Rihanna To Re-Release ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’…Again!

Published: Sunday 21st Dec 2008 by Sam
Rihanna To Re-Release 'Good Girl Gone Bad'...Again!

Not content with milking her break-through album ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ within an inch of its life, Rihanna is set to release the LP for the third time (yes, the THIRD time!) next month.

‘Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes’ (due January 27th) features remixed versions of 12 tracks from the album’s first and second releases including ‘Disturbia’, ‘Take A Bow’ and ‘Umbrella’.

Oh joy! I guess Ms. Fenty’s team just couldn’t allow 09 to run its course without another album from her – after the ‘singer’ (sheep-bleater), herself, confirmed that her fourth studio LP wouldn’t be hitting stores next year. {Source}

For all her ‘It Girl’ status, she doesn’t sell anywhere near as many albums (where the real profit is made) as the label treatment she receives would have you think. So why so much money is being pumped into her is beyond me. I’d much rather see her prove her true worth, by churning out a well-selling album that is actually somewhat good this time.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous December 21, 2008


  2. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    God Why are u punishing us ???
    Please let this girl just sit down!!!
    Shes WACK and BORING as Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous December 21, 2008


  4. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    i didn’t buy the last two..and i won’t buy this one…i liked her better when she did reggae music

  5. Anonymous December 21, 2008




    U GO RIHANNA – DONT LISTEN 2 THESE HATAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    I love Rihanna, but I really think this remix album will be pointless. Alos, I don’t kow what you guys are talking about because GGGB was one of the best albums of 07. Your album doesn’t have to sell a lot for it to be good. Look at Solange, her album was good, it just didn’t sell well. Also brany’s new album has some good tracks. Shut Up haters becasue you know as soon as her song comes on, you are the main one singing along 🙂

  7. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    what are you talking about? gggb sold over 2 million copies in the US and over 6 million worldwide, plus more than alicia and beyonce. plus beyonce and alicia rereleased their albums and beyonce released b’day three times – the deluxe edition and the spanish EP. people need to stop hating.

  8. Fernie December 21, 2008

    this is a fuckn joke right?
    who the f*** will buy it if no one bought the first two.
    rihanna, britney, lil wayne and beyonce need to fuckn get sucked up into space a never come back
    this s*** is FUCKN CRAZY!!!

    I miss them old days were image and sound didn’t matter…but the talent did.

  9. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    She has sold about 25000-30000 units a week since the project dropped. She is making one hell of a profit.

  10. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    Well I did hear she signed a 6 album deal with Def Jam, so I’m assuming she’s trying to fufill this contract ASAP. She only has 1 album left to record if this is true. Help me out if I am wrong Rihanna fans.

    “I miss them old days were image and sound didn’t matter…but the talent did.”

    I couldn’t agree more Fernie. Maybe things will get better in ’09.

  11. number1k9 December 21, 2008

    I mean truly it is beyond [LOL I kept writing beyonce instead of beyond] Rihanna’s ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ era, but on the record labels side, it’s in their best interests to make as much money off of the same music as they can. So if they think the remix album of GGGB will sell, then why not release it, it only makes sense in business to do so.

    I don’t know where Sam got that Rihanna doesn’t plan on releasing an album in 2009, I heard her fourth studio album was looking toward dropping in early 2009. I’m now guessing this remix album will fill it’s void (giving Rihanna more time for her studio album), meaning a single will be released to promote the GGGB remix album. Who knows maybe they will drop a song that hasn’t been released yet, or the remix to “Rehab,” so that it can possibly reach the Top 10 of the Hot 100.

    Thinking back on GGGB in general I really wish “Sell Me Candy,” should have been released as a summer time single, it just has that summer time vibe. Plus it has a tad bit of Rihanna’s reggae flavor, surprisingly.

    Anywho Rihanna, keep making money, and strech what you can, just don’t upset your fans by sticking to the same music too long. [[I also agree new Rihanna music would be great, rather than more of the GGGB]]



  12. number1k9 December 21, 2008

    “rihanna, britney, lil wayne and beyonce”

    LMAO at that list of people! In a funny way, especially since Lil’ Wayne just got big! ha ha ha

  13. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    all yall some hatin ass B******, leave my girl Ri-Ri alone and let her make dat $$$

  14. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    Some of you seem to really hate on Rihanna an I am curious as to why? Her talent may be marginal, but her songs have me shaking me had and sometimes clapping my hands. Many of her videos have been pretty decent and when I watch videos I’m never sad when Disturbia plays. So you see there is a crowd for Rihanna, and if her sales were not THAT good her cd probably would have been shelved like Janets last cd. Now I wish you all would show Brandy some love, cuz her cd the fiya!!!!

