Leona & Alexandra Perform On Top of The Pops

Published: Thursday 25th Dec 2008 by Sam

X Factor standout winners Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke performed on today’s Christmas episode of Top of The Pops. Peep Leona’s spine-tingling showing of ‘Run’ above, while you can view Alexandra’s performance of Christmas #1 ‘Hallelujah’ below:

Great performances! I know some will disagree, but I’m really feeling they are the new Mariah and Whitney. Very excited to see where the future takes these two.

What do you think of these performances?

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  1. SparkD December 25, 2008

    Whitney and Mariah! Oh, puh-lease!

    More like Toni Braxton and Cel-Riah. Seriously, neither at at those levels yet.

    I love them, but please leave the titles alone. I just want Alex to get her shine in America, like Natasha and Leona did.

  2. SparkD December 25, 2008

    Now that I think of it, after hearing Alex performance, Keyshia Cole possibly could have pulled that song off, and did it justice.

  3. Anonymous December 25, 2008

    Ha-ha… I’m sorry but these girls will never be the next Mariah or Whitney… No way! :)))

    Their voices are nowhere near the voices of Mariah and Whitney. Nothing special, distinctive or peculiar…

    Mariah’s and Whitney’s voices are really very specific and rare and these girls’ voices are just… like very common…

    So… they could be the next… somebody… but definitely NOT the next Mariah or Whitney… Ha-ha… Whatever… :))

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  4. YES IMA B**** December 25, 2008

    more like NAS AND JAYZ

  5. Anonymous December 25, 2008

    okay, a few points. From reading these blogs ive realised that the younger generation that read these blogs have no musical ear (and sometimes the bloggers) Anyone who has listened to Toni Braxton’s extensive career would know that Alexandra sounds nothing like her, yes she can sing one of her songs but sounds nothing like her…. as for sounding like Keyisha cole that is just a joke! Leona sound like she grew up listening to Mariah records and sounds in style like Mariah but not in tone

    I think Sam is using the using the terms as in the next best thing.
    Alex sounds like she’s either ill or needs to give her voice a rest. I think Leona can sing but she is yet to give me the goosebumps or spine tingling feeling many say, i much prefer the richness of Alex’s voice

  6. Anonymous December 25, 2008

    Richness of Alex’s voice? That girl has a very plain boring voice, I think there’s nothing special to Alexandra. Leona is definitely better but she’ll never be the next Mariah Carey. These girls will never be Whitney or Mariah, sorry Sam.

  7. Anonymous December 25, 2008

    Beyonce is miles better than Alexandra and she is not and never will be the next Whitney so how can anyone in their right mind call Alexandra the next Whitney? Alexandra has no color or richness to her voice, its just a low croak.

  8. me December 25, 2008

    Oh no you didn’t! lol. No one will ever be the next Mariah or Whitney. Leona won’t be the next Mariah Carey but I think Leona will have an extremely successful career ahead of her. It’s going to be interesting to watch/hear Leona progress as an artist. As far as comparing Alex to Whitney. What the hell? How can you compare someone who hasn’t even cut an album yet to WHITNEY HOUSTON?

  9. Anonymous December 25, 2008

    Sorry Sam while both ladies are talented and show a lot of promise. I still don’t see anything about them that is special that says Mimi or Nippy maybe the style of music but other than that these ladies are just average at best.

  10. Anonymous December 25, 2008

    i think ALex sang listen better than BEyonce

  11. Anonymous December 25, 2008

    I am looking forward to hear what alex will bring for the future. I for one don’t need the comparisons cause I know that they are not mariah or whitney cause they can only be themselves. Let’s see what there albums will hold before we cut there heads off please. They both did good by the way.

  12. Anonymous December 26, 2008

    let’s just wait for a little longer, shall we? so far, leona only has 1 album out, and alex only has 1 song out.

  13. Star December 26, 2008

    I know this is off topic, but where are END OF THE YEAR AWARDS??

  14. Anonymous December 26, 2008

    I agree with u Sam…they may not be Whitney or Mariah but they are def the voices of the future…ain’t no other singers now like these two…

  15. Mikeyy December 26, 2008

    They will never be the next Mariah and Whitney. I hope they will be Leona and Alexandra, hope they`ll have their own style!

  16. Anonymous December 26, 2008

    Leona is a symbiosis of Mariah and Celine.

    Alexandra BEURK is nothing interesting with her very low voice.

    plus she’s ugly.

    she cannot even be compared to Toni Braxton.

    she’s nothing and won’t go anywhere after the momentum is gone.

