Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance Is The Most Tweeted About Halftime Show Ever

Published: Monday 6th Feb 2017 by Rashad

Lady Gaga gave fans about a million reasons to take to social media to sing her praises during tonight’s jaw-dropping halftime show at the Super Bowl.

Cranking out hits ‘Just Dance,’ ‘Poker Face,’ ‘Born This Way,’ and more, the songstress and her bevy of dancers not only lit up Houston’s NRG stadium but apparently Twitter as well.  Causing so much chatter among fans, detractors, critics, and fellow performers (as we reported here) reports now indicate Gaga has become the most tweeted about halftime show performer to date.

Surpassing the Twitter stats of ‘Telephone’ co-star Beyonce at last year’s controversial showing with Bruno Mars and Coldplay, tuck in below to see just how many times the word “Gaga” was mentioned over the hours leading to and during the Super Bowl’s airing:


There were 2.2 million tweets about the #PepsiHalftime show during the 20-minute live performance; counting the 20 minutes before and 10 minutes following the show, there were 5.1 million tweets about #Gaga’s performance, and Lady Gaga was mentioned on Twitter 2.1 million times between 7:50 and 8:40 p.m. EST.

That beats last year, when the halftime show  garnered 3.9 million tweets, according to data from Twitter. Viewers tweeted about Beyoncé 1.3 million times, Coldplay 774,000 times and Bruno Mars 341,000 times, all in the 23 minute time period.

With the numbers above Gaga’s name has been etched in history books for the most tweeted about Super Bowl Halftime Show in history.  The news shines favorably as we patiently await reports on the show’s overall rating and impact on her catalog’s sales.

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  1. gilbert February 6, 2017


    • Rosy February 6, 2017

      With all these tweets how come no one can get a million people to buy albums send singles to number one this social media helps none of these celebrities albums or clothing to sell travesty within itself

      • BeyHive February 6, 2017

        Her dive at the end of the Halftime was a tribute to her flop album “Flopanne”. 😭😭😭

      • Zack February 6, 2017

        … because Billboard, radio stations, DJs and programmers in the USA are corrupted!!!

        They only play those songs when they got paid by record executives. Now, even streaming is included in the weekly Billboard’s charts 100 or 200. Thats why… 🙄

      • Cake Like Gaga February 6, 2017

        You guys are jealos bcause shes better than Beyonce?!

      • LaQoyah February 6, 2017

        So sorry but ..she didn’t cut it for me at all! I am a casual Gaga’s fan and I was very disappointed with her performance. It was too busy with a Glee tribute- like but Bruno Mars and Beyonce share the best show ever!!

        Never saw Janet or Prince performance so I can’t speak on them. Madonna’s one was simple, beautiful and yet classy. She did leave the audience with an impact just like MJ ‘s. Sorry…a bit sloppy for my taste!

      • MARIAH February 6, 2017

        No impact from her “uninspired” performance. She is just want to sell tickets and accumulate her fans as many as possible. Thats why no political statement from this overrated musician of all time named Gaga. This woman is so shady just like me dahhhlinggg…

    • Flopanne World Circus February 6, 2017

      The entire performance was a snooze fest. Unimpressed. Safe is a keyword for boring as hell as it was. Too much going on and her jump was prerecorded. What a flake!

    • Rosie February 6, 2017

      It will be broken again ..enjoy your 365 days till the next Super Bowl 😆😆😟😔

      • Flop Like Gaga February 6, 2017

        I wish it could be included into her overall Pooanne album sales.. 😖

    • Yucky February 6, 2017

      2.2 million tweets about her zero impact performance? What a waste… and time for Rihanna or Jlo!

      • Soccer Mom February 6, 2017

        She scared of Trump and his supporters!

  2. IG: @mixedboy February 6, 2017

    Slay Gaga!

    • TheNavy February 6, 2017

      Monsters are too ffunny..wait till she tries to fill up those arenas for Joanne World Tour. I hope her team wont cover the upper part of the venues with black curtains to give an illusion that her shows are sold-out like ARTflop Tour… 💅🏼

    • Rosy February 6, 2017

      Another hip will be broken? 🙌🏻

      • Soccer Mom February 6, 2017

        Omg 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Wtf February 6, 2017

      You’re painfully stupid. And collectively the world agrees with me. R I P

  3. Rosie February 6, 2017

    Doesn’t this record get broken at every event every year?

  4. Meme February 6, 2017

    Of course it is…social media is ever popular now. She really sounded great and did her thing. After going back and watching all the performances I have to admit though that both Beyoncé and Katy was better overall. But that’s not to take away from her..

