Justin Timberlake Receives Plaque For Selling 6 Million Copies Of ’20/20 Experience’

Published: Monday 14th Jul 2014 by Sam

Justin Timberlake continues to prove himself quite the Pop force.

Sixteen months have passed since the singer made a triumphant return to the charts with comeback album ‘The 20/20 Experience’. Fast forward to today, the LP, its ‘Part 2’ extension, and combined set (aptly sub-titled ‘The Complete Experience’) have amassed total global sales of over 6 million units.

The incredible feat (which is rendered even more remarkable given the worldwide dip in music sales) saw Timberlake presented with a plaque backstage at his Hammerstein Ballroom show in New York last week. Peep the celebratory pic, which sees the star surrounded by his label and management, above. {Source}


Congrats are certainly in order for JT and his team. That said, we remain perplexed as to how he’s sold so many units and yet few outside his fanbase could name four songs on the album that weren’t singles.

After all, with fellow mega-sellers such as Adele and Beyonce, the musical and cultural impact of their dominance was incredibly hard to escape. Indeed, wasn’t the world chanting “surfboard” in unison? Didn’t everyone from Times Square to Antarctica know at least one song back to front on ’21’? And yet with JT  there was…‘Mirrors’…and even that was a generic box-ready radio number; one hardly equipped with the ability to sell this many albums.

Hey, who knows. Perhaps, we’re being unjustly harsh because, from our vantage point, the LP’s hype far outpaced its quality. Still, the uneven balance between the album’s success and cultural penetration does make us wonder…wonder…wonder.

Your thoughts?

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  1. BeyBeyKing July 14, 2014

    When will Usher.

    • Mark111 July 14, 2014

      My Way 6M in the US, 7M WW.
      8701 4.7M in the US, 8M WW
      Confessions 10M US, 20M WW
      Here I Am 1.3M US, 5M WW
      RvsR 1.3M US, 2M WW
      L4M 438K

      Justiflop 3.8M Us, 4M WW
      FS/LS 4.4M US, 6 WW
      20/20 2.4M US, 3.6M WW (I don’t know where the 6 million is coming from. Those must be a lot of shipments that aren’t selling.)
      20/20 Pt2 1M Us, don’t know WW numbers.

      Justin is playing catch up.

      • Becky July 14, 2014

        Stop denying and deal with the fact that Usher sucks.

      • Gary July 14, 2014

        Justified sold 1.8m in the uk so it’s worldwide
        Sales are close to 7m

      • hoochiavia July 15, 2014

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    • SMH July 14, 2014

      Baby, Usher has sold MILLIONS more than the boy biitch, and has a Diamond album. When will timberfake?

      • Well July 20, 2014

        Why are people forever trying to compare Usher and JT – it’s not a rivalry, they are completely different artists. I’m not that familiar with Usher’s songwriting, but JT writes/co-writes not only the majority of his own music, but also writes/co-writes for others (including Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna). He also put together songs for *NSYNC, and since you want to talk about sales, *NSYNC still has the highest-selling first week sales ever. Michael Jackson respected Justin as an artist, just like he did with Usher. Justin’s got the chops and deserves the respect, whether you want to admit it or not.

    • LOL July 14, 2014



      • FAF July 14, 2014

        ummm. when will beyonce? U talk a lot of s*** for someone who supposed to stan for a “legend” yet copies ppl u claim are “flopping”

      • Marley July 15, 2014

        But Beyonces not flopping, your fave is. Thats all that matters.

    • axley July 14, 2014

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    • J’blu July 15, 2014

      ummmm doesn’t Usher have a Diamond album??!!! SIT THE F*** DOWN!! But congrats Justin!

    • Foxx July 20, 2014

      Remember, Usher has 7 albums, JT has 4 or 3 if you count both 20/20s as one

  2. Revolution July 14, 2014

    The album was garbage.

  3. ChakaYonce July 14, 2014

    Good for him but this sold because he’s Justin not because the album was good. Anyway,Usher better come correct this time because he’s already had one flop too many.

    • SMH July 14, 2014

      Usher has sold MILLIONS more than this boy. And he has a Diamond plaque. Usher is unbothered.

      • Ammy July 14, 2014

        Usher isn’t as succesaful as JT, so I think JT is the one unbothered.

      • FAF July 14, 2014

        how is JT more successful than usher if Usher has sold more, tho?

    • IggyLongstocking July 14, 2014

      You’re laughing at whoever you’re laughing at, but has Cheryl EVER charted on the Hot 100 let alone the albums chart?

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

        Are iggys we numbers one fifth of Cheryl’s uk ones? Absolute death. Bye.

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014


    • Rosie July 14, 2014

      You’re so pressed, I wonder why. Maybe because that’s more than Chav’s last album probably sold worldwide outside of the UK/Ireland?

      • Applause July 14, 2014

        Hey Rosie has Ultra flop outsold Artpop Yet?

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

        Are you sure you want to cling to album sales when your flop fav is doing pretty badly? It’s time to show ppl that your fav can’t sell singles or albums. What is she good for?