  15. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    Its bad enough that she has released it 3 times already and then has an excuse to go on tour, but if i hear another song from that album but with another beat or something, im literally gonna SCREAM!Why again? i CLAP MY hands to her interesting videos, catchy songs and chart topping hits BUT COME THE HELL ON, This is showing lack of creativity, i know cutting her hair, changing her image to match her Good girl gone bad persona was the best thing that ever happened to her career, but please, i have had enough of it.Now this means more tours and more of Noise that really hurts my ears when her and the mic connect .SHRUGS. i GIVE UP.

  16. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    Honestly will u stop hating on the girl. Just what is wrong with u shes successful @ wat she does. she might not b the worlds best singer but u support britney spears and that womanizer garbage who doesnt even have the common decency to even try and sing live. so for once put a sock in it. have a merry xmas

  17. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    i wonder if it is that dance remix cd that was a bonus in the uk??

  18. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    i read some place that she is making a dance version of Good Girl Gone Bad and release it as a promosingle for the new album. that song is very good, and i think that is a good way to close the gggb era!:D

  19. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    Okay, this is going on almost 2 years & they're still trying to milk this album for everything it's worth? I mean GGGB was Rihanna's most successful album, there's no denying that, but to keep releasing it, & releasing it, & releasing is just… UGH!

    And Sam is not hating, he's basically stating a fact that everyone is saying, after we were subjected to have 2 Rihanna albums in 07 & 08, do we really need another one in 09?

    NOTE: When Beyonce re-released her album it was only in a 1 year time period.

  20. Lawayne December 21, 2008

    maybe she is sellin albums like she’s supposed to…maybe ur research is f***** up..lol….cant b mad at rihanna tho

  21. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    Why does everyone hate her? Why?

    She’s awesome.

  22. janfan_48 December 21, 2008

    You have GOT to be kidding me! Come on Rhi Rhi. I’m gonna need you to get it together and start making some new material…and just one song on GGGB pt 7!

  23. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    Well Fernie, then why dont you just not watch TV or go on the internet if its that important to you. You obviously care about image and sound if your on the damn internet every second of your life. If you just listen to a CD by LilWayne or Beyonce and didnt know how they looked, you wouldnt be saying the same thing. Beyonce is talented, her music isnt the best, but she is one of the best performers of all time. Lil’Wayne has amazing tracks and works hard. Dont hate when your not the one in the situation. Artists in the old days showed their bodies too, there just wasnt youtube for everyone to see it. Half of the biggest, most “talented” artists of the times when “image and sound didnt matter” were crackheads,potheads,alcoholics,rapists,etc. Take Elvis and Whitney Houston for example. Beyonce stays clean and healthy and humble and thats why you envious ppl wanna hate on her. Cuz u wish ur life was as good as hers.

  24. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    Clearly the decision is up to Def Jam not Rihanna to release they own the record so they can do whatever they want.

  25. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    First off Sam STOP saying she didn’t sell well. She sold more than Alicia and Beyonce did. (Beyonce had a video for EVERY song…well almost every song…off her album, a deluxe edition, a spanish edition, and it still didn’t sell more than Rihanna’s) SO just let the girl get her shinie on. Just because YOU don’t like her voice doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to hate it. There is NOONE that EVERYONE will like because it is based on preference. Sam you need to leave the hate in 2008 and start anew in 2009!!!

  26. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    You have got to be effin kidding this girl is actually rereleasing this album again. This is truly pathetic and a sure sign that she won’t be around that much longer. Even Beyonce stop promoting her album after 8 months. It’s been 2 years 8 singles 3 pathetic stops on other peoples tours and once again she’s actually releasing this album. Why must we continue to be punished? What have music lovers done to deserve this. And stop keep saying she outsold Beyonce or Alicia she’s been promoting her album about a 1year and a half longer than Beyonce and still only outsold her by about 100,000 copies and even Alicia stop promoting her album months ago and she dropped 7 months after Rihanna and she only outsold her by about 400,000 copies. Add up the overall sales and you will see Rihanna looks the fool by them standards.

