Whitney Performs In Kazakhstan

Singing legend Whitney Houston continued her road to redemption this weekend with a live performance in Kazakhstan. Check out her rendition of ‘I Will Always Love You’ below: (the video quality is a mess, but the sound is great) {Thanks Trent!}:

She’s getting there. Good stuff.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Anonymous July 7, 2008

    Im sorry its awful, what are you hearing? You seem to have a biased opinion on Whit

  2. Trent July 7, 2008

    Your welcome!


  3. Anonymous July 7, 2008

    from what i can her (not only the video quality is a mess…) it is no “good stuff”.
    I love Whitney but we gotta keep it real with her and what is she doing in these countries- no offense but I would like to see/hear her in normal quality

  4. Anonymous July 7, 2008

    I think sam must ba a lil tone deaf himself. Granted, it was not the worst I’ve heard but it was far from good and I LOOOOOOOOVE Whit!!! Jsut being honest. Whitney 4ver!!!

  5. Anonymous July 7, 2008

    She sounds BAD! Whit is a Legend but she not so hot right now.

  6. MrsGrapevine July 7, 2008

    I have yet to hear Ms. Houston sing the song anywhere close to her former glory, but this time it sounds like she’s getting closer. I actually heard a high note, and she held it for more than two seconds. I feel like clapping, too.

  7. Anonymous July 7, 2008



  8. Anonymous July 7, 2008

    lol @ how whit resorts 2 performing in 2nd world countries now

  9. Anonymous July 7, 2008

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  10. reginald July 7, 2008

    To the person who made the comment on performing n 2nd world country. I would do it to and make the 4 million per event! Can you do the same?

  11. Anonymous July 7, 2008

    Ms. Whit will never be like she use to, but shes been doing a lot of festivials this past year, and ive been keeping track and the progress is amazing, shes now able to hold her notes again. There are songs that she sounds amazing on. I will always love you is a hard ass song, nobody can touch that song, so they should throw that s*** out. shell be ready by november to sing NEW material, that suits her voice now.

  12. Anonymous July 7, 2008

    whitney sounds like whitney houston again.. good enough for me!

  13. Anonymous July 7, 2008

    Whitney is doing much much better than in the past, so needless to say I’ll support her. I’m just glad she can hold those notes,(hit them nonetheless)and is getting back to true form. Go Whit!!!!!!

  14. jer. July 7, 2008

    dear GOD Whitney… there are OTHER songs you could butcher besides this one. EVERY time. Lord have mercy!

  15. Anonymous July 9, 2008

    I love some Whit, buy I really, seriously have trouble watching her nowadays. My heart aches when I think about what an instrument her voice used to be…now to see her not be able to hit those notes she was known for. Either way, I wish her success.

  16. mirlane July 13, 2008

    my God, she’s so good, i love whitney.
    whitney, God bless you every day you know that, and i believe in you, i am
    in Brazil but every day i pray for you!!!!!! i will always love you!!!!


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