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Published: Saturday 10th Mar 2007 by Sam
This one has been doing the rounds on the net for the last few days and has caused a small controversy. So many different opinions…I’m still kinda speechless. What do you think?!

*Link now working again*

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  1. CiCi March 10, 2007

    A damn shame!

  2. Anonymous March 10, 2007

    What is wrong…are you thinking that little boy acting like a little girl…it a kid playing like him is a star…I did not see anything wrong…he wa acting like he is on tv…the film was chopping…I did not see what you saw.

  3. ANONYMOUS March 10, 2007

    Well I am concerned about the people raising that child… Concerned also about the fact that this is being filmed and post thru the internet where peodophile are on the loose… C** on now let’s have common sense.
    I’m sorry, I’m appaled.

  4. Anonymous March 11, 2007

    im speechless,…. because it jus doesnt seem natural, however it could just be all acting.

  5. Anonymous March 11, 2007

    I’m sorry that was not acting…some parts of it looks like it has been rehearsed!! It was just all wrong and whoever filmed it and posted it on the internet should be ashamed.

  6. LadyChi March 14, 2007

    I hope that little boy doesn’t still attend this daycare. Little boys should not be moving like this to Beyonce,you already know how he gone end up later on in his life.

  7. Anonymous March 29, 2007

    face it the little boy is going to be gay!!!

  8. Anonymous April 13, 2007

    omg you people are horrible. this shouldnt be taken to seriously. i agree that it IS a mistake for someone to put this video online for people to see. honestly though… that little boy looks like he is having all the fun in the world dancing to beyonce. i know little kids who dance like this… they learn how to dance like that from MTV. im sure he isnt doing it to be “sexual”. i mean lets face it… that little boy is too young to comprehend anything negative about his dancing. i think this was done purely out of fun

  9. Anonymous April 13, 2007

    When my mate sent me the link to this, I thought it was to be entertained by the video, however, i realised quickly that it was the redneck comments that were truly hilarious. But not in a good way.

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