New Song: Brooke Valentine – ‘Badunkadunk’

Published: Sunday 25th May 2008 by Sam
Brooke Valentine - 'Badunkadunk'R&B singer Brooke Valentine is making another attempt at hitting it big. For those unfamiliar with Brooke, the 23 year old first surfaced in 2005 with the smash ‘Girlfight’; after the release of her debut LP ‘Chain Letter’, shortly after, things went quiet. She was unceremoniously dropped from distributor Virgin Records (though is still signed with label Subliminal), with her sophomore effort ‘Physical Education’ being effectively shelved in the process.
Though ‘Badunkadunk’ isn’t a bad effort, it certainly leaves a lot to be desired. In an increasingly crowded industry (especially among the ‘R&B Chicks’), Brooke will have to come a little harder material/substance-wise, as this is a kinda ‘samey’ and will do next to nothing to set her apart. She has a lot of potential IMO, she just needs to tap into it.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Anonymous May 25, 2008

    Welcome back Brooke Valentine!

    Bring some Broken Heart songs and you can be on the same level as Ms. Cole. 😀

  2. Anonymous May 25, 2008

    She should go for gansta chick songs! She should moving to the same direction that the other R&B chicks do and get success!

  3. Anonymous May 25, 2008

    Watch her performances on AOL Sessions and this chick can really sing.

    I was one of the 4 people who bought “Chain Letter” waiting in line with her mom and 2 cousins. And it wasn’t that bad.

    This song is crap tho.

  4. Anonymous May 25, 2008

    rumor has it she signing to g-unit!

  5. Anonymous May 25, 2008

    the song sux and she always looks like a ho. and if its true she is signing to g-unit then that will up her ho status.

  6. Anonymous May 25, 2008

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  7. Anonymous May 26, 2008

    She can actually sing. Listen to her song “As Long As You Come Come”. She just chooses/write crappy, shallow songs.

  8. I_Love_BambiLadys_Eyes May 26, 2008

    Get em Brooke! Bump what yall are talkin about brooke is the s***. They should have promoted Dope Girl more cause that song was the s***! Brooke is my hood chick I love her…not like I love u bambi and bambi lady knows who she is cause yall have interviewed her before and just had a cd give away with her hollaaaaa

  9. Anonymous May 27, 2008

    Im from Houston & I must say…she can really sing. I think that she & Letoya have a different style & are both really good singers. She & LeToya both sing better than Kelly that’s for sure. Brooke is a beautiful person & when she gets that break…she’ll do just fine. By the way-she sings better than Keyshia C.—-!!!!!!!

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