Published: Sunday 22nd Nov 2009 by Sam

With the eagerly anticipated American Music Awards 2009 about to get underway live from the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, That Grape Juice’s ‘American Music Awards 2009: Your Shout!’ area goes live right now! Tonight’s show boasts performances from Janet Jackson, Lady GaGa, Jennifer Lopez, Jay-Z & Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Eminem, and Whitney Houston. Something tells me this AMA’s will be one for the most talked about show of the year!

Watch the American Music Awards LIVE here!

UPDATED: Click here or here if link above doesn’t work

Here you can post your views on anything and everything regarding the show. Pre-Show rumors…Who you’re looking forward to seeing… Who you feel rocked the red carpet, who should have skipped it altogether LOL…Who deserved to win what…performances…and all that good stuff while the show is going on and after.

This is Your Shout!

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  1. Chris November 22, 2009

    i can not wait for GaGa shes gonna be amazing tonight and im really interested in seeing Janet back on the scene opening the show

  2. Tonio November 22, 2009


  3. cabotje November 22, 2009

    Lady gaga, cant wait!

  4. Kay-T November 22, 2009

    Can’t wait for JAAANNNNNETTTTTT!

  5. Suzy G November 22, 2009

    I want to hear what Rihanna will sound like live (if she actually sings live)…. and of course JANET!!!!!

  6. Suzy G November 22, 2009

    And GaGa! After her video for Bad Romance i know she’s gonna shut this s*** down!

  7. Suzy G November 22, 2009

    I just saw Leona Lewis on the red carpet, and although i didn’t see her entire dress (just the neckline) she looked really pretty.

  8. RJ November 22, 2009

    If only Beyonce was performing, I only look forward to award shows when she’s there.

  9. Suzy G November 22, 2009

    Janet is not doing is for me…… is it me or does she looked tired as hell?

  10. rightround November 22, 2009

    janeeeeeet! she killllllttt! i’m waiting for Gaga!

  11. jewels4jellisa November 22, 2009

    i cant wait to see that rihanna performance…janet killed it

  12. Manny November 22, 2009

    JJ killed it…and TA was for her brother…wow

  13. mediacannibale November 22, 2009

    and i’m a mega huge fan

    she’s OBESE
    she danced BAD
    she look tired, heavy
    the choreography was so bad

  14. mediacannibale November 22, 2009

    poor Janet … MAY SHE REST IN PEACE with her brother…

    she’s SO OVER.

  15. Suzy G November 22, 2009

    LMAO @ Mediacannibale……. too funny!!!!!

  16. Suzy G November 22, 2009

    Taylor Swift is soo cute!! They started to boo A-Rod!! Jay Z looks hot!

  17. Adam November 22, 2009

    Janet was awesome; great choreography. Ecstatic that she did If and Miss You Much. Jay-Z and Alicia rocked it. Loved Kelly’s classy performance.

  18. bambino November 22, 2009

    janet sounded great together again was definietly for her brother she did a great job. i liked the whole ‘get the point good lets dance’ i recall mj doing it in his dangerous performances. is it from something? anyway it was a nice moment.

  19. Jmoore November 22, 2009

    Janet did the damn thing!!!! that was hot!!!!!!!

  20. JACOB November 22, 2009

    HOLY S***.

    I had no idea JLO still had it in her! SHE KILLED!

  21. Derrick T. November 22, 2009

    GAGA is that B****! trust and believe…she did a terrific job! JLO was stunning as ever! Gosh oh how I miss JLO…glad she’s back! Mary did very well too…and Whitney,…Oh Whitney…terrific! But is it me or does she look preggers?

  22. rock November 22, 2009

    whitney..amazing!!! thats the whitney i fell in love with years ago. amazing amazing!

  23. DONTAZZ November 22, 2009


  24. AllNightDontStop09 November 22, 2009

    I wish some of you f** bitchest shut the f*** up seriously Janet shut that shyt down and she did it so effortlessly. Janet doesn’t have to pop her coohie up n down on a stage to get anyone’s attention. She was what I call *coughs ahem a dancer not a local video hoochie
    talk to me when your favs can do the same tell em to step they stage game up.

  25. Imyourstar702 November 23, 2009

    Whitney did great!!!!

    Jay Z and Alicia killed it!!!!

  26. Nicky November 23, 2009


    Grading the performances at the 2009 American Music Awards, typos and all.

    Janet Jackson. So, supposedly the American Music Awards were going to open with a performance from Janet, and that’s technically what happened. Except Janet’s performance was largely a commercial for her “Number Ones,” in which the singer, in a tan outfit that looked like it was ripped straight from the racks at REI, performed a medley of her hits. Imagine going to and clicking on a bunch of song samples from her two-disc set. That’s largely what this performance was — it’s “Miss You Much”! and now it’s “What Have You Done for Me Lately”! — and if you were a Janet fan, you surely enjoyed this swift little medley. It was a safe and solid opening, and it gets a slight bonus for focusing entirely on Janet and not becoming another Michael tribute, so B-.

