Ashanti Signs Major TV Deal

Published: Sunday 22nd Nov 2009 by Sam

R&B star Ashanti has inked a major deal with Revielle LLC – the major TV production company behind ‘Ugly Betty’, ‘The Biggest Loser’, and ‘It’s On With Alexa Chung’ – it has been announced.

The partnership will see the former INC star serve as Executive Producer, overseer, as well as an on-air personality on a music-based competition TV show. Speaking of the deal,  Ashanti said:

“I’m excited about the opportunity to be working with Reveille LLC, one of the tv industry’s heavyweights and I can’t wait to begin production.” {Source} {Thanks Stefan}

Kudos where kudos are due, it’s great to see Ms. Douglas doing her thing outside of being an artist. Folk may get on her for sales, current ‘relevancy’ etc, yet anyone who really knows how this industry works understands that it’s all about diversifying into other areas to ensure you longevity (see: LL Cool J, Ice T, Diddy etc). More power to her!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Thatmangojuice November 22, 2009

    Good for her, i really like ashanti

  2. CO November 22, 2009

    I like the fact that Ashanti always hustles. She always has a paycheck coming in. ALWAYS. Her last album was great and slept on. I feel she’s trying. Doing much better than the Myas and Ameries of the industry.

  3. shay November 22, 2009

    YAY Ashanti…

    Wishing her much success!

  4. jayman November 22, 2009

    Great! she is bout to get PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way more than a damn album will ever get.. very smart gurl

  5. number1k9 November 22, 2009

    Yes, Ashanti does stay on her grind. I’m still waiting on the next album too! Sad that people slept on 2008’s ‘The Declaration’ album because it was a hottt album. You could seriously listen to it from start to end. If the label was behind her more so promo wise it would have been way more successful.

    But have no fear Ashanti just comes back even stronger with other big opportunities. Can’t wait to see Ashanti’s future blossom!


  6. Brina November 22, 2009

    Congrats to Ashanti. Can’t wait.

  7. HEALTHY BLACK QUEENS JOIN! November 22, 2009

    Great news! She gets bashed so much when others less talented get a pass. Hopefully she’ll be back on top with better music. I listened to every one of her albums and didn’t like enough tracks to buy, but I wish her the best.

  8. maine November 22, 2009

    Pick up to Ashanti major things, Her time coming again. she going to come hard in 2010… well jus because she may dont have a hit out right now. She always doing something huge…..

  9. maine November 22, 2009

    Oh yea she have every pop r&B female singer. S*** she s*** as hell……

  10. GLAM_DOLL November 22, 2009


  11. Ashantifan November 22, 2009

    @ GLAM_DOLL How can you call Ashanti a mess when you face looks like a foot. And she has millions while u barley probably got a hundred. B**** just have a seat.

  12. JayMan November 22, 2009

    lol @ ashantifan, i was gona say the same thing about Glamdoll , she looks like trans! or a crackheaded michelle williams, lmao! talkin bout a mess! ???? really now

  13. miSSaMERicKa November 22, 2009

    ^ YES! I agree wit the both of you

  14. a November 22, 2009

    glamdoll go sit ur ug a down. ashanti is gonna always be blessed because she wait patiently many many blessing to u shani. like this guy said ashanti came in and sat every body down when michael jackson called her and to her he liked her song tunr it up, i new right then that she were a genius any time he says that u gotta have it. its so many people he worked with but if it wasnt right he just didint do music with u. she also performed at the neverland ranch shes smart and can do a good dam interview ahe beat out 5 artist in an interview contest.

  15. The Truth November 24, 2009

    Yes!!! Get it Shanti!!! I love her and she is such a sweetheart. She’s so down to earth and stays on her hustle!! Her album may be slept on but she does have plenty money whether people want to believe it or not. Every starlet don’t have to CALL the PAPS, be flashy and fake to be relevant. I’m so happy for her. Her and Mya are doing big things now.

  16. a November 24, 2009


  17. alexis January 11, 2010

    happy for Ashanti i love the fact that this blog not hating on her “just that one ugly b*tch but anyways although she underrated/albums are slept on she does stay on her GRiND no matter what (iM a fan forever <3 you

    2010 ASHANTI new album coming !!! yeeeesss ppl buy that

  18. halima April 10, 2010

    somali girls are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better looking then aaf.? i am sorry if i offended anybody. everything about them is fakke. fake personality, fake smile and most importantly fake hair. hahahah. how can someone wear hair for rest of their life i really don’t understand. my friend is puertorican and his girl friedn is african american, so one day it was raining outside and she did not have an umrella , so guess what happend her hair got wait and the haird fall in front of everybody man that was embrassing.

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