  27. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    For 8:26 your saying she outsold Bey but did she make more money then Bey is the important question since you wanna go there. Also Bey made a video for every single she didn’t release them as actual singles and you know that don’t even go there. Even so Rihanna still trying to sell that album and only just reaching 6 miilion so what the hell is that after all this time, singles, and promotion.

  28. Qelz December 21, 2008

    Talent means a lot more to me than record sales and Rihanna doesn’t have any. The record label puts so much money into her efforts because they can get her to do whatever they want and that is how they make money. I miss the old days when singers could sing too because this is getting absolutely ridiculous. Rihanna has been only for 3 years and she already has 30 albums and 78 videos. Mass produced music is only meant to be bought and sold. In a couple of years, nobody will remember Rihanna because her music is very shallow.

  29. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    rihanna sold 3,300,000 copies in 2007 and the same 3,300,000 copies in 2008 with a total on 6,600,000 copies. you call that a sucsessful artist. i bet she wants to sell 8,000,000 with the album so shes releasing it, but just including remixes. i cant wait for the remix album. i love all the songs on GGGB and would love to hear them in diffrent versions. so people come down. its not the same GGGB album is just a new one that is remastred. so if you dont like remixes dont buy it so you can save your money for her next album. i think the first singel from the next one is sexuality!

  30. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    You forever hating on Rihanna! But as soon as Beyonce introduces one new single you be all on it like a messy ass queen. Rihanna has talent, she has personality, she has charisma etc. You always base your blog on a bias standpoint, inflicting your opinion upon others. Attempting to make others dislike someone just because you dislike them. Unlike other artists that are TRYING to become cool and iconic (i.e beyonce) Rihanna is doing her own thing. And its a damn remix album. Many artists has those if you knew music you would know that. Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, the list goes on. When you have established yourself in that magnitude you can do such things. And if someone says that image is not the case, they are b******* full of lies b/c they know they care about how they look. If it wasn’t for celebrities being the muses of fashion designers, the industry would have a hard time to translating key trend pieces that YOU wear. If its not Rihanna style being knocked, you knocking F.O.B, or some other band. Obviously, Rihanna doing something right for you to constantly bash her. You keep her name in your mouth. And she constantly on your blog, so dat b**** gets free PROMO!! U GO RIHANNA!

  31. Fernie December 21, 2008

    @ 7:48 PM Anonymous

    now that’s some funny ass respond LOL 😀
    saying I should stay away from T.V. or the internet hahaha
    don’t blame s*** on me it’s brtney, rihanna and beyonce who are the only s*** I hear about even if i left the god damn planet I would still hear about them some how. LoL
    I don’t need to be on the internet every fuckn minute of my life to fuckn know about image
    cause I look at
    anything and these fuckers are always being talked about so what the f*** should I do when there some ignorant people like you saying some stupid b*******.
    why would i care about image if i just said about these stupid non-talented bitchz?

  32. Anonymous December 21, 2008


  33. number1k9 December 21, 2008

    You know I think that it would be in Rihanna's best interest to release 'just' a remix album. Meaning of her past materiel, not just a GGGB Remix album.

    She could include remixes to songs like
    1) "Pon De Replay"
    2) "S.O.S. (Rescue Me)"
    3) "Umbrella" [Anything without Jay-Z]
    4) "Take A Bow"
    5) "Disturbia"
    6) "Live Your Life" [an all Rihanna version-haters would love this]
    7) "If It's Lovin' That You Want"
    8) "We Ride"
    9) "Break It Off" [an all Rihanna version]
    10) "Rehab"
    11) "Good Girl Gone Bad"
    12) "Push Up On Me" [feature T.I. (would be good)]
    13) "Sell Me Candy" [featuring Timbaland-(tracks producer)]
    14) "Shut Up & Drive" [R&B Remix]
    15) "xxxxxxx" -A new track, who knows Chris Brown duet
    16) "xxxxxxx" -A duet with Shontelle

    NOW I would CONSIDER buying an album like that!



  34. e.jay December 21, 2008

    Why do you assholes keep coming back to this blog if Sam’s opinion on Rihanna’s sh*tty ass “singing” and “performing” irks you so much? She sucks ass, regardless of awards, sales, whatever. Remember how much everyone loved Paula Abdul’s non-singing ass, and how many albums/singles she sold? A sh*tload, that’s how many. Damn, there it is. Rihanna is the Paula Abdul of the new millennium.