  17. Anonymous December 26, 2008

    wow some of you guys are bitter as hell, i dont know if its the fact that two “uk” artists are rising to the top ro what,
    but these girls, leona especially are far from average
    Leona, could blow beyonce out of the water, also mariah these days i mean, its all fair that mariah in her prime was the sh*t, but this is now, mariah can barely hold a live tune now, and leona however can.
    so im sorry, but leona is basically like the new mariah, vocal wise they have similar styles and right now leona is pulling it off more so than mariah.

    as for alexandra, to be honest she hasnt wowd me, but she is not average,thats unfair.
    ashanti= average
    amerie= average
    mya= average

    people like, alexandra, keyshia cole,toni braxton are up a level from average. not amazing, but not average either.

    amazing spots are currently held by beyonce, leona, christina and a few select others.
    this is just the reality.

  18. Anonymous December 26, 2008

    everyone is the same, when it comes to new talent you can’t help yourself but to knock them down to a pulp. goddam, they only had one album out – leona, one song out – alexandra. give them a break, they may not be the next mariah or whitney but they both got a good set of lungs on them, grow up and stop hatin’

  19. Anonymous December 26, 2008

    Well, I don’t see anything like the word “amazing” in Leona’s voice… 🙂 (BTW, Beyonce’s very good – sure, but she’s not amazing neither…)

    OK. Leona CAN sing (very well) – that’s true, but she sounds as though something’s choking her and she doesn’t let all of her voice get out… It sounds so unclear and smothered like she just can’t pull it off. Something like that.

    Nowhere near Mariah when she was at her age. So… enough of these stupid comparisons… :))

    And speaking of “amazing” vocalists now I can think of just these – Mariah, Whitney, Celine and Christina… It might be that I’m forgetting somebody but these are the greatest of all… 🙂

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  20. Anonymous December 26, 2008

    Leona have a better voice then Alex. I really enjoyed both performances but Leona way more !

  21. Anonymous December 26, 2008

    Urm, bobby from bulgaria

    beyonce isnt the greatest singer, but she does have her amazing vocal performances, she isnt on top of her game at all times, but she has got her moments

    clearly amazing to you is a powerhouse.
    but just because a singer got volume doesnt mean their the best.

    whitneys voice is more solid and powerful than mariah’s , but mariahs is more versatile,
    runs all make up part of an amazing singer imo
    and leona, beyonce do some amazing vocal techniques and runs
    power is something anysinger can be blessed with, its a random thing, people may or may not possess
    but how they use their voice, and their technique is all based on that peson.
    therefore beyonce and leona
    are to me, an alot of others

  22. Anonymous December 26, 2008

    Alexandra is amazing , she has so much depth to her voice , her tone is deep but she can get right up there on the high notes . im sick of all these sweet shrill singers anyway , Alexandra is a powerhouse plus she has soul and thats what he means by new whitney .

  23. Anonymous December 26, 2008

    Alexandra is amazing. The best singer to win the X-Factor. She looks like a star too. On the stage she doesn’t look like a robot *cough*Leona*cough*

    I’ve never been a fan of Leona. She has a good voice but is just dull. She is beige.

    And Christina Aguilera an amazing singer??? STFU. She sounds like an idiot!

  24. Anonymous December 26, 2008

    we all have an opinion on what we think is a good singer/artist but i think people here are really being fair or just stupid. If Alex’s voice is dull a majority of this country voted for the dull voice to win the competition and get the record contract! they also brought her single in droves and gave her, her first number one (breaking some records on the way) can we just give the girl a break?!

    I’m not a big fan of Leona Lewis but that is more to do with her choice of music as apposed to her as an artist. these girls may not be the next Whitney or Mariah, but they could be the next greats

  25. Anonymous December 26, 2008

    Dead at the Mariah and Whitney. More like Toni Braxton and Xtina (and thats a strecth)

  26. Anonymous December 26, 2008

    Good to see I’m not the only that thinks Sam is jumping the gun. Okay both are talented and can sing, but let’s not get ahead ourselves. Vocally they are not even close as far as I’m concerned. But if Sam meant success wise, then ok let’s see if they can make an impact on music for decades the way Whitney and Mariah did. A person’s future may seem obvious, but you really never know what will happen. Because most of the time big stars emerge unexpectedly. They aren’t even on people’s radar yet, but anyway only time will if these young ladies are the next anything.

  27. antertain December 27, 2008

    Judge the potential!!!

