The Best You Never Heard: Michael Jackson, Wyclef / Claudette, Kirk Franklin & Teedra Moses

Published: Wednesday 18th Nov 2009 by Sam
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This week’s edition of Best You Never Heard features  little known gems by Michael Jackson, Wyclef and Claudette Ortiz, Kirk Franklin and Teedra Moses.


Michael Jackson – Unbreakable (ft. Notorious B.I.G)

While the world unsurprisingly gravitated toward Michael Jackson‘s classic songs in the wake of his death earlier this year, I found myself doing the same, yet also reaffirming my appreciation for his ‘newer’ music. Taken from 2001’s ‘Invincible’, Jackson’s last studio LP –  ‘Unbreakable’ stands as one of my favourite of his more recent offerings. Produced by Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins and featuring the late, great Notorious B.I.G, this epic piano-driven cut oozes funk, with a MJ’s trademark stamp on it. Without a doubt, had ‘hit’ written all over it; interestingly this was initially supposed to be a single (accompanied by a big budget video), however contractual disputes with his label Sony K.O’ed such plans. Tidbit: R&B star Brandy features on backing-vocals.



Wyclef & Claudette Ortiz – Dance Like This

Upon hitting ‘play’ on this one, many of you will immediately think back to Wyclef and Shakira‘s 2005 smash ‘Hips Don’t Lie’. Indeed, ‘Dance Like This’ (recorded a year earlier), which features former City High singer Claudette Ortiz on lead vocals, sounds almost identical to ‘Hips’ – only with different lyrics. With both produced by and featuring Wyclef, it appears he simply tweaked Claudette’s version, which featured on the soundtrack to ‘Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights’ (straight-to-DVD) for Ms. Shakira, Shakira. With ‘Hips’ blowing up and becoming the hit it did,  very few are in the know about the original – which I would argue is the better of the two versions; this primarily due to the superior vocals and all-round more logical lyrcial content. Randomness: Come to think of it, where the hell is Claudette, she’s so talented?



Kirk Franklin – How It Used To Be

I’m a sucka for ‘crossover’ Gospel tracks, and few come harder on that front than Kirk Franklin, particularly on ‘How It Used To Be’. Said to have been produced by hitmaker Bryan-Michael Cox, this stirring piano-ballad has a ‘knock’ that would see it sit comfortably beside Mary J’s ‘Be Without You’ and similar sounding songs. More over, however, the vocals and vocal arrangements cut deep, really evoking emotion. Great, great song.



Teedra Moses – Backstroke

Soulful songstress Teedra Moses served up an R&B classic in the form of her debut LP ‘Complex Simplicity’. As hard as I try, I cannot remember where I stumbled upon the CD, yet what I do remember quite vividly is playing it on my iPod one night in 2005, while laying in bed. The intention was to see what the growing underground buzz was about…let’s just say I started a love-affair with the album there and then, an affair which still holds strong today. A particular album stand-out is ‘Backstroke’, which is best described as sensuality epitomised. With it’s suggestive coos and convincing vocal delivery, this stands as testament to the undeniable talent that is Teedra Moses. Tidbit: Still waiting on her sophomore LP ‘The Young Lioness’!



Hit(s) or Miss(es)?

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  1. Imyourstar702 November 18, 2009

    Omg i love Teedra Moses!!! i first album is so underrated, but yet its such a masterpiece!!! my favourite song off the album was “Caution”

  2. anonymouss November 18, 2009

    love teedra. she’s so original & inspirational at the same time. a true artist 🙂

  3. FattDoll November 18, 2009

    MJ was the Sickest..point blank PERIOD!…I Love the track THREATENED off the invincible album. That album was grossly underrated by the way. MJ makes these wicked sound effects on that track. That was thriller 2.0

  4. bambino November 18, 2009

    i like this section but i almost always have heard all the tracks you feature! lol yes unbreakable is a big tune it goes hard invincible was such an underrated album i love ‘whatever happens and break of dawn’ too.

    what can i say abt miss teedra moses i STAN for her while backstroke is a tune my absolute favourite track of hers is ‘last day’ its a gorgeous song tackling a serious subject matter. from what i’ve heard ‘young lioness’ will drop early 2010 its LONG overdue!

  5. Playafly November 18, 2009

    Had to comment on Kirk Franklin’s song. Yes!!!!!!! That entire album as a matter of fact is nice. From beginning to end. He always manages to deliver and I’m such a fan. Not only are the beats and lyrics great but he delivers a message in every song. And these days it is much needed. Big up to GrapeJuice for posting this clip most times people feel the need to stay away from Gospel because they think it makes them look “uncool” break out of it people! Get ur house in order!!!!

  6. Jmoore November 18, 2009

    Ok…That MJ track is one of my favs, his swagg was so gangsta on that track…

    Teedra Moses song Backstroke…i like this when i first heard it a couple of montshs back i saw some hot choreograpy to this joint…

  7. jjlova06 November 19, 2009

    MJ always got it. I am actually feeling the track a bit. Teedra can sing and I am feeling the song tonight. Claudette should have never left cuz she could sing and was pretty. I wonder how she would been as a solo artist. And that song definitely sounds exactly like HIps DOn’t Lie because it is the same music and Wyclef is saying the same lyrics. Only her’s are changed. But I am feelin the shakira one more. I like her vocals on it better for some reason. But of course that is the first one I heard.

  8. we’re all human April 8, 2011

    kirk is gay

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