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Published: Tuesday 25th Mar 2008 by Sam
Day26 - 'Day26' ReviewAt one point the standard-bearer for R&B/Hip-Hop, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ Bad Boy Empire has undeniably fallen on hard-times in recent in years. Following the departure of several of the label’s key acts, Bad Boy has been MIA on the charts for longer than their supporters and more so Combs would have liked. Enter Day26; a five-piece consisting of Willie, Qwanell, Robert, Mike and Brian. Formed on the popular MTV show, aptly titled ‘Making The Band’, the guys are part of Combs’ plan to stage a Bad Boy revival of sorts. With this their self-titled debut (out March 25th), Day26 show that there may be hope yet for Diddy’s once-sinking ship.

‘I’m The Reason’ launches the album off to a great start; with its Go-Go inspired production and excellent vocal arrangements, the song highlights both the album’s strongest area as well as, what reveals itself to be, its biggest detriment – the slicker than slick, high production value. Whilst on some tracks such as the standout lead single ‘Got Me Going’ (produced by Mario Winans), the guys flow effortlessly over the beat, other instances draw attention to the glossed-over holes in Bad Boy’s newest collective.

Still, when the album ‘gets it right’, it’s hard to deny its proficiency. Producer Bryan Michael Cox is at the helm of some of the LP’s most solid offerings which include standout ballad ‘Are We In This Together?’ – a personal favourite, ‘Don’t Fight The Feeling’ and the over-performed, yet still thoroughly listenable ‘Exclusive’. Other notable cuts include the Motown-esque ‘Silly Love’ (despite its cheesy lyrics/arrangements), the steamy ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ as well as ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ – which undoubtedly has to be a single candidate. Another highlight is ‘In My Bed’, which sees the group’s soulful vocals compliment the gritty street-tinged production.

Filler abounds, however, in the form of tracks such as The Runners produced ‘Come With Me’. The chorus sees group sing “Come with me, I’ll put you fast asleep”. Indeed, the song, despite its decent production value, bored me half to sleep. Elsewhere, The Runners contribution to the record again doesn’t always hit the mark, as evidenced by ‘Come In’. Here, the ironically vintage B.M-Cox sounding beat essentially swallows the group’s vocals, reducing them to a mere echo of what they should sound like.

Despite its shortcomings, ‘Day26’ is a polished, well-sequenced effort by Bad Boy’s latest additions. With the undeniable vocal prowess of the group both individually and as a unit, in conjunction with the endless potential they posses, Day26 could well be on their way to championing Bad Boy’s comeback.

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  1. toons March 25, 2008

    the cd overall is really good. “come in (my doors open)” is one of my favorite songs on the cd. the harmonies are awesome and they ride that gritty beat effortlessly.

  2. Pyro March 25, 2008

    This album is overall HOT.. its just heat.. u cant deny this s***. So many hot tracks its been ages since i’ve listened to an album with so many hot songs. I like every single song on the cut

  3. Anonymous March 25, 2008

    I don’t like the album. I given it a try, but I’m just not feeling it. Feels like a bunch on noise. The songs aren’t easy on the ears, and there is entirely too much production. It’s like a bad mix of 112 and jodeci. It’s just too much. They need to find their own identity, because the group has talent.

  4. Anonymous March 26, 2008

    the album is a masterpiece to say the least. the production is superb. so many baby making cuts. and it sounds like a summer cd. i’m really feeling it. i can listen to the entire cd without skipping.

    i’m mad they portrayed Brian and Rob in the way they did on he show. you’d think brian is always squeeling and Rob is always oversinging. they both can sing in a variety of ways. EVERYONE in the group can sing they asses off.

  5. Anonymous March 26, 2008

    This album is actually quite hot. I know they are hateed on alo around some blogs n ish, but….. overall the is half decent and is worth the money. So if youre considering to buy it, just do it. Standout tracks are: Got Me Going, Exclusive, Together, Since Youve Been Gone & Don’t Fight This Feeling.

  6. tia March 29, 2008

    THe cd is hott just like it knew it would be…i havent skipped one song…..well except got me goin,i dont like that song at all,but the whole album is sick….im proud of these guys and the person who mentioned rob and brian is right because roberts voice is perfect for every song and they would be stupid to leave him out of a song…..and brian did just fine on this album,actually him and robert have the standout voices,everyone else kind of blends in

  7. Anonymous March 30, 2008

    “Come In (My Door Is Open)” is produced by The Runners not B C** and “Come With Me” is produced by Kwame. There is absolutely nothing Motown-esque about “Silly Love” and that statement insults all that is Motown. Also, vocally this albums is below average and none of the artists use their vocal abilities to their fullest extent except on a couple of tracks, namely “Come In (My Door Is Open). This album as a whole is average, if not a little below. However, it does show they have potential.

    On a side note, Diddy makes foolish decisions and can’t resurrect Bad Boy from the grave. #1) He doesn’t vary the tracks on the Day26 album and tries to make every track a single. #2) He signed Donnie as a solo artist and his single is trash. #3) He didn’t sign the best singer from MTB4 Brian H even as a solo artist.

    On and On by Brian H.

    Peep game and recognize a player when you see one.

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