Fashion Rocks 2007 Performances

Published: Saturday 8th Sep 2007 by Sam

As reported, the Fashion Rocks 2007 concert took place in New York City this week. A host artists performed at the star-studded event including Usher, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson. Check out some of the performances below:

Usher & Mary J Blige.
It’s A Man’s World, Respect & Do I Do


Jennifer Lopez
Do It Well / Waiting For Tonight


Jennifer Hudson
Come Together


Alicia Keys
The Thing About Love


For the first time in the longest, I felt everyone did great. One of the standouts, for me, was Usher & Mary’s performance. With the way Usher was nailing the James Brown choreography I was left thinking ‘Justin who?’. Jennifer Hudson was also a standout; it was good seeing her sing something different. She really has a great stage presence too. I was pleasantly surprised with J. Lo’s performance – she is far from a great vocalist, but her live singing has improved a lot.

What do you think of the performances?

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  1. KidKlassic September 8, 2007

    I didn’t care about the other artists because I’m on alicia Keys right now. That Song she sang, I thought she was redoing it from a classic artist but I found out it’s from her new album.

    when I hear a good song, it gives me chills all over, that song did that too me. She’s gonnna be a classic someday. I love that song ( That’s The Thing Called Love), its kinda like a follow up to “No One”.

  2. jjlova06 September 8, 2007

    I am not that into the song by Alicia Keys, but she sane the hell out of it. She made me want to watch her and listen to her especially towards the end and then she’s also beautiful. So I think her album is going to do well simply because she is talented and not trying to do everything in the world or have twenty different looks. She looks like Alicia and is going to win being talented the way she is.

    Second, I am not a big fan of Jennifer Holiday because she sings to strongly all the time for me, but I feel that she did well. I hope she continues to do well.

    J. Lo at first had me crazy. When she came out I was ready for her. She had the heat up and started singing live with her better vocals but as time went on I was kind of ready for her to get off stage because that was all she did was sing and no dance. She couldn’d do both. She had about 2 sections of dance and they were really short and the performance was kind of long. So I don’t know. She had me excited at first when she came out though.

    Thirdly, Usher and Mary did their thang. They both sounded great and there was good chemistry except when Usher would be looking and she wouldn’t be. But I felt the crowd was that hype, which did something to the performance. I loved it though. They both did very well. And Usher hit those James Brown moves like crazy. I’m glad they did a tribute to James finally.

  3. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    1. Usher & Marys performace was awesome! Marys voice is still strong & i love it. I was kinda disappointed with Usher thou. I didn’t feel he really deliver the first song. I might be comparing him to Christinas performance. They’re performance was awesome.

    2. Jennifer Lopez. Her performace made me love Do It so much more. She can dance but she didn’t so that so much in this performace. I don’t like the song ‘Waiting for Tonight’ but i liked her singing it.

    3. Wasn’t to thrilled about Jennifer Hudsons performace. It was something different from her but I didn’t like it..sorry.

    4. Alicia Keys performace was the best!! Right when she started singing I knew it was going to be an awesome performance. I love it & I’ll probably listen to it over & over in the future. haha.

  4. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    no one dancing all the way through and sing live. and you’re delusional if you think beyonce doesn’t use prerecorded tracks in 90% of her performances

  5. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    Usher didn’t do “It’s a mans world” justice compared to chrsitina.

  6. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    The best performance was Usher & Mary. I am sorry but Jennifer Hudson is a big girl and she needs to cover up her back fat, it kept jiggling and I have a weak stomach. **vomits**

  7. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    usher is such a bicht. mary said “usher” and clapped and all that but eh didnt say “mary j. blige” and pointed @ her….mary kicked his ass backstage.

  8. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    I loved Jennife Lopez’s performance and thats all i liked! Didn’t like Usher/Mary performace at all!

  9. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    I liked JLO’s performance but she was singing from pre-recorded tracks. If you listened closely you could tell there was a recording going on, plus their was no band or backups singers in place. That was not JLO singing, she’s just uses good techniques that make it appear as if she is really singing. JLO has been lip-sying so long she has become a pro at it.

  10. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    J.LO had the best performance

  11. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    J.Lo was fantastic, it was all live…you could tell, thats why she didn’t dance too much! I love the song DO IT WELL, its a hot track!!!…J.Lo killed all of em…She put on a show!

  12. Anonymous September 8, 2007

    Jennifer Lo was the best one for me…damn she hot!

  13. Anonymous September 9, 2007

    wow! was real plzed wit all of em! i loved ushers and MJ gave me chills! its sooo good 2 c usher back even if he is married lol darn! and J.lo did real good too bak tot J.lo we luv dancin and lookin fly non of this spanish nonesense lol a gud show. i thought alicias voice at t start was a bit shakey but a great song! i am sure her new album will b great!

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