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        The self drag at you expecting an album that isn’t even a month old to sell that much. Just as stupid and delusional as your fave.

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

        Are you serious right now? Weren’t you perched in her hollering that your fav is an album seller yet she has done less than every pop star in one months time? Keep the excuses coming tho.

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        It’s not like your fave is doing any better when after over a decade in the UK and three solo albums, it’s still an absolute and complete nobody and the definition of a non-factor worldwide. Why is it only charting in three countries? Why hasn’t A Million Lights sold platinum in the UK after two years? Why can’t she chart higher then #75 outside of the UK/Ireland? Why did Ultraviolence outsell it worldwide in one week?
        Don’t come for anyone’s US sales whatsoever until YOUR OWN FAVE release there

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

        I’m coming for Lana’s sales everywhere babe. Why did ed sheeran do more in his third week than she did in her first? Why do you cling to cheryl when you were in here saying uv would slay artpop? Why has artpop done more in it’s first month than the ww album selling queen? We know cheryl hasn’t released albums in the us, but hasn’t she sold more in the uk than Lana? Isn’t that Lana’s biggest market too? So doesn’t that mean cheryl is selling more in her biggest market? And why is every Lana release outside if the top 100 in her biggest market? Death.

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        Once again making up receipts. I love how you can NEVER bring up receipts for any of the “sales” or chart positions you post here. It’s not hard, all you have to do is copy/paste from Wiki. This is funnier than the one time you were trying to post the crowd from XFUSA clapping for Chav as proof they knew who she was. Screaming. You’re really not worth my time.

      • CherylSoldierr July 14, 2014

        Exactly WHAT am I making up? Can you tell me? Cheryl HAS sold more than Lana in the UK. Ed Sheeran HAS sold more than Lana. The clip was at LAX. Anyone who’s been to LA can tell you that.

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        Why are you comparing the sales of an album from 2012 to one from 2014? What kind of logic stupid b****?
        Hollering at you clinging to Ed Sheeran for life when 70% of his sales come from two countries. Now THAT’S local. He’s doin great but still.

      • CherylSoldierr July 14, 2014

        Exactly WHAT am I making up? Answer me. 70% of Lana’s sales are from the US+UK too, maybe some Germany in there too? The self read.

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        US/UK only make up about 55% of Lana’s sales.
        Oh well. Both are still better than having 90% of your CAREER sales worldwide come from the UK and Ireland.

      • CherylSoldierr July 14, 2014

        you stupid f***, they make up over 70% of uv’s sales.

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        UV has sold over 500K+ worldwide (600K+ if you want to use MusiCharts). Less than 300K of that total comes from the US/UK. Ed Sheeran sold 500K-something first week on Mediatraffic yet at least 400K comes from the UK/US.
        Stop making up lies. Isn’t it just easier to tell the truth? Google must be a really hard thing for you. I don’t know why a Cheryl Cole stan, out of anyone, is trying to call anyone local when at least 80-90% of your fave’s RECORD sales come from the UK.

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

        Where tf am I calling anyone local? Can you tell me? Stop putting words in my mouth. Your flop favs lead single peaked at 18 worldwide. My whole point is to point out that your fav is not an album seller. Every other female pop star has gone platinum faster than her. Just because she can’t chart singles doesn’t give you the right to call her an album seller. FLOP

  4. HistoRih July 14, 2014

    I’ll never forget when they kept changing his first week estimates so more people would buy it.

    • JT>>>JC>>>JC July 14, 2014

      I’ll never forget the time Rihanna closed her legs.

      Oh wait.

    • BS July 14, 2014

      I don’t remember something like that but it’s great that you do. Or maybe it was just a dream?

  5. JT July 14, 2014

    It’s a great album, do I don’t see anything wrong with that. The biggest singles were Mirrors, Suit & Tie and Not A Bad Thing. It was more about album as a whole. And that “surfboard” line from Beyonce’s song is so ridiculously stupid I don’t blame people for repeating that in a mocking way.

    • Danny b July 14, 2014

      What the hell does Beyoncé have to do with this post? She STAYS living in your minds I swear. #ClosetStans

      • JT July 14, 2014

        Can you read? She was in the article you idiot.

  6. HausMuthaAdele July 14, 2014

    The fact that Rihanna’s album sales don’t even cross 11 million in the US is so sad to me.

  7. Rosie July 14, 2014

    On topic: good for him. The album was very underwhelming, though.

    • Applause July 14, 2014

      Death at Cheryl solider dragging you still

      • Del Bey July 14, 2014

        Death at the delusion

  8. Michelle July 14, 2014

    You guys of That Grape Juice are haters of JT. I said this because EVERYTIME,EVERY SINGLE TIME something about him is posted here, is a critic. Seriously

    • Memo July 15, 2014

      True tea! ‘mega sellers’ such as Beyoncé… 3 million copies is something to be proud of? Come the f*** on! Justin doubles that and there is criticism over his album, while Beyoncé’s not better than his.

  9. Applause July 14, 2014

    When will Beyonce?
    When will Rihanna?

