New Song: Ciara – ‘Supernatural’ (Snippet)

Published: Tuesday 22nd Apr 2008 by Sam
Ciara - 'Supernatural' (Snippet) With R&B star Ciara hard at work on her third studio album tentatively titled ‘Fantasy Ride’, a snippet of one of the supposedly featured track has surfaced. Though the smooth mid-tempo ‘Supernatural’ isn’t a bad effort, it certainly leaves a lot to be desired. It’ll be interesting to see what the album, due out in the Autumn, will have on offer – material better than this I should hope.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    I like it. It’s catchy and her vocals sound good!

    This blog is always off with predictions so I didn;t even bother with your “review”.

    Props on the clip anway

  2. m.I.K.E. April 22, 2008

    woooohoooo child !!!
    this song is banging !!!
    ciara always seems to surprise me, love this song, it’s got the strenght and sexiness that Janet cant seem to bring on already

  3. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    the track is banannas, what are you talking about leaves much to be desired. It’s better than a lot of the new music you’ve been posting the last few days..

  4. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    I love Ciara but I’m not sure about this one.

  5. ND April 22, 2008

    lolol Sam u gimme jokes!!!!!!!

    I hope CiCi knocks some chicks out this year.. cos some of these chicks (or shud I say ‘That Chick’) are totally over hyped!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    when u get the FULL song post this again..this joint is a BANGA

  7. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    Her voice is weak…worse than Madonna’s faux studio voice.

  8. Anonymous April 22, 2008


  9. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    That was HOT!!! once again… i cant wait for this album… its the only one i can buy that if i wanna dance i just put Ciara Album on and if im sad she got something to cheer me up.. and if its just empowering she got it. i love her. and yall hatas need to fall back. cuz me and my ci-ci fans making her # 1!

  10. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    sounds like a bitter janet fan who madonna shits on by the way sucka… Stop hating Ciara killed the track

  11. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    look who callin overhype, ciara CANNOT SING, and reuse and recycle DANCES that were done by janet and aaliyah. ciara is OVERHYPED, she is nuffin new and fresh to the industry, she just addin more mess to the industry.

    why she goin back to goodies type album cause she knows her time soon up.

  12. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    why don’t you kick rocks HATER!!!!. F*** Janet and Aaliyah was NOTHING special get over it… But then again you cared enough to listen dumb ass….

  13. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    I LIKE IT!!!

  14. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    i love cici..she’s my favorite singer…and dis snippet alone iz truly better than some of pplz album so im even more excited 4 “fantasy ride”…and lmao @ #5of overhyped “That Chick” ha ha ha

  15. David April 22, 2008

    I respect your opinion Sam. I have to say though, I love this snippet!

  16. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    this s*** is whack! it sounds like a beat brandy used then threw in the trash when she realized it was a garbage beat. i like how ciara has come into her own and isn’t really doing the whole wannabe janet/aliyah thing but this song needs to be a album filler not a single. promise and like a boy worked as slow and mid tempo #’s but she seriously need to bring the heat with some straight uptempo crunk jams. don’t hate on janet or aliyah for the sake of ciara cause she hasn’t really done anything to go down in history like those two. she’s got a long way togo so whoever disrespected them two legends needs to step.

  17. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    Considering it’s just a snippet i don’t think we should make any pre-conceived judgments however, I am feeling this snippet, There is something about the beat; I love the horns….

  18. Anonymous April 22, 2008

    this is wack. it sucks! 🙁

  19. Anonymous April 22, 2008


  20. Anonymous April 22, 2008


  21. Charles April 22, 2008

    I like it!

  22. Anonymous April 23, 2008

    ^^ Aaliyah is a damn LEGEND f*** tha haters. now that she gone her legacy will be remembered automatically puttin her in legendary status since she will never be forgotten. given the fact that she had a short career she still made an impact in that short career and because the way she died and dying with a promising career ahead she automatically becomes legendary status so go suck on that boo.

