New Song: Mariah Carey ‘I Feel It’

Published: Saturday 14th Jul 2007 by Sam
As reported earlier this week, producer Mahogany has premiered this previously unreleased Mariah Carey track (it will not be featured on her new album). ‘I Feel It’, a track from the ‘Emancipation of Mimi’ recording sessions, is a pretty decent song and I’m liking it’s overall old skool vibe. Despite having a similar sound to some of the ‘Mimi’ album tracks, it doesn’t really measure up and I can see why it was left off the final tracklist. Still, it’s good hearing new(ish) Mariah material in the run-up to the release of her new album – slated to drop November 20th.

What do you think of the track?
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  1. Anonymous July 14, 2007

    I can admit the song is a nice mellow feel for the ol school lover in you. Overall I like Long live MiMi.

  2. Anonymous July 14, 2007

    It’s good to hear Mariahs voice on something different. Can’t wait till her new album. [=

  3. Anonymous July 14, 2007

    My original thought was that it would be so messed up if that Mahogany page wasn’t real. I mean, according to Wikipedia, a snippet of “When I feel it” was leaked to fans in early 2006. And every fan and their mother has a copy of “Sprung”. So what if whomever had that page, just uploaded the snippet and the Sprung track, added some pictures of MC and Mahogany and claimed to be Mahogany in order to rip-off as many fans as possible? Maybe I was just thinking like that because yesterday (the scheduled release day) was Friday the 13th. Crazy thought. Glad it turned out not to be true!

    Now that some of the excitement has worn off, here’s my take on “I Feel It.”

    I can see how this track didn’t make TEOM (in case it is not obvious, “TEOM” is how we fans abbreviate her 2005 album’s title “The Emancipation of Mimi”). I really don’t like the spoken intro. The chorus is not as catchy or as developed as the other tunes on the record. Also, TEOM had a balance of power vocals and softer tunes, this middle-of-the-road record could have leaned the album too far towards the latter.

    This track sounds very similar to “There Goes My Heart,” vocally (not melodically), which was another unreleased track that was understandably left off Charmbracelet as well (not that it made a difference in the album’s success).

    I still like it, though I no longer love it after the first few plays, but I’m excited to have new material from MC and can’t wait until the new album 11/20/07!

    Overall rating: 3 out of 5

    A little trivia: In 2006, Mariah contracted with Pepsi & Motorola to write/produce/create 25 ringtones exclusively for Motorola phones. One ringtone was just called “high note.” This ringtone, from my listening to “I Feel It” contains the exact same vocal as the very end of “I feel it.” So, in a way, the ring tone was like a second preview (aside from the internet leak of the snippet) of the track!
    – Alexis

  4. jer. July 14, 2007

    Hmmm you can tell it’s unfinished. Mariah hasn’t sung a song straight through in full voice like that since Music Box. She doens’t do it. And you can tell this was just a vocal run-through and that the vocals are unfinished.

  5. Anonymous July 14, 2007

    This sounds like something Diana Ross has sang … anyway, I’m glad Mariah is feelin’ it ’cause I ain’t.

  6. Anonymous July 15, 2007

    At a first listen I was gonna stop it at 30 seconds but decided to keep listening to give Mariah a chance and now I think the track is alright, I like when she say’s ‘When I when I feel it’ but i’ll wait for the album before I decided if I really like the track, sometimes songs have to grow on you

  7. Anonymous July 24, 2007


  8. Anonymous July 24, 2007

    I absolutely LOVE this song!!! I am puzzled that it did not make it onto TEOM as it could have easily fitted themewise to it. It is a very sad song though…made me even cry…but I love the melancholic riffs, the old skool 60ies riffs and Diana Ross-esque harmonies.

    A real gem that was left out! i would have rather left out “Sprung” which is probably my least Mariah track ever…..

    Never mind, I hope her “Tennessee” release will be a success as well as the new album. She needs to keep going and contributing her remarkable talent to these slim pickings of remaining talent these days!

    Nuff said!

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