    • XXX July 14, 2014

      When will Gaga? She hasn’t even sold 2 million.

      • Rima July 14, 2014

        Artpop has sold 2.5 million so stfu

      • XXX July 14, 2014

        No it has not. It has SOLD 1.7 million. Shipments and sales are different things. Either way you shouldn’t be coming for anyone elses fave because they’re all selling more than her with or without the 2.5.

    • Beysus July 14, 2014

      BEYONCE??? Ummmm… DIL – 11+ Million WW, B’Day – 8+ Million WW, IASF – 7+ Million WW,
      RIHANNA??? Ummmm…. GGGB – 7+ Million WW, Loud – 5.7+ Million WW,

      • A July 14, 2014

        Those are old albums. Justin has less albums and he didn’t have one for a long time. Justin is one of the few artists who can reach those high numbers nowadays. Beyonce didn’t do that with her last album. So what are you trying to compare?

      • Marley July 14, 2014

        Um please sit! What astounding figures has Justin recently had with ONE album that makes him so much better?

      • A July 14, 2014

        Maybe million copies in the first week. And having the biggest selling album of 2013.

  10. Truth July 14, 2014

    It’s official Sam is pressed/miserable/and LATE

  11. KING RIH July 14, 2014

    look at the certifications…
    the album(s) is not even certified platinm(1 million) for all of Europe
    htf he sell 6 million?????

    • Rosie July 14, 2014

      They combined the sales for parts 1&2.

  12. Truth July 14, 2014

    The album was good. It’s you folks who have bad taste in music

  13. Truth July 14, 2014

    Y’all Stan for only Beyonce and that’s it! Sad/gay/one tracked minds/ late/

    • Molly July 14, 2014

      Beyonce is overrated tbh but all gays flock to her cause they wanna be her lol

    • Minaj21 July 14, 2014

      Beyoncé is da best tho.

      • Top July 14, 2014

        Beyonce is overrated s*** nowadays if you haven’t noticed…

  14. XXX July 14, 2014

    So this is combined sales for Part 1 and 2?

  15. Minaj21 July 14, 2014

    Congrats JT. And he’s so cute lol

  16. CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

    It still clings to kwoorb or whatever that is yet Cheryl’s preorders are currently outselling every Lana release. It keeps trying. It should stop clinging to cheryl and dedicate that time to its fav.

    • Minaj21 July 14, 2014

      How many copies did Lana sell?

    • Rosie July 14, 2014

      And yet it still can’t chart outside of the UK/Ireland? Local b****. If Chav does anything less than Ultraviolence first week in November, the biggest sales month of the year, the scalpings will be ruthless.

      • Rima July 14, 2014

        You can’t drag anyone until UV goes gold .

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

        Lana literally did less than 50k in the uk first week. You think that’ll be hard to top? Ed sheeran is doing more in his third week. Screamssss.
        And cling to the local drags when you stan for iggy!!! Death!!!

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        Calling someone local when you’ve been clinging to Ed Sheeran for the last month. Why do 70% of his worldwide sales come from the US & UK?
        And Chav’s last album did less than Ultraviolence with way more promo and a #1 hit, so your fave is obviously having trouble at this point. Not to mention sales were much better in 2012.

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

        Why are you clinging to Cambodian and South African sales again?! Screams! Those are Lana’s biggest markets too! And keep clinging to local queen iggy because your fav literally can’t get a single to chart! I see you b****. LOL

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        UV went #1 in 12 countries, most of those first world like your own. I’m sorry my fave is so global unlike yours that she can actually sell in places that can’t even get clean drinking water, though!

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

        She needs that tribal tour. She’ll get bigger venues. It makes sense now, the 2k venues. She’s not a seller or a star.

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        That one 3K venue you keep clinging too is still larger than anything Chav will ever book outside of Great Britain or Ireland.

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

        But not cheryl judging at bigger venues than Lana has performed at in the us. She’s not big here

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        When? Keep clinging to that one tour date when at least half of the venues on Lana’s last tour were comparable to some arenas in the US. X Factor USA doesn’t count.

      • CherylSoldierr July 14, 2014

        XF USA does in fact count babe. She got paid for it and appeared on tv, unlike Lana. When will Lana book any tv appearance btw? She can’t even get a presenters job.

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        Dead at you thinking the audience at XFUSA even knew what the f*** a Cheryl Cole was. Is that why she was kicked off after the second (or third?) episode? It was just courtesy. Plus a failed attempt at breaking into the US. Poor Chav. She took THE easiest route at breaking into the American market and still failed.
        Not to mention that was the same year Lana did American Idol (her last US. performance to date), so your attempt at shade is invalid. At least Lana can book major festivals and get crowds of ~45K (Coachella) and 60K+ (Glastonbury). That’s more money and hype than just a typical talk/talent show performance.

      • CherylSoldierr July 14, 2014

        WHY ARE YOU USING FESTIVALS AS RECEIPTS?! SCREAMMMMM. Is that how desperate you’ve become? AND THE SELF DRAG!!. you mean to tell me that Lana’s last US perfomance was 2 years ago?!?!?!?!?!?

