Alicia Keys – ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything’ Video

Published: Monday 19th Oct 2009 by Sam

Review in a bit…(yes really!)…

In the meanwhile, let us know

What YOU think about the video…

(Bare with my guys with the reviews, I have a surprise for you, which will make all the ‘reviews in a bit’ all the more understandable. Hold tight…you’re gonna love it!)

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  1. Miguel October 19, 2009

    HOT all around!

  2. BROWN&LOVELY October 19, 2009

    boring…same ole alicia never gonna change…i darn near fell asleep!

  3. csc October 19, 2009

    decent, but nothing special.

    oh, and it’s “bear”, not “bare”. “bare with my guys” has a totally different meaning.

  4. whatever October 19, 2009

    its ok and it seems like a left over record from her recording sessions for the last album..the classic a keys piano sound is there and i am loving that though…

    lets hope her next single is better coz as of now she has not left me wanting to buy her new album..

  5. esh October 19, 2009

    hate it…she really need to change it up a lil

  6. WWW October 19, 2009

    kinda unwhelming (both the music video and first single)

    But I still love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. nerd October 19, 2009

    i love the song, but the video is kind of boring. The concept been done before. It reminds me of brandy long distance love.

  8. nerd October 19, 2009

    and usher moving mountain

  9. anon October 19, 2009

    yeah remineded me of usher moving mountains as well but atleast his CGI was better. r we supposed to believe she climed that mountain in thsoe heels LOL bit silly. still like the song though

  10. angelytchii October 19, 2009

    even though it looks like “No one” (the beat), i rly like it, Alicia Keys remains one of my fav singer 🙂

  11. Steffon October 19, 2009

    Bore Bore Snore Snore, not a big fan of the song, and the video just made it worst. Not really feeling her this time around. Have to hear the second single. As of right now you will not be getting my coins.

  12. rightround October 19, 2009

    she looks GORG but the video couldn’t hold any interest in me. boooooring. the song really does sound like “no one”

  13. kntmusiclover October 19, 2009

    is this what Swiss Beats wife is singing right now… ???

  14. IVORY’S INTELLECT October 19, 2009

    It’s boring. The beginning was good, nothing fantastic, but good because it suited the words of the song. Suddenly she’s high in the desert? Why…?

  15. KIKI October 19, 2009

    I like the video and the song. And she looks hot!
    can’t wait for the album..

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