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Hot Shots: Alexandra Burke Hits Runway At ‘Fashion For Haiti’

alexandra haiti1 Hot Shots: Alexandra Burke Hits Runway At Fashion For Haiti

Singing sensation Alexandra Burke strut her stuff on the runway at last night’s ‘Fashion For Haiti’ event here in London. The 21 year old was one of many celebrities who participated in fund-raiser, which was organised by supermodel Naomi Campbell.

In other Burke news, she is set to film the video for new single ‘The Silence’ this weekend.

Check out more pics after the jump….


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New Video: Timbaland – ‘Carry Out (ft. Justin Timberlake)’

The video for Timbaland‘s latest single ‘Carry Out’ has premiered. Featuring Justin Timberlake (whose absence from the music scene has been well noted), the song is one of the better cuts on the producer’s otherwise underwhelming ‘Shock Value 2′ LP. As for the Bryan Barber directed clip, it’s nothing to scream about, yet it serves purpose I guess.

What do you think of the video?

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Behind The Scenes: Sabrina Washington’s ‘OMG’ Video

Cash Money’s (soon-to-be) latest addition Sabrina Washington is creating quite the buzz with catchy new single ‘OMG (Oh My Gosh)’ (out March 22nd). The video for the track has been out for a few weeks now and is on rotation on several networks; check out a behind the scenes look at how it all came together (above).

Tidbit: Glass stiletto’s?!

Your thoughts?

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Jermaine Dupri Talks New Janet Single

janet nothing 1 Jermaine Dupri Talks New Janet Single

Janet Jackson‘s former boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri, has opened up to MTV about the superstar’s forthcoming single ‘Nothing’, which is lifted from the ‘Why Did I Get Married Too’ soundtrack – the movie of which Jackson stars in. Check out what he had to say about the cut – which he produced:

Jermaine Dupri recently told MTV News he had produced a new Janet Jackson song for the upcoming Tyler Perry film in which the singer also stars, “Why Did I Get Married Too?”

According to the So So Def boss, the track is slated to be the first single from the movie’s soundtrack — the film is scheduled to arrive in theaters April 2.

“I watched the movie with [Jackson and Perry] and it’s incredible,” Dupri said. “I’m not married but married people go through what I seen in this movie. I think Tyler hit it on the head again. But the song is perfect for the movie and it’s a good record.”

The producer was tight-lipped about the track, only revealing that the title was “Nothing.” He promised, however, that the song will showcase a Jackson that fans haven’t seen in a while.

“I can say this — y’all haven’t heard her sound like this in a long time,” he teased.

Granted I’ve been punk’ed by many a producer touting how ‘amazingly different’ a song is going to be enough times to greet such promises with pessimism, I am admittedly uber excited about this. This really is Janet’s time to silence the naysayers and re-position herself as a musical force, which I’m confident she will if the material, label situation etc is right. In any case, ‘Nothing’ should be premièring any time from now…

Tidbit: A little birdy has informed us that Ms. Jackson’s new label, Interscope, will likely include ‘Nothing’ on her as-yet-untitled LP which is pencilled in for a May/June release – if it performs well.

Your thoughts?

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New Song: Wynter Gordon – ‘Dirty Talk’ (1st Single)

wynter g New Song: Wynter Gordon   Dirty Talk (1st Single)

After first appearing on the music radar with underground smash ‘Surveillance’ two years ago, Atlantic Records singer/songwriter Wynter Gordon is finally set to release her debut single ‘Dirty Talk’, her official website has confirmed. Produced by the industry’s most sought-after hitmaker David Guetta, the song is a blissful blend of Pop and Dance, with a unique Urban undertone. Lyrically, ‘Talk’ is neither deep nor ground-breaking (and is actually rather suggestive), yet boasts many a catchy hook to ensure you’ll be singing along upon first listen. If there is any justice in the world, this just has to be a smash somewhere! Great track!

Hit or Miss?

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Alicia Keys Covers Gotham Magazine

alicia keys gotham Alicia Keys Covers Gotham Magazine

A stunning looking Alicia Keys features on the cover of the March issue of Gotham Magazine. The 12-time Grammy winner’s look was put together by celebrity stylist June Ambrose, who donned the singer in a Catherine Malandrino ensemble.

Hands-down the most beautiful I’ve seen Ms. Keys look to date!

