LeToya’s ‘Lady Love’: Will You be Buying?

Published: Tuesday 25th Aug 2009 by Sam
LeToya's 'Lady Love': Will You be Buying?
R&B singer LeToya releases her long-awaited sophomore LP ‘Lady Love’ today, three years after her self-titled first album shot to #1.
Having heard the album in it’s entirety, I must say I enjoyed a few cuts (see: ‘Lazy’, ‘Good To Me’ and ‘Lady Love’). However I feel like the album is just too slow. Coming from her Destiny’s Child background, the awesome balance (between uptempo, midtempo and slow jams) on her first album, and her all-round commercial potential, makes the slow-go nature of this album all the more baffling. Depending on what floats your boat, this is an all-out R&B/Slow Jam affair, with little in the way of cross-over appeal. The latter of which kinda irks me because LeToya so has the right personality and media savviness to sustain in the ‘big leagues’, yet the material here seems intent on keeping her (I’d even go as far as to say ‘boxing her’) as solely an R&B balladeer. Whether this factors into the dismal promotion she has had thus far is anyone’s guess. However if I’m to be honest, I’m already thinking about how I’d personally A & R her 3rd album.
I feel like I’m babbling now lol. Anyway, we here at That Grape Juice want to know what you think of LeToya’s ‘Lady Love’….
Will you be buying it?

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