    Why don’t you losers retire the word “hater” in 2009? I swear that sh*t is more played out than the word “swagger”. I mean, it’s as vague and as pathetic as “yo’ mama” as a comeback. That’s all you got? The girl can’t sing, and you come back with “hater”? I guess I shouldn’t expect originality from Rihanna fans. Come up with something better, maybe so those of us (who aren’t tone deaf, obviously) won’t get bored hearing the same old sad sh*t from you.

    This, of course, in addition to the other dumb standbys: you must have a lot of time on your hands/why you write all that about someone you don’t like/etc.

  35. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    for ya’ll who keep including beyonce’s spanish re-release is counted as a completly different album it didnt cotribute to the reg b’day and delux sales, that was counted seprate

    and you guys seem to forget rihanna didnt sell more than bey in america she sold like 90,000 more internationally but theres still over a million ppl more who bought b’day than GGGB

    And sam keeps saying the album didnt sell well CUZ IT DIDNT she had like 100 singles and can only pull 2million in america thats very low! if that was bey ya’ll b ready to kall her a flop, she didnt do well cuz it took her a hole year to go plat. while bey was double plat by december.

    for the record just b/c beyonce had a video for every song dosent make it a single there were only 5 singles from b’day

    also ya’ll can kill the noise b/c yall also seem to forget beyonce first 2 solo albums sold more than rihannas 3 combined! GET REAL

    aniwho im not gonna front i kinda liked GGGB but its time to stop milking it alreadi

  36. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    What OMG! ENOUGH ALREADY Shows she isnt revelant and have no talent. LEt Beyonce or Ciara release this they would be at 5 mill sold. She suxs! I agree 100000000% Same and most of the bloggers!

  37. beast December 21, 2008

    alot of money is being put into her but its not coming back. that why they keep releasing this alum over and over again. they prolly can’t afford a new album.

  38. Anonymous December 21, 2008

    I'm not hating on Rihanna I love GGGB but didn't she already release a remix bonus album with GGGB. So technically this will be a 2nd re-release remix album of the same songs. Like it's kinda over the top. I've recently looked at some of her live performances,and honestly I'm not impressed.
    Think of it like this, I come from a time when Mariah and Whitney were huge names in r&b. You can't put Rihanna up against those big name people. Like honestly, the girl is no beyonce and honestly she took her style from other people(aka fefe dobson but we won't go there.) The girl is an black version of Britney Spears and as a lover of music and a black women who is also a singer, it saddens me. Sure I listen to the music because it's entertaining but that's it. She has no real substance or soul like some of these other musicians out here do. So, what if she doesn't write her own songs, I only think of her as an entertainer, and I don't think people should take her too seriously.

  39. The Truth! December 21, 2008

    Hey Rihanna dont ever come out with an new album. LMAO! Be the first artist to stall at their 3rd album and have major success. Just make it2 disc on the 4th release and whole another 13 + songs on that disc. Then 3rd disc and so on. Jeesh I think she really is going this direction on her 3 released of the album. Just Crazy! Whatever! Get your money if there is some Rihanna im not hating. Rumors are you are broke and album sales arent really that strong for you to the it girl and everyone checking for you.

  40. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    She just needs to stop cutting singles from GGGB! This is just Def Jam’s way of keeping her out there until a new album gets released but frankly I’m tired of Rihanna. She can’t sing, she can’t perform, she just always gonna be a girl next door. She’s trying too hard to be like everybody (i.e. beyonce)instead of having her own creativity. She wouldn’t be anything without JayZ!

  41. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    rihanna cant sell albums,u gots to be kiddin me sam,,u behave like a woman am startin 2 doubt ur sexuality!
    combine last album sales from ashanti,janet,mariah,usher and others still dont come close to gggb sales

    and accordin 2 u,brandy is an album seller who sold 7k lst week and she wont even go gold
    stop hatin on rihanna,if u dont like her then dont post abt her period

    i cant stand sam’s gay ass

  42. number1k9 December 22, 2008

    It is the way for Def Jame to keep Rihanna out there until her 4th studio album, I’m glad some1 else noticed that too!

    Rihanna seems like the type of artist who could have major success (which she has achieved) but then go away for a year (to prep a new album), only to come back and be forgotten/start from point A all once again….

    But maybe this is a smart thing… I’m a hardcore Ashanti fan, and I kinda wonder if Ashanti stood in the game, and was on her 6th album (it would be by this year since she came out in 2002), if her fans wouldn’t have slept on her recent album, The Declaration…

    MAKES U WONDER? It’s all about advertising essentially!