What do you think of the cover?

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What Happened To Brandy’s Music Career?

1024x768f brandy1 What Happened To Brandys Music Career?

Brandy’s music career has come to a halt. As one of the rising stars of the 1990′s, she seemed primed to be amongst the most successful artists of the 2000′s. Yet, since the release of her ‘Full Moon’ LP in 2002, her music career has been on a steady decline, with her impact on the charts diminishing with each subsequent release. The root cause of this decrease in sales, however, remains a mystery.

Despite achieving critical success with her ‘Afrodisiac‘ and ‘Human’ albums, both records represent the lowest sales in Brandy’s entire career. Indeed, the latter of the two projects sold little over 200k units since it’s release on December 5th, 2008 although she made several major promotional appearances. It seems that regardless of how good her material may be or how hard she tries to promote it, the general public hasn’t paid attention.

There is no denying that Brandy will always have a presence on television, thanks to the massive success of her syndicated show ‘Moesha’ and her upcoming reality show, but her notable absence on radio continues to baffle both her fans and critics alike. Her brother Ray J offered his perspective on the issue, asserting that a lot of her problems result from her label conflicts. Nevertheless, many contend that EPIC Records gave her substantial support during her ‘Human’ campaign.

So what is real reason for the decline of Brandy’s chart success? Is it really her label situation? Or is it something else? Her material could certainly find a place on contemporary radio as ‘Human’ had all the elements of a mainstream hit. It’s anyone’s guess why people just aren’t interested.

What do you think is the problem with Brandy’s

music career?

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Hot Shot: Lady GaGa – ‘Telephone (Ft. Beyonce)’ Single Cover

thatgrapejuice49 Hot Shot: Lady GaGa   Telephone (Ft. Beyonce) Single Cover

The cover art for Lady GaGa and Beyonce’s ‘Telephone’ single has finally been released. The song has thus far peaked at #15 on the Billboard Hot 100. The video to support the record is set to be released any day now.

What do you think of the cover?

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Jay-Z: “JLS Will Be As Big As N Sync”

jls Jay Z: JLS Will Be As Big As N Sync

Following their double-win at the BRIT Awards this week, JLS have yet another reason to smile – they have received an endorsement from Hip-Hop superstar Jay-Z.

The boyband, the biggest to emerge from the UK in years, caught the 40 year old’s eye when he sat in the audience at the BRIT’s. Speaking to The Sun, Mr Carter said:

“I liked JLS, I watched them do their show. They’re a good band and remind me of ‘N Sync, a band who do the boy band thing well. They put on a class performance and I think they will go on to be as big as ‘N Sync.”

Erm…ok then…LOL.

I’m not quite sure where or how Jay would have come to such an off-the-mark conclusion, as based on their performance-ability alone, JLS are light-years behind what N Sync were serving up back in the day (and that’s me being extra nice). More than anything though, where N Sync boasted viable solo stars in the form of Justin and JC Chasez (still cheesed off things never popped off for him, then again the material was doo-doo), JLS – to put it simply – don’t.

Still, with the likes of Jay-Z backing them – even if only verbally, the guys have indeed got a much needed boast ahead of their debut in America.

With their Stateside label Jive having already started promo for their 1st single ‘Everybody In Love’, I can not wait to see how the US takes to them. I say this as the guys have been getting away with a hell of a lot here i.e. mediocre vocals, awful routines, and more. Yet with the US – from my observation, (more times than not) calling out the wackness from the jump, it’ll be interesting to see how the boys fare. That said, they are signed to an awesome label there, who will likely promote them to the high-heavens; so maybe, just maybe, we may be onto the next N’ sync….right?

Randomness: Strangely enough, though not taking to them musically, I’m internally glad to see a group like this doing so well (see: Obama effect). If only their talent matched up.

Your thoughts?

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Behind The Scenes: Rihanna’s ‘Rude Boy’ Video

Check out this behind the scenes look at Rihanna‘s video for latest single ‘Rude Boy’ (directed by Melina). Credit where credit is due, this Bajan model was going for gold with the sass and overall confidence she exuded on this one. Granted great editing did her a lot of favours in terms of  making her mechanical whine less…well…mechanical, she gave it her all and deserves kudos for that. It’s just a shame that Ms. Fenty never seems to replicate such swagger when a mic and a live audience are given to her. Sigh…

Your thoughts?

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