Girlicious Perform ‘Like Me’ At MuchMusic Video Awards

Published: Monday 16th Jun 2008 by Sam
Newly formed girl-group sensations Girlicious performed at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Canada yesterday. The girls gave a live rendition of current single ‘Like Me’ check it out:

Hmm…ok, I guess. They are evidently still very ‘green’, which is understandable. I’m thinking those Danity Kane comparisons can be put to rest for the time being now though.

Random tidbit: I’m a bit puzzled as to how little promotion they’ve done thus far considering their self-titled debut is due in stores early July. I wonder if it’ll be pushed back?

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Soufian June 16, 2008

    video ain’t loading correctly for me

  2. Soufian June 16, 2008

    oh working on the comment page, uhm all i can say is ‘meh’ .. it was just a Meh

  3. trent June 16, 2008

    I like the girls but they be all over the place and ur rigth for the album to be comeing out soon you don’t really see them out there doing a thing but i don’t like that they put the pussycat dolls back out as the same time GIRLICIOUS is trying to come out cuz the dolls are stars and everybody know them so i think they could have gave GIRLICIOUS a wait or the pussycats but i do love the dolls too

  4. Anonymous June 16, 2008

    Put the DK comparisons to rest. So true cuz they r nothing like them. All I see is soft core p*** on stage performing. But they r better live than PCD though. The breakdown was so cheesy.

  5. Anonymous June 16, 2008

    did kinda suck
    im a fan and i was disappointed..


  6. Luv Chris Breezy! June 16, 2008

    I thougt it was okay and I must admit I was a little disappointed.They weren’t really co-ordinated and I think Christina messed up. It just wasn’t the best, and their voice was obviously blended. I love hem, but the best sounding people were Nichole and Tiffanie. Where did Natalie get that low, seductive, nice note in her voice? It surely ain’t real. They’re definitely really green and needs more experience. They can’ release their album the same time as PCD. No, it won;t work, but they only have 2 songs. What else do they have besides Like Me and stupid s***, which is stupid s***. Well, even though they’re number 1on MOD, they still got a lot of work 2 do. By the way, I think Danity Kane would wipe the floor with them. No doubt
    But I love y’all!

  7. Lovin’music June 16, 2008

    They won’t last. They’ll end up like Eden’s Crush (Nicole Scherzinger’s old group.)

  8. jonnyhco June 16, 2008

    that was hott.they need a little more work but them and pcd are the best out was great

  9. Anonymous June 16, 2008

    from what I heard there releasing it first in canada on july 1st bc there like me single was more bigger there then the us.

  10. ND June 16, 2008

    I wasnt planning on watching nor commenting on this post but the lack music news today has forced me to express my opinions on dis post right here! Ok..

    Cheap Outfits (not their fault)
    Horrible Imaging (not their fault)
    Tacky Lyrical Content (not their fault)
    I think Jazzy-Pha is out of order cos he can come much better than dat mate!!

    Dance routine was too ghetto and didnt match the lyrics. Although the break down was coolio.. but that should have been the highlight… The choreography was to busy from the get go..
    ..Bout hill&toe lololol

    Oh & this group has a rapper??????? Are they sure!!!

    I just miss Destiny’s Child………

  11. Anonymous June 16, 2008

    they suck. they remind me of the cheetah girls, except worse. They will be gone in a couple of months.

  12. Anonymous June 16, 2008

    im a fan, so i’ll stick with them, but they need work and their label really needs to put more work in otherwise they’re heading for another bittersweet world

  13. Anonymous June 16, 2008

    Sorry, did you say Live… was it live you said?

  14. Jordan A. June 16, 2008

    Yeah; It’s Canada only for July 1st (I Beleive). They are very, really, surprisingly popular there. I hope they make it; if they were to just receive a few tweaks, they could be really great.

  15. LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team June 16, 2008

    I never watched the show so I don’t know anything about the group.

  16. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    They honestly just look like s**** on stage. Cheap s**** if I must say. Nothing classy about them at all. For some reason the Pussycat Dolls always manage to pull off their performances without looking that way, and so does Danity Kane and even Destiny’s Child.

  17. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    They are definintely not on the same level as Danity Kane. Puffy put those girls through the ringer. Not to mention, DK’s members are way more talented. Girlicious needs to begin with a new name. Tiffanie is by far the most talented. Nichole has good vocals. They need to do more performances, because practice makes perfect. I mean they had the few weeks on the show, but they need to be out there more getting exposure. Otherwise, they will hang around for 2008.

  18. VP June 17, 2008

    There song reached #4 on the Canadian charts, I guess that’s why they are only releasing up here, just because they managed more success with the single.

    As for the group in general, I like them, but I think they are nothing compared to PCD; Danity Kane could also put them to rest; and don’t even bother comparing them to Destiny’s Child… that’d be a waste of time as DC would wipe the floor with them.

  19. Anonymous June 17, 2008

    I don’t really don’t care for this group. Going to talk about a group I like cuz I’m bored.

    I hope DK release BAD GIRL as a second single and provided they have success with the single enough to create another video, SUCKA 4 LOVE. Diddy need to take the stick out of his a$$ and do right with DK. Promotion is really the key to success not to mention great talent unlike some who do it just to be s***. Danity Kane have a lot of potential as a group.

  20. Anonymous June 19, 2008

    For all the folks saying they need more time. They were together as a group for almost a year before the show even aired. So as of now they’ve been recording and performing together for well over a year. I still wish them success.

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