  43. number1k9 December 22, 2008

    *didn’t mean to call it Def Jame, DEF JAM!


  44. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    Isn’t it the fourth time its been released?

    1. Original
    2. Reloaded
    3. Bonus / DVD
    4. Remixes

    Milk That Cow!!!

  45. Mircea December 22, 2008

    I don’t know..maybe it’s a good thing. I mean, I’m not tired of RiRi. I just avoid her live showings and stay glad because she keeps giving us music to commercial to be true. So, all the best for her..but..you know what the top of the tops would be?
    Releasing a few brand new vids for the remixes from this third album and then re-releasing the remix album with another 2 or 3 videos =)). Now that would really get me hyped and would really get Rihanna over-rated.

    Love your blog!

  46. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    Come on now is this a joke?
    we know her album sold well really well anyhow there is no reason to rerelease that s**t damn she has no talent…
    lmao @ the dance version of GGGB
    she can’t dance sing or perform
    please rihanna take a braek and go back to barbados for a couple of months or even a year
    I’m tired of your ass sit down pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  47. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    Well, let her do whatever she wants to do
    You dont have to hate 🙂

  48. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    people get use to it she won’t be lasting for long..until then you will have to bear with her. people all over the world surely will have sense in them that this is pointless and only deluded dumbass fans will want to buy the same ol shiz!! OH AND HOPE EVERY1 HAS A HAPPY XMAS!!!

  49. daz December 22, 2008

    MAN AY WHY SHE JUST don’t get a nother swagger an wokr her ass off like the rest of people waht seh so call “remixes” i hope no one will by them cuz……

    she sucks

  50. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    I’m sorry but Sam is only keeping it real. Rihanna and her Camp must fill the end also like we are hoping for.

    The only thing Rihanna did for this industry is give lip syncing and no talent a new name; Rihanna!

  51. the-coolestperiod December 22, 2008

    We’re being force-fed and it’s making me sick. She claims the 4th album isn’t close to being finished. She’s dumb as a rock for going along with Def Jam. That just goes to show how much of a puppet she is. First they made her stop wearing weave and cut her hair, then run with this “GGGB” image and the “rocker/rebellious” chick outfits. LMAOOOO @ Rihanna stans. If Rihanna is so “amazing” then why does Def Jam KEEP recycling s*** from that ONE album? They’re not giving her fans a chance to miss her or give her some rest to maybe improve on her vocals or anything. She’s already on her 3rd album and she only sold 2 million in the U.S. after 7 singles. Who the hell is gonna buy that damn remix album? Come on people!

  52. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    GGGB *is* a good album. It isn’t RnB though, it is pop, but it is quite good. And (thanks in part to the re-release) it has actually sold a fair number of copies now, so I’d say her “label treatment” is justified. Particularly in light of the rumors that she has actually had to finance many of her own videos…

    You should really shut up about her albums not selling well if you are going to pretend that Brandy is still relevant. Oh really? Don’t talk about rihanna’s lack of album sales in the same breath, please.

    secondly SHAKIRA is more of a “sheep-bleater” than Rihanna and yet is somehow a respected singer.

    thirdly, “I am…sasha fierce” is a terrible album. You should at least admit that. The entire beyonce half is crummy adult-contemporary (NOT rnb) ballads, and the “sasha” half has a couple single-ready songs and that is it.

    Look, we all know you have to diss rihanna at every chance, and we know you don’t like her, but…at least “keep it real” with other artists too. And seriously, you don’t have to report the rihanna ish if you don’t want. Why is she in your site’s freakin BANNER?

  53. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    p.s. ever notice how much B’s “sweet dreams” sounds like a GGGB/Rihanna knock-off?

  54. Anonymous December 22, 2008


  55. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    a remix album of GGGB at least makes sense because the album was actually popular and had a ton of hits. Makes way more sense than maroon 5’s dumb remix album.

  56. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    BEYONCE IS THE BEST!! all these rihanna fans do make me laugh so deluded and stupid don’t know anything about talent!! you can not compare rihanna to beyonce..beyonce KILLS her!! has rihanna actually written her own songs? NO! you know what britney spears in her mental state is way better than rihanna..don’t want no silly little girl comments that can’t handle the truth or don’t know nothing about talent/music.