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        Festivals > television performances. The artist earns way more money and performs for much bigger crowds. And both were televised worldwide. I thought you would know that since Glasto is in the UK (your fave’s only market) and is televised on the BBC.
        And wasn’t that Chav’s ONLY US appearance? The only self-drag here is you using a basic courtesy applause as proof that anyone in the US knows who Chav was. If they did know she would’ve released something there already. Logic, honey.

      • CherylSoldierr July 14, 2014

        Gosh, you really are stupid. Cheryl has stated that she has no desire to release music in the us. And I know you’re not using festivals towards Lana’s touring receipts now? You’re so desperate it’s funny. I didn’t realize how much of a nobody Lana really is here in the US. It’s one thing for Cheryl not trying, but this is Lana’s home market. She hasn’t been on tv for 2 years?! She is the definition of a nobody here.

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        And like how Chav has no desire to break into the US (which is obviously a lie since the entire point of her stint at XFUSA was exactly that), Lana has no desire to be shoved into everyone’s face 24/7 like your attention whoring, basic fave does in the UK.
        If Lana is a nobody in the US, why did “UltraFlop” have the biggest female debut of 2014 there and is still selling better than most releases there?
        *waits for you to cling to Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran (who also had a 75%+ drop second week. Where are his lashings)*

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

        But why are you inserting YOUR OWN ASSUMPTIONS there. She never said that lol. Another self drag. And she’s a w**** yet your fav has the rep for being one? Sounds like a bitter stan to me. And gaga, Miley, Beyoncé, rihanna, katy, Bruno, jt, jay z, Sam smith, ed, etc all slayed Lana. Don’t bring me an 180k tea. Not impressed. Tamar almost did those numbers.

  17. Stephy July 14, 2014

    This is his most forgettable, stale & flavorless album(s) yet! His debut (full of MJ rejects) & The PRINCE rip-off (Future/S**/Love/Sounds) still remains his best and acclaimed work.
    I literally, bought the “20/20” album back in 2013 (first LP) & now a little over a year later cannot name one song that I remembered from that album except “Suit & Tie”… B*******! But, congrats on the sales boo!
    This era spawned no REAL memorable classics like this…

    • Ms Right July 14, 2014

      Beyonce’s latest album sucked compared to JT’s. The 20/20 Experience is a great album.

      • Stephy July 14, 2014

        Both albums are forgettable tbh…

    • Brightside July 14, 2014

      You have the biggest stealer in the music industry in your avatar and you dare making any comments about JT? At least he is involved in making his albums not like illiterate Beyonce.

      • Stephy July 14, 2014

        Girl, are you in the studio when The Queen is making her albums!? No? Ok, so shut the f*** up & keep it movin wit yo irrelevant opinions of what YOU think Beyonce be doing with HER album creations… BYE

      • Brightside July 14, 2014

        Did I hurt your feelings by writing the truth? Your opinion about JT is irrelevant, so maybe take your own advice.

      • Stephy July 14, 2014

        Girl bye! Maybe you should mind yo fuckking business & not respond to me you f*** faced bitxh! Bye ho!

      • Brightside July 14, 2014

        I’m sure you know your comments make you look stupid.

      • Stephy July 14, 2014

        BYE THEN! Im sure your preconceived views on Beyonce not making her own music makes you look stupid when in fact she does BYE BYE BYE BYE! Stop responding

      • Well July 20, 2014

        And actually (Beyhive), he co-wrote ON Beyonce’s album – Partition, Rocket, and Blow. So — even Beyonce knows about his talent.

  18. Mark111 July 14, 2014

    “The 20/20 Experience’. Fast forward to today, the LP, its ‘Part 2′ extension, and combined set (aptly sub-titled ‘The Complete Experience’) have amassed total global sales of over 6 million units.”

    Nope! You can’t add two different albums together. You’re not folling anyone JT, you need more people… to buy your wacj records.

    • JT>B July 14, 2014

      I think you should not be concerned about Justin and better worry how to get people to buy Beyonce’s album, because it sucks.

      • Mark111 July 14, 2014

        I’m not a Bey stan, but Beyonce the album is miles better than 20 feet under.

      • JT>B July 15, 2014

        LOL, No. Even with Justin’s help it’s not better than his album.

  19. Rima July 14, 2014

    Justin is a real album seller unlike Rihanna Beyonce Katy & Lana.

    • Revolution July 14, 2014

      His album sales are nothing to about. Clearly you have not done research.

      • Revolution July 14, 2014

        Nothing to BRAG about

      • Missy July 14, 2014

        His albums are doing great for your infromation.

      • Rima July 14, 2014

        6 million worldwide in 2014 is great you’re just a hater.

      • Revolution July 14, 2014

        Its 6 million for two albums. Sorry but not impressed. Just because you lack reading comprehension skills doesn’t make me a hater. Hating is bringing other peoples names up when it has nothing to do with them.

    • The Truth July 14, 2014

      He had the biggest selling album of 2013 and The 20/20 Experience Part 1 sold almost million copies on the first week. To add to his achievements his tour is selling out. Sounds like some jealous people comment on here.

