New Song: Lady GaGa – ‘Monster’

Published: Wednesday 18th Nov 2009 by Sam
gaga monster

We’re loving what we’re hearing of Lady GaGa‘s ‘The Fame Monster’ LP and have had our preview copy on replay for a hot minute now. The RedOne produced ‘Monster’, however, has been getting crazy spins here in “That Grape Juice land”. Infectious production, clever wordplay and totally ‘GaGa’, this one has ‘S-M-A-S-H’ written all over it.

‘The Fame Monster’ hits stores November 23rd.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Ringleader898 November 18, 2009

    I think Lady Gaga is really giving the Pop scene and just the excitement of music in generally a much needed revitalization! She is def a true artist in an age of manufactured pretty faces with subpar talent (Rihanna) or total puppet-pop stars with absolutely NO say in their image, music or work (Britney)! Not only can she sing well, a requirement all “singers” should be able to do, but she writes ALL her work, produces most of her songs, NEVER lip syncs, doesn’t claim to be a dancer but always does her 8 counts to her songs!

    Monster will definitely be a SMASH and needs to be a single…I keep forgetting Bad Romance is still a fresh single that hasn’t gone number 1 yet then we have to deal with Telephone. Her new album The Fame Monster may only have 8 songs, but they are all single potential! NO FILLERS WITH GAGA!

  2. Christian November 18, 2009

    To Ringleader – First I must say, as a Britney fan and being a fan of hers since she’s been in the music business, you really don’t seemt o know much about her career and how much work she has put into her albums besides just lending her vocals. Example: Her “ITZ” album, Britney co-wrote 8 or those 13 songs. Not only did she co-wrote majority of the album, she co-produced a few tracks along with arranging vocals on some songs. If you have that album, please look at her credits. I understand you may believe that Britney is a quote on quote “PUPPET” and that’s your opinion but my opinion is, she’s an amazing artist. I think some of you forget that it’s a BUSINESS. Britney has worked her ass off to be where she is right now and that is why was givien the title of being the “Best Selling Artist of this Decade”. So you and and others can continue to think negative of Britney by saying she’s a puppet, she can’t sing, she can’t dance, she don’t write her music, blah blah blah…….. but she is still here in the music game and millions of fans see and appreciate her talents and that is why she is still here and selling millions of records and still selling out arenas. So that so-called puppet that you claim is Britney Jean Spears sure is doing a damn good job.

    As for Lady Gaga….. I love her but I’m not liking the Monster song that much.

  3. anonymouss November 18, 2009

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!

    THANK YOU 2 lady gaga for bringing back life to pop (radio) music! 🙂

  4. Craver November 18, 2009

    Honestly, of the 30+ songs I’ve heard from Gaga, I’ve disliked maybe 3. Sometimes her “style” tends to get on my nerves, especially as her ego seems to have inflated quite a bit compared to last year, but I cannot deny that if you’re going to have an ego you may as well put in the work to earn it and that’s what Gaga’s doing. Some people are overshooting her a bit, but I’m still loving everything I’ve heard so far and “Monster” is giving me everything I need right now.

    As for this talk of Britney, I don’t think it’s very necessary. I’m still waiting on Britney to return to her previous level of performance and I hope this tour she’s on now is acting as a refresher course for her, otherwise it’s sorry to say that she’ll basically be another “studio artist” just like people keep calling Rihanna.

  5. mack November 18, 2009

    This s*** all sounds the same……

    Lady Gaga , sit yo ass down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s a fad and is only IT for now. The thing is that she’s talented but she’s hideous. Her fashion wackiness is to take away from the focus on her face but she is not a beauty whatsover.

    Rihanna will Reign Supreme next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nicky November 18, 2009

    Lady Gaga is doing what Madonna , Elvis and all the others have done.

    Take Black music and making it their own.

    Lady Gaga is a s***. She talks about giving guys head on interviews, having s**, orgies etc.

    She’s gross , ugly, cant dance and has no fashion sense. she can sing but shes not any christina aguilera who can do it all.

  7. matt November 18, 2009

    ^^^ rihanna stans make me PUKEE. rihanna will reign supreme, have you heard the GARBAGE she has produced, well i say produced, had it done for her.

  8. Roy November 18, 2009

    Nicky that is the most RIDICULOUS thing I have read in quite some time…you clearly are uneducated and how dare you say such. They are each their own and each built an empire. Why don’t we say patti labell or however you spell her name, or how about diana ross, all took the european WHITE way and that’s what made them successful. or how about your precious rihanna, isn’t she singing songs more generalized as a white artist? or what about beyonce turning her whole image into a european women…lightning of her skin, wearing silk fine wigs…just get the f*** out of here with that dumb b*******. people like you should be killed and smacked across the mouth for saying such dumb things.

  9. 12345 November 18, 2009

    people are exagerating about lady gaga, I like her, but her songs are always the same and this one is one of the worse..

  10. bobs November 18, 2009

    I agree with Sam. This song is hot. Is should have been single #2 from this album. I’m not feeling telephone as much, but I like that too. It’s a solid album.

    As for the comparisons with Rihanna, she has served up a totally different album from this – but there is pure fire on that album too. Love love loving Firebomb, Rockstar, Photographs, Te Amo, Wait is Ova, Hard – and of course, Russian Roulette.

    Gaga, Alicia, and Rihanna are serving up hot product this season. Chris Brown just recorded everything in the phone book and threw it on to a crappy CD. This is not the season for guys. Usher, Chris Brown, 50 cent – take your cheating lame asses to the curb.

  11. mel November 18, 2009

    preview copy…more like u downloaded it off the internet like evry1 else

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