  57. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    why the hell put so much money into her!??
    i mean if the first two GGGB didn’t see that well why push it in our faces again!? she’s gunna end up gettin dropped one of these days when ppl check there ears and maybe eyes

  58. iDre December 22, 2008

    i dont have anymore room for her ass on my iphone…. denied.

  59. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    ***Standing and clapping*** Over your post!
    Ri can NOT sing, but dare somebody write that and a an army of little Rihanna soliders cry out mutiny!

  60. Fernie December 22, 2008

    @ 12:45 AM number1k9

    f*** I don’t like rihanna and I’m not gay.
    so why bring sam’s sexual orientation into this?
    sam makes some good points and I’m sure millions of other men think rihanna is ugly just like me.
    she does have a Hot body but either than that her voice, performances, and face are UGLY.

  61. Miguel December 22, 2008

    Wow, again…really? Is this a joke? I’m not a Rihanna fan, however I did buy her last album and I do enjoy her music. Good Girl Gone Bad is a nice album. I just don’t see this remix album selling much at all. Sounds like a waist of time and money to me.

  62. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    @ 6:35 you act like Beyonce wrote her damn songs. NO her ass hasn’t she changes a few words and all of a sudden she trying to put her name on the writing credits. Get the hell out of here. Why you think her ass has gotten sued so many times for taking ppl songs and saying she wrote them. So she in the same boat as Rihanna. And Beyonce won’t be the top singer that she used to be when she first came out. All her ass do now is scream. Y’all keep saying Riahanna is a product of her company but what y’all think Beyonce is. Look at her from the time she was in DC4 to DC3 and then on her own. She aint’ nothing but MANUFACTURED, BUBBLE GUM, ARTIST WHO AIN’T BEEN HOT SINCE D.I.L. That was and forever will be her best solo album because she just puts s*** out to be putting it out.The women is 27 years old, 3 years away from 30 and you still singing s*** you sung when you was in your late teens early 20’s. Like seriously she need to get it together.

  63. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    this is to post 9.33..who has more respect? BEYONCE! who has more credential to be regarded as the best female artist in our generation BEYONCE! rihanna will NEVER EVER be regarded as anything of that status!! oh and your going on about manufactured have you seen any of beyonces live performance coz that girl can SING and DANCE at the same time. whereas your ‘precious’ rihanna can’t do both let alone one!

  64. Anonymous December 22, 2008


  65. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    @9:48 i never said i did like Rihanna don’t say s*** that i didn’t even say. But what i’m saying is don’t talk about rihanna not written her own music when beyonce ass don’t either. And what i meant by MANUFACTURED, BUBBLE GUM, ARTIST is that Beyonce is a product of her label. Whatever they want her to do she does it. Her music has no soul like it used to when she first started. Her songs actually had meaning when she was DC4. Especially DC4. you can tell her kelly,letoya, and latavia really put they all into that s*** and you can see a big damn difference now. She doing the same tired ass music ever since her ass put out BDay. She has no emotion, every album she has done since bday and i am… has somethign to do with her damn movies she been in. Like damn beyonce you ain’t creative enough to come up with s*** on your own? and she isn’t. A few of those songs she stole adn then payed restitution after the theft. Like y’all stans are so blind to how beyonce plays y’all it’s laughable. of course she can dance and sing like. i’ve never taken that away from the girl. But she will always be a MANUFACTURED, BUBBLE GUM, ARTIST WHO AIN’T BEEN HOT SINCE D.I.L.

  66. Ms Keia December 22, 2008

    I can’t understand why they would rerelease a rerelease . . . If she is prepping a fourth album for release in 2009 . . . We have heard the songs from GGGB so many times . . . its way overrated . . . I guess . . . I’ll wait for the new material . . .

  67. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    Sam, you’re an idiot. Most of what you wrote is not true.
    Common sense should tell you if she was not selling they would not be putting money into her projects. People who don’t sell get dropped not an open check book. IDIOT.

  68. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    @ 8:55AM Fernie (December 22nd)

    I'm kinda confused about your response to me? R you just stating facts or trying to get at me? Because I never brought Sam's sexual orientation into it?? I guess I'm just kinda confused….