    Daughtry. Boom! Nothing ignites the excitement of a three-hour award show like a mid-tempo rock ballad from heartland rockers Daughtry. “No, there’s no life after you,” leader Chris Daughtry sings through gritted teeth, trying to muster some importance out of these tepid lyrics and lightly strummed electric guitars. This type of song is typically saved for the moments during an arena show when a band says, “This one is for the ladies,” and everyone goes and buys a hot dog. D

    Shakira. Rather than perform “She Wolf,” Shakira opts for her more recent single “Give It Up to Me,” and turns in a performance worthy of Broadway’s “STOMP.” A little militant, and a little bit “Single Ladies,” Shakira’s minimalistic outfit matched the sparseness of the song. Her dancing didn’t match the oddness of “She Wolf,” but it was aggressive, and put the viewer on the defensive. B

    Keith Urban. In case Shakira was too risque for you, don’t worry — the AMAs went right back to PG with Urban’s good-time country rocker, “Kiss a Girl.” The AMAs have gone back and forth between s*** and middle-of-the-road thus far, and Urban, sporting a slightly shiny Western shirt, kept things simple and to the point. “Say goodbye to all the rules,” he sings in the song, but this country-crossover rocker never strays from them. B-

    Kelly Clarkson. Yes, she had an album this year — don’t forget! — and she sold it well tonight with a solid take on “Already Gone.” Looking glamorous and sounding terrific, Clarkson was a classic throwback, a reminder of a time when “American Idol” didn’t make all artists think they had to over-sing. B+

    Alicia Keys and Jay-Z. Dressed all spiffy in their finest formal wear, Keys and Jay-Z performed their pandering “Empire State of Mind.” This was fine the first time we heard it on an award show — at the MTV Video Music Awards, and it was fine at the World Series, but enough. It’s worn out its welcome. Yes, we know New York is cool. Bars are open late and the public transportation is swell and all, but performing this love letter to New York in Los Angeles? We’re tired of it. No more songs about cities. D Side-note: The introduction by Alex Rodriguez gets an F. And was he chewing gum? He’s unprofessional off the field too.

    The Black Eyed Peas. The Los Angeles popsters received a showcase performance, getting to offer live takes of “Meet Me Halfway” and “Boom Boom Pow,” two of the most ubiquitous songs of the year. Viewers were reminded of this fact repeatedly, with their sales constantly hyped, and the Black Eyed Peas declaring themselves “the new kings” at the end of their performance. On record, “Meet Me Halfway” is all electronic futurism. Live, it was a bit messier, but there was plenty of eye candy in this extended performance. Crazy wigs and stereo outfits and some crowd-pleasing samples of C+C Music Factory and Nirvana. It was all pop-culture nonsense, and that’s what the Black Eyed Peas excel at. B+

    Rihanna. Ne-Yo told us that the “R” in her “Rated R” stands for either “remarkable” or “really, really s***.” Not quite sure if it completely hit both of those notes, but it was definitely over too soon. Performing in a sort of sci-fi junkyard, Rihanna came onstage in what could have been a torture device. Like Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna is definitely tapping into the cyborg pop mentality that’s all the rage at the moment (nice spikes on the shoulders). She gave us snippets of two songs from “Rated R” — “Wait Your Turn” and “Hard” — but it would have been better to just stick with one. To her credit, she sounded sharp, metallic and owned the songs. The night’s best performance thus far. A-

    Carrie Underwood. Was it really just a week ago that this song was performed on the Country Music Assn. Awards? There were fewer nods to Nashville tonight, or maybe it was just too hard to focus on the slide guitar when Underwood was sporting some kind of half-dress, half-lingerie outfit, and the band was nowhere to be seen. This wasn’t about the song; it was about her strutting around onstage. C

    Lady Gaga. Coming onstage like a creature from “Pan’s Labyrinth,” Lady Gaga was all twitchy masked dance moves for this two-song medley. That was a good thing, as her “Bad Romance” is a bit of a mess, ultimately falling back on the retro-synth choruses that Gaga can’t resist. There was broken glass and a flaming piano (no flaming bras, sadly), and Gaga showed off her pipes on “Speechless” as she got violent with some water bottles. Gaga makes for entertaining television, no doubt, but at some point she’s going to need more than just crazy masks, pryo and fake blood. C+

    Mary J. Blige. Her “I Am” isn’t a knock-out on par with “I Can See in Color,” but it’s the type of ballad Blige can perfectly deliver in her sleep. On a night were futuristic flash and bare skin were all the rage, Blige kept it lovingly old school. B
    Jennifer Lopez. Given an elaborate stage with a fake boxing ring, Lopez was hyped as “the main event.” She wasn’t. Her “comeback” single, “Louboutins,” is a silly little trifle, and that may even be too complimentary. She sounded Auto-Tuned for the entire performance, and the title is a ridiculous word to repeat multiple times in a pop song. But it’ll sell some shoes this holiday season, so maybe some retailers are stoked. D

    Whitney Houston. She received a standing ovation, and it was deserved. With “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength,” Houston hollered and showed a bit of a rasp. If her instrument isn’t what it once was, it can still silence a room. Compared to Blige a few songs ago, Houston was perhaps a bit over the top, but she belted until she was nearly out of breath. It was a powerful moment. But the angelic background lighting? Could have done without that. A-

    Alicia Keys. Getting a chance to redeem herself for her earlier performance, Keys drops her new single, “Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart,” in her second performance of the evening, touching on a bit of ’70s R&B vibe. Her gold-draped jacket will dominate the gossip sites Monday, and the single’s good too. Keys doesn’t belt at the top of her lungs here, and though I prefer her when she’s at the piano (she sat down and played in the song’s final moments), she’s softly restrained for much of the song. The background dancers, copping some vintage “West Side Story” Broadway moves, were cute to boot. B+

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