Amy Winehouse In Bloody Brawl With Husband

Published: Thursday 23rd Aug 2007 by Sam
Amy Winehouse is seriously a train-wreck waiting to happen. The ‘Rehab’ singer and her junkie husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, got into a drug-fueled fight at a London hotel in the early hours of this morning – leaving them both bloodied and bruised. Click here to read the full story.
Didn’t she just check into rehab for real? Whatever the case, she needs help fast. Yes, her ‘alternative’ lifestyle was part of her appeal, but it’s all going too far.
Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous August 24, 2007

    Looks as if he lost.

  2. Anonymous August 24, 2007

    Understand some of these people. They are wonderful singers, actors, good athlelies and they just won’t leave the crazy stuff alone. They have the good life and so many of us would at least love to have some of thier status. Well Being on drugs, and wilding out is the thing for people in hollywood, then I’ll just struggle in my life to be better.

  3. Anonymous August 24, 2007

    True happiness does not depend on material things. No amount of money, cars, expensive homes, etc, can replace having a true purpose in life. What benefit will it be to you
    if you gain the whole world
    but lose your own soul….

  4. Nebbanezzir December 3, 2007

    I love Amy Winehouse and her music. I feel her material cuz I can relate with my own issues but all this drinking and drugs s*** is riddiculous. I’d give anything to be known for my musical abilities and celebrities who just carry on like they don’t give a s*** pisses me off. Especially ones who aren’t that talented (u Brittney) and they act like don’t giv s*** about nothing?! Dumbasses their are so many ppl who deserve ur spot and would do better with it. I klnw this harsh but ya’ll need to get it together.

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