    (THIS IS number1k9)

    TO ALL,
    I cannot lie hearing Beyonce's 'I Am… Sasha Fierce' in it's entirety and Rihanna's 'Good Girl Gone Bad' I would actually prefer GGGB. And I am a fan of them both. I do agree it would be really neat to see Rihanna write some of her own music, but I coulda swore I read somewhere she has written a few of her new songs. When your voice may not be the strongest, writing songs is a great way to help make up for lack of powerhouse vocals. Because not to many people have really strong voices of our generation. If I had to list some I'd say Christina Aguilera, & Pink. I am not sure if I would EVEN include Beyonce & Alicia Keys in that category. NOT TO MENTION sometimes you don't want to hear people over singing songs like Christina Aguilera does most of the time. So some time softer less overbearing voices like Amerie, Ciara, Janet, Christina Milian, etc. can be a breath of fresh air, keep that in mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  69. MRSJONES December 22, 2008


  70. mrsjones December 22, 2008


    You obviously are not a fan of real music if you think that gggb is better than “i am”. that’s just shameful

  71. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    GGGB hasn’t sold good? What are you talking about? It’s received a 2x platinum certification in one of the hardest markets–and most of it was well after the album’s release.

    She has just as many #1s this decade as any other top-notch female artist, and is seemingly on track for more if she continues with more GGGB single releases.

    The re-release was successful enough to warrant another re-release. How is that an actual bad thing? How does that scream her album didn’t sell well?

    Your biased view is showing itself.

  72. Anonymous December 22, 2008


    Um I never said either 1 was musically better, I JUST SAID I’D RATHER HEAR(listen to) Rihanna’s music from GGGB over Beyonce’s IMSF.

    Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Your just shameful for even commenting on something and TRYING to make such an accusation without comphrending what you read…


  73. Fernie December 22, 2008

    @ number1k9

    my bad LOL XD
    i was commenting on the above yous 😀

    @ December 22, 2008 12:30 AM
    well yeah I was talking to this n****

  74. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    remix album?? r u serious?? thats a joke. i hope alexandra (xfactor winner) walks all over her when she releases her album..thats if they both release it in 2010

    rihanna sucks. i jus watched her star academy performance..err worst performance eveR? she was unbelievably boring..she trys hard with her runs and didnt show any affection to the other girl

    unlike beyonce on the xfactor…that was tv gold.

  75. Jamie December 22, 2008

    I agree Sam Rihanna is ugly to me big bulky eyes and forehead major turnoff and when she speaks its so sheep and cat annoyiing like major turn off. Im sick of her all ready!
    Queen Beyonce
    Princess Ciara 4 life! 2 s*** chicks! One can sing effortlessly other makes good true music and stays in a consintent safe range. When both perform OH Goodness its one of the best things I could experience…. cant say the same about Lil Miss Sunshine.

  76. mrsjones December 22, 2008


    so what did you enjoy more about it, if not the music??

  77. Corey December 22, 2008

    Rihanna needs to do a Ciara three hiatus. Then come back to be honest. She needs to go away so people can appericate her return. As we did with Mary,Mariah,Usher and others. When they made their comebacks had the best of albums of their careers and breaking records. Usher’s Confessions was amazing and no doubt the best male RnB album of this decade!

  78. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    all of the above, every single one of them, grow the f*** up! god it’s like you know either beyonce or rihanna, pisses me off, even though i like BOTH OF THEM i’m not gonna hate on either cos im not a sad computer geek who probably keeps it locked on this site and attacks anyone who is attackin either beyonce or rihanna, get a life, if you don’t like either one, DON’T F***** C** ON ERE!!

  79. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    Let me tell y’all something…
    I remember when I first brought Rhianna’s first album, I thought this was good, so did the second album. But if it wasn’t for that third album, and the new style, I would’ve never listened to her songs anymore

  80. Anonymous December 22, 2008

    Let’s just be real. The “boring” performances Rihanna gives are EXACTLY what your girl Bey is going for. She’s said it herself. That’s why she has one half of her album hype and the other slow, to express her true self. So stop hating on Ms. Fenty, cuz’ in about three years Beyonce will be doing the same s***. Get in that ass Rihanna…

  81. Anonymous December 22, 2008


    what’s with the beyonce/rihanna comparison? They have completely different styles/voices/images.

    Whoever said Rihanna didn’t have ‘a look’ is retarded. She was looking like Beyonce up until GGGB, when she got rid of the hair… hello? A look. A look being copied all over the world.

    Just because Rihanna doesn’t have a diva voice, who cares? She’s what? 20? She has time to write her own music.

