Jennifer Hudson Accused Of Cheating On David Otunga

Published: Sunday 19th Nov 2017 by David

The God-fearing vocalist Jennifer Hudson has been accused of placing her tithes in another man’s basket during her relationship with the Reality TV star David Otunga.

News of Hudson and Otunga’s split surfaced last week and with it comes a startling allegation that the cracks in their relationship were worsened by an affair Hudson has been accused of having with her good friend Mali Music.

Potentially baseless reports allege Hudson had an order of protection placed against Otunga when she discovered that he had learned of the supposed affair fearing that he’d endanger she and their child in retaliation.

TMZ reports…

Cps kicked David out of the family home Thursday night after Jennifer got an order of protection claiming she feared him, he had gotten physical with her and he was a threat to her and her son. David vehemently denies the allegations.

Mali is yet to respond to this story.

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  1. Brenda November 19, 2017

    Y’all believe everything y’all hear!!!!SMH!!!! ITS NOT TRUE!!!!

  2. Brenda November 19, 2017

    Take this post down!!!!

  3. Brent Christopher November 19, 2017

    I do not believe that Otunga has EVER put his hands on Jennifer. I believe that she got fed up with being engaged for 10 years and no formal wedding or marriage. She began stepping outside of her relationship to be spiteful. She got caught. David threatened to leave her & to save face in the eye of the public, Jennifer and her team filed this false protective order. She is trying to paint herself as the victim when really, she’s the villain & the FRAUD!

    • Ocean November 19, 2017

      But she’s said many times she wasn’t in a rush to get married.

      • Brent Christopher November 19, 2017

        NO WOMAN with self respect or who is mentally and emotionally stable, wants to be engaged for 10 damn years. Be serious. David Otunga did not put his hands on this woman & everyone knows it. Jennifer Hudson is so completely overrated, it’s ridiculous.

    • Killian November 19, 2017

      Seems more like it to me to,Girl got fed up,who wouldn’t?

    • Jasmine November 19, 2017

      It was Jennifer that did not want to get married though. David long wanted to get married early on. You are letting your hatred of Hudson cloud your logic and cause you to generalize all women. Unless you are a woman you cannot understand how women thinks. Even if you are a gay man you still cannot understand how real women think. Go play R. kelly’s “When a woman’s fed up” or Tamia’s “When a Woman” and you will start to understand that a lengthy engagement is just on the surface but a woman is not going to leave her situation until she has made PLANS and is truly fed up, especially when children are involved

      • Caleb November 21, 2017

        You just recommended an R. Kelly song to help understand the feeling of women?!

    • Brent Christopher the Tranny Savior November 24, 2017

      Just like you troll?! muahahahahaaaah! I got you b****! LMAO!

  4. FireStorm November 19, 2017

    This post just so happens to ignore the fact that Jennifer Hudson got a restraining order against this man after he got physical with her? Also, the fact that it was stated that she has witnesses who saw him push her? Y’all are disgusting and vile.

    • DanYiel Iman November 19, 2017

      Especially since he’s built stronger & out of 10 year’s not a sense of violence but now since she wants to leave him Of course HE’S ABUSIVE!! Isn’t that always the story? 📖

  5. Dingell jones November 19, 2017

    Is she taking notes from Alicia keys and fantasia book

  6. Red11 November 19, 2017

    Terrible story/article! There’s no need to perpetuate these lies.

    • Bey Sting November 19, 2017

      Call down! They used the words potentially baseless because even they know it’s not true. They have to report the news.

  7. Tim Brown November 19, 2017

    David is a lawyer right? It’ll be very interesting to see how JHud’s lawyer works this case. It’s not like its your average celebrity case where one party has all the wealth…this dude is a practicing lawyer….he can spin this anyway he wants…

  8. Dominick November 19, 2017

    Such a shame you report about this!!!

  9. Yas November 19, 2017

    More likely she got tired of being with someone who she no longer was interested in and is afraid he will try to hurt her. She never cheated with Mali, he’s just recorded a song with her

  10. DanYiel Iman November 19, 2017

    Sadly I believe this, she’s a woman of the world & her fiancé is also a working man & father sitting his son!! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  11. Leelee November 19, 2017

    I am so sorry for both Jhud and David. I am not surprised. Jhud wants David to practice law – be entertainment, corporate- any area that brings in that dough and he is using his craft. David is stuck on being a TV/movie personality, and she is tired of it. David knows what she wants him to do. Just do it, David!

  12. Caleb November 21, 2017

    Mr. Mali Music s*** af tho just saying

  13. De November 22, 2017

    Jennifer and David relationship was a stage to the fans. There were never a commitment from both parties. It was a lifeless relationship because a child is invovled. I pray Jennifer will seek God for her devine purpose. For man can’t serve two master’s. The fruit of the spirits will manifest in the believer.

  14. เช็คค่าเงิน December 16, 2017

    Having read this I thought it was rather enlightening. I appreciate you spending some time and energy
    to put this article together. I once again find myself spending a significant amount of
    time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worthwhile!

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