  20. Rima July 14, 2014

    Rosie should spend more time purchasing/ promoting ultra violence instead of worrying about Cheryl & Gaga.

  21. Rosie July 14, 2014

    But I just don’t understand why ChavSoldier brings up the artist it hates so much in EVERY post regardless if someone mentioned her or not. Honey, instead of worrying about Lana, who is unbothered since she hasn’t promoted the album whatsoever in the US, worry about getting your fave to release there first. Who the f*** can’t even get an official release into the US in their fourth era?

  22. Rosie July 14, 2014

    Belgium Albums Chart (WA): 144
    Irish Albums Chart: 2
    Scottish Albums Chart: 1
    Spanish Albums Chart: 96
    Polish Albums Chart: 78
    UK Albums Chart 2
    LMAO what the f*** is this? Yet it has the nerve to come for Lana. The chav better pray that the X Factor saves it in the UK.

  23. CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

    I don’t believe I mentioned anyone’s name in my first post. The b**** is so pressed. LOL.

    • Rima July 14, 2014

      You got Rosie seething lol

  24. CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

    And it clings to a two year old era in which there was NO PROMO (an excuse it continually uses for its fav), while its fav is doing WORSE in its second era (it’s really her fourth though). It drags people for bringing up past receipts yet all of its drags are from the past? Absolute death.

    • Rosie July 14, 2014

      B**** not when you STAY using 2 Words era receipts for Chav. You’re such a hypocrite. And even HDD (your favorite site as of late) said there was no promo. Just accept the fact that Lana is more popular than your fave in literally every place except the UK and hush.

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

        When have I dragged people for using past receipts tho?! Screams!!!! Why is your fav flopping in her fourth era? Three out of her four albums have been flops!!

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        Lana only has two albums under Interscope (Paradise is an EP). Try again. At least Lana can chart globally.

      • CherylSoldierr July 14, 2014

        Nice try. She has released 4 albums. the first two sold about 2k combined. Don’t try that sh!t here.

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        At you expecting two albums that weren’t even released on major labels, let alone released physically to actually sell. Once again, you know absolutely nothing and you’re not worth my time.
        Born To Die was Lana’s debut on Interscope. You can bring up those two small-label albums all you want; it doesn’t change that. The irony of someone who hates Lana knowing about two albums that only hardcore STANS care about.

      • CherylSoldierr July 14, 2014

        Again, nice try. She RELEASED the albums and WAS SIGNED. THEY WERE FLOPS. own it.

    • Rosie July 14, 2014

      Lana was on a SMALL BOUTIQUE label, not a MAJOR like Interscope. Once again, you’re complete lack of logic just baffles me. You’re so stupid I can’t believe you really expect two albums that were made with no budget and on a very, VERY small label to even sell. If that’s a flop then we might as well call the first third of Chav’s career a bomb since according to Wiki her career has been active since the early 90s.
      You really need to explain why the f*** you know about these two albums that I have NEVER seen anyone mention whatsoever except STANS.

      • Rosie July 14, 2014


      • CherylSoldierr July 14, 2014

        Provide the receipts that say that Cheryl has been active since the 90s. You gullible b**** how is that even possible? Your fav signed with a label and released 2 flop albums that sold less than 2k combined!! The albums are on wikipedia for god’s sake you delusional f***.

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        And Wiki also says that Lana was on a small independent label AND that Chav has been active since the 90s. If you’re gonna use it as a receipt at least check the rest of the page first. Once again dead at you having the nerve to check for those two albums that no one even know exists except for STANS.

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

        Again, it’s on Wikipedia. That’s a site you should know all about since you just copied and pasted a million lights info. The absolute self drag. Why are you doing this to yourself? And how was cheryl active in the 90s and releasing music when she was 13 and in high school? You’re such a dumb f*** LOL

  25. Rosie July 14, 2014

    F** please. That was obviously Lana shade, just like 90% of the comments you leave on this site. Your obsession is real. You really need to seek help, ASAP.

  26. Slay_Hive July 14, 2014


    • Rima July 14, 2014

      You must be mad not my fault Beyonce is struggling for 3.5 million worldwide.

      • Slay_Hive July 14, 2014

        Mad about what hun? Beyonce will approach 4million with ONE release. JT is a snoozefest..

      • Ms Right July 14, 2014

        Beyonce sucks and is overrated. Her fans just can’t deal with the truth.

  27. CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

    Just checking, why has uv sold less in a month than artpop did?

    • Rosie July 14, 2014

      Why has it sold more in a week than A Million Lights did worldwide?

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

        Backtracking? Why hasn’t it outsold aml in the uk?

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        And it sold more first week? Kii at you comparing the sales of a two year old pop album with a #1 hit and tons of promo to one that isn’t a month old yet. The continual self-read.

      • CherylSoldierr July 14, 2014

        Tons of promo? What was the promo in the AML era? Hasn’t Cheryl outsold Lana in Lana’s biggest market?

