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Lil Kim Announces Release Date For ‘Hardcore’ Mixtape

lil kim hardcore 2k14 thatgrapejuice Lil Kim Announces Release Date For Hardcore Mixtape

Whether brought on by motherhood, money, or Minaj, something has Lil Kim is motivated.

Three years have passed since the rapper released her tragic mixtape ‘Black Friday’, which she infamously claimed topped the “PayPal Charts”.

Hoping to put that debacle behind her, recent times have seen the 40-year-old touting a ‘Hardcore’ mixtape. Initially due last year, the set was pushed back following the announcement of the star’s pregnancy.

Now, having given birth in June, the Grammy-winner is ready to serve up the set and today announced its latest release date. We have our doubts as to whether it’ll stick, yet figured you’d want to mark you calendars nonetheless.

Find out when it’ll arrive below…


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T.I. Teases Lil Kim & Iggy Azalea Collaboration

iggy azalea lil kim thatgrapejuice e1407527156898 T.I. Teases Lil Kim & Iggy Azalea Collaboration

And the plot thickens.

Lil Kim‘s latest quest for relevancy appears to be much more aggressive than in past years. For, after launching a number of missiles at nemesis Nicki Minaj this week, the femcee is eyeing her rival’s rival - Iggy Azalea - for a collaboration.

Details below…


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Hot Topic: Should Nicki Minaj Respond To New Lil Kim Diss Tracks?

lil kim that grape juice 2014 19 Hot Topic: Should Nicki Minaj Respond To New Lil Kim Diss Tracks?

Four years after the first round of their Rap battle, Lil Kim’s feud with rapper Nicki Minaj finds itself reignited by the ‘How Many Licks’ performer this month, coming after she learned of the latter’s duet with Pop icon Beyonce.

Unfortunately for Kim, her attempts to provoke a response from Minaj has come to no avail, with the ‘Anaconda‘ belle’s focus dedicated to pushing her third studio album ‘The Pink Print.’

So, given the current state of Kim’s career and Minaj’s seemingly unstoppable Hip Hop reign, we ask…

Should she respond?

Weigh in below…


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New Song: Lil Kim – ‘Hot N*gga’

Lil Kim thatgrapejuice 600x435 New Song: Lil Kim   Hot N*gga

And another one.

Lil Kim has awoken for her musical slumber and seems intent on re-claiming her spot as Hip-Hop’s premier Queen Bee.

The quest, however, has largely been a mucky mess, with her various attempts at attacking nemesis Nicki Minaj falling as flat as the interest in her career.

Hoping to reverse the backlash, which has seen her trending on Twitter all week (for all the wrong reasons), the pint-sized femcee has unwrapped a freestyle remix of Bobby Shmurda’s ‘Hot N*gga’.

Listen via DJ Envy below…


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New Song: Lil Kim – ‘Identity Theft (Nicki Minaj Diss)’

lil kim that grape juice she is diva 14 600x599 New Song: Lil Kim   Identity Theft (Nicki Minaj Diss)

Oh no!

While a number of her male contemporaries sit atop Hip Hop’s food chain as kings, the court jester that is Lil Kim finds herself at the bottom of the barrel once again today, reaching a brand new low with her latest release.

That’s right, under the control of her latest puppet master Big Fendi, the rapper has blasted her rival Nicki Minaj with a brand new diss track named ‘Identity Theft’, taking aim at Minaj’s alleged borrowing of her style.

In need of a laugh?

Listen to Kim serve up many a “ha ha” below…


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New Song: Lil Kim – ‘Flawless (Nicki Minaj Diss)’

lil kim she is diva that grape juice 2013 600x547 New Song: Lil Kim   Flawless (Nicki Minaj Diss)

Comedic might be one word to describe Lil Kim‘s latest stunt, reaching all new lows in a fresh bid to compete with ‘Stupid Hoe’ rapper Nicki Minaj.

Indeed, after Minaj‘s recent collaboration with Beyonce has given many a Hip Hop head cause to celebrate this week, a seemingly bitter Kim has launched a remix of their ‘Flawless’ single today.

Why we accused her of reaching an all new low with the song?

Listen and laugh via ‘Hulkshare Records‘ below…


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The Struggle Diaries: Lil Kim Manager Tries To Reignite Nicki Minaj Beef…Through Beyonce

beyonce she is diva that grape juice 1  The Struggle Diaries: Lil Kim Manager Tries To Reignite Nicki Minaj Beef...Through Beyonce

Struggle here…struggle there…struggle everywhere.

They may have been partners in creative crime during her run on NYC’s underground music scene, but it would seem Hip Hop’s Fendi has developed quite the hatred for his former pal, Nicki Minaj.

For, after being kicked to the curb by the ‘Anaconda’ rapper and joining the management team of her Hip Hop siren Lil Kim, the character used his role as the latter’s manager to fuel the existing beef between the pint-sized pair.

Now, after failing to reignite Kim’s career the first time, he now seeks to pit the ladies against each other today, doing so via ‘Flawless’ singer Beyonce.


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