    At the moment she seems to be being pimped out to whoever’s album needs a sales boost – maroon 5, T.I, and soon to be Kanye.

    Music’s at a strange place right now, pop/r’n’b/hip hop are all blurring together, and I’m assuming they’re trying to create a new sound. She will not disappear soon, she’s too huge.

    To me, Beyonce has already proven herself as an amazing vocalist… but I find her boring. She has no edge – ‘Single Ladies’ reminds me of an even more irritating version of ‘Get Me Bodied.’ I was really only impressed by her Crazy in Love days…

  82. Anonymous December 23, 2008

    like someone said before
    damn….. her “songs” are so retarded like hell
    I personally think that she only had succsess with the other singels I mean the songs after umbrella cuz of everybodys intrest
    everbody wanted to know the new sound of her album
    like wtf is this REHAB song it was so unnecsassary I can goon and on but I’m gonna stop
    Iused to love her but now shes just booooriiingg!!

  83. daz December 23, 2008

    girl what u doing a next reload u stupid a shoots and ggg who did your make up

  84. Anonymous December 23, 2008

    THis site is mad that RIRI is straight beautiful and you aren’t, HA HA she is laughing a tyou because what ever she is doing she is doing it very well!!! Oh yeah those Beyonces videos straight garbage, check Toyas site she will tel you the truth!!! This site is sleeping hoping Beyonce will give them an interview, not..You know she trys to act high clas!!!!

  85. d p December 23, 2008

    For all those who are struggling through life right now, check out the channel. Don’t give up!

  86. Anonymous December 24, 2008

    oh who cares?? really they don’t give a stuff bout you lot..your money is all they care about!

  87. Anonymous December 24, 2008

    all of you lot above, except for the people who can actually see that rihanna or beyonce don’t give a S*** about you, are complete FOOLS. f****** STUPID that your sittin at your computer desk arguin over who’s better, grow up and get a f****** life cos whenever i come on this f***** site you dickheads still goin on about rihanna or beyonce, i like both but come on, GROW UP lol, gets quite annoying. and i got something for 3:46am above, your retarded and all the others who f***** argue relentlessly!

  88. Anonymous December 28, 2008

    ok so Mariah, Usher, Ashanti, Brandy, and Mary J all went away for a few years and came back with very unimpressive album sales…
    so why should Rihanna go away?
    You may be sick of her but obviously the world is not
    she still sells 70-90 thousand a week after over 80 weeks on the chart and her songs are still burning up the charts..
    i do agree that a new album would be awesome but i’m sure it will be worth the wait.

    so stop hatin she should definately stay around for a long time!

  89. Anonymous December 29, 2008


  90. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    ‘I am…Sasha Fierce’ is one fuc*** stupid album…If I were a Boy n…guess what??? That’s all the album has got to offer…Bouncing her ass up and down wont help her this time around…While Rihanna is a *NEW* born superstar that is going to have heads turn to her,..bcoz she doesnt lip-sync like Britney(B****)..although she is not a good singer but certainly is a performer…She may not have that voice but i certainly sure that nobody could escape the hook every song of hers has got…I hate singers who cant sing but I dont know…I listened to her a couple of times and im addicted…she’s an exception…

  91. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    so far(updated on 4/2/09)..her total GGGB album has sold over 7.33millions..So what if she doesnt sell very well in US but she performs better internationally than any other artistes… Her Remixes will add the total sales..maybe 8millions…
    Have u heard Beyonce-Diva?…Please!!!help me..I cant stand the “she thinks she’s a DIVA’ voice…too much..Rihanna sells better than Beyonce..Hooray!!!

  92. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    Rihanna started from nothing with her solo debut album…But bITCHeyonce already had a massive fan base from her Destiny’s Child era…Do you think that was fair??? Rihanna has grown up a lot since her debut and managed to outsold Beyonce…THat’s AMAZING…Even Beyonce’s fans cant deny that..I’m sure most of them has shifted their interest to RiRi…as she sounds better(although she doesnt have that better voice)…Rihanna has the package… Beauty,talent,style,smile and the eyes too…

  93. Anonymous February 5, 2009

    Have u guys heard Rihanna’s latest demos???
    1.Hatin’ On the Club(ft The Dream)
    2.Emergency Room(ft Akon)
    3.How I Like It
    4.Bad Girl(ft Chris Brown)
    5.Give it
    7.B**** I’m Special

    her 4th album is way too AWESOME..
    it’s going to be a legend…

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