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        Still using a 2012 album’s sales to one released last month?
        Not you acting like AML wasn’t promoted multiple times on British television and had a #1 single that was A-listed on BBC and also performed everywhere. Not to mention it was supported by a arena tour in the UK. All Lana had there was radio interviews and Glastonbury (which was in its second week) and it still did more first week.

      • CherylSoldierr July 14, 2014

        Where did I mention 2012 receipts in the last post? Are you f****** stupid? OVERALL, Cheryl has sold more than Lana in her biggest market. Get that through your tiny little brain. Stop the no promo excuses for Lana!! Seriously. If she was as big as you say, then she would have no problems with it. Just stop, seriously. Cheryl ended the AML era 2 months after the release. Haven’t I told you this before?

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        Once again, comparing the sales of someone who has been out for a decade and went solo in 2008 with three albums to someone who JUST released their sophomore? And AML was released in 2012. Why the f*** do you expect an album that’s not even a month old to outsell one that’s been out for two years? I’m not even going to try with the rest of your post. Your compete and utter lack of basic logic is truly astounding.

      • CherylSoldierr July 14, 2014

        Hosie: “Lana is the new interscope queen. UV will outsell Artflop.”

        Being the “new interscope queen” = endless promo. These are your words. My logic is entirely sound. Seeing as you portray Lana in this way, you would think that she would have no problem with promo. But now, after the flop that is UV, you come with the excuses. Excuse after excuse after excuse. P.S.: 3 words sold more in its first 2 years than BTD did. She went platinum faster. sold 1 million faster. She sells more in the uk than Lana.

      • Rosie July 14, 2014

        Once again clinging to 3 Words to prove your point. The biggest hypocrite on this site. You lost. Just accept it already.

      • CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

        Why do you recycle other peoples drags and act like they’re yours? Why do you also never stay on topic and reply to points? I’ll wait for an actual answer to my post.

  28. Kayla July 14, 2014

    And I can’t name any song off of Beyonce’s album that wasn’t a single, so what’s your point. Beyonce isn’t even worth Justin’s toenail

    • Marley July 14, 2014

      That’s because shes worth more than him.

      • Carly July 14, 2014

        Artistically and if we consider quality she is below him on so many levels. If you haven’t noticed Justin’s album before his last one was 8 years ago. He didn’t make many albums and had a long break. That’s why she can be worth more than him.

      • Marley July 14, 2014

        According to who? Beyoncé has universal acclaim in her discography. Justin does not.

      • Carly July 14, 2014

        Justin works on his albums and Beyonce doesn’t do much. Beyonce is considered a stripper and Justin is respected by people for his class.

      • Marley July 14, 2014

        That’s your opinion, too bad its irrelevant.

      • Marley July 14, 2014

        And Beyoncé is very respected. She gets more praise from critics, legends and peers than Justin does.

      • Carly July 14, 2014

        Maybe in your mind. Justin is respected not only by critics, legends and peers but also by public. All the critics, legends and peers can kiss Beyonce’s ass (or she can buy their praises) but the public won’t be fooled.

      • Marley July 15, 2014

        The public respects Beyonce too. If they didn’t she wouldnt still be here slaying after 17 years. I dont get what point you’re trying to make.

      • Carly July 15, 2014

        Read what people think about Beyonce. After her last album she just got more and more annoying to public. She is considered a stripper now. It’s sad because I used to like her before the s*** she does now.

    • HiveHighness July 14, 2014

      You’re right because she’s worth so much more… #1 on forbes

  29. sleazy July 14, 2014

    His sh!t sucks his overrated and to top it all this album was a Robin thicke rip off when will he be original smh 6mil was any of those songs a hit?

  30. Antonio July 14, 2014

    Um if Part 1 sold 4 mil WW and Part 2 sold 2 mil WW, doesn’t that equal 6 mil WW?. Tbh the same can be said about Adele and Bey, if you walk down the street, the only songs ppl will know off the tops of their heads will be Drunk In Love, XO, Partition, Rolling in the Deep, Set Fire to the Rain and Someone Like You. JT promoted the living of this album, which is why it sold so well, not to mention it scored him 3 Top 10s on the Hot 100 (Suit & Tie, Mirrors and Not a Bad Thing). Holy Grail was a monster collaboration, the Legends of the Summer Tour was universally acclaimed as was the 20/20 Experience World Tour. So TGJ, nees to do it’s research and stop rambling trying to throw shade at artists who aren’t Black because trust and believe, had King B not surprised the world with BEYONCÉ and did a standard release, she would’ve sold similar numbers to ARTPOP

    • SMH July 14, 2014

      Oh please, nobody remembers any song from that forgettable album either. And he manipulated his sales too. If he had only released one version of this album, his sales would be just as mediocre as ArtPop or any other album released in the last year.

      • J July 14, 2014

        Sorry, but he sold one million copies in first week for a reason. It was the best and the biggest selling album of 2013. You seem pressed. If you actually read about his sales you would see they are very impressive.

  31. Blue Ivy Carter-Rodriguez July 14, 2014

    Not as good as FS/LS but it was solid. It did not sell 6m copies. That’s a lie

    • The Truth July 14, 2014

      But it’s the truth.