  23. Anonymous April 23, 2008

    SMH @ Ciara stans disrespecting legends. Janet is incomparable. Aaliyah will always be remembered. And I’m assuming “that chick” is Beyonce who is the best performer of today’s generation and can sing and dance at the same time unlike Ciara. SMH @ dumb 13 year old Ciara stans talking about somebody being overhyped when Ciara can’t even sing. You got some nerve I hope you not in your 20’s bashing legends and hyping nonsingers like Ciara like that.
    Ciara is good for the kiddies I guess but don’t ever put her in the same sentence as Janet, Aaliyah, and Beyonce. Yeah I said it that’s not hateing it’s the truth. Ciara only been out a few years and does not belong in that category with them. She got a ways to go. Respect the legends who were here waaaaay before Ciara.

  24. Anonymous April 23, 2008

    right if Aaliyah is a legend then so is Nick Cannon. o Lol Get the f*** outta here with that bull s***. continue to hate c****. Ciara is gonna so you b****** what it is….

  25. Anonymous April 23, 2008


  26. Anonymous April 23, 2008

    u dumb f*** nick cannon ain’t dead and he aint done half the s*** aaliyah did in her career. even if he did die no one would give a damn just like if ciara were gone it’ll be all bout the next big thing she ain’t memorable for s*** only your crazy s**** ass would be thinkin bout her dried up goodies.

  27. Anonymous April 23, 2008

    “sounds like a bitter janet fan who madonna shits on by the way sucka… Stop hating Ciara killed the track”

    Both Janet and Madonna can’t sing, IDIOT! Ciara joins the group because she has no voice whatsoever. She is s***.

  28. Anonymous April 23, 2008


  29. Anonymous April 23, 2008

    To 8:28 AM:

    If u think Ciara can’t sing, then y did u bother to even listen to the snippet? Sounds like a BITTER hater to me who makes no sense.

  30. Anonymous April 23, 2008

    Aaliyah is definitley a LEGEND, who has inspired such artist as Ciara, Alicia Keys, Beyonce & many more. So everyone on here tryna down grade her, really needs to check themselves. Aaliyah is greatly missed by artist, fans & industry heads.

    Anyway, this snippet was hot, i’m wonderin what the whole song sounds like, better yet, i’m wonderin what the album sound like, can’t wait. O & Ciara definitley CAN sing. She may not be the best vocalist, but she has a voice & it’s unique. So get over it haters! Ciara don’t give a damn what ya’ll say. She still doin the damn thing!

  31. Anonymous April 23, 2008

    There’s no comparin Aaliyah to Nick Cannon… He’s whack! What a joke! Hahaha!

  32. Anonymous April 23, 2008

    F*** the song, from that pic I’m tryna figure out if she got a d***

  33. Anonymous April 23, 2008

    LUV the SONG!!! I’m gonna buy ten copies of “fantasy ride” cant waiT!!

  34. Anonymous April 24, 2008

    To 6:39 PM

    “F*** the song, from that pic I’m tryna figure out if she got a d***”

    It’s been 3 years & ur still on that bullshi ass rumor! Get a life!

  35. Anonymous April 24, 2008

    To 6:39 PM

    “F*** the song, from that pic I’m tryna figure out if she got a d***”

    It’s been 3 years & ur still on that b******* ass rumor! Get a life!

  36. Anonymous April 24, 2008

    Sorry, didnt mean to post my comment 3 times… My computer was messed up.

  37. mr.iloveciara April 25, 2008

    this album is going to be the best yet i love dis snippet…..its a new sound which she needs…..i love classic crunk ciara but juss a lil change won’t hurt

  38. TONGD July 20, 2012

    I DID expect her to sing and sounded like when she first came out. Her voice in Goodies period had more star character, uniqueness, substance, and texture. Oh my goodies! I hate Ciara right now. She’s just so fake. Her voice and her looks always contrast.. she always dresses and dances like a tomboy on stage but sings like a pretty and sweet girl!!!! Cc please change your clothes and style if you still singing like this.. wear colorful clothes or doing something.. they really contrast.

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