    Lets BE clear LEONA is gonna be probably the biggest artist world-wide in years to come. Please see and hear her live cus she is seriously Great vocalist. Her lower range is her weakest point and that's very much improved since she was on X-factor.
    People must watch her technique as few singers have that ability to transition from ending long notes then carryin it to the next phase of a song in one breath. Her riffs are sooooo on point it ridiculous. Small details u need 2know about a GREAT singer are the control of the soft light notes and stamina of power notes Leona has both those and still growing. I don't like all her songs but i most defo know she's a BIG TIME singer regardless.
    More original material is needed but 1 album and 100% respect from ALL her music peers show she got what it takes. No point her dancing if she not really a dancer (No Brainer!!!)

    Alexandra is BRAND-NEW 2the limelight and gonna learn soo much about her vocals and technique, but i can hear her potential and richness of her husky raspy deep tones. Her voice is blatantly tired at the mo and you have to remember she prob hasn't been in a situation where she's singing LIVE nearly everyday 4-5months constantly. Her stamina is something that will grow, so don't write her off so soon. She can be a heavyweight in due time and if the material is right have an album to really show off her skills. She's another with natural riffs and uses them in the right places. She defo got power and heart and sings with her soul. Once she masters how to control all of that which takes years anyway she be so great. The best thing with her is she also dances abit which helps with types of songs she could have on the album.

    I'm excited by the calibre of singers that are coming back to the industry in US & UK so hopefully the watered down versions filter out abit unless they really got abit of singin & dancing abilites as well as personality(that goes a long way too init RiRi).

  28. Anonymous December 27, 2008

    You guys need to peep this fact. Alexandra has never had any vocal training (unlike Leona, who could afford to get trained in pricey stage schools). This chick’s talent is all natural, but still raw. She kept hurting her voice on X-Factor, because she’s never been trained properly.

    Her potential is amazing. Now that she can actually afford expensive vocal coaches to better her techniques (and stop her voice from getting strained), I actually don’t think the Whitney comparisons are going to be all that far fetched. I think in 2 or 3 years, with training and improvement she’ll probably be regarded as one of the best in the world.

    I like the fact that she has soul in her voice as well.

  29. Jessica December 27, 2008

    I’m so sick about this b**** called Leona. She is so ugly. Alexandra is amazing! She is so better!!

    Alexandra rocks, Leona flops!

  30. Anonymous December 27, 2008

    ^Leona flops? Leona’s ugly? lol. You are funny.

  31. Anonymous December 27, 2008

    lol..very funny indeed!

  32. Anonymous December 28, 2008

    leona ugly, sense of JEALOUSY I HEAR. grow up and stop messin this comment box up with your ugly ass face (:

  33. Naima December 29, 2008

    Mariah and Whitney, maybe in the UK only. Leona is doing just ok in the States she never became the next Mariah they were making her out to be. And Alex doesn’t have a chance in America.
    Where is Marsha from Floetry at? She is the best thing to come out of the UK in the last 10 years

  34. lovemusic December 30, 2008

    Leona Lewis is incredible. She is top notch!!!!

    Alexandra’s voice is natural and stronger than Beyonce’s trained yodels, I mean vocals.

  35. Anonymous January 2, 2009

    Leona is ugly. She looks like a ugly transvestism. Die Leona B****! ‘Run’ is flopping in United States ahhahaha! Your time is over Leona B****!

  36. Anonymous January 23, 2009

    Does anyone else think that Leona’s mid-range tone sounds like Toni Braxton if Braxton were a soprano? I’m sure she and Cowell would hate that comparison, but I definitely do not hear Mariah’s clear, honey-like tone in Leona’s mid-range at all. She def has almost a muffled, richer tone like Braxton. If anyone sounds like Mariah, it would be Kelly Clarkson on her “Thankful” album. But even that’s just an approximation.

    P.S.: Is Leona going to quit releasing covers anytime soon? She’s starting to become a professional karaoke all-star!

  37. Anonymous January 23, 2009

    Oh, and I must agree, Leona is not the prettiest thing ever. Def has a bit of the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz thing going on with that wild mane they use to cover her heavy, angular facial structure. All the loads of smokey eyeshadow, too, to detract from her large nose. Not to mention all the shots of her are either in long dresses to hide her chunky lower half or taken from overhead to slim her hips thick ankles…

    Ugly is a strong word, but Leona Lewis isn’t the prettiest thing to ever walk this earth, either!

  38. cristian August 16, 2010

    leona will never be Mariah!! leona doesnt write her music and doesnt have 18 number one hits! and her album echo didnt sell well. Leona has a great voice but lack of technique. instead of tryin to make leona into a new fake copy of mariah, cowell should help leona find her sound.

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