 21, 2013

      Okay, you went too far when you said Patti and Aretha. They influenced Mariah Hun, not the other way around. Rest of the list is pretty much accurate though.

  30. Suicide Blonde August 21, 2013


  31. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) August 21, 2013

    Body Flop hasn’t even sold 500k yet. #beautiful has surpassed the 1 million mark. And let’s not forget that Ciara hasn’t even sold 200k worldwide. Ciara Stan are so f****** desperate. Funny how you were all absent on the K. Michele post because even she managed to outsell TrannyAra.

    Xtina only had one successful album. Everything else pretty much flopped. Especially Floponic and Bloatus. And who is Floptina’s main influence ???? BUTCHER/STRAIN/STRUGGLEtina cannot even sing anymore so you b****** shouldn’t even talk about vocals.


    All you h*** got so much to say about MARIAH YET she still stay slaying all your faves!!! Insecure b**** please let filing STICKY gas all you broke h*** up!!!! Mariah would never be insecure to no b**** the only b**** to hold a candle to MC IS Madonna b**** so come for somebody else before y’all duck ass b****** c** for Mariah and before y’all respond nobody cares for ur negative comments or thoughts they r just like all y’all moms ran thru and had no one cares maybe y’all should figure out y y’all stay commenting on the QUEEN and help y’all faves sell some real ALBUMS!

    • August 22, 2013

      Who the hell do you think you’re talking to? Stay in a child’s place!

  33. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) August 21, 2013

    Kim Kardashian Stan though?? Lol, at least Mariah got famous because of her talent and not her v*****. What happened to Jam (Flop it up)? Has it been certified silver yet?

    • mc is the s*** deal August 22, 2013

      no its triple wood ha ha

  34. True Tea August 21, 2013

    She looks so nasty wearing that ew

  35. goosy granny August 21, 2013

    I don’t think Mi Mi was playing. See how Nick got her off stage before she could get her next comment out? Lol yeeeesss Mi Mi shut it DOWN!

  36. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) August 21, 2013

    Faf is so delusional. You’re criticizing Mariah’s looks, weight, and vocal abilities while you Stan for the Mariah/Whitney wanna be aka Britney’s lesser. & lol @ you coming for Mariah when Nicki started Flopping on her second album. Where is the Re-Flop? Has Ciara’s record sales reached 200 million yet??

  37. Mariah queen over nicki and the other flops August 21, 2013

    Mariah is the queen and her album will slay is funny how sacred you kids are around the ages of 13 to 15 this comment list got full y’all no what time it is shut down time stay mad it still won’t change nothing and she’s heal in body now on to the music

  38. Navy nick August 21, 2013

    That was cute

  39. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) August 21, 2013

    At least Mariah has people modelling their music and careers like her’s. No one would want to model their career after Ciara’s because that’s basically setting yourself up for failure. 57k though….

  40. King August 21, 2013

    Wild n out is wack as s*** now. Why did they renew it?

  41. JESUS STAN August 21, 2013

    She is so tacky ewww why does she dress like a 20 year old streetwalker

  42. RoyalKev August 21, 2013

    This was hilarious! It was really cute, they seem to be such a supportive couple.

  43. Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!) August 21, 2013

    That was funny Mariah. But question… why is she dressed like that??? Honey your 43, yes I know you can still dress cute and s*** but there’s waaay better outfits to do it in.

  44. Boss August 21, 2013

    Damn Mariah got the haters going crazy. N***** mad Mariah’s husband more relevant than their faves.

  45. theman August 21, 2013

    MC is anything but boring. Sam u have her mixed up with Beyonce. Where do all of these nothing a** haters come from? MC is a beautiful and gifted woman. She looks amazing as well. Lol at MC having these haters heated. Great job. Sam is pathetic.

  46. Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 21, 2013

    Oh Mimi…that blush is too bright for you in that pic.

  47. BITCHPLEASEEEEE August 22, 2013

    OURE COMEDY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> LMFAO

  48. JOHNVIDAL August 22, 2013

    Mariah looks great!
    Can´t wait for that album baby.
    Damn some of the best commenters in TGJ have left lately. Such a shame. Only kids now supporting Katy Perry, Rihanna or Milye Cyrus.

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