    • Taylor-Swift-To-Find-A-New-Man (Slayty) February 6, 2017

      Tea. Madonna was great as well, Like A Prayer was amazing.

  5. Billy Jeann February 6, 2017

    Tweets…..chile that ain’t nothing LMAO..Grammy’s is coming up so she should enjoy this lil shine. I loved her performance tho

  6. Jay February 6, 2017

    Her performance was very lackluster!

    • Agree February 6, 2017

      Sloppy…and messy! She is trying hard as usual. Forced and lack of impact. She is not Beyonce, MJ or Madonna!

  7. Jo February 6, 2017

    TGJ is trying so hard to make fetch happen. It’ll never happen.

    Enjoy “the fame” this week Gaga because I promise everyone will lose interest the moment you put that pink hat back on and attempt to sing that country folklore.

  8. Blue February 6, 2017

    Beyonce and the twins will be the most tweeted/talked about next week.

    Gaga, you got until Wednesday before Beysus calls you home. Times a ticking.

    • Metzo February 6, 2017

      Would u stop calling Beyonce Beysus? Ergh

  9. King February 6, 2017

    Her performance was okay like I was expecting so much more from Gaga. Katy perry performance was better than that and Beyoncés was the most talented. But overall Gaga did good I think it was cute for her but i wanted more weird stuff like the vma performance.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 6, 2017

      The most talented musically wise was Bruno´s. Stop living in beyonce´s world buble and give props. Gaga did it all by her own and slayed. She sang everything live and she actually wrote all those songs 🙂

  10. GurlWepa1989 February 6, 2017

    All her albums and songs are on top of the iTunes charts. Slay gaga. Better than Beyonce hands down.

    • therealish February 6, 2017

      The lies you tell!!!!!LMAO

    • MARIAH February 6, 2017

      Zimbabwe??? 😌

  11. King B February 6, 2017

    Congrats to her!

  12. Weezy Tha Goat February 6, 2017

    Just because it was the most tweeted doesn’t mean it was the most watched.

  13. Taylor-Swift-To-Find-A-New-Man (Slayty) February 6, 2017

    Gags setting Twitter records while Katy set the ratings record. Yall know I love dragging her but she did her thing. However the best performances are still from Beyonce, Madonna, and Katy. Madonna and Katy brought visuals and hits, Bey made an statement with impact. But Gags was cute.

  14. Mase February 6, 2017


  15. cocobutta February 6, 2017

    All it missed was the extra boomkack Laurieann would have given it.
    Thing with Gaga I notice is that she can do dance moves but it doesn’t come across as natural as some of our other singers/dancers.

    Still enjoyed her and her effort.

  16. kent February 6, 2017

    lies u r the only place to have this up. beyonce’s 2013 performance still remains as the most Tweeted about moment in Superbowl history with 5.5million tweets

  17. Everyone’s A Critic February 6, 2017

    I’m not sure what that was but all I know is I enjoyed every second of it. It’s that crazy kind of cool and only she could get away with that

  18. Molly #Stargirl February 6, 2017

    chile dont upset the hive or katy cats

  19. Molly #Stargirl February 6, 2017

    Why are people acting like her performance was better than Beyonces?

  20. SMH February 6, 2017

    As expected, Gaga has everyone on this comment board mad af lmao.

  21. Umm (original) February 6, 2017

    Why beyonce fans can’t let nobody be great? I mean damn yes Bey is great but Lady gaga did her thing live just like Bey did. if you compare them you will see Gaga did just as good its just depends on what type of music you like. She did her biggest hits and still left a lot of good ones on the table. Thats probably my biggest critique, why no paparazzi or alejandro what happen to perfect illusion that was a lite rock song that would’ve lit that stadium up seems like her not wanting to seem too promo thristy for her album made miss opportunities to plug some of the better songs for that type of crowd.

  22. ATBIMS February 6, 2017


  23. Yuna February 6, 2017

    What is the point? Her show was very timid…and no impact other than pure entertainment value with no substance!

  24. Next??? February 6, 2017

    And Moronsters are cheering as if she makes an impact to the music industry! 😆

  25. Not Her Fan February 6, 2017

    She is just want your money.. living for the applause. She is not trying to save America or speak up for anyone. Wake up! She is the new Mariah!

  26. JOHNVIDAL February 6, 2017

    Forgot to say haters of real talent are mad even in a day like this one? Damn it! Gaga did the 14 minutes all by her own, something that hadn´t happened in years, and also sang everything LIVE to my surprise (cause I´ve found little lipped segements in absolutely all the Halftime performances from recent years, including the totally lipped Madonna and Katy Perry´s). Give Gaga her props for fpucks sake!

  27. Now at youfr best game way tuesidnz February 9, 2017


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