  32. Hgjutsd July 14, 2014

  33. Marley July 14, 2014

    I honestly didn’t like this album. It was very bland and underwhelming. He tried to come across as soul-full and it wasn’t very authentic. As for part 2, he could’ve kept that. The only song known there is Take Back the Night which was very corny and dated.

  34. daa July 14, 2014

    if you didnt know..on the album is 10 songs and 3 are singles…so if they know 4 people know almost all album you idiotss!!! its 6 millions people so you probably ask the millions others people you idiots!! i know all song for example in 1 and 2 part his albums!!!

  35. Trace July 14, 2014

    Love the album and love JT.

  36. Sophie July 14, 2014

    “That Grape Juice” you’re so annoying and so unprofessional and your opinion doesn’t count ! if you can’t name one song of the album the wasn’t single it doesn’t mean everyone is the same !! I don’t understand what’s your point, I think you’re just a hater .. his album was great, he makes better music than anybody out there in the business !! , you need to know that JT is a big name and has a huge fan base, his tour is completely sold out all over the world !! you’re so unprofessional, I don’t know any song from Rihanna’s album except for Diamonds , and from Beyonce’s except for “Drunk In Love” .. so what ?!?!.. JT and Beyonce are huge names so of course people would buy their albums .. JT had the best selling album of 2013, he had two n.1 albums , he won a dozen of awards (3 Grammys, 3 AMAs , 4 VMAs , 7 Billboards , 3 PCAs ….) so it seems that you’re the only one who thinks his album wasn’t good , because sales and awards approves that people like the album .. you need to start to be more professional ! JT is considered a legend and you should start to respect that ..

    • LOL July 14, 2014



      • LOL July 14, 2014

        You are just ridicolous. He is considered a legend while Usher definetely is not. You mad?

      • Sophie July 14, 2014

        yes he’s considered a Legend ! he had the best selling album of 2013 and sold million copies in one week, and had two multi-platinum albums in one year! meanwhile artists struggle to reach one platinum spot !! and this album consisted of two sequels so of course they’re gonna combine the sales !

  37. July 14, 2014

    the dude got rich off black people.

    • Ammy July 14, 2014

      No, he didn’t.

  38. There once was a pimp and his h**…. July 14, 2014

    Bye. I am not here for music artists trying to combine two separate albums in a failed attempt to make their p*** poor sales look impressive.

    #No sir

    • Ha Ha Ha July 14, 2014

      The sales of his first album are impressive on their own.

    • Sophie July 14, 2014

      he had the best selling album of 2013 even though he released two albums!! and he’s the fastest selling male artist of all time on iTunes and he had two multi-platinum albums in the same year !!, meanwhile artists can’t reach platinum with one album .. this is a sequel , so of course they’re gonna combine the sales!

  39. LOL July 14, 2014



    • LOL July 14, 2014

      I haven’t heard anything from Usher for many many years. Is he up to something besides being a has been? Learn something about sales and then comment.

    • Sophie July 14, 2014

      lol Usher is a flop ! JT sold million copies in one week , Usher couldn’t reach 200,000 copies in his last album !! JT had the best selling album of 2013, and reached multi-platinum albums with two albums in the same year !!.. Usher’s “Good Kisser” didn’t even reach top 50 !! .. besides JT is the fastest selling male artist of all time on iTunes !

  40. John July 14, 2014

    LOL grape juice you’re just mad because you’re seeing JT breaking records and selling out tours , he’s the biggest male artist nowadays and you need to accept that . people love him

  41. Rosie July 14, 2014

    Hmm it’s still trying? Maybe I should just copy and paste it’s fave’s iTunes stats every time it tries it for now on.

  42. Records > Albums July 14, 2014

    congrats to Justin!
    6 million wit receipts! Sam u mad?

    Im sorry but Be is not a mega seller , lets be honest . I love hwe to death but TGJ is like the tea party of blogs! Its time to squash these lies …

    This Decade: 2010-

    Beyonce: 4 = 3m ww , Beyonce = 3.5m ww = 6-7 million albums
    Singles: 4 = 4-5 million ww , Beyonce = 3-4 million ww
    total records this decade . around 15-16 million

    Rihanna: Loud = 6m ww , TTT = 3.5m ww , UN= 3.5 = 13 + million albums
    Singles: Loud = 15-16m ww , TTT = 13m ww, UN = 15m ww
    total records this decade , around 57 = million

  43. CherylSoldier July 14, 2014

    The f*** just copied and pasted an entire wiki, kwooooirb, and iTunes discography and calls me obsessed and a hypocrite? I can’t. I’ll wait until she actually answers my last post. I literally quoted it and it tried to change the subject. Also not it making excuses for its fav not being able to book a tv spot in 2 years. K michelle has more air time.

  44. FutureCIARA July 14, 2014

    USHER >>>>> JT

  45. IStanForYourFav July 14, 2014

    Congrats JT. I enjoyed the tour and the part I of the record. I feel part II was slightly rushed and done just to get out of his contact obligations. Either way, 6 million is AMAZING especially considering that albums barely tap 450k USA let alone 1 mil WW.

