Janet Performs On Good Morning America

Published: Tuesday 26th Feb 2008 by Sam
Pop superstar Janet Jackson performed her blazing comeback single ‘Feedback’ for the first time today on Good Morning America as part of her set on their Winter Concert Series. Ms. Janet could have kept the first half of the performance to herself, as something was kinda lacking with the video re-creation. Saying that, boy, did she bring ‘IT’ in the second half. Great choreography, attitude, great (pre-recorded) vocals lol lol, great everything. I was really feeling the live instrumentation on the song. Expect to see more of Janet on That Grape Juice today, the day her album ‘Discipline’ is released in the US. She’ll be hitting up MTV’s TRL later on as well.

Check out Janet’s performance of her biggest hit to date ‘That’s The Way Love Goes:

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Anonymous February 26, 2008

    Janet was great! The rec-creation was a lil slow in the beginning, but GMA did a lousy job with the camera angles and WTF was up with cutting off Rock With U. BTW, enough with the pre-recorded insinuations. We know Janet does that a lot, but this time just like with the 20 Y.O. performances she is singing along live with the track for Feedback. That’s The Way Love Goes was live and so was what we saw of Rock With U. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t hear her breathing in the microphone the way she was. No one comments when Beyonce or Mariah lip-synch, and trust, they do. No hate on them, just a fact. I like them too.

  2. Anonymous February 26, 2008

    she KILLED feedback!! love the whole performance!

    That’s the way love goes is great too. but where is the performance of ROCK WITH U ?? i ain’t seen it here.

  3. Cherry February 26, 2008

    F**K Me! Call the fire station – Mama is on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiire!!!!

  4. Anonymous February 26, 2008


  5. Anonymous February 26, 2008

    Yes, Beyonce can sing and Janet is and has always been a dynamic entertainer. They each have their own unique talent. No need to try to dis Janet. Let’s give them both credit.

  6. Anonymous February 26, 2008

    First off the good I am happy to see Janet is still around rocking out. As for performances nothing different or fresh just typical Janet as we would expect from her. The singing part it is what it is just live with it she was never consider top of the list in that department.

  7. Anonymous February 26, 2008

    It was TERRIBLE. The choreography and dancing sucked. Britney at her worst is better than Janet at her best.

  8. T February 26, 2008

    yeah we know Janet isn’t the best singer but she does great pre-recorded vocals lol AND SHE BRINGS IT, beyonce and mariah lip, so what, who cares, we know it, get over it, THE PERFORMANCE WAS HOT HOT HOT!! SHE’S DOING IT AND I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE DISCIPLINE, THIS IS SUCH A JANET VIBE I’M IN RIGHT NOW, BACK LIKE JANET, VELVET ROPE, EVEN DAMITA JO, OMG I’M LOVING THAT CD!! IT’S ON REPLAY AND I JUST BOUGHT A THIRD COPY!

  9. Anonymous February 26, 2008

    i got 4 copies

  10. Anonymous February 26, 2008

    7 copies

  11. Anonymous February 26, 2008

    BEYONCE DOESN”T LIP AS MUCH AS PEOPLE THINK!!! Beyonce is a way better entertainer than Janet!!

  12. Anonymous February 27, 2008

    the beginning of Feedback wqas boring as usual, but i definatley picked up. loved it. [=
    That’s the way Love Goes, HELLA GOOD. i loved how they turned it into a song you could dance to. ;]
    yee Janet [=


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