  46. idgi July 15, 2014

    That Cheryl fan is a complete joke, it stays obsessing over Lana no matter what the post is while knowing absolute nothing about it’s own fave, its actually quite funny.

    Congrats JT, the albums boring but hey!

    • CherylSoldier July 15, 2014

      K Rosie

      • idgi July 15, 2014

        K fake Cheryl fan. Btw even though you clearly suffer from paranoia I’m not Rosie I couldn’t tell you anything about Lana, but you can right? Mess.

      • CherylSoldier July 15, 2014

        Lol k hosie

  47. huh July 15, 2014

    20 PART 1 3.8 WW
    PART 2 1.5 WW

    • J July 15, 2014

      And The Complete Experience? They aren’t lying.

    • John July 15, 2014

      you’re wrong !!!
      part 1 >> 4 million copies !
      part 2 >> 2 million copies !
      so do your research before saying stupid things !

  48. Beyshit July 15, 2014

    I swear, Beyonce fans are like cockroaches. You don’t want that s*** and you can’t get rid of it. I don’t see JT fans writing hateful things about Beyonce on her articles, so maybe they should do the same.

    • Lana Del Flop July 15, 2014


  49. The truth hurts July 15, 2014

    Devastated that I missed ANOTHER cherylsoldier drag fest. Not that Rosie needed help cause cherylsoldier should be hanging its head in shame right now. The most perplexing thing about it is that cheryl cole is doing literally nothing sales wise and has been doing so for years and it still tries to come for lana.

    • Kii July 15, 2014


      • The truth hurts July 15, 2014

        The only person that should be sitting down is you and your irrelevant ass.

    • CherylSoldier July 15, 2014

      Predictable. Yet you also failed to enlighten us on why Lana is flopping when you said it would do better than artpop. Also, check the uk charts babe. If cheryl isn’t selling then why is she above Lana on preorders and the uk airplay chart? Death.

      • The truth hurts July 15, 2014

        How ignorant you must be to expect a less 1 month old album to outsell and album that has been out for 8 months. The delusion!
        West coast preorders went higher than crazy stupid love so your point is invalid.

      • CherylSoldier July 15, 2014

        No you stupid b****, try to be smart for once. It sold more in it’s first month than that flop uv. And what were west coasts uk numbers again? SCREAMMM

    • CherylSoldier July 15, 2014

      You’re the only one who says that I got dragged by hosie btw LOL. I’m starting to think that you’re the same desperate person.

  50. The truth hurts July 15, 2014

    Another thing to straighten out is that these “two other albums” can not be compared to lana now and anyone who does is painfully stupid. The “first one”, sirens, was NEVER even released, The second one “Lana del Ray” was given a limited release by an indie label on itunes 2/3 years after it’s production and was never given any time to sell as lana bought the rights to it and took it down so that she could sign with a bigger label.

    • CherylSoldier July 15, 2014

      Death. According to lanapedia, they were both released. And it was out for over a year. That’s enough time f***. Cling to the fact that your favs current hdd is less than jersey boys. I’m hollering

      • The truth hurts July 15, 2014

        Death at you using lanapedia–one of the worst lana del rey sources around. How could “lana del ray” be released for a year when it was put out in 2010 meaning it would have ran into her video games debut when she had no purchasable albums. Once again “sirens” was never released.
        Where’s Cheryl’s HDD? When was the last time she even made it on the chart?

      • CherylSoldier July 15, 2014

        Btd was out in 2012. Gosh you’re dumb. And that’s a Lana site, so death at you calling your own dumb.

  51. Suicide Blonde July 15, 2014

    Look at him, the face of a winner, The 20/20 Experience remains his best work, more artistic and better prodution, Blue Ocean Floor and Strawberry Bubblegum>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>You can all stick to Usher, Justin is a better musician, forget that, Justin is actually a musician, Usher is not, there’s no comparisons, the day Usher can play instruments on stage the way JT does then i will take him seriously, until now, he remains another male R&B singer with no more talent than his voice, which apparently is all about black people care and can think of /consider a talent, you never hear them discuss about instrumentalists, production, songwriting, all they care about is the voice, if you don’t sing even if you do more than just being a good singer, then you have no talent for them.

    • Dossome July 15, 2014

      Lol…Usher is better.And this album is no masterpiece.

      • Suicide Blonde July 15, 2014

        In what exactly is Usher better?, a better singer, i give him that but as far as musicianship (definition: knowledge, skill, and artistic sensitivity in performing music.) hell no, have you seen JT playing instruments?, that’s more impressive than singing IMO, dancing skills, that’s debatable, songwriting, JT wins, so tell me in what department is Usher better?, it’s okay if you like him more but to say he’s better or more talented than JT is ignorance.

      • Actuallyright July 15, 2014

        I don’t see anything impressive in Usher’s work. For me JT is better singer, better performer and has better music. People no longer care about Usher. Maybe at